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Best Furniture Financing Options in Chicago & Indianapolis: Cash, Store Credit Card, or The RoomPlace Credit Card?

While many furniture stores in the Chicago and Indianapolis regions offer furniture financing options, it’s important to be aware that not all options are created equal. The most common forms of furniture payments include: credit card, store credit card, and cash. Read below to see the pros and cons of each.

Pay with cash: This is a good option if you are able to front the cash while making your purchase. Some people prefer to not have monthly payments, but the downside of paying in cash is that you are out a significant chunk of money that you can be using towards your other expenses. This is where using zero interest payment options to spread out your payments to several months is helpful because it does not affect your monthly budgeting as much as a one-time payment.

Pay with your credit card: If you have the credit limit to charge a furniture purchase on your credit card that may be a good option for you. Some people prefer to earn rewards points with their credit cards, but traditionally speaking, interest rates on payments can add up if you cannot pay the cost of your purchase that month.

Pay with a private furniture store credit card: Furniture store credit cards usually offer 0% interest financing for several months to a few years which you cannot usually get from a rewards credit card or debit card. For example, a store might offer a 12 month financing with 0% interest and no down payment on a minimum purchase price of $1,500. Meaning if you pay off your purchase in 12 months, you will not accrue any interest, which can be a great deal. The challenge is making sure you create a payment that you are comfortable with in order to pay often the amount in the long run.

At The RoomPlace, we believe that you shouldn’t have to wait to get your dream room, and that you should receive it from a company that believes in transparency. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the “Yes You Can,” a program designed to make the buying process more manageable for our customers. For $25 a month, you can get that modern living room set or embrace your traditional style with a rich oak bed. With thousands of carefully curated and crafted pieces, we’re proud to be your resource for your home furnishing needs.

When you use our credit card to finance your furniture, you can enjoy interest-free financing for up to 24 months with little to no down payment. We’ve also created a convenient online account to make bill paying simple and straightforward. Check out our frequently asked financing questions on our customer financing resource.

With the right research and financing plans, you won’t have to compromise quality for affordability. If you’ve been wondering how to pay for furniture without breaking your budget, then we have the solution. Go ahead and say it: “Yes You Can!”

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How to Create the Perfect Buffet Set Up for Big Dinner Parties

Gearing up for a season of holiday parties? Make sure your dining room is ready to accommodate a bevy of merrymakers and enough dishes to keep them full. To help you get in the spirit stress-free, we’ve compiled a few tips that will get you host-ready in no time.

We love a good magazine-ready spread: dishes filled with colorful and delicious food all arranged expertly on a stylish sideboard or server. While the focus should undoubtedly be on your expert culinary abilities, it can’t hurt to make sure your furniture garners a few compliments as well. Sideboards and servers can make a big difference when it comes to showing off your hard work—they give you extra surface area and lots of valuable storage space below. Giving your wine glasses, dishes, and cutlery a centralized home will make it easier to setup for your party and ease the final cleanup.

server Montibello

To get the most out of your server, get your dining room setup arranged in host mode. Place your server away from your table and dining chairs to manage the flow of guests. That way, you’ll avoid traffic jams between the people getting their food and those sitting down to dig in.

If you’re a frequent dinner host, then you know all about the extra seating room table leafs can provide. They allow your table to easily expand to accommodate the extra guests at the drop of a hat. An expandable table will also impress your visitors with your thoughtful foresight and your keen eye for design and style. Say goodbye to banishing your guests into another room when you run out of seats!

There’s also an art to what goes on the table. Conserve space and eliminate clutter by placing all of your dishes on the buffet, and encourage guests to serve themselves in a left-to-right direction. Think of your food setup as a journey. Dishes and cutlery should go first, followed by the salad or starter. Next should go the main. End the table with condiments. Place all beverages on side tables away from the buffet so that people aren’t centralized in one place while they’re serving themselves.

With the help of the RoomPlace furniture, a little bit of planning, and a proper setup technique, you can easily cultivate the perfect setting for your next dinner party.

Next up? After-dinner cocktails! Our Indianapolis living room sets will create the ultimate post-dinner atmosphere!

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The RoomPlace Furniture Outlet Store in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, we’ve got exciting news: gorgeous furniture at an affordable price is within your reach! The RoomPlace is conveniently located in just thirty minutes from Mile Square Indianapolis at 8401 N. Michigan Rd.

Whether you’re looking for a modern furniture store or a source for all things traditional, you can get it all under one roof. As one of the largest Indianapolis discount furniture resources, The RoomPlace offers a spectrum of styles, shapes, and silhouettes. Whether you’re in the market for a comfortable sofa or a dramatic dining set, you’ll find your perfect fit when you browse our inventory.

The RoomPlace already offers exceptional home décor at great prices, but we’ve upped the ante with our Indianapolis furniture outlet. Find your new bold new bed frame for half-price or get computer desks and bookcases for under $99. The store was designed with your needs in mind, making it easy for you to find everything from mattresses to mirrors. We also offer furniture financing options so you can get home solutions that won’t break your wallet.

Visit us at our new Indianapolis location from 10am to 9pm Monday thru Saturday or 11am to 6pm on Sunday. Questions? Just call our team at 317-510-1100. We can wait to see what affordable and gorgeous finds you discover at The RoomPlace, where you can get it all!

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3 Easy Winter Designs to Incorporate Into Your Home in Chicago & Indianapolis

The holidays are just around the corner, and most of us are busier than ever. If you’re ready to integrate some festive decor without spending all weekend with your scissors and hot glue, you’re in luck: We’ve ruminated on winter design and have come up with some simple, cost-effective projects to get your home ready for a season of festivities.


Let there be light… And let it be white!

Save yourself a decorative headache and eschew the color lights this year. White or clear lights evoke a subtle winter theme in your home without looking garish or overpowering. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either. Fill a basket with greens or pine cones and weave white lights around the bottom to create an understated glow. Weave lighting around your bannister or wind it around your window curtain to let the light radiate.

pinterest 1

Give Your Doorways Some TLC

If you’re strapped for time, focus on giving some decorative flair to your entryways. Create a swag (the decorative kind—not the free merchandise kind) from strung pine cones or evergreen boughs, or string oversize lights around the doorway. This will provide an appealing winter design for both rooms and is the perfect time-effective endeavor.

pinterest 2

Embrace a seasonal color palette

White or silver accents dominate home design during the holiday season. Even though you may not want to have a snowy color scheme throughout the entire year, it’s easy to integrate it into your home seasonally with a few simple tools. Invest in a few silvery shams to slip over your existing decorative pillow and throw a cozy white blanket on your couch. Cluster white candles on the coffee table or make a centerpiece on your dining room table.

pinterest 3

Have you integrated these easy home décor tips to your home? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids: An Easy Bedroom Makeover From The RoomPlace

We know the words “bedroom makeover” often bring to mind visions of paint swatches, renovation plans, and a complete furniture overhaul. We’re happy to report it’s quite simple to make a transformation with the help of just one or two pieces of strategic furniture.

Bunk Beds: A Small Change with a Big Impact

Bunk beds are not only functional and fun, they’re also a genius way to persuade your kids to share a room. Younger children will adore being up high on the top bunk while older children will undoubtedly love the “fort effect” that a new bed like the Sundance offers.
sundance bunk

Daybeds: A Grown up Transition

If your children are heading into their preteens, it’s time to consider upgrading their bed situation to a more grownup, lasting option. Daybeds are the adult alternative to bunk beds: they have wider mattresses; can still accommodate two sleepers (with the trundle option); and look more mature. Pieces like the Donovan can be dressed up with textured and patterned accent pillows or toned down with wild colored throws or comforters.

Benches: Store Smart

If you trip over your little one’s scarves, hats and other assorted accessories, consider giving a gift for both them and yourself—a storage bench, or one of our Paris chairs. Storage doesn’t have to be boring or one-dimensional, so embrace the multifunction options at your disposal. Storage benches can give additional seating in your kids’ room so their friends can have somewhere to chill and you’ll have somewhere to put all of their additional odds and ends.

Want to make the gift-hunting experience even more affordable? Explore our Deal Flyer, which features a rotating offering of our best promotions. We’re happy to help parents in Chicago and Indianapolis find meaningful gifts that will outlast the trends of the holiday season. Invest in the perfect room makeover solutions today!

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5 Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties in a Small Living Room

We get it: you love your friends and your family, but hosting them in your tiny living room fills you with dread. As much fun as it is to gather around and celebrate the holidays together, it’s also pretty stressful to host a party if you’re short on seating and standing room. If this sounds like a predicament you’re familiar with, have no fear. We’ll show you how to turn your cozy living room into the perfect canvas for parties big and small this season.

Set the Mood
Lighting has the power to make or break the mood. Use table lamps that give off a warm, yellow-toned light and supplement it with candles to create an intimate atmosphere. If your home is too brightly lit, guests are likely to feel they’re browsing down the aisles of a supermarket and not comfortably socializing together. When you have a small space, embrace it and the snugness it provides.

Re-Arrange Fearlessly
While your sofa might make a statement in the center of your room most days, it’s going to eat up valuable space on the day of your party. Don’t hesitate to shift furniture around to accommodate your guests. Focus on leaving the center of the room empty, with seating options surrounding the perimeter. Use our Room Planner if you need help visualizing what this will look like.

Expand Your Dining Options
On a typical day, you might rock a small dining room set. But since holiday parties don’t happen every day, why not select a piece that can also expand to meet your entertaining needs? Invest in furniture that features table leafs so you can embrace larger gatherings.

Consider New Seating Options
Chairs can chew up space like no other furniture. Instead, incorporate benches as the standard seating for your gathering. They can accommodate more people, are space efficient, and establish a warm, intimate setting.

Embrace Mirrors
Mirrors create the illusion of more space. Choose a wall that has plenty of free surface area and mount large mirrors. Mirrors also give you a chance to check out the atmosphere of the room as a whole without having to pop in and check with every guest.

This holiday season, let The RoomPlace help you gear up for your gathering. Offering affordable traditional, modern, and casual styles, we promise that your furniture solution is just a click away.

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How to Make the Most of a 3 Piece Living Room Set in Chicago & Indianapolis

You never want your living room furniture to restrict you. Instead of imposing limits, it should offer possibilities. The RoomPlace offers affordable furniture sets that provide you with all of the pieces – living room chairs, loveseats, sofas, ottomans, and more – to create a space that can be tailored to your tastes.

Let’s take the Bronze 3 Pc. Living Room Collection for an example. The three-piece set includes a sofa, loveseat, and chair. While each is a standalone asset, combined they become aBronze setstatement piece.

Texture can make all the difference. This collection creates a contemporary style by combining chenille and faux leather to add extra character to your living room.

Use pillows to break up the pattern: Reversible toss pillows with their bolder design seamlessly break the flow and add versatility to the pattern and color combination.

Reverse the cushions: Double the life of your furniture’s fabric by reversing the cushions. It’s a simple solution that will have a long lasting effect!

Get flexible with your stylish living room sets. The individual pieces can easily be mixed, matched, and rearranged to create a space that suits your needs. Because most sets come with a sofa, loveseat, and chair, you have multiple lounging options for you and your guests. Just make sure you have enough space between furniture corners and walkways!

Ready to embrace your 3-piece living room solution? You’ll find The RoomPlace store locations throughout Indiana and Illinois. With 22 brick-and-mortar stores and our online marketplace, furniture shopping possibilities are always accessible. Whether you’re seeking sofas for sale in Chicago or browsing your options on the web at lunch, we have what you’re looking for!

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3 Tips To Arrange Your Sectional Sofa..


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What Bed Should You Choose?

What Bed Should You Choose?

4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Bed from The RoomPlace

A new bed is one of the best gifts you can give yourself—after all, you’ll be spending a third of your life fast asleep. With tons of options out there, narrowing down your priorities should be the first step in finding the bed of your dreams. Consider these factors to find your perfect place to come home to each night.

Storage Needs

If you avoid opening your closet door for fear that all of its contents will come crashing down upon you, it’s time to get organized. A bed might seem like an unlikely storage solution, but the right bed can combine coziness and storage in one place. Try a sturdy, functional bed like The Welden. This is one seriously durable bed that marries both of your sleep and storage needs with luxurious espresso wood, clean silhouette, and built-in shelving and drawers.

Welden King Bed

Cohesive Style

You want your new bed to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your décor. If you’re a mid-century modernist, you probably don’t want to throw a traditional 4 poster bed into the mix. However, if you’re ready to completely reinvent your room, you can always invest in a new bedroom set. It’s never too late to embrace the soft lines of classic contemporary or a warm traditionalist!

Size Constraints

Do you like to cozy up when you’re getting some shut-eye, or do you use bedtime as an opportunity to stretch your legs? Before you make your purchase, it’s important to ask, “What size bed do I need?” Evaluate the square footage you’re working with and consider your sleeping habits. We offer a variety of bed sizes and dimensions, from a spacious king to an intimate daybed. Use our handy Room Planner to visualize the best layout for your room.


It’s time to reevaluate your relationship with your mattress. Your bed frame might be a bold beauty like the Loft, but you won’t be able to fully appreciate its deep coloring and unique headboard unless you’re sleeping comfortably. Our team is happy to provide suggestions on what mattress will best complement your bed and your needs.

Loft bed

The answer to “What bed should I buy?” is at your fingertips. Browse our catalog today for inspiration before you reach out to our design team to find a stylish, affordable investment for your bedroom.

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Give Your Home the Traditional Look Without Overpaying

Traditional Décor:
Give Your Home the Traditional Look Without Overpaying

Traditional décor sets a mood that hasn’t gone out of style since the 18th century. It looks at home on the set of Downton Abbey, a period drama set in the early 20th century, just as it complements a modern apartment in the heart of Chicago. It’s no wonder homeowners continue to gravitate towards the royal opulence traditional décor inspires. Traditional furniture is commanding, and graceful–and it’s a trend that will always stay in fashion.

But there’s a common misconception that traditional style furniture can only be found in high-end auction houses. Think again. You can be a regal Traditionalist without your budget taking a beating. Explore a few ways we can help you get started on your Traditional motif!

Let the Details Do the Talking
Traditional furniture styles anything but understated. Most pieces are punctuated by subtle–but memorable–details. The Marquis Side Chair is a perfect example. Its ornate carving, rich, textured upholstery and almost-clawfoot feet are reminiscent of furniture you would see at the royal court.

Camilla Arm Chair

Embrace Symmetry
You’ll find that most traditional furniture pieces are unwaveringly symmetrical. This sense of order is part of their appeal, and it’s one that should extend to the arrangement of your space. Try to create mirror image setups to get the most out of your traditional room. For example, arrange two armchairs on either side of the fireplace or have two sofas face one another from opposite walls. Traditional home décor is always arranged with intention.

Fairview Queen Bed

Use Lighting As a Tool
Once your home is decked out with a gorgeous selection of traditional furniture, so why not light it like a pro? You’ll find that low lighting or wall sconces complement this style more than overhead lighting. Try to stick with simple table lamps that show off your furniture in the best light possible.

Explore hundreds of affordable solutions to your traditional décor needs at one of our store locations or find the perfect fit from the comfort of home with the help of our online marketplace. Choose The RoomPlace to help you craft your slice of decorative heaven!