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Eco-Friendly at The Roomplace

Make your choice Green!

What do you consider when you are choosing a place to buy furniture? We’re sure you probably think about the quality, cost, delivery options, financing, warranties, selection and reputation of the brand and/or furniture retailer. Is it fair to say that those are the most important factors? Maybe not. Have you ever considered not purchasing furniture from a retailer because they aren’t green, as in eco-friendly?

With the changes in the earth’s atmosphere, the concept of “going green” has gone from being a craze to being a lifestyle change for many people. Blue recycling bins can be found virtually everywhere, along with people who are willing to play their part to save our environment. However, saving our environment only begins with the small things that can fit into a can. What about larger items, such as a mattress, living room furniture or bedroom furniture? Do you think recycling furniture is eco-friendly?

How do I dispose of old furniture?

There are quite a few ways you can dispose of your old furniture to make room for a new set. If your furniture is still in decent condition, one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to get rid of it is by selling. This might take a little longer than calling a junk removal company, but it’s better for the planet. Plus, it will give you some extra money to spend on new The RoomPlace furniture. When you have furniture that’s in less-than-great condition, consider recycling. Not all furniture is easy to recycle, but you can usually find a way to do it depending on the base materials. For example, metal can be taken a scrap dealer.

How do I dispose of old mattresses?

If you’ve been browsing our selection of The RoomPlace mattresses and are wondering what to do with your current one, you have a few options. Mattresses aren’t something you usually want to sell, and depending on your state, there can even be some legal restrictions for selling a used mattress. This doesn’t mean you have to take a trip to the dump, though.

Here’s an interesting fact: While mattresses are one of the most difficult items to recycle, “95% of the material in mattresses is recyclable. Metal springs can be recycled and the steel reused. Polyurethane foam can be shredded and used for carpet pads and insulation. Wood in foundations can be processed by wood chippers used for fuel or mulch. (Source: Enviro-Recycle)” Powered with that knowledge, let us ask what do you think about recycling your old mattress. Would you go through a few extra steps to make sure your mattress is disposed of in an eco-friendly way? Or better yet, will your furniture retailer recycle your old mattress?

Do I have to call a private service to get rid of my old mattress?

You don’t always have to use a private service to dispose of your mattress. The furniture store you’re buying from will likely pick up your old mattress when they deliver your new one. However, it’s what they do with your mattress that matters.

While many companies prefer just throwing away that old mattress, The RoomPlace and our 300,000 square foot Distribution Center is playing a role in protecting our planet by being eco-friendly and recycling it. In fact, we are not only recycling mattresses, but The RoomPlace also recycles the packing materials such as the cardboard, Styrofoam and the plastic that is used to protect your bedroom or living room furniture prior to delivery.

Now, this is no small feat as the Distribution Center is responsible for supporting 21 stores within the Chicagoland and Indiana area. That means literally tons of recyclable material enter and exit those doors daily. For a better understanding of how much is recycled on a monthly basis, let’s review the numbers:

The Room Place recycles 41.835 tons of cardboard per month on average.

Fun Fact: Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of oil. (Source: Earth911)

Monthly The Room Place recycles 675 pounds of Styrofoam per month on average.

Fun Fact: A male Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) typically weighs between 450 – 675 lbs. (Source: Pittsburgh Zoo)

1,116 pounds of plastic is recycled through The Room Place’s Plastic Bailer Per Month.

Fun Fact: 1,116 pounds is equivalent to lifting 11 couches or 13 love seats from the Bravado Collection. By the way, the Bravado Living Room Collection is made of eco-leather and from an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Bedrooms Design Tips DIY Featured

Create a Peaceful Bedroom with Interior Designer, Kyle Schuneman!

Bedrooms are always my favorite rooms to design. I love how personal the spaces become and that they truly are for the people who live there. A lot of clients want to redo their living rooms or dining rooms because that’s what their guests see but spending time designing a beautiful bedroom for yourself is the epitome of #selfcare.

Where to Start

This bedroom design is all about sophistication and peace.  I started with the statement Cordelia bed because it brings in such drama.  I love the exaggeration of the height of the headboard as a play on scale. To keep the rest of the room serene I’d paint the walls a lighter grey to envelope the space and then continue with grey tones to keep the contrast low.

When designing a monochromatic room it’s important to keep the hues varied and the furniture items slightly different.  That way you end up with a cool and collected design as opposed to a boring and run-of-the-mill styled bedroom.  

How to Accessorize

Starting with a patterned rug like the Seville in dove grey on the floor and then flanking the upholstered bed with large nightstands in a slightly darker shade help create that layered feel.  I went even darker with the Kellen dresser to be able to stand up to the large bed and not get lost. 

Since every room needs some color and life, I saw these beautiful Dupree lamps in a shimmery blue and thought they were perfect!  They act like the jewelry to a great outfit finishing it off. I used a plaid chair in a similar blue to keep your eye moving around the room. Throw a turquoise pillow on the bed to complete the look and add a fiddle leaf fig (I always use a live plant in my designs) in the corner and you have a peaceful retreat made just for you!

Design Tips Dining Rooms DIY Featured Home Decor Room Makeovers

Bring Farmhouse To Your Dining Room with Interior Designer, Kyle Schuneman!

For me, the key to any successful room is layering.  To achieve a farmhouse feel you want to add the right amount of different textures to get that eclectic yet relaxed vibe.  Mixing wood tones with metals and linens is a great recipe to get there.

Where to Start

For this room design, I started with…what else? The dining table! It’s the star of any dining room and should anchor the space so this large Cordova table feels substantial and interesting enough to hold the attention of the other pieces.  Next, it’s all about accessorizing with the chairs. For a Farmhouse feel I like mixing host chairs with side chairs. I chose large linen host chairs mixed with the industrial Davie side chairs to give a nice balance. Sit it all on top of an always classic jute rug and you’ve got the center of your room ready to go.

How to Accessorize

I like to then accessorize the walls around the main event.  A great sideboard like the Lakewood gives a beautiful surface for family treasures and hanging multiple mirrors above creates a dramatic feature wall. Mixing different wood tones starts to tell a story in a space without making it feel like it was all just bought off the showroom floor.  

Lastly, and most importantly it’s time to add LIFE.  Fresh mixed flowers reflect that farm to table feel and a large potted plant in the corner like a black Olive tree spread the freshness around the room.  Pale oak creamy painted walls are a warm backdrop to the mix and match feel of the whole room without competing or adding a distraction. 

Design Tips DIY Featured Room Makeovers

Sara D Family Room Makeover – Clearance Center Edition

Sara Davis better known as Sincerely Sara D, is a well-respected Indianapolis designer and blogger. The RoomPlace partnered with Sara D to remodel her family/bonus room. This remodel was different than your typical room makeover! Sara D completely transformed her family/bonus room with products all from The RoomPlace’s Clearance Center! That’s right – ALL Clearance Center items!

Sara D spent a morning visiting the Indianapolis Clearance Center to find products that fit her vision. The Clearance Center has all of the products our showrooms have from sofas, end tables, ottomans, accent pillows, lamps and MORE! After browsing the Clearance Center, Sara was able to create an eclectic look while staying under a reasonable budget!

Sara D used our Clearance Center to create this amazing look of her own! The good news is, is that you can use ANY merchandise from… create the ecclectic room of your dreams!

Stuck on where to start? Use the design board below for inspiration! 

All products used in the design board can be easily found here: 

The RoomPlace is the furniture store to satisfy all of your needs no matter what look you want to accomplish AND at an amazing price!!! 

DIY Miscellaneous

Spring Cleaning (and Organizing) Checklist

As the weather gets warmer and the animals and plants come out of hibernation, this is the perfect time to get ready to do some spring cleaning. Not only is this the best time to get rid of the dust and other debris from winter, but it is also a good time to open up your house and let some fresh air in. However, the spring cleaning process can also be daunting. If you find yourself wondering “how do I start spring cleaning my house,” check out the tips listed below.

Clean Room by Room

The best way to get your home clean for spring is to take it one step at a time. If you clean room by room, you won’t feel so overwhelmed, and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the room is done.

The best way to approach the cleaning process in each room is to ignore things that have been recently cleaned and focus on items that haven’t been touched all winter. For example, if you

normally dust every room in your home and run the vacuum or mop the floors, then you don’t need to do these steps right now.

Instead, you should focus on wiping down walls and baseboards or cleaning your furniture. You can also take down any window treatments you might have and throw those into the wash or take them to the dry cleaner (whatever cleaning method is appropriate to get them clean).

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the reasons your house probably feels so dirty is because you have a lot of clutter. Spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of items that you no longer want or need. If the items are broken, you should throw them away. If they are still in good condition, you might consider donating them or getting things together to have a garage sale.

Give Everyone a Job

You are not the only person responsible for spring cleaning the house, and if you are wondering how do you spring clean fast, the answer is that you get help. Every member of the family can help in some way. Even young kids have the ability to pick things up from the floor.

To get the job done quickly and efficiently, make sure to assign jobs that everyone can handle and do well. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the task, and that can slow the process down.

Take Breaks

While you may be focused on getting your spring cleaning done as soon as possible, you don’t want to burn yourself out. Make sure to take breaks every once in a while to grab something to eat and stretch.

You might consider setting a timer for 20 minutes and then taking a 3-minute break, or you can set the timer for 1 hour and then take a 15-minute break. You can even turn on the radio and work as long as the music is playing. Once the commercials come on, you can take a break.

No matter which option you choose, taking breaks is a great way to ensure you stay motivated. Spring cleaning is a big chore, but you shouldn’t work yourself to exhaustion to get everything accomplished.

Time for a Change

Spring is the time for change. If during your spring cleaning you notice that your furniture seems a bit dingy and won’t come clean, then it’s time to find some new pieces. Visit The RoomPlace and check out their huge selection of furniture. This is the perfect time to add something fresh and new to your home.

Cleaning & Organizing DIY Home Decor Miscellaneous

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Dakota Canyon Sofa from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Dakota Canyon Sofa from The RoomPlace

Leather is a classic upholstery material found in many homes—for good reason. It’s versatile, it can last a lifetime and it adds timeless style to any space. Despite some misconceptions, leather is actually pretty easy to care for—cleaning leather furniture is not complicated or difficult. Just remember to wipe up spills as soon as they happen, and avoid using standard cleaning supplies like detergents and upholstery cleaner, which can cause fading or discoloring.

If you’re looking for tips on how to clean and maintain your new (or old) leather furniture—like your classic leather sofa or recliner—read on.

Always refer to the furniture manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to caring for and cleaning your leather furniture, as there may be special requirements for your specific type of leather. In lieu of instructions, the safest bet is to be as gentle as possible, and avoid harsh cleaners. Even using too much water can leave stains on leather, so take extra care when cleaning to avoid worsening the problem.

Vacuum & Wipe Clean

Start by gently vacuuming the leather or wiping it with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust. Doing this regularly will prevent buildup and should be sufficient to keep the leather looking clean from day to day. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your leather furniture, use a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt.

Clean with Mild Soap

In the case of spills or stains, start by gently blotting the area to absorb as much of it as possible. Avoid wiping, which can spread the stain further.

To clean the area, use a small amount of water and very mild soap. Test the soap first by applying it to an inconspicuous area and letting it dry. Clean by moistening a soft cloth slightly, wiping it across the bar of soap (or using a drop of liquid soap) and gently buffing the leather clean. Use a gentle circular motion-don’t scrub too hard. Don’t soak the leather with too much water, and don’t rinse the soap when you’re done—just wipe with a dry cloth.

Florence Charcoal Power Recliner from The RoomPlace
Image: Florence Charcoal Power Recliner from The RoomPlace

Removing Tough Stains from Leather

Remember to clean up spills as quickly as possible to prevent stains from developing in the first place. Leather is generally a forgiving and durable material that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. However, despite its durability and shiny surface, leather is not stain-proof.

Start by spot-cleaning stains as described above. If that doesn’t help, try a commercial leather cleaning solution—but again, make sure to test it first to make sure it doesn’t discolor your leather.

Grease stains are sometimes best removed with a dry cloth—just gently dab and blot the area. If the grease stain persists, sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda on the area, let it sit for a few hours, then brush it away gently. This should absorb the grease effectively. If not, many grease or oil stains will dissipate eventually into the leather, so sometimes the best solution is patience!

Set-in stains or ink stains may require help from a professional. When in doubt, defer to a professional cleaning service. They will know exactly how to clean your leather furniture so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Condition Leather Regularly

Finally, keep your furniture looking clean, shiny and healthy by using a good-quality leather conditioner or cream every 6-12 months. This process helps restore natural moisture to the leather, repair scratches and bring back that new-leather shine.

Bedrooms Design Tips DIY Home Decor Mattresses Miscellaneous Room Makeovers

Guest Room Ideas: How to Impress Your Holiday Guests

Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

If you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, it’s a good time to make sure your guest bedroom is ready for the occasion. Aside from the obvious essentials like a comfortable bed and fresh bedding, let’s take a look at a handful of ideas for creating a guest room that’s sure to impress. From practical guest bedroom furniture to chic, festive guest room décor, here are our favorite ideas for going above and beyond for your holiday visitors.

Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace


Ideally, the bed shouldn’t be the only comfortable place where your guest can sit while getting ready, checking their email, reading or organizing their luggage. There are plenty of ways to add extra seating to your guest room—including a cushioned bench at the end of the bed, a pair of chairs or a plush recliner.

LG 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace
Image: LG 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace


A wall-mounted television is an addition that holiday guests will be sure to appreciate. Even if the guest TV isn’t used very often, it’s nice to have if they want to stay up later or turn on the morning news while getting ready for the day.


A small desk or table that can comfortably accommodate a laptop is a great addition to a guest room—particularly for visitors who will be staying more than a couple days and may need to work during their stay.

Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Dual Nightstands

If your guest room will be accommodating more than one person, make sure there’s a nightstand or table next to each side of the bed. Most people will want a nearby spot to place their phone or small belongings at arm’s reach. A lamp on both sides is ideal, too.


Add extra warmth (both visual and literal) to your guest room by including plenty of blankets and throws. Cozy blankets are not only festive, but they’re also a necessity on chilly nights! If you know your guest room is drafty or tends to be particularly cool at night, set your guests up with a heated sheet or blanket they can turn on if needed for ultimate comfort.

Night Lights

For guests who might need to get up in the middle of the night, make sure the path to the bathroom is softly illuminated to avoid stumbling around in the dark. For a festive touch, you could even utilize a string of Christmas lights in the hallway or bathroom to help light the way.

Bedrooms Design Tips DIY Miscellaneous

Tips for Designing and Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace

Designing a nursery for your upcoming arrival is an exciting part of becoming a parent, but it can also be difficult to decide what you need. Shopping for nursery furniture and décor will depend on your lifestyle, budget and other factors, but most nurseries need a crib, mattress, dresser and changing area—along with some décor to add style. From essential furniture to adorable decorations, let’s take a look at some ideas and tips for setting up a nursery both you and your little one will love.

Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Convertible Crib

To ensure your baby’s bed will last for years and grow along with him or her, a convertible crib is an excellent investment. With the ability to transform from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin headboard/footboard all in one, convertible beds are money-saving and practical.

Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace
Image: Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace

If you already have a standard crib for your little one, he or she will still need to move to a larger bed at some point, often between the ages of 2 and 3. Then, you can upgrade to a toddler bed (which uses your existing crib mattress) or go straight to a twin or full bed your child can grow into and use for years. In any case, a side rail can help make the transition into a “big kid bed” a safe and easy one, especially if your child tends to sleep near the edge of the crib or against the crib rails.

Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace
Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace

Infant Mattress

Extra-firm mattresses are ideal for infants, as they help reduce the risk of SIDS by providing a firm sleep surface. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a new mattress when your little one is ready to transition out of their crib, though. A reversible baby/toddler mattress features an extra-firm side for safe infant sleep, along with a medium-firm side that offers comfort for growing toddlers. Opting for a single mattress that will last through the toddler stage is a great way to save money when you’re setting up your baby’s nursery—and all you’ll have to do is flip the mattress when it’s time to make the switch!

BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace
Image: BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace

No matter what mattress you choose for your baby, make sure to keep it protected with a waterproof crib mattress protector. From diaper leaks to spit-up to potty training accidents, there are plenty of ways that infants and toddlers can make a mess overnight. A fitted mattress protector wicks moisture and heat away from your baby while they sleep, ensuring they stay comfortable and dry. It also ensures your mattress won’t absorb stains or odors so your child can enjoy a fresh mattress for years to come.

Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Dresser Kits & Changing Pads

A changing station is an essential component of any baby’s room, but that doesn’t mean you need to take up extra space with a cumbersome changing table. Most wide dressers can be safely converted into changing areas with a stylish dressing kit that creates a secure, dedicated space for your changing pad and diapering supplies.


Finding the perfect décor for your baby’s room is about striking a balance between what’s adorable and what your little one is likely to enjoy in the future. Unless you’re prepared to fully redecorate in a couple years when your child has different tastes and interests, it’s a good idea to choose at least a few pieces of versatile, stylish décor that your little one can grow with.

Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace

  • Rug: An area rug is a great place to start. Choose a pattern or color that is timeless but coordinates with your nursery theme, and a material that is comfy and warm on little feet.

Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

  • Lighting: You can also choose lighting that your kid is unlikely to outgrow. Statement ceiling lamps or versatile yet colorful table lamps can coordinate with both nursery décor and older kids room décor. Until your little one is older, it’s probably better to avoid floor lamps that can tip over.

Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
Image: Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace

  • Wall Décor: Add timeless style to your nursery walls with wall décor that you can use for years to come. Floral wall art, mirrors, geometric décor and whimsical pieces are great additions to a baby’s room—and since they’re on the wall, they’ll be safe from little hands!
Design Tips DIY Home Decor Living Rooms Miscellaneous Photo Gallery

Creating a Mid-Century Look on a Budget

Roxbury Black Sofa from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Roxbury Black Sofa from The RoomPlace

If you love the look of mid-century modern design, it might be easier than you think to achieve it in your own home. It doesn’t have to be difficult—or expensive—to give any room of your home the mid-century modern vibe you adore. With these ideas for affordable mid-century-style furniture and décor, you can transform your space into something stylish and inspired.

When choosing the perfect furniture for this look, keep in mind the tenants of mid-century modern design. Select pieces that are functional and sleek, aim for an uncluttered look with minimal ornamentation, and add visual interest by pairing different materials and textures. Mid-century style is often characterized by the use of organic and geometric forms, a range of colors and a high-contrast aesthetic.

Now, let’s get to it!

Skyler Sofa Bed by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Skyler Sofa Bed by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Living Room

If it’s the living area you want to update, there are plenty of ways to add mid-century modern style to your family room. To start, make your sofa a statement piece with options like the Roxbury Black Sofa or the dual-purpose Skyler Sofa Bed. With mid-century qualities and chic upholstery, these sofas are the perfect balance of retro, contemporary and affordable.

Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

Add a pop of color to your mid-century living room with an accent chair in a hue like bright turquoise—we like the Trelis Blue Accent Chair and the Tyler Accent Chair, both of which offer impeccable retro style at a great value.

Parker White Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Parker White Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

Finally, finish your space with a coffee table and end table(s). When shopping for a living room table to complete your space, look for mid-century-inspired elements such as slim, angled legs; sleek, geometric forms; and retro, 1950s trends. The sleek simplicity of our Parker Cocktail Table would pair beautifully with your other retro-modern furniture and décor.

Metal End Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Metal End Table from The RoomPlace

This Metal End Table combines galvanized metal with wood, and features hairpin-style legs for a mid-century look, while the Large Tray End Table adds a unique and geometric finish.

Fullerton 5 Pc. Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton 5 Pc. Dinette from The RoomPlace

Dining Room

If you like the convenience of a complete dining set, get the mid-century vibe with our affordable Fullerton 5 Pc. Dinette or the Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette. For a customized yet affordable dining area, pair a sleek table like the Anastasia Dining Table or Sutherson Dining Table by Scott Living with two types of mismatched chairs.

Image: Dash Persimmon Dining Chair by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Dash Persimmon Dining Chair by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Consider choosing neutral chairs and adding two more colorful chairs on either end of the table for a look that’s undeniably mid-century modern. For example, the Chelsea Side Chair pairs well with the vivid, retro tone of this Dash Persimmon Dining Chair. The beige tones of our Emerson 2 Pc. Dining Chair provides a warm contrast to the mid-century-inspired Cora Teal Chair in striking blue-green faux leather—plus, they offer unbeatable value.

Reegan 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Image: Reegan 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace


Finally, let’s check out some stylish bedroom furniture that will help you achieve a mid-century modern aesthetic without breaking the bank. Give your room a retro yet contemporary update with a striking bed set like the Reegan 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom—it features a contrasting two-tone design, elongated hardware, built-in drawers in the bed frame and the classic retro tapered leg design. You can’t get more mid-century than that! Likewise, the Torrey 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set offers mid-century modern elements with a touch of sophistication, mixing multiple materials and textures to give your space plenty of style.

Image: Linon Trio Ceramic Gray Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Trio Ceramic Gray Area Rug from The RoomPlace

To add a pop of color to your mid-century-inspired bedroom design, a geometric area rug is the perfect solution. Inexpensive options like the Linon Trio Ceramic Gray Area Rug, the Orange Dash Rug by Scott Living or our Linon Roma Herringbone Gray Rug are all excellent ways to bring unique patterns and retro colors to your new mid-century bedroom décor.

Bedrooms DIY Miscellaneous

Trending Looks Series: Glam Master Bedroom

Glam Master Bedroom Furniture & Accessories from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Glam Master Bedroom Furniture & Accessories from The RoomPlace

For a bedroom design that stands out and lets you express your personality, go with glamorous furniture and décor that brings shine and sparkle to your space. From chic furniture to glimmering décor to a soft and feminine color palette, check out some of our favorite glam bedroom ideas in this trending style board for a unique master bedroom.

Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your glam bedroom, it’s all about combining luxurious materials with feminine details. What you end up with is a space that’s both chic and bold. Go all-out with metallic and glittery finishes like platinum, silver, rose gold or bronze. Create a sleek aesthetic with soft neutrals including white, cream, purple-gray, mint and pale pink. Then, finish it off with pops of rich colors—like deep purple, navy blue or black—and textures such as velvet and faux fur.

Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Image: Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace

Bedroom Set

The Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom is the epitome of glitz and glamour. Pearlized platinum paint, beveled inset mirrors, nail-head trim, red drawer boxes and other uniquely modern features give this bedroom set plenty of personality and elegance. Complete your room with this eye-catching set that features a queen bed, dresser, nightstand, chest and mirror. Add a final touch of sophistication with the striking Margot Vanity.

Jordan Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Jordan Table Lamp from The RoomPlace


All the glamorous details of your master bedroom need plenty of lighting in order to shine their brightest. Start with the contemporary Emma Floor Lamp, which features crystal-like acrylic balls and chrome-tone metal to illuminate your room in a chic way. Pair with the Jordan Table Lamp to bring an elegant, designer look to your master bedroom.

Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
Image: Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor from The RoomPlace


Finish your glam bedroom design with shiny décor and accents that add instant luxury. Decorative pillows like our Khaki Solid Pleated Throw Pillow and a patterned Linon Geo Gray Area Rug bring texture and warmth to the room. Some chic 3D wall art like the trendy Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor adds personality and visual interest to the room’s walls, giving a shiny finish to your glamorous master bedroom.

More Trending Looks

Shop new featured style boards at the bottom of our homepage. You can also easily find coordinating items to pair with your favorite RoomPlace products—when viewing a product on our website, scroll down to see curated ideas in the “Complete Your Look” section.