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Trending Designs & Décor for 2019

Featured Image: he RoomPlace
Featured Image: Oskar Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

The New Year is almost here, and we’ve got the scoop on rising trends that are here to stay. Whether you’re renovating a whole room of your house or looking for chic, trendy ways to decorate any space, read on to see some of our favorite trending looks in furniture and décor for 2019.

Image: apoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace
Image: Lakewood Sage 5 Pc. Dinette w/Napoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace

Down-to-Earth Colors

Versatile, brooding and deep, earth tones are popping up as a colorful, charming alternative to the white-and-gray color schemes that dominated 2018. Behr’s Color of the Year, for instance, is Blueprint, a deep yet approachable blue-green tone inspired by the sea. It happens to pair perfectly with Cavern Clay, the smooth terracotta color that Sherwin-Williams named its 2019 Color of the Year. Also on Pantone’s 2019 radar is Night Watch, a strong hunter green that offers a lush and moody look.

Beyond just paint colors, look for furniture and décor that exudes earthy charm with hues like butter yellow, copper, amber, hazelnut, moss green, jade, mahogany and warm gray. As more designers and homeowners get inspired by looking back to the mid-century modern movement, these rich, bold earth and jewel tones are being used to add personality, charm and an inviting atmosphere to any space.

Keep your dining room on-trend with a dining set that features sumptuous earth tones, like this dinette with sage green chairs. In the living area, a brown, beige or warm gray sofa or sectional is perfectly inviting and stylish.

Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

Bohemian Inspiration

Eclectic design has never completely fallen out of style, but we’re seeing a resurgence in this trend as more people look for ways to infuse their home with color and a bit of whimsy. Along with the rising popularity of rich, earthy colors and jewel tones comes unexpected design choices, expressive color pairings, unique textures and boho charm.

Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace

Aim for the unexpected and focus on complementary colors and natural finishes when designing a bohemian-inspired space. A velvet accent chair, mauve sofa, mid-century coffee table and a vintage-inspired area rug are chic, eclectic additions to a boho living room.

KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace

High Contrast

Contrast is a timeless and essential aspect of any design, but 2019 will see some dramatic looks on the high-contrast front. Think white tile with dark grout, black-and-white floors, contrasting wood finishes and bold color choices for walls and cabinets. Add contrast easily to an existing room with new wall décor in a striking color, or a high-contrast area rug in an eye-catching pattern. Matte black is a particularly trendy color option for furniture finishes, lamps, tiles and more.

Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace

Bar Carts

This trend may be a bit more specific than those above, but it’s one we can’t ignore. Bar carts and rolling kitchen islands are hot—for good reason. They offer convenience and portability paired with a unique elegance that instantly enhances your kitchen, dining room or living area. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, a kitchen cart is a versatile accent that will let you roll 2019 style to any room in your home.

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Trending Looks Series: Modern Master Bedroom

Verona 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Verona 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace

A modern master bedroom should be the complete package of comfort, functionality and style: furniture that serves a purpose yet offers an appealing aesthetic. To create the ultimate modern master bedroom in your home, shop these ideas from our latest Trending Look:

Modern Master Bedroom featuring Furniture from The Roomplace Shop Trending Looks
Image: Modern Master Bedroom featuring Furniture from The Roomplace Shop Trending Looks

Verona 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set

Sleek. Modern. Chic. The Verona bedroom set is a dream come true for achieving a modern look. This 7-piece set offers an aesthetic that is both eye-catching and minimalist, the perfect balance of style and simplicity for a relaxing yet attractive room. The set includes a queen bed frame, headboard, 3-drawer dresser, 5-drawer chest, mirror and 2-drawer nightstand.

Varietal Black Arm Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Varietal Black Arm Chair from The RoomPlace

Varietal Black Arm Chair

A memorable and sleek addition to your bedroom, this Varietal Black Arm Chair exudes modern style. A strong yet streamlined form gives this chair a functional look, while tufted faux leather cushioning offers comfort and support when you need it.

Kyoto Silver Floor Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Kyoto Silver Floor Lamp from The RoomPlace

Kyoto Silver Floor Lamp

With a slim profile and smooth nickel finish, the Kyoto Silver Floor Lamp coordinates beautifully with the drawer pulls from the Verona bedroom set as well as the arms of the Varietal chair. A textured lamp shade adds subtle visual interest.

Morgan Area Rug (5'X8') from The RoomPlace
Image: Morgan Area Rug (5’X8′) from The RoomPlace

Morgan Area Rug

The chic Morgan Area Rug brings a touch of blue to the space and offers an artistic design that looks just as beautiful as it feels. With a contemporary frieze texture and cream-colored background, it’s a stylish, neutral area rug that has versatile appeal.

Image: Petra Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Petra Table Lamp from The RoomPlace

Petra Table Lamp

Complete this master bedroom look with the ultra-modern Petra Table Lamp. With a unique arched base, this lamp adds instant contemporary appeal to the space. Not only does it serve the essential function of lighting the room, but it also contributes to a cohesive look and coordinates perfectly with the other furniture in this style board.

More Trending Looks

Want to see more trending looks? When viewing any product on The RoomPlace website, scroll down to find the “Complete Your Look” section for instantly curated ideas for creating a beautiful space. You can also shop featured style boards at the bottom of our homepage here.

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Our Favorite Red, White and Blue Furniture

Featured Image: Marlo Red 3 Pc. Sectional with Full Sleeper from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Marlo Red 3 Pc. Sectional with Full Sleeper from The RoomPlace

In the summertime, many homeowners love to decorate with patriotic colors in celebration of holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The colors of the American flag aren’t just seasonal options, though. Navy blue, classic white and cardinal red are timeless and still-trendy color choices for paint, décor and furniture no matter the style of your home.

Whether you’re looking for a patriotic accent piece or several pieces that complement one another, let’s take a look at some of our favorite furniture that’s red, white or blue.

Maxim Red Cocktail Ottoman from The RoomPlace
Image: Maxim Red Cocktail Ottoman from The RoomPlace


Red furniture and décor can be used with virtually every decorating style, from rustic country to mid-century modern to bold and artistic. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  • Sectional: We can’t get enough of the casual and contemporary Marlo collection—this stunning brick red sectional with full sleeper is a perfect example of how you can rock a red hue in your living room.
  • Ottoman: Don’t want to go as big as a red sectional? Keep your living room bold but a little more subdued with a red cocktail ottoman in sumptuous faux leather.
Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette from The RoomPlace
  • Dining Chairs: If you don’t want to go as big and bold as a red sectional, add a touch of this timeless color to your dining room instead. The Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette works well with neutral and earthy tones in your dining area. Or, you can add a pop of color to your existing table with red end chairs for a trendy look.
Mars White Loveseat from the RoomPlace
Image: Mars White Loveseat from the RoomPlace


White furniture is undeniably chic, sophisticated and classic. It gives any room a clean, bright look and often can be bold and eye-catching in its own way. Looking for the perfect white accent piece for your space? Here’s a few top choices:

  • Loveseat: For the living room, this Mars White Loveseat makes a great addition that pairs well with a variety of sofa colors and styles. Faux leather upholstery offers a sleek look and durable quality perfect for a modern space.
Bayberry Embassy Server from The RoomPlace
Image: Bayberry Embassy Server from The RoomPlace
  • Server: Perfect for the kitchen or dining room, a white server or buffet offers functionality and style in one. Simple yet useful, a server provides extra storage or display space to enhance your room, and white color works wonderfully with any décor.
Fulton White 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Image: Fulton White 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
  • Bedroom Set: A white bedroom set is versatile, stylish, tasteful and bright. This 7-piece queen set is the perfect choice for a bedroom update.
Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room from the RoomPlace
Image: Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room from the RoomPlace


A popular color choice for design trends like mid-century modern, shades of blue are contemporary, relaxing and versatile. From slate blue to aqua to deep navy, these are our favorite 3 blue furniture pieces from the RoomPlace collection:

  • Living Room Set: Deep blue upholstery, thick cushions and a simple, attractive design make this Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room Set the complete package. Beautiful and modern, it’s a trendy and contemporary way to add some American-inspired style to your space.
Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
  • Accent Chair: A mid-century-inspired blue accent chair adds a vibrant, retro pop of turquoise to your living area or even a bedroom.
Trenton Blue Bench from The RoomPlace
Image: Trenton Blue Bench from The RoomPlace
  • Bench: Whether you want to bring a touch of personality to a bedroom, living room or dressing area, a teal upholstered bench makes an instant impact.


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5 Mid-Century Modern Home Accents We Love

Harper Fruitwood 60" TV Stand From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Harper Fruitwood 60″ TV Stand From The RoomPlace

If you’re keeping up with any trends in the interior design industry, you probably know that the mid-century modern movement has made a comeback. And we don’t think this trend is going anywhere soon. Designers and homeowners alike love the simple, organic forms, clean lines and functionality of this design style. Anyone who finds retro or minimalist design appealing is sure to appreciate mid-century modern home accents.

We’ve gathered five of our favorite mid-century-inspired pieces of contemporary furniture to give you a glimpse into what this style has to offer. But first, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: What exactly is mid-century modern design?

What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

“Mid-century modern” is a term used to describe the interior design and architecture trends from roughly the mid-1930s to 1965. (However, some people consider “mid-century” to be limited to 1947-1957.) It’s characterized by a few key elements, including:

  • Simple, clean lines
  • Organic and geometric forms and curves
  • Focus on functionality over appearance
  • Minimal decoration and an uncluttered look
  • Contrasting colors

Much of what makes the mid-century look so appealing is that it’s versatile and timeless. It’s not limited to a specific color palette or material, and it tends to blend beautifully with other design styles, too. So whether you’re looking for a single piece of mid-century furniture to complete a room or you want to embrace the movement throughout your whole house, discover your next favorite piece with the ideas below.

Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace

#1: Neutral Sofa

Create an undeniable mid-century statement in your living room with the Roxbury Gray Sofa. Tufted chenille fabric adds visual interest along with durability and comfort for the best of both worlds. Contrasting angled legs give this stylish, modern sofa a retro flair.

Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace

#2: Bold Accent Chair

When designing a mid-century modern living room, many homeowners like to make an impact with a striking accent chair that contrasts the sofa. This Carter Blue Chair, with linen-like fabric in retro cobalt blue, adds a touch of bold color to your space. Its curved silhouette, organic shape and tapered legs give this chair a timeless mid-century style.

Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace

#3: Geometric Area Rug

When it comes to finding the best mid-century modern area rug for your living room, dining room or bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a colorful, geometric pattern. This Linin Cylinder Blue Area Rug features a contrasting retro pattern with trendy shades of blue, making it the perfect bold accent piece for a contemporary space.

Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace

#4: Minimalist Dining Table

Full of character and charm, the Fullerton Table is inspired by the mid-century movement in an unmistakable way. A simple, handsome wood design with tapered legs and slim built-in drawers pairs form and function beautifully. A dining table like this will give your room an instant sense of mid-century authenticity.

Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace
Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace

#5: Retro Light Fixture

Light your home with a retro vibe—with a Beoir Ceiling Lamp inspired by trends from the 50s and 60s. A glamorous gold finish brings shine to the room while its dramatic design offers a uniquely striking yet minimalist take on the classic chandelier.

Whether you pick your favorite home accent from these ideas or you combine them all, we hope you’ve been inspired to design a mid-century masterpiece.

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Top 10 Looks in Interior Design for Spring 2018

Featured Image: Barrington Purple Linen 3 Pc. Living Room From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Barrington Purple Linen 3 Pc. Living Room From The RoomPlace

It’s the beginning of springtime in a still-new year, which means it’s the perfect time to freshen up your home with some of the latest and greatest design trends of 2018. For a glimpse into the top interior design trends that are dominating the market, take a look at these ten style, décor and furniture ideas.

Linon Cyrus Damask Purple Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Cyrus Damask Purple Area Rug From The RoomPlace

1. Luxurious Purples

You might’ve heard that Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. This striking purple hue is perfect for adding a touch of bold, vibrant, fresh color to any space in the house. But the trend isn’t limited to just Ultra Violet. From mauve sofas to purple counter stools to violet area rugs, many shades of purple are luxurious, unexpected and regal, often pairing well with mid-century modern design.

Woven White Poof Ottoman From The RoomPlace
Image: Woven White Poof Ottoman From The RoomPlace

2. Eclectic Home Accents

Add a colorful, unexpected edge to any room with eclectic designs that set your space apart. Pick an intriguing piece of décor or a single bold accent for each room to give your home a curated look. From patterned rugs to architectural light fixtures to eye-catching ottomans, there are plenty of ways to decorate in a trendy, eclectic style.

Richland Rolled Back Dining Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Richland Rolled Back Dining Chair From The RoomPlace

3. Rolled Back Chairs

Balancing classic beauty with modern minimalism, rolled back chairs are timelessly stylish. Use these versatile dining chairs with or without slipcovers to achieve the perfect look for your room.

Barrington Charcoal Linen 9-Seat U Sectional From The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Charcoal Linen 9-Seat U Sectional From The RoomPlace

4. Tufted Sofas

When it comes to living room furniture that packs a punch, there’s no better way to make a stylish statement this spring than with a new sofa. If your current couch is feeling drab or plain, breathe life into the room with a tufted sofa that has plenty of character. Indulge in the comfort of a U-shaped sectional, bring a touch of old-world charm with a leather sofa or blend traditional style with modern design.

Brisbane Green Apartment Cart From The RoomPlace
Image: Brisbane Green Apartment Cart From The RoomPlace

5. Mid-Century Servers & Kitchen Carts

A retro mint-green cart adds a pop of color to a neutral kitchen, while a versatile mid-century server makes a beautiful statement piece. These additions to your kitchen or dining room setup are practical as well as trendy, keeping in line with the latest interior design trends of 2018.

Image: Bowenite Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace
Image: Bowenite Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace

6. Industrial Inspired Lighting

Touches of industrial design can add a real sense of character and style to any space, whether you incorporate just a few industrial elements or go all-out. Either way, lighting fixtures inspired by this trend are a great place to start. From industrial ceiling lamps with a bronze patina to industrial-style chandeliers, make a statement in any room with this popular look.

Brigitte Ottoman From The RoomPlace
Image: Brigitte Ottoman From The RoomPlace

7. Gray Leather

From deep, sumptuous charcoal gray to lustrous silver-gray, living room furniture in gray-toned leather is a rising trend. From sofas to ottomans, you can’t go wrong with this classic material in a chic, modern color.

Cora Orange Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Cora Orange Chair From The RoomPlace

8. Colorful & Mismatched Chairs

For added character, pair a couple of colorful side chairs with a more neutral set of dining chairs for a chic, mismatched look. Invoke a country-inspired style with sage wood, or opt for timeless-with-a-twist with vibrant orange. Not one for bold colors? Mix it up by pairing two mismatched styles, like classic wooden dining chairs with metal chairs at each end.

Image: Crestwood Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Crestwood Table From The RoomPlace

9. Solid Wood Dining Tables

Many of 2018’s most popular home designs center on minimalism, a style that proves less is more. Keep your dining room furniture simple, raw and beautiful with a wood table that has a trendy reclaimed look. The chunky, solid style brings warmth and character to your space.

Celine Area Rug (5x8) From The RoomPlace
Image: Celine Area Rug (5×8) From The RoomPlace

10. Textured Area Rugs

Adding visual texture to a room is the perfect way to update your space and stay on trend. Add a striking luster with a shimmering shag rug or make a glamorous impact with a faux sheepskin rug.

For more great ideas that are fresh and on-trend this spring or in any season, discover our new arrivals.


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How to Choose a Rug That’s Perfect for Your Space

Featured Image: Surya Paramount Black Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Surya Paramount Black Area Rug From The RoomPlace

If you’ve been feeling like something is missing from your living room, bedroom or dining room décor, an area rug might be the answer. A well-chosen area rug that coordinates with your furniture and décor can elevate the space and bring your room’s design together. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right area rug for any room:

1. Size & Shape

While the appearance and style of a rug may be your top priority, it’s also  important to consider size. The size of an area rug has a big impact on how large the room appears and how balanced it feels. The most common area rug sizes are 5×8, 8×10 and 9×12 feet. Here are some rug sizing tricks to help you choose the best size for your space:

  • Larger rugs can help make the room appear bigger.
  • Keep at least 18 inches of floor exposed at the edges of the rug. This helps ensure the room appears large, but still open and not cramped.
  • A 5×8 rug is a good choice for under the coffee table in your living room, or for an entryway. You can also use it in a bedroom, with some of the rug positioned under the end of the bed and the rest exposed.

    Celine Area Rug (8'X10') From The RoomPlace
    Image: Celine Area Rug (8’X10′) From The RoomPlace
  • An 8×10 rug also makes a great living room area rug. Place it under the coffee table and arrange the furniture so that the front legs of the sofa and chairs are on the rug.
  • A 9×12 rug works beautifully in most spaces, assuming the room is large enough (remember, leave 18 inches around the edges of the rug). In a living area, usually all the living room furniture can be placed on it. In the dining room, where you want all legs of the dining chairs to sit on the rug even when the chairs are pulled out, a 9×12 is generally perfect. As a bedroom area rug, this size can be placed horizontally under the bed and nightstands with room to spare.
  • A 12×15 rug or larger is well-suited for extra-large rooms.
  • Round rugs are ideal for use in entryways, beneath round dining room tables, or for certain living room furniture arrangements (such as those with round coffee tables or circular setups).

2. Color

  • If you’re struggling to decide what color area rug to choose, consider these general guidelines:
  • If your sofa and chairs are a solid color, choose a patterned rug that features that color or colors in the same family.
  • If your furniture is patterned or especially bold, opt for a neutral rug that will complement rather than compete.
  • For dark furniture, choose a lighter rug color to keep the space looking open
  • If your walls, furniture and décor are generally neutral, you can add a splash of color with a bold rug.
Image: Surya Mystique Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Surya Mystique Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace

3. Texture

Regardless of the design style you chose for your home, an element of texture is essential. Home accents like area rugs are a great way to add visual texture and contrast to your room. Here are a few beautiful ideas to consider:

  • Hand-Woven: Unique textile rugs with a hand-crafted look can add a rustic or sophisticated aesthetic, depending on what style you’re looking for. We like the Surya Tahoe Area Rug for its striking texture.
  • Faux Fur: Faux fur rugs are perfect for adding texture and comfort to your room. This Linon White Faux Sheepskin Area Rug is a gorgeous complement to many popular design styles, including mid-century modern and farmhouse chic.
  • Shag: Shaggy rugs are back in style, thanks to their unmistakable texture and softness underfoot. The Celine Area Rug adds a unique luster and comfort to your floor.



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Secrets from Our Color Expert: How to Style Brown Furniture

Brown furniture is extremely popular and it’s no secret why; it’s neutral and it’s great at concealing stains. When you have small children or pets, brown furniture is the way to go.

If you’re worried that brown furniture will make your space look dark and boring, don’t fret. When styled well, it can look fresh, fun, and fabulous!

We’ve asked one of our designers and color experts to share some style ideas and color schemes for living rooms with brown furniture to help you get started.

Living Room Ideas for Brown Couches


Paint – A wonderful way to brighten up a room with a brown couch is to paint the walls. Our color expert recommends blue and green as great choices. These colors are opposite brown on the color wheel, which makes them complementary to brown furniture.


Textures – Adding in textures can be a fun way to break up the monotony that can occur with brown furniture. Our Bronze Two-Piece Living Room Set features a fabric and leather fusion of textiles that is both stylish and eye-catching.


Patterns – A patterned rug, curtains or throw pillows are other great ways to incorporate color and style. A geometric pattern is contemporary and adds instant visual interest. Remember that with patterns, a little goes a long way. Our designer recommends sticking to one patterned piece per room.

We hope these ideas have gotten you excited to style your brown furniture. For more interior design inspiration, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can Get It All at The RoomPlace online or in stores!


Color Home Decor

Bring Spring Into Your Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 simply shouts spring. The shade, Greenery (15-0343), is a beautiful yellow-green color that invokes a sense of nature and fresh blooms. If you like the color, but aren’t sure how to decorate with it, don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll share a few general ideas for decorating with color and a few specific examples using Greenery.

It’s All About Balance
Have you heard of the 60-30-10 rule? When decorating any room in your home, the color balance should be 60% your primary color, 30% your secondary color, and 10% an accent color. Most often this correlates to your walls as the primary color, the furniture as your secondary color and your art, drapes or other accent pieces as your third color. But don’t limit yourself! The great thing about using this rule for your interior color scheme is that as long as you maintain the 60-30-10 balance throughout the room, you can use your colors anywhere. Try an accent wall or a statement piece of furniture in your accent color. Another plus, this rule works whether you choose complimentary or analogous colors. The possibilities are endless!

Nature Inspired BedroomsMalorie-Lemongrass-Bed_v1At The RoomPlace, our designers were inspired by the Pantone color of the year when they came up with the Malorie King Bed. Combining sophisticated styling with the tufted button headboard and bold excitement with the bright green hue, this bed will make your bedroom look like it was pulled right out of a home décor magazine.

Great For Kids, Too!

providence-twin-bedGreenery isn’t just for grown-ups. This vivid shade looks great in kids’ rooms, too. If you’re the kind of parent that prefers more traditional furniture that can grow with your child, changing up the bedding and accent pieces are an affordable way to keep things fun and fresh. Sheets in Greenery look great on the Providence bed!

If you’re ready to spring into spring with Pantone’s Color of the Year, hop on over to to shop our complete collection online or visit any of our nearby furniture showrooms throughout Illinois and Indiana!

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The Top Decorating Trends to Follow in 2017

There’s no better way to get a fresh start in 2017 than by changing up your home décor. If you need interior decorating ideas, here are the top home design trends to watch this year:

Gray has been a perennial favorite, but that is starting to change. The hottest colors of 2017 are jewel tones and earth tones. Green, in particular, is going to be popular, as more designers incorporate sustainability into spaces. Blues and purples will be popular as well. The Griffin Navy Swivel Chair is the perfect piece for 2017 with its deep color, plush fabric and diamond-stitching pattern. Metallics will also still be on trend, but instead of the highly polished silver and brass, think muted or more natural tones.
While sustainability has been on everyone’s radar for some time now, the translation will be more overt this year. Think cork walls, lots of indoor plants, and natural textiles like linen, hemp and wool. Natural materials are big this year, with marble taking center stage. The Lodi Marble 3 Piece Table Set from The RoomPlace offers the look of marble with shades of gray, onyx and cream, and comes with coffee table and two side tables.
Bohemian Style
lawler-creamA lot of this year’s top design trends draw inspiration from the 1970s, with bohemian bedrooms replacing the trendy glam bedrooms of 2016. Add texture with an upholstered bed, like this Lawler Cream Full Bed. Bring in the bohemian vibe with colorful throws, a funky rug and wicker baskets. Speaking of wicker: Another major trend this year is the tribal look. Think artisan objects, tribal patterns, wicker and cane chairs, and warm, earthy colors.

Cool Eclectic
The eclectic look is definitely hot for 2017. While many welcome the latitude this affords, achieving cool eclectic (and not junky chaotic) can be tricky. The RoomPlace sets up our furniture stores as total-room concepts so visitors can see how different pieces can work together.
Visit one of our Chicago or Indiana furniture stores for home décor ideas, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration. We can help you start the New Year off in a fresh space that is stylish, functional and affordable. With flexible financing and frequent Web specials, updating your furniture is easily attainable.



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Designer Color Schemes You Have to See

Walk into a white and yellow space, and you feel energized. Bright fuschia invokes fun and sass. A neutral color palette has a calming effect. Color dictates the energy of a room, which is why choosing a color scheme is one of the most important and most difficult interior design decisions to make. The good news is that there aren’t many hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a color scheme. One basic design guideline is to pick one dark color, one light color, and one bright color. While you don’t want color combinations to feel chaotic, you’d be surprised at which unlikely color combinations create a cohesive look. Here are some designer color scheme ideas you have to see:

black bedroom setBlack, Gray and Yellow: This color scheme is clean, modern, sophisticated, with a hint of fun. This room follows the tri-color guideline of one dark, one light, and one bright color. A black bedroom set is paired with gray bedding, bringing in pops of color to break up the dark with yellow throw pillows and accent pieces.

espresso dining set

Teal and Espresso: Espresso’s classic warmth makes it a popular furniture color choice. It goes with just about anything. Pairing it with teal provides a warm pop of color that complements the warmth of the espresso. This dining table’s espresso finish is traditional, but its base gives it a modern feel. The teal chairs add to that modern flair and adds interest and appeal.

white bedroom furniture

White, Charcoal and Burnt Orange: Don’t shy away from orange! Burnt orange offers a nice contrast to the modern sophistication of charcoal walls and the crisp, clean lines of white bedroom furniture. This room incorporates burnt orange in a throw blanket, pillows, a vase, and other decorative items to warm up the space.

Many people choose to add bright color in accents like pillows, rugs or curtains that can easily be swapped out and stick with classic, neutral pieces of furniture and paint colors. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: modern furniture that can easily be paired with a variety of styles and colors. It’s a snap to work in pops of colors with lamps, rugs, ottomans, and decorative items with our wide array of furniture styles and finishes. Shop our complete collection online at or stop by one of our Chicago or Indiana furniture stores and be inspired by our total-room concepts. You might be surprised at how much you love an unexpected furniture layout or color scheme. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interior design inspiration and frequent web specials.