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Create a Peaceful Bedroom with Interior Designer, Kyle Schuneman!

Bedrooms are always my favorite rooms to design. I love how personal the spaces become and that they truly are for the people who live there. A lot of clients want to redo their living rooms or dining rooms because that’s what their guests see but spending time designing a beautiful bedroom for yourself is the epitome of #selfcare.

Where to Start

This bedroom design is all about sophistication and peace.  I started with the statement Cordelia bed because it brings in such drama.  I love the exaggeration of the height of the headboard as a play on scale. To keep the rest of the room serene I’d paint the walls a lighter grey to envelope the space and then continue with grey tones to keep the contrast low.

When designing a monochromatic room it’s important to keep the hues varied and the furniture items slightly different.  That way you end up with a cool and collected design as opposed to a boring and run-of-the-mill styled bedroom.  

How to Accessorize

Starting with a patterned rug like the Seville in dove grey on the floor and then flanking the upholstered bed with large nightstands in a slightly darker shade help create that layered feel.  I went even darker with the Kellen dresser to be able to stand up to the large bed and not get lost. 

Since every room needs some color and life, I saw these beautiful Dupree lamps in a shimmery blue and thought they were perfect!  They act like the jewelry to a great outfit finishing it off. I used a plaid chair in a similar blue to keep your eye moving around the room. Throw a turquoise pillow on the bed to complete the look and add a fiddle leaf fig (I always use a live plant in my designs) in the corner and you have a peaceful retreat made just for you!

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Create Upscale Living with Interior Designer, Kyle Schuneman!

When decorating a living room you can never go wrong with a neutral palette but the key to a successful design is how you put it together.  In this room, since all the furniture was calm I wanted to splash some excitement on the walls with a sophisticated and rich green.  Now, sometimes people get scared to paint their walls but I think what makes neutral rooms work is that tension.  And also keep in mind when you’re painting, that curtains, artwork and furniture  will break up that color.

Where to Start

I always think of the floors as my fifth wall so I went with the really bold Torrey rug that has an earthy color palette.  It’s the star of the room and then everything is built around it.  The Stratus sectional is the perfect complement to it because it’s big and inviting but doesn’t fight it’s pattern.

As you probably know by now I love mixing materials so I went with a metal and glass coffee table to be able to see the pattern of the rug and then chose a wood and stone credenza to round out the layers. That mixing of textures starts to tell the story of your room and makes boring neutral turn into classic and rich.  The Cordova chair is a great pop of color to pull out of the rug. Yes, grey is a color!

How to Accessorize

Throw in some great accessories and you have a well-worn room that will be the backdrop for many family memories to come. And that’s the key to design – creating your family’s backdrop and story, so take the time to build the space that you want to envelope you for years! 

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Sara D Family Room Makeover – Clearance Center Edition

Sara Davis better known as Sincerely Sara D, is a well-respected Indianapolis designer and blogger. The RoomPlace partnered with Sara D to remodel her family/bonus room. This remodel was different than your typical room makeover! Sara D completely transformed her family/bonus room with products all from The RoomPlace’s Clearance Center! That’s right – ALL Clearance Center items!

Sara D spent a morning visiting the Indianapolis Clearance Center to find products that fit her vision. The Clearance Center has all of the products our showrooms have from sofas, end tables, ottomans, accent pillows, lamps and MORE! After browsing the Clearance Center, Sara was able to create an eclectic look while staying under a reasonable budget!

Sara D used our Clearance Center to create this amazing look of her own! The good news is, is that you can use ANY merchandise from… create the ecclectic room of your dreams!

Stuck on where to start? Use the design board below for inspiration! 

All products used in the design board can be easily found here: 

The RoomPlace is the furniture store to satisfy all of your needs no matter what look you want to accomplish AND at an amazing price!!! 

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Transform Your Sleep Experience With an Adjustable Base

What is an Adjustable Base?

An adjustable base is exactly what it sounds like! A bed frame that adjusts based on YOUR needs! No more propping yourself up with a million pillows to watch TV or work on your laptop, just touch a button and the bed will form to your needs. All of the RoomPlace’s adjustable bases will customize your bed for the ultimate relaxation!

Why Should You Get an Adjustable Base?

If you’re thinking “I don’t need an adjustable base, I’ve been fine without one my whole life” then think again! There are no special requirements to need an adjustable base, everyone can benefit from one! Some of the benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Avoiding Back Pain – Adjusting your sleep position to more closely match the contour of your body can help alleviate back pain.
  • Increase relaxation and circulation – Utilizing the massage feature in some bases, you can melt stress away simply from lying in Zero-G position and activating the massage feature.
  • Reduce Snoring – Elevating your head can improve airflow and can reduce snoring, while improving your quality of sleep. 
  • Reduce Swelling – Laying flat can increase leg swelling and inflammation. Elevating the legs with an adjustable base helps reduce swelling and can help combat varicose veins.
  • Improve Digestion – Laying in a slightly upright position you can help reduce Acid Reflux and help your body process food while you sleep.
  • Enhance Productivity – Sit comfortably for house while you burn the midnight oil on your laptop, smartphone, or watch TV.
  • Get Better Sleep – Adjust to the position that’s right for you, allowing longer and deeper sleep! 

After reading some of the benefits an adjustable base has to offer we know you’re eager to make that change! And that change won’t cost you a fortune either – our adjustable bases start at the low price of $499! Now what else could be holding you back?! Improve your sleep TODAY!

100 Acts of Kindness Bedrooms Featured Room Makeovers

Change of Space: Winner Follow-Up

In 2019, Windy City Live and The RoomPlace partnered up to launch the “Change of Space” contest that gave one lucky winner an entire room makeover! Winning the contest was a complete surprise to Traci Smith, since her son Jordan, was the one who entered his hard-working single-mom in the contest! Leading up to winning the “Change of Space” contest, Traci lived in her apartment for a whole year without any living room furniture – one of the many sacrifices she made to give her son the best she could. Traci was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Windy City Live host, Val Warner, where she was then taken on a shopping spree at our largest and newest RoomPlace store at Lincolnwood Town Center. After exploring the whole store, Traci found her picture perfect living room set to complete her room makeover! Check out the Windy City Live Show segment of Traci receiving her living room makeover here:

Getting to Know Jordan

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Traci’s son, Jordan! We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to reconnect with Jordan and hear what he has been up to since entering his mom in the “Change of Space” contest. Jordan is a 21 year old hard-working young man who enjoys being active! Whether it’s participating in basketball, baseball or soccer, Jordan is up for the challenge. Jordan will be entering his senior year of college at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) to complete his degree in Health Sciences, but it doesn’t end there! Jordan plans to expand his education by pursing a career in pharmacy. Throughout the summer and into his senior year, he plans to take advantage of his Pharmacy Technician license in training by gaining experience and learning the ins and outs of being a pharmacist.

When we asked Jordan what his goal in life was, he shared that being able to provide for his family and give back to his mom is his ultimate goal. Additionally, he informed us that the RoomPlace and Windy City Live were able to help him start accomplishing his goal when his mom was awarded the Florence collection living room set   complete with all the accessories, wall art and rug to complete the transformation! The RoomPlace was, and is, honored to support Jordan in achieving his goals! 

Last year, without hesitation, Jordan wanted to find a way to give back to his mom, so it is only appropriate to return the favor. This time, the RoomPlace is honored to give Jordan a leg up by helping him upgrade a bedroom for himself! Jordan chose our best-selling Denver Bedroom Group, that is available in both white and gray. Jordan thought white would go best with his room! Again, we want to congratulate Jordan on being accepted into the Health and Sciences Program at IUPUI and we hope your new RoomPlace bedroom set suites you well! We also want to thank Shay and her team at our Merrillville, Indiana location for assisting Jordan in finding the perfect bedroom set!

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Best-Selling Room Place Sectionals for Every Budget

Featured Image: Sydney Charcoal 2 Pc. Sectional From The RoomPlace
Sydney Charcoal 2 Pc. Sectional From The RoomPlace

Looking to remodel your living room or simply upgrade your sofa? A high-quality couch or sectional set can instantly update your space and improve your family’s comfort. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to shop for the perfect sofa for your home and your budget.

At The RoomPlace, we make it easy for you. Here are four of our most popular sofas and sectionals in a range of styles and for a variety of budgets.

Image: Lanzo 2 Piece Red Sectional From The RoomPlace
Lanzo 2 Piece Red Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $600: Dharma Gray Sofa/Chaise

The perfect fit for a limited budget, the Dharma Gray Sofa/Chaise has an exciting contemporary style thanks to its sweeping padded arm and plush, pillow-back design. It also won’t break the bank, despite giving your living room an upscale and modern vibe.

Image: Sydney Gray 2 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace
Sydney Gray 2 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $800: Marlo Walnut 2 Pc. Sectional

A beautiful sectional set for mid-range budgets, the Marlo is the perfect pick for living rooms with a soft and homey atmosphere. It features smooth pulled upholstery, comfortable seat cushions and small wood feet, as well as tufted back cushions. The affordable two-piece set includes a right arm sofa and left arm chaise.

Image: Marlo Walnut 3 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace
Marlo Walnut 3 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $1,000: Riviera Beige 2 Pc. Sleeper Sectional W/ Reversible Chaise

The Riviera three-seat sectional adds a chic element to any living space with its cushion’s tufted styling and the smooth look and feel of its fabric Featuring a loveseat sofa, arm and chaise sectional, the set offers the convenience of multiple configurations to fit your room and your needs. It also has instant foam-bed functionality for convenient sleep options.

Image: Escalade 6 Piece Power Sectional With Two Armless Chairs From The RoomPlace
Escalade 6 Piece Power Sectional With Two Armless Chairs From The RoomPlace

Under $2,000: Barrington Gray Velvet 6-Seat Section

If you’re able to splurge, the Barrington Sectional is the epitome of luxury. It combines a classic silhouette with modern day finishes, including button tufted backs and rolled arms, button tufting along the base and reversible seat cushions filled with high-density foam. We also love its plush velvet material. Comfortable and convenient with a beautiful contemporary design, the Barrington is the complete package.

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10 Dreamy Master Bedroom Ideas

For many, the beginning of fall means more time spent indoors and a new master bedroom set might be just what you need to prepare for the cold months ahead. These 10 dreamy master bedroom sets will help keep you cozy and comfortable year-round:

Eclipse 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Michael Amini


With a crescent-shaped bed panel upholstered in a rich ultra-suede fabric and modern features including adjustable LED lighting and fast-charging USB ports in each post, you’ll never want to wake up—or leave your bedroom—when you have this vintage-inspired collection.

Cordova 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom

cordova 9 pc queen bedroom

Showcasing the timeless beauty of rustic charm, this set has warm, Brazilian-pine platform bed with a framed headboard and a sturdy design.

Denver White 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Denver Gray 8 Pc Queen Bedroom

Want to enjoy your cold winter nights reading in bed? This weathered, industrial-chic frame has an open-slat style headboard with light sconces on each side.

Miami 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Miami 7 Pc Queen Bedroom

This set creates a cool, contemporary atmosphere thanks to its platform bed featuring a soft headboard with a charming gray fabric.

Whitmore 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Whitmore 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

Featuring a cozy farmhouse aesthetic, this set exudes warmth and comfort. The elegant deep gray finish of the bed complements its molded barn-style accents and raised panels.

Denali 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Denali 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

We love this modern, faux-leather upholstered headboard, which has stylish button tufting and a cool LED light outlining the edges.

Bayshore 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Bayshore 7pc Queen Bedroom

Stylish as well as practical, the Bayshore bed provides ample storage space in the footboard drawers for all your warm winter sweaters.

Denver White 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Denver White 7 Pc Queen Bedroom

Featuring a delightful take on rustic industrial style, the Denver Collection’s wispy whitewash palette enhances without covering the grain for a cool, weathered look. You’ll also love the retro-chic light sconces for reading in bed.

Marquee 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Michael Amini

Marquee 8 Pc Queen Bedroom by Michael Amini

Designed to give your bedroom an airy and cloud-like feel, the Marquee collection by Michael Amini combines polished surfaces, rich fabric and the use of stainless-steel details for a glamorous, high-end appeal.

Grand Estates 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom

Grand Estates 5 Pc Queen Bedroom

Inspired by the grandeur and grace of old-world traditional style, this beautiful canopy bed makes a statement with its large-scale, decorative grooved pilasters, ornate caps and sweeping metal canopy.

At The RoomPlace, we’re always adding new styles and collections to help your furnishing dreams come true. Visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the latest additions to our bedroom set inventory or shop online at You can get it all at The Roomplace.

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A Guide to Matching Floor Lamps in Your Living Room

Floor lamps

The right lighting can make your home feel like a warm and inviting place to be, while the wrong lighting can easily make you feel like you are living in a hospital room. Placement, style and even the type of bulb you choose are all key factors in finding the right lighting to transform your home into a relaxing oasis. It’s also important to make sure you have matching floor lamps that blend in seamlessly with your room’s style. Here are some expert tips to help you master the art of lighting and floor lamp style.


The proper placement of light fixtures is important for creating a functional space for your needs. For example, floor lamps tucked into dark corners or along each side of your sofa can completely change the feel of a room. If you have a fireplace as the focal point of the room, consider getting matching floor lamps for each side.


Your floor lamps should complement your existing décor. If your furniture is very traditional and you choose contemporary floor lamps, your living room may feel off-kilter or appear imbalanced. We recommend staying within your chosen color scheme, but if you find a lamp you love, remember that the floor lamp shade can usually be changed to work with your existing palette. Arc floor lamps are a classic look that have been redesigned for just about every taste and style.


Scale is also important when it comes to matching floor lamps in your living room. An oversized floor lamp next to a tiny table or love seat can make a living room or den appear uneven. Try pairing large floor lamps with sizable sectionals and save the small lamps for side tables or accent chairs.

Type of Bulb

The type of light bulb you select will also have an effect on a room’s lighting. There are many choices when it comes to light bulbs for lamps, and each has their own pros and cons.

  • Incandescent: This standard bulb gives a warm, flattering light. It’s dimmable and inexpensive, but not terribly energy efficient
  • CFL: Short for compact fluorescent light, these bulbs are extremely energy efficient. They produce a very bright light, are not dimmable and are higher in cost than incandescents, but generally pay for themselves within one year.
  • LED: These bulbs are even more energy efficient than CFLs and last up to five times longer. Some are dimmable, however, the light doesn’t spread as well as with incandescent bulbs.

The long-term cost and energy savings of CFLs and LEDs are undeniable and they’ve come a long way. Choosing an LED bulb labeled “soft or warm white” and “dimmable” will give you the same light quality as a traditional incandescent bulb and you won’t have to change it for decades.! For a brighter, more energizing space, CFLs are best.

With these expert tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect lighting to suit your home and your style. Stop by any of our store locations in Illinois, Wisconsin or Indiana for more lighting inspiration or visit us online at to shop our complete lighting collection from the comfort of your home.

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Modern Entertainment Center Ideas For Every Style

Sierra 3 Pc. 54" Entertainment Wall from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Sierra 3 Pc. 54″ Entertainment Wall from The RoomPlace

An entertainment center serves as the centerpiece of a living area, and the right unit can make a huge difference in the style and look of your space. Whether your living room is elegant, chic, simple or classic, complete the look with a wall unit or TV stand that suits your style. Here’s a quick guide to finding the perfect entertainment center ideas for contemporary, minimalist, mid-century and traditional living room styles.

Larson Turquoise TV Stand from The RoomPlace
Image: Larson Turquoise TV Stand from The RoomPlace


The modern-yet-rustic Gilbert Wall Unit features two glass doors, rough sawn distressing and plenty of shelves for storage. Lovers of contemporary style will also appreciate this Novak 47-Inch TV Console—the perfect blend of function and modern rustic styling.

Hale Cappuccino TV Stand from The RoomPlace
Image: Hale Cappuccino TV Stand from The RoomPlace


Minimalist design is all about function, but that doesn’t mean your space should lack style. The Ferris Cappuccino TV Stand is sleek, functional, simple and contemporary, but it still makes a statement. Likewise, this Burton White TV Stand will easily match with any living space and give it a clean, sophisticated look.

Torrey Wall Unit Entertainment Center from The RoomPlace
Image: Torrey Wall Unit Entertainment Center from The RoomPlace


Mid-century-inspired furniture is a must-have trend. Whether you want to go all-out or just add a few mid-century touches here and there, your entertainment center is a great place to start. The Aron White TV Stand has a mid-century-modern feel thanks to its geometric design and simple construction. If you’re looking for something smaller, we recommend this sleek black Harris TV Stand.

Lenox 5 Pc. Entertainment Wall Unit from The RoomPlace
Image: Lenox 5 Pc. Entertainment Wall Unit from The RoomPlace


To achieve a classic look in your living room, go traditional with the regal Lenox Entertainment Wall Unit. This refined entertainment center features a five-piece design with bookcases on either side, perfect for storing books, décor, knickknacks and more.

If you don’t have enough floor space for a large wall unit, the rich, sleek Parkwood Media Cabinet is a great traditional option. With adjustable end shelves and two stationary middle shelves, there’s plenty of room for storage and media equipment.

No matter what kind of design style you adhere to, an entertainment center or TV stand is a must-have piece of living room furniture. The RoomPlace has a wide range of styles to suit any space, so start shopping for the perfect piece today.

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Get Property Brothers Furniture at The RoomPlace

Introducing the Scott Living Collection by Jonathan and Drew Scott Now Available at The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Introducing the Scott Living Collection by Jonathan and Drew Scott Now Available at The RoomPlace

The RoomPlace is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new furniture line designed by none other than the well-known Jonathan and Drew Scott from HGTV’s Property Brothers. The Scott Living Collection features stylish, modern pieces of furniture crafted to enhance your home’s design with a curated look. Here are some of our favorite pieces for every room of the home.

Dayton 5 Pc. Dinette by Scott Living at The RoomPlace
Image: Dayton 5 Pc. Dinette by Scott Living at The RoomPlace

Popular Furniture in the Scott Living Collection

Dining Room

This Dayton five-piece dinette set features a classic design with a bold, modern twist. Chic and versatile, with a rich finish, antique texture and beautiful details, it’s an elegant choice for any contemporary dining area.

Montgomery 2 Pc. Sofa Chaise W/Ottoman By Scott Living at The RoomPlace
Image: Montgomery 2 Pc. Sofa Chaise W/Ottoman By Scott Living at The RoomPlace

Living Room

The stunning, contemporary Montgomery two-piece sofa chaise and patterned storage ottoman brings curated style to your living room. Cream-colored, soft upholstery pairs beautifully with contrasting tapered feet in a silky espresso finish.

Benicia Gray Queen Bed By Scott Living at The RoomPlace
Image: Benicia Gray Queen Bed By Scott Living at The RoomPlace


Upholstered in a warm gray fabric with refined button tufting and bronze nail head trim for added flair, the Benicia Grey Queen Bed is the epitome of comfort and style alike. Shop the entire Scott Living collection now at TheRoomPlace.

About Drew and Jonathan Scott

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott became popular with the reality show HGTV Property Brothers, in which they partner to help families find and renovate fixer-uppers. Drew is a real estate expert who scouts older, neglected homes that have potential, while Jonathan, a licensed contractor, transforms the houses into family dream homes. The program originally aired on Canada’s W Network and was soon picked up by HGTV, where it was the number-one show of the night within just three weeks.

HGTV Property Brothers and its multiple spin-off shows—including Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers: At Home—remain popular around the world.

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Just In! New Bedroom Sets & More!

Our designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and styles for the home. If you’re shopping for a new bedroom set, updated living room furniture or décor for the dining room, here are some of our best new arrivials.

New Bedroom Sets

The Marquee King Bedroom by Michael Amini is built to bring a beautiful and sophisticated aesthetic to your bedroom. The eight-piece set has a glamourous, high-end appeal thanks to its polished surfaces, rich fabric and use of stainless-steel details.

We also love the Sandra Queen Bedroom Set for its clean lines and asymmetrical style. Sleek and modern, the five-piece set has a cool plank design on the headboard, as well as cubbies on the base for customization.

New Living Room Sets

The Arezzo Leather Living Room Set in terracotta is all you need to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day. Featuring a sofa and loveseat, this two-piece set is wrapped in 100% top-grain leather for soft, welcoming comfort.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color to a modern living room, we recommend this Chamberlin Teal Living Room Set in Teal. Its vibrant color blends sophisticated style with casual comfort for sleek, mid-century look.

New Dining Room Sets

Elevate your dining space with this five-piece Haddock Dinette Set. Its smooth espresso-cherry finish and interlocking “X” style base will give your dining room modern and sophisticated look.

We also love this Ogden Dinette Set, which is made with solid pine and veneer and features a rustic, distressed-gray finish. The six-piece collection includes a table, bench and four chairs.

We’re always adding new styles and collections for every room of the home at The RoomPlace. Visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the latest additions or shop online at With our affordable pricing and flexible financing options, you can get it all at The RoomPlace!

Dining Rooms

Top Benefits of Concrete Dining Tables

concrete slab dining table

Concrete has been a hot trend for some time now—and it shows no sign of cooling off. People are turning to concrete over other natural stones for everything from kitchen counters and flooring to dining room furniture. If you’re currently shopping for a new dining room table, here are some of the pros and cons of concrete dining room tables.



There’s no question dining room tables take a beating. From hot dishes and drinks to spills and scratching, it can be difficult to keep them looking like new. However, concrete dining room tables are extremely durable. They’re sturdy, strong and heat- and scratch-resistant, which means they’ll last for years with little wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Cement dining room sets are also very easy to clean because they are water-resistant, unlike other common dining room table materials such as wood. Concrete dining room tables can be wiped down with mild soap and water and doing so regularly will help ensure your table stays in excellent shape.

Sleek & Modern

If your home has a modern aesthetic, concrete tables are ideal. They easily complement sleek, contemporary dining rooms, whether they have an industrial-chic vibe or more of a mid-century look.


Needs Sealant

Concrete is not without its flaws, though there are few. One con is the fact that the material is porous. This means that it can easily absorb liquid and needs to be sealed immediately after purchase and resealed every one to three years. Sealant can be damaged by extreme heat, sharp knives and harsh cleaners, so it’s also important to stay on top of your sealant schedule.

At The RoomPlace, you can get it all: modern furniture that is stylish, durable and affordable. Check out our sleek dining room sets online at or visit any of our showrooms throughout Illinois and Indiana to see them in person.

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Low Bed vs. High Bed: Which Is Right for You?

Standard bed height may not be the first thing you think about when shopping for new bedroom furniture. But it’s an important factor to consider, as the choice you make will end up affecting you every single night. When deciding between a high vs. low bed, there are two common types to consider — standard and platform. Read this overview of the pros and cons of platform beds and standard beds to help you make an informed decision.

Platform Beds

Platform bed frames are lower than standard bed height. This low-to-the-ground position gives them a cool, sleek look that complements most modern bedroom designs. They’re also a good choice if you’re watching your budget because you don’t have to purchase a box spring. If you have young children or small pets sleeping with you, a platform bed can be safer for them to get in and out of because of its low height.

Standard Beds

Because standard bed frame height has a much higher elevation from the ground than platform bed height, standard beds can be easier for elderly people and people with mobility issues to get in and out of. If you’re shopping for a frame you hope to keep for years and continue to use as you age, a standard frame might be the smartest choice.

Standard beds are also good for small bedrooms as they offer more storage. They typically allow for at least 25 inches of space between the floor and the top of the mattress, giving you more room to store items you may not have room for in your closets or dresser drawers.

Mattress Considerations

While the main factor affecting bed height is the frame itself, mattress height can also play a role. Factors like support levels, quality and comfort can affect the height of the mattress itself and impact the overall elevation of your bed. These factors vary by brand and can make a difference in the height of your standard or platform bed, so it’s important to remember to consider them when you’re shopping.

The RoomPlace is always adding new styles and collections of bedroom furniture to its inventory, including platform beds, standard beds and mattresses. Visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the latest additions or shop online at We have affordable pricing and flexible financing options, so you can get it all at The RoomPlace!


The RoomPlace’s New Showroom in Indianapolis

new store

The RoomPlace announced the opening of a new store location in Indianapolis at 8301 E. Washington Street. The new store and showroom is now the sixth furniture store in the Indianapolis metro area for The RoomPlace and will better serve customers who call the East side of the city home.

Like all The RoomPlace stores, the new location offers stylish furniture for every room of the home at affordable, discounted prices. From bedroom, dining room and living room sets to home office items, kids’ furniture and mattresses, The RoomPlace has it all. The new showroom also carries accent pieces and area rugs, as well as coffee tables, lighting, mirrors, cabinets, throw pillows and other home décor.

A grand opening and ribbon cutting event was held to celebrate the opening, complete with complimentary food and beverages for all guests. There were also incredible doorbuster sales and giveaways for attendees to enjoy.

The new location also has an attached warehouse and distribution center which will allow The RoomPlace to keep even more items in stock to ensure fast delivery times. In addition, the distribution center will be able to accommodate customers who would prefer to pick-up furniture purchases on-site than have them delivered to their home.

New Location:

8301 E. Washington Street,

Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 396-7910

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Bar Stool Height Guide

Finding the perfect bar stools can be tricky. Not only is there color, style, and material to consider, but the right height is critical to a stool that is as functional as it is stylish. Narrowing down the right height for your bar, counter, or table is a great place to start when picking stools.

How Much Space Do You Need for Bar Stools?

When adding barstools to a counter or table, you need to bring legroom into the equation. You should leave about 10 inches between a seat and the counter or table. This distance is usually the most comfortable for someone of average height. To figure out how tall your chairs should be, grab a measuring tape, pencil, and paper. Measure from the floor to the top of the counter or table surface. Write down that number and subtract 10 inches to get the height of the stool you need for that space.

Remember to also measure the length of the counter to determine the number of stools that can fit in the space. A good rule of thumb is to allow 28 inches for each place setting.


counter stools.jpg

What is the Difference Between Counter Height and Bar Height?

Overall, counter stools and bar stools are pretty similar. They both come in similar styles, and you can find options with and without backs. However, there is a bit of a height difference between the two. Counter-height bar stools tend to have a seat height of 24 inches, which makes them a great choice for most breakfast bars and kitchen counters. Keeping the 10-inch legroom rule in mind, they’re ideal for dining tables in the 34-39 inch range.

Bar-height stools are slightly taller and usually have a seat height of 30 inches. You may also see these called pub stools, and while pub stools are typically the same height, you always want to double-check product specifications. Bar stools work well with tables in the 40-43 inch range.


bar stool

A third stool option is the table stool, but these aren’t sold at a standard height. If you want table stools, you’ll most likely need to purchase them as part of a dining set, but sometimes you can find them available individually. For a standard height table, look for a short stool or bench in the 18-22 inch range.


table stoolIf you have a non-standard height counter or table, adjustable-height bar stools will be your best bet. The seat height on these stools can be adjusted up to 10 inches to perfectly fit your space. At The RoomPlace you’ll find dozens of stools in all sizes and styles. Shop our collection online or visit our showrooms in the Chicago or Indianapolis to find the right one for you.