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Bring Farmhouse To Your Dining Room with Interior Designer, Kyle Schuneman!

For me, the key to any successful room is layering.  To achieve a farmhouse feel you want to add the right amount of different textures to get that eclectic yet relaxed vibe.  Mixing wood tones with metals and linens is a great recipe to get there.

Where to Start

For this room design, I started with…what else? The dining table! It’s the star of any dining room and should anchor the space so this large Cordova table feels substantial and interesting enough to hold the attention of the other pieces.  Next, it’s all about accessorizing with the chairs. For a Farmhouse feel I like mixing host chairs with side chairs. I chose large linen host chairs mixed with the industrial Davie side chairs to give a nice balance. Sit it all on top of an always classic jute rug and you’ve got the center of your room ready to go.

How to Accessorize

I like to then accessorize the walls around the main event.  A great sideboard like the Lakewood gives a beautiful surface for family treasures and hanging multiple mirrors above creates a dramatic feature wall. Mixing different wood tones starts to tell a story in a space without making it feel like it was all just bought off the showroom floor.  

Lastly, and most importantly it’s time to add LIFE.  Fresh mixed flowers reflect that farm to table feel and a large potted plant in the corner like a black Olive tree spread the freshness around the room.  Pale oak creamy painted walls are a warm backdrop to the mix and match feel of the whole room without competing or adding a distraction. 

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Dining Set Buying Guide – The RoomPlace

One of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll have in your home is your dining set. Not only is this the place where your friends and family will gather for delicious meals and good times, but it’s also where kids will do homework and a place where you can play games. It’s also one of the focal points of your home.

Having the right dining set can drastically change how your room looks. Thus, it’s imperative that you take the time and effort to find the dining set that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. To make this process as easy and stress-free as possible, read the following tips on how to buy the right dining set.

Consider the Size

The first thing you’ll need to think about when buying a new dining set is what size you’ll need. Not only should you be thinking about how many people will be gathering around the table, but you also need to think about the size of the room. To ensure that you are getting the right sized table, you’ll need to take measurements.

It’s important that you think about the size of the table and the chairs that will be added to the room. Everyone who sits at the table should have enough room to pull the chair out so that they can slide into it quickly and easily. You also don’t want the chairs banging into the walls or other items in the dining room, as this can cause a lot of damage.

If you have enough room and you plan on having guests over for gatherings, you might decide to get a larger table and some extra chairs. Even if you don’t use them every day, having them for when people visit will ensure that everyone fits comfortably around your dining room table.

Focus on the Table

Since the table is the centerpiece of the dining set, you want to find something that expresses your style and personality. There are many different options to choose from, and you can go with something more traditional or you have the option of getting a table that is more modern.

Traditional Options

Should you decide to go with something more traditional, you will be looking for a wood table. Some of the most popular choices for dining room tables include cherry, mahogany, and oak. Traditional tables generally give off an air of regality, and they can come with intricate designs or decorative carvings in the wood.

In some cases, a traditional table will have a pedestal rather than four legs for support, and you can usually make a traditional table larger by adding table leafs. When it comes to the chairs that go around a traditional table, they will often be as elegant as the table and will probably come with arms.

Modern Flair

If you are looking to add some modern flair to your dining room, most modern tables incorporate glass into their design and are paired with metal or wood. You might even be able to find a modern table that incorporates granite or marble.

Modern tables are often simple with little to no decoration, but they will still stand out and can make your home look incredibly stylish. When it comes to the dining chairs that go around the table, these might have some more designs and style, which will help you add even more flair to your modern dining set.

Find the Right Shape

The most common shape for dining room tables are square and rectangular, and you’ll have a lot of options to choose from if you decide to go this route. But you also have the option of adding round or oval tables to your space, and these can save you some space.

If you plan on having a lot of get-togethers and you want to encourage conversation, then you might want to consider getting a round or oval table. With this option, you’ll also be able to squeeze in as many people as possible around the perimeter of the table.

Not only do you want to consider shape when looking for a new dining room set, but you’ll also need to consider the type of support it has. There are three main types: trestle, pedestal, and legs. These can all have an impact on how people sit at your dining room table and how chairs slide under.

Both the pedestal and trestle options give you more flexibility when it comes to adding people around the table. These supports won’t get in the way and impact how many people can fit. A trestle table will have more space on the sides, but may have limited space on the ends.

Having a table with legs can add more support. As long as you are aware of where the legs are and how it will impact people’s ability to sit around the table, you can find a way to get everyone to fit and still be comfortable at the same time.

Shop at the Right Store

There are lot of things to consider when looking for the right dining room set for your home. You want something that is going to be functional but also looks really good. If you’re looking for selection and variety, then you should see what The RoomPlace has to offer.

From modern to traditional, we have the dining room sets that will add something extra to your space. Browse our selection to find the right dining set that will look fantastic in your home.

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Trending Designs & Décor for 2019

Featured Image: he RoomPlace
Featured Image: Oskar Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

The New Year is almost here, and we’ve got the scoop on rising trends that are here to stay. Whether you’re renovating a whole room of your house or looking for chic, trendy ways to decorate any space, read on to see some of our favorite trending looks in furniture and décor for 2019.

Image: apoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace
Image: Lakewood Sage 5 Pc. Dinette w/Napoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace

Down-to-Earth Colors

Versatile, brooding and deep, earth tones are popping up as a colorful, charming alternative to the white-and-gray color schemes that dominated 2018. Behr’s Color of the Year, for instance, is Blueprint, a deep yet approachable blue-green tone inspired by the sea. It happens to pair perfectly with Cavern Clay, the smooth terracotta color that Sherwin-Williams named its 2019 Color of the Year. Also on Pantone’s 2019 radar is Night Watch, a strong hunter green that offers a lush and moody look.

Beyond just paint colors, look for furniture and décor that exudes earthy charm with hues like butter yellow, copper, amber, hazelnut, moss green, jade, mahogany and warm gray. As more designers and homeowners get inspired by looking back to the mid-century modern movement, these rich, bold earth and jewel tones are being used to add personality, charm and an inviting atmosphere to any space.

Keep your dining room on-trend with a dining set that features sumptuous earth tones, like this dinette with sage green chairs. In the living area, a brown, beige or warm gray sofa or sectional is perfectly inviting and stylish.

Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

Bohemian Inspiration

Eclectic design has never completely fallen out of style, but we’re seeing a resurgence in this trend as more people look for ways to infuse their home with color and a bit of whimsy. Along with the rising popularity of rich, earthy colors and jewel tones comes unexpected design choices, expressive color pairings, unique textures and boho charm.

Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace

Aim for the unexpected and focus on complementary colors and natural finishes when designing a bohemian-inspired space. A velvet accent chair, mauve sofa, mid-century coffee table and a vintage-inspired area rug are chic, eclectic additions to a boho living room.

KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace

High Contrast

Contrast is a timeless and essential aspect of any design, but 2019 will see some dramatic looks on the high-contrast front. Think white tile with dark grout, black-and-white floors, contrasting wood finishes and bold color choices for walls and cabinets. Add contrast easily to an existing room with new wall décor in a striking color, or a high-contrast area rug in an eye-catching pattern. Matte black is a particularly trendy color option for furniture finishes, lamps, tiles and more.

Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace

Bar Carts

This trend may be a bit more specific than those above, but it’s one we can’t ignore. Bar carts and rolling kitchen islands are hot—for good reason. They offer convenience and portability paired with a unique elegance that instantly enhances your kitchen, dining room or living area. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, a kitchen cart is a versatile accent that will let you roll 2019 style to any room in your home.

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Trending Dining Room Holiday Designs

Majestic 7 Piece Dining Room Set from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Majestic 7 Piece Dining Room Set from The RoomPlace

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your dining room for the holiday season, you’ve come to the right place. From upgrading your dining chairs to getting creative with your table settings, there’s no shortage of ways to make your dining room shine for that special Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner with your family and friends. Let’s take a look at a handful of ideas for three different trending dining room styles: classic, rustic and elegant.


If your idea of perfect holiday décor includes mistletoe, Christmas balls, glittery garlands and red candles, there are plenty of ways to achieve a classic holiday dining room design that’s also on-trend. Here are just a few:

Celeri Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Celeri Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

  • Chandelier: If your dining room doesn’t already have chandelier-style lighting above the table, now’s the perfect time to add one. It’s sure to bring a warm ambiance and traditional touch to your space.

Tucson Dining Room Table & Bench by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Tucson Dining Room Table & Bench by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

  • Table Runner: A classic table runner adds elegance and instantly upgrades your dining room table by adding texture and contrast. It also makes the table appear longer and neatens the appearance of your table settings and centerpieces. You can’t go wrong with red, white, burlap or a festive pattern.
  • Chair Wreaths: Hang a mini wreath from the back of each dining chair for a look that’s classically festive but also unique.


The combination of chic and rustic in interior design is a trend that won’t be leaving anytime soon—and there’s no better time to give your dining room a rustic makeover than the holiday season. Keep décor chic, simple and natural with these ideas:

  • Woodsy Accents: Bring a wintry woodland vibe to your dining room with festive table settings like mini potted pine tree centerpieces, wood slice coasters, plaid or burlap fabrics and holly wreaths. Succulents, pine cones, birch logs and other outdoorsy décor is the perfect complement to your rustic holiday dining room.

Image: White Fullerton Side Chairs from The RoomPlace
White Fullerton Side Chairs from The RoomPlace

  • White Upholstery: Keep your rustic design from looking too shabby by complementing it with chic white fabrics including white chairs, tablecloths, napkins or curtains.
  • Natural Hues: Aside from snowy white, you can create a natural yet festive look in your dining area by using colors you’d find in nature during the holiday season. Soft tan, warm gray and sage green work beautifully with white décor to create a chic and rustic aesthetic.


If you’re looking to host an elegant holiday dinner, your dining room design should reflect a sophisticated style. Thankfully, elegant doesn’t have to mean complicated. With modern dining room design trends, your dining space can be simple, elegant and breathtaking with ideas like these:

  • White & Gold: Inspire the holiday spirit in a sophisticated way with white, gold and silver décor that elevates and brightens the room. From Christmas tree ornaments to table settings to centerpieces, these hues create an elegant ambiance.

Upholstered Chairs: If you’re looking for comfortable chairs that have an upscale vibe perfect for your elegant holiday plans, upholstered dining chairs are perfect for the occasion. Chic, elegant and refined, chairs like these bring instant sophistication to your dining room design.

Avenue Curio China Cabinet from The RoomPlace
Image: Avenue Curio China Cabinet from The RoomPlace

  • China Cabinet: Whether your dining room already features a gorgeous china cabinet or you’re looking for a new one, this piece of furniture is sure to add class and elegance to the space. It’s the perfect place for displaying fine china, beautiful dishes or holiday accents to enhance your dining room.
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How to Organize Your Dining Room for the Holiday Season

Charlotte 9 Pc. Dining Room w/Linen Chairs from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Charlotte 9 Pc. Dining Room w/Linen Chairs from The RoomPlace

Whether you usually host the important gatherings in your family or it’s your first year welcoming everyone into your home for the holidays, make sure your dining room is ready for the season. From cleaning to arranging furniture to decorating, there’s sure to be a few ways you can spruce up and organize your space before the holidays. For a dining room that will accommodate your guests efficiently while being warm and inviting, here are a few tips to get you started.


The first step to organizing your dining room in preparation for holiday dinners is to declutter and clean. It may not be much fun, but chances are you’ll need as much space as you can muster—floor space and table space alike!

Fullerton Dining Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton Dining Table from The RoomPlace

Depending on the number of guests you’ll need to accommodate, chances are you’ll need to add an extra table (or at least a leaf to your adjustable table) to accommodate guests. In that case, you might want to remove unneeded furniture and décor from your dining room. Items that take up space but won’t serve a purpose during the festivities should be moved out of the way to a different room.


Once your dining room is cleaned and decluttered, you may wish to do a little rearranging to make your space efficient and comfortable. Guests will be getting up for seconds, kids will be underfoot and you’ll need to make sure there’s space for people to walk through the dining room and around the table. Here are a few tips for setting up your dining room furniture for the holidays:

  • It can be helpful, if you have the space, to set up one table for adults and another area for children. For the kid’s table, a tablecloth that can be wiped clean and non-breakable dishes are a must.

If you have a large enough table, set out food in the center to limit trips to the kitchen.

Image: Vista Server Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Vista Server Cart from The RoomPlace

  • Make use of a buffet off to one side of the dining room—not only for setting out food and dishes, but also for storing items you might need in a pinch during meals, such as hot pads, napkins, serving utensils or extra wine glasses.

Image: Lakewood White Dining Bench from The Room Place
Lakewood White Dining Bench from The Room Place

  • To maximize floor space, bench seating can be a good alternative to bulky chairs, particularly for kids.


Finally, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your newly organized dining room. From table cloths to centerpieces to festive décor, add your personal touch to create a dining space your friends and family will feel welcome in. Here’s a handful of ideas to inspire your holiday decorating:

Linden Area Rug (5’x8’) from The Room Place
Image: Linden Area Rug (5’x8’) from The Room Place

  • A cozy area rug can warm hardwood floors and give your dining room a homey, welcoming vibe.

Image: Markos Floor Lamp from The Room Place
Image: Markos Floor Lamp from The Room Place

  • Winter days are short, so make sure your dining room has plenty of lighting options to adjust the ambiance as needed.
  • Regardless of your decorating style, you can’t go wrong with simple, elegant décor like white or cream-colored tablecloths, gold-tone centerpieces and seasonal flowers such as mums or poinsettias.
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6 Steps to Staging Furniture When Selling Your House

Heritage Gray 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Heritage Gray 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace

Whether you’re selling your own home or a client’s, preparing a house to be sold presents several challenges. You want your home to sell quickly and for the highest price possible, which means ensuring the property appeals to many buyers.

One of the best things you can do to make your home sell quickly at your desired price is to stage it with beautiful furniture. Homes staged with attractive, appealing furniture and décor are proven to sell faster—and often for a higher price—than their non-staged counterparts.

Why? Staging makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine living in the home. Plus, in the age of online real estate listings, well-staged photos really pop and stand out compared to other homes, enticing more people to look at your house.

#1: Remove the clutter.

Before you worry about arranging furniture, the first step in staging is removing clutter and personal belongings from the house. Knick-knacks, family photos, wall signs, toys, and other small or customized items should be taken down, boxed up and stored elsewhere—not in the home’s closets, since prospective buyers will be looking there, too. It’s best to start with a decluttered space that’s as simple and versatile as possible, so buyers can envision living there immediately.

#2: Deep clean.

Second, maximize the house’s appeal by cleaning it thoroughly. Other than the obvious spots like the bathroom and kitchen, make sure to address any neglected areas, such as dusty light fixtures, closets, beneath rugs, gaps next to appliances, etc. If you have pets, make sure you take care of any pet odors that may be lingering. Launder all fabrics, have your carpet cleaned (professionally if possible), and air out all rooms of the house by opening windows.

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home when addressing this step. Curb appeal will attract more buyers. If possible, try to: power wash your house’s siding, clean the windows, mow the lawn, trim any overgrown bushes or plants and make sure flower beds are weed-free.

Urbana 8 Pc. King Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Urbana 8 Pc. King Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace

#3: Prioritize staging by room.

In case you don’t have the budget or time to stage every room of the house, focus on the rooms that have been shown to have the biggest impact on how well your listing does. Start with the living room—it’s essential. Next, stage the master bedroom, then the dining room and kitchen. Additional bedrooms are the lowest priority.

#4: Thin out your furniture.

Once you’re ready to stage your furniture, start by removing some of it. Keeping only the essentials will make each room feel bigger and further reduce the appearance of clutter, which will appeal to buyers. Obviously, you’ll want to remove any outdated or damaged items first, replacing them with new furniture if needed.

Larry Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Larry Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

When staging your living room, for example, stick with a high-quality sofa, a loveseat or accent chairs, coffee table and an appropriately sized rug to anchor the furniture and give the space a cohesive look. Simple, contemporary pieces are best since they offer versatility and mass appeal—you want the space to look stylish yet timeless, so try to avoid designs and colors that are very trendy.

Newcastle Platinum 3 Pc. “Floating” Living Room from The RoomPlace
Image: Newcastle Platinum 3 Pc. “Floating” Living Room from The RoomPlace

#5. Utilize the “floating” technique.

Move furniture away from the walls so that it “floats” towards the center of the room. This design technique helps the space appear bigger yet more stylish and intimate. Arrange chairs and couches facing each other to create a cozy vibe.

#6: Add some final touches.

Small finishing touches add color and life to increase your listing’s chance of success. Consider final additions of things like bowls of fruit, fresh-cut flowers, potted plants, neatly folded towels, a new welcome mat on the doorstep, etc.

With these home staging tips, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your listing and enticing potential buyers in no time.

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Inexpensive Furniture with an Expensive Look

Mars White 3 Pc. Living Room Set from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Mars White 3 Pc. Living Room Set from The RoomPlace

Buying beautiful, high-quality new furniture can be a costly investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. When you shop at The RoomPlace, budget and quality can go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to spend a bundle for good-quality furniture—in fact, you can get the high-end look of your dreams even if you’re on a tight budget.

Let’s take a peek at a few of our favorite expensive-looking yet affordable looks, and the many ways you can save on top-quality furniture at The RoomPlace.

Our Favorite High-End Looks

If you’re looking for a high-end aesthetic without breaking the bank, here are just a handful of our best furniture sets for every room of the house:

  • Mars Living Room Set: The Mars White 3 Pc. Living Room offers the epitome of luxury and class at an affordable price point. An all-white design with sleek, sumptuous upholstery instantly gives your living area an elegant and distinctive look.

Somerset 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Somerset 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace

  • Somerset Queen Bedroom Set: Refined, rich and sophisticated, the Somerset 5 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set features a contemporary dark finish with satin nickel hardware. As elegant as it is inexpensive, this set brings a high-end look to any bedroom.

Camila 5 Pc. Dining Room Set from the RoomPlace
Image: Camila 5 Pc. Dining Room Set from the RoomPlace

  • Camilla Dining Room Set: The Camila 5 Pc. Dining Room set epitomizes elegance. A double pedestal base, silver faux leather chairs and nailhead accents give this set a refined look at a reasonable price.

Ways to Save at The RoomPlace

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Firm Sasha Mattress Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Simmons Beautyrest Silver Firm Sasha Mattress Set from The RoomPlace

Real savings are always available if you know where to look. Catch great deals in these ways and more:

  • Clearance Deals: If you look around, you’re bound to find unbeatable clearance savings on furniture that’s stylish, trendy and top-quality. From our best mattress sales to discount dining room furniture, The RoomPlace offers value and quality alike. Browse our clearance section for hundreds of discounts every day, or check out the weekly flyer for the latest deals to find quality furniture for less.
  • Seasonal Sales: Waiting for holiday sales and other seasonal offers is a savvy way to shop for new furniture. In addition to sales around Black Friday, you’ll also find plenty of deals and closeouts in the summer, between the 4th of July and Labor Day.
  • Online Specials: Online furniture shopping comes with a variety of perks, including the chance to enjoy online-only deals on discount furniture. Choose from a variety of specials, then sit back and relax while they’re delivered right to your door. Fast, free shipping is the icing on the cake.
  • Closeouts: With new inventory coming in, we have to make room! You can catch great deals on elegant furniture and high-end home accents before they go out of stock, thanks to last-chance closeout discounts.
  • Special Financing: The RoomPlace offers a variety of special financing packages to help you make updates to your home when you’re on a budget. Find out more and explore your options here.


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Our Favorite Red, White and Blue Furniture

Featured Image: Marlo Red 3 Pc. Sectional with Full Sleeper from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Marlo Red 3 Pc. Sectional with Full Sleeper from The RoomPlace

In the summertime, many homeowners love to decorate with patriotic colors in celebration of holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. The colors of the American flag aren’t just seasonal options, though. Navy blue, classic white and cardinal red are timeless and still-trendy color choices for paint, décor and furniture no matter the style of your home.

Whether you’re looking for a patriotic accent piece or several pieces that complement one another, let’s take a look at some of our favorite furniture that’s red, white or blue.

Maxim Red Cocktail Ottoman from The RoomPlace
Image: Maxim Red Cocktail Ottoman from The RoomPlace


Red furniture and décor can be used with virtually every decorating style, from rustic country to mid-century modern to bold and artistic. Here are just a few of our favorites.

  • Sectional: We can’t get enough of the casual and contemporary Marlo collection—this stunning brick red sectional with full sleeper is a perfect example of how you can rock a red hue in your living room.
  • Ottoman: Don’t want to go as big as a red sectional? Keep your living room bold but a little more subdued with a red cocktail ottoman in sumptuous faux leather.

Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette from The RoomPlace

  • Dining Chairs: If you don’t want to go as big and bold as a red sectional, add a touch of this timeless color to your dining room instead. The Marissa 5 Pc. Red Dinette works well with neutral and earthy tones in your dining area. Or, you can add a pop of color to your existing table with red end chairs for a trendy look.

Mars White Loveseat from the RoomPlace
Image: Mars White Loveseat from the RoomPlace


White furniture is undeniably chic, sophisticated and classic. It gives any room a clean, bright look and often can be bold and eye-catching in its own way. Looking for the perfect white accent piece for your space? Here’s a few top choices:

  • Loveseat: For the living room, this Mars White Loveseat makes a great addition that pairs well with a variety of sofa colors and styles. Faux leather upholstery offers a sleek look and durable quality perfect for a modern space.

Bayberry Embassy Server from The RoomPlace
Image: Bayberry Embassy Server from The RoomPlace

  • Server: Perfect for the kitchen or dining room, a white server or buffet offers functionality and style in one. Simple yet useful, a server provides extra storage or display space to enhance your room, and white color works wonderfully with any décor.

Fulton White 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Image: Fulton White 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace

  • Bedroom Set: A white bedroom set is versatile, stylish, tasteful and bright. This 7-piece queen set is the perfect choice for a bedroom update.

Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room from the RoomPlace
Image: Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room from the RoomPlace


A popular color choice for design trends like mid-century modern, shades of blue are contemporary, relaxing and versatile. From slate blue to aqua to deep navy, these are our favorite 3 blue furniture pieces from the RoomPlace collection:

  • Living Room Set: Deep blue upholstery, thick cushions and a simple, attractive design make this Heritage Blue 3 Pc. Living Room Set the complete package. Beautiful and modern, it’s a trendy and contemporary way to add some American-inspired style to your space.

Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Trelis Blue Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

  • Accent Chair: A mid-century-inspired blue accent chair adds a vibrant, retro pop of turquoise to your living area or even a bedroom.
Trenton Blue Bench from The RoomPlace
Image: Trenton Blue Bench from The RoomPlace
  • Bench: Whether you want to bring a touch of personality to a bedroom, living room or dressing area, a teal upholstered bench makes an instant impact.


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How to Light Up a Room

Inception Dome Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Inception Dome Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

Now that you have your new furniture, it’s time to show it off with the perfect lighting. The right lighting can be the seamless way to enhance a focal piece, open up a smaller room, add coziness, define certain spaces and light up a work area. When it comes to choosing that special lighting for your home, the options are endless.

Whether you’re looking to light up your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or more, we can help you decide on lighting that is both stylish and functional, and of course, shows off your new furniture. There are three basic types of lighting options:

  • Ambient lighting, most often this is a recessed ceiling light designed to replace daylight. Ambient lighting creates a bland, flat effect. Combined with other lighting, it will serve and accomplish all purposes.
  • Accent lighting: adds texture, depth, focus and shade near focal pieces and in corners, beautifully complements ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting: used to illuminate a work area. Task lighting provides a narrower stream of light that focuses exclusively on one area.

Take a look at the following lighting ideas for your home:

Destin Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Destin Table Lamp from The RoomPlace

Living Room Lighting

Your living room is special. It’s the space in your home where everyone gathers to spend time together. Therefore, you’ll want to mix it up a little. Mixing and matching different types of lighting is essential for creating an inviting atmosphere. Overhead ambient lighting will brighten the entire space and for your living room, you’ll want it in two ways: recessed lighting across the ceiling for overall lighting and a transitional hanging pendant over the center of the room. When you want to add more warmth to your living room, table lamps and floor lamps work beautifully to add coziness and intimacy.

Ranald Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Ranald Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

It’s important to get the lighting perfect for your dining room. Pendant lights, flush mounts, chandeliers and wall sconces are lovely and functional ideas for lighting up a dining room. However you do it, the most important thing is to focus your lighting around the dining room table. There will be times when you don’t want the room completely illuminated, so make sure to use dimmer lighting to set the mood.

Nicki Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Nicki Table from The RoomPlace

Lighting tip: both ambient and task lighting in your dining room should be at 3,000-6,000 Lumens.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking; if your home is like most others, your kitchen is also the space where everyone gathers to hang out and catch up on their day. Therefore, choosing lighting for your kitchen should be determined by the activities – whether you’re looking to illuminate a cooking area or you want to create an entertaining space for friends and family, choose your lighting accordingly.

Chelsea 5 Piece Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Chelsea 5 Piece Dinette from The RoomPlace

It’s important to use three different types of lighting for your kitchen: recessed lights, pendant lights, and the must-have under-cabinet strip lights. Recessed lighting is best to illuminate the entire kitchen, hanging pendant lights work well over an island or kitchen table, and under cabinet lighting is perfect for counter tasks.

Lighting tip: kitchen ambient lighting should be 5,000-10,000 Lumens; task lighting around the counters, sink and stove should be a minimum of 450 Lumens.

Bedroom Lighting

You want your bedroom to be a warm and cozy space. Before you choose bedroom lighting, you will want to have a furniture placement plan. The key to creating the perfect lighting for your bedroom is flexibility. The capacity to control light levels is important – if one person wants to sleep and another wants to read, you want to have those options.

Lighting tip: bedroom ambient lighting should be 1,500-3,000 Lumens, while task lighting should be a minimum of 400 Lumens.

Floor and Table Lamps: Floor and table lamps are versatile and can be used anywhere in your home. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, lengths and are perfect options to enhance the appeal of any room’s décor. Popular lamp finishes include antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and satin nickel. If you’re planning on using your new lamp as accent lighting, go for more decorative or extravagance to add style and elegance to your space. You can mix and match, too, with different bases, finishes, lamp shades and even the light bulbs you choose.

Dimmer Lighting: The lighting in your home is something you use every single day. As such, it should be adaptable for its intended use – using lighting dimmer controls allows you to set the mood in any room. Whether for entertainment purposes, reading, area nightlights or more, dimmers provide economical, safe and comfortable home environments.

Warm and Cool Lighting: Warm lighting is a natural, calming light that has a reddish tone to the eye, while cool lighting is brighter and looks bluer to the eye. The perfect time to use warm lighting is when you need to relax, wind down from the day and before you go to bed. The time to choose cool lighting is when we need a little energy and alertness – perfect for focus, performing tasks – best during the morning and afternoon.

Choosing Light Bulbs: The two most popular light bulb options are Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The major difference between the two is how much energy it takes to use them over time. CFLs use about 70 percent less energy than LEDs and last years longer; they cost about a dollar more per light bulb. Two drawbacks to CFLs: they take a while to warm up and reach full illumination; they contain trace amounts of mercury – harmful to your health and the environment. So, don’t break them and don’t throw away in your home trash bin – recycle them.

The right lighting is essential for every room in your home. When choosing lighting, look for unique fixtures that will draw attention to your new furniture, a piece of art that you love, or around a work area. Once your lighting is complete, all you’ll need to do is flip the switch.

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Furniture Ideas for a Small Apartment

Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace

If you live in an apartment or home that’s on the small side, it can be difficult to find furniture that fits your space. To avoid a cramped, cluttered look and make the most of your small apartment, here are some stylish, space-saving furniture ideas to get you started.

Daybeds & Sleeper Sofas

Dual-purpose furniture is a great way to increase the functionality of a limited space without adding clutter. If your apartment is a one-bedroom but you need a second bed, your options are plentiful: from daybeds to futons and sleeper sofas, there are a few ways you can maximize your furniture even in a tiny space:

  • Daybed: A daybed looks like a tall sofa but is actually as comfortable to sleep on as a traditional bed. Some daybeds also have trundles—an extra bed that pulls out from the bottom but is hidden neatly underneath when not in use. Great for regular use in small bedrooms or shared kids’ rooms.

Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace
Image: Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace

  • Futon: Futons are a classic dual-purpose piece. They offer a minimalist look and can be converted from a couch to a bed in an instant. This option is a great alternative to a space-hogging guest bed.

Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace

  • Sleeper Sofa: Sleeper sofas are designed to look and function just like a traditional sofa, but they feature a fold-out mattress inside. Twin-size sleepers take up about as much floor space as a loveseat, while a queen is equivalent to a full sofa.

No matter what style you prefer, each of these sofa beds can blend in with the existing décor in your living area or bedroom for a contemporary look.

Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace

Small Chairs

The living room of a small apartment isn’t likely to have sufficient space for a huge recliner or wide accent chair. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a comfy chair altogether. Minimalist chairs are typically a great option for small spaces—look for armless or slim-arm designs like our Tasia or Olson Accent Chair.

Likewise, dining chairs with a slimmer profile are great for reducing the amount of space taken up by your dining set. Make sure to choose chairs that can slide fully beneath the table when not in use, and opt for a simpler design to limit visual clutter.

Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace

Space-Conscious Tables

Occasional Tables typically take up lots of space, but there are a few ways you can minimize your small apartment’s tables while maximizing their functionality:

  • Tray Tables: A portable, folding alternative to side tables, tray tables can be pulled up to the sofa to serve as a small dining surface. Just fold and store when not in use.

Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace
Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace

  • Nesting Tables: If you have space for an end table in your living room, a nesting table can help you maximize storage space and provide an extra pull-out surface when needed. With this option, there’s no need for a coffee table!

Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace

  • Pub Tables: 3- or 4-seater pub tables provide a compact alternative to dining tables.

Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace
Image: Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace

Love Seat

Finally, if you don’t have much space in your apartment’s living room, opt for a love seat instead of a regular sofa. It takes up much less space while still providing a cozy spot to relax and watch TV.