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Get the Look: Frank Lloyd Wright with a Twist

Frank Lloyd Wright wasn’t just a pioneer of architecture and design—did you know he was also a native Illinoisan? You can still visit his Oak Park home today right outside Chicago and take in the Prairie style for inspiration. Before you head out, though, we’ve compiled some tips you can use to achieve the modernist look in your own home but with a RoomPlace twist. Keep reading after the jump to learn how!


  • Clean Lines are Key
    Before the modernist movement really came into play, most furniture was still fairly traditional with swooping lines and embellishments. When Wright started designing furniture with his team, he wanted it to really fit with the clean architecture of the homes. The result was defined, simple lines with clean edges.

sofa room design

Lucky for us, the modernist movement is still alive and well—many furniture designers are still drawing inspiration from Wright’s famous contributions to architecture and design. You can replicate this look at your own home with something like the Enzo—this set takes the same idea of low, clean, straight lines and updates it ever so slightly with contemporary arm rests.


  • The Marriage of Textures and Hardware

Wright’s famous style was all about the fusion of natural elements with the artificial—his chairs being no exception. The material in Wright’s chair here coordinates with the wood used to craft the bookshelves, coffee tables and other wooden structures in the room.


The cushion color and texture are especially eye-catching because the colors in the room are mostly warm browns and reds. The cooler blueish tone is able to pop in contrast to the warmer tones.

You can mirror this same idea with the Ally accent chair, shown here in blue to match the referenced Wright chair. But if your home deploys cooler tones throughout, you can select a warmer fabric like green or purple.

blue chair beige chair

Harnessing the classic style of an iconic designer is no small feat—let the experts at the RoomPlace in Chicago and Indianapolis show you how to transform your home from drab to fab with a few simple tricks. Come in and chat with us today to get started!

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