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Finding the Right TV Stand for Your Fireplace

TV and fireplaces

Both the TV and the fireplace make an ideal focal point of a room, and now you don’t have to choose between them. You can combine the ambiance and warmth of a cozy fire with the enjoyment of your TV with specialized stands that put the two together. Choosing the right TV stand for your fireplace is easy with these savvy tips from The RoomPlace.

Measure Your TV

The first thing you want to do is measure the size of the TV and the size of the available area where you intend to place the TV stand. Measure your TV screen diagonally, from the top left to bottom right corners. TV stands list the maximum weight and size of televisions they can support, and you’ll want yours to fall within the parameters of your selected stand.

Measure the Available Area

Measuring the area where you want to place the stand is also important to ensure a proper look and fit. Determine the maximum length, depth and height of a TV stand that would fit in the desired area. Take into account any overhangs or other elements that may limit the maximum height of your TV on top of the stand.

You want to leave enough room between the TV and the viewer, as well. The ideal distance depends on the size of the TV.

  • 29-inch TV: At least 3 feet away from viewer
  • 39-inch TV: At least 4 feet away from viewer
  • 46-inch TV: At least 5 feet away from viewer
  • Larger than 46: At least 7 feet away from viewer

One more measurement to consider is sitting height, or the best height of your TV stand for comfortable viewing. Sit on the sectional or sofa where you’ll be viewing, and measure the distance from your eyes to the floor. For the most comfortable viewing, the lower portion of the television screen should be level with your seated line of sight. That means the shelf where the TV sits needs to be no lower than 12 inches below your line of sight measurement.

tv stands

Determine the Best TV Stand Style

Once you have all the measurements done, you’re ready for the fun. This involves finding a TV stand that has just the right look and style to suit your space. If you’re aiming to block or cover an existing fireplace, your best bet would be an entertainment center wall unit. It can be placed as close to the wall as possible to conceal an unwanted built-in fireplace. Entertainment center wall units come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles and configurations to deliver the look you want.

A fireplace TV stand is the way to go if you want to enjoy both a cozy fire and the TV. The fireplaces built into TV stands use electricity for warmth and light, plugging into an outlet as easily as the TV itself. A wide variety of fireplace TV stands are available, with different colors, looks, materials, shelving availability and sizes. One more option is to hang your TV above your fireplace, as long as the wall material above the space is able to support the weight and size of the TV.

Start the fun by checking out the entertainment center wall units and fireplace TV stands at The RoomPlace now.

Living Rooms Miscellaneous

Trending Looks Series: Contemporary Family Room

Trending Look Series: Contemporary Family Room from the RoomPlace
Featured Image: Trending Look Series: Contemporary Family Room from the RoomPlace

Beautiful and contemporary through-and-through, this family room is the complete package: comfortable and modern, with the perfect balance of timeless subtlety and trendy elegance. Let’s take a look at contemporary family room furniture to help you achieve this design in your own home!

Color Palette

This look is best suited to a neutral modern color scheme, but that doesn’t mean it lacks character. Off-white, warm gray, soft beige, slate and taupe are excellent wall color choices for this room’s style. Accents in black, deep brown and silver add richness and contrast for a cohesive room design that offers plenty of contemporary appeal.

Athena Navy 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Athena Navy 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace

Sofa & Seating

The stylish, modern Athena Gray Sofa serves as a comfortable and contemporary centerpiece for this family room. Complete with patterned throw pillows that add color and upholstered in cozy polyester, this sofa is both beautiful and durable. Paired with the coordinating ottoman and a complementary Sydney Gray Power Recliner, it’s a set that will bring luxury to your space in an understated way.

Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set from The RoomPlace

TV Stand & Tables

The contemporary styling of the Trimble Cappuccino 60” TV Stand features asymmetrical shelves and a minimalist look, for a functional yet attractive appearance. As the entertainment center for your modern family room, this TV stand is a versatile piece that complements most décor. The simple and elegant Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set, which includes a modern black coffee table and side tables, looks great alongside it, while providing plenty of space for holding drinks, books and more.

Hannah Mirror from The RoomPlace
Image: Hannah Mirror from The RoomPlace

Décor & Accents

Décor brings this contemporary look together by drawing in colors from the furniture. This unique Zinc Flowers wall art is a striking, sculptural piece that brings a modern rustic touch to the space. The Hannah Mirror features a timeless, minimalist style that brightens the room and adds the illusion of more space.

Image: Huntley Area Rug (5'X8') from The RoomPlace
Image: Huntley Area Rug (5’X8′) from The RoomPlace

This strikingly textured Huntley Area Rug provides a perfect color contrast to the sofa and tables for a trendy yet timeless aesthetic. Plush and hand-loomed, this area rug gives the room a “put-together” look and provides warmth and coziness.

Monte Floor Lamp from The FloorPlace
Image: Monte Floor Lamp from The FloorPlace

Stylish lighting is essential in a contemporary living space, and the Monte Floor Lamp and Lyla Table Lamp make a great pair. Decorative but not too dramatic, these lamps provide perfect ambient lighting for any family room. A table lamp on either side of the sofa is a good way to balance the light and add convenience.

Enjoying our Trending Looks blog series? Stay tuned for future looks and new style boards, and check out our past look at contemporary dining rooms.


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Man Cave Makeover

Man Cave Makeover:
Recliners, Tables, and More for the Best Place to Watch the Game

Sports fans across the country can rejoice: NFL and College Football seasons are officially in full swing, and the NBA is close behind. But is your home ready to host the afternoons and evenings of viewing and fandom ahead? Let’s create the perfect room with nothing but man cave ideas in mind:

Let Leather Set the Mood (And Sneak in Some Special Features!)

Have you ever accidentally knocked over a drippy plate of spinach and avocado dip when you stood up to cheer for an amazing play? If you’re anything like us, a couch that doesn’t stain easily due to wild displays of enthusiasm is what you need. Leather is one of the best kinds couch materials for those of us prone to spills since cleanup is so fast: a little soapy water, a nice soft rag and you’re back in the game. As an added bonus, dark leather hides its age by masking everyday stains.

Even better is that leather offers sneaky ways to integrate ingenious features without sacrificing great design. Take our Electra for example. It has LED lights to guide you when the lights are dimmed—how cool is that? The Electra also has drink holders, console storage space, and full reclining capabilities for when you just have to kick back.

Electra Dual Reclining Sofa

Speaking of Reclining Capabilities: Meet the Modern Recliner

Your favorite man cave chair should be one that can practically mold itself to your form. It needs to be comfortable, reliable and durable—just like you. Revitalize an old living room standby and take a spin in a recliner chair. Going with our leather theme, leather recliners are near perfect for everything from leaning back during the commercial breaks to sitting at the edge of your seat during a nail-biting play. Even when your favorite team isn’t in season, this is a man cave chair that will get a lot of use for movie watching, reading and perhaps even a Sunday snooze.

Get At-Your-Fingertips Access

Don’t ruin your man cave experience by forgetting details. Invest in an modern, no frills sofa table to store your stuff. Nachos, remotes, and magazines don’t have to live on the floor or squished and lost in your couch cushions. You can have them all in reach with a no-fuss table.

Give Your Entertainment System a Home

Then show some love to the entertainment system that enables you to watch your team dominate the competition from the comfort of your decked out man cave Use our Room Planner to explore what furniture makes the most sense for your space, be it a compact tv stand or an impressive wall unit.

Reston Wall Unit

If you need some inspiration for your man cave makeover, the design team at the RoomPlace can help. Browse our online catalog and visit us today create your dream entertainment space at an affordable price.


Entertainment System Furniture

4 Best Ways to Configure Your New Entertainment System

Franklin tv stand

If you’re looking to introduce fresh organizational flair or simply upgrade your outdated entertainment system, we can lend a hand. And with the mindset that Labor Day sales should last all year long, you’re guaranteed to find a fantastic solution at a great price.

Wall units are a space-saving solution for rooms which require a bit of creative problem solving. If you have limited floor space, add wide, vertical pieces such as the Somerset. The drawers provide organizational structure as well as ample storage space. Use the shelves as an opportunity to tie in color while staying organized. Colorful baskets will pop against the dark veneer of the Somerset.

A low TV stand is a simple, elegant solution for style hunters on a budget. If you’re tight on space, a compact unit like the Franklin won’t overwhelm your small living room. A short TV stand provides stylish space while showcasing your decorative side. In smaller spaces, clutter piles up quickly. Use simple and classy white woven boxed on your bottom self to house all of your miscellaneous items.

Not every entertainment center needs to live in the living room. Adding a traditional piece like the Lakeshore will bring a touch of classic elegance. With enough space for a modestly sized DVD player, this media chest also provides multiple drawers for additional storage.

If you’re looking for a complete entertainment system makeover, a media console like the Regency is a sophisticated choice. These types of entertainment centers have a space for everything from your DVD player to your gaming console. As a statement piece, the Regency gives an old-world air to your modern living room. The windowed shelves also allow you display precious breakable items.

If you need more advice on what TV entertainment furniture best suits your needs, the designers at The RoomPlace can help! Get in touch today to find home solutions tailored to your taste.