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Our Favorite Cuddle Couch Sectionals

Easton Chocolate 2 Pc. Sectional W/Cuddler Chaise from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Easton Chocolate 2 Pc. Sectional W/Cuddler Chaise from The RoomPlace

A luxurious sectional with a cuddle chaise is the perfect way to make your living room an inviting and comfortable space. So-called cuddler sectionals give you plenty of room to sink in, kick back and unwind by yourself or cuddle up to your spouse.

You’ll find a variety of stylish sectionals with cuddler chaises at The RoomPlace, each of which offer top-notch quality, style and comfort. No matter the size of your living room or your budget, we’ve got several options to choose from. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites—you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space and sense of style.

If Your Living Room is Smaller

If you’re on a tight budget or you simply don’t have the floor space for an expansive sectional, the Barrington Gray Linen Sofa Chaise is a great choice. Available in a variety of colors in linen, faux leather and velvet upholstery, its bold design incorporates a classic silhouette with sleek, modern-day finishes. The cozy chaise features tufted back and rolled arms, as well as tufting along the base and high-density foam seat cushions for the ultimate in comfort.

If You Love Gray

Soft, subtle gray tones are popular right now—for good reason. Gray is a versatile neutral that can be either cool or warm, which makes it a trendy choice for contemporary color schemes. The Elta three-piece sectional with a cuddler chaise is as chic as it is comfy. It features a cool, slate gray color and a plush chenille fabric that makes it cozy, inviting and perfect for cuddling. If you want to go a bit bigger, opt for the four-piece Elta set, which also comes with a warm and cozy cuddler chaise.

If You’re Loyal to Leather

Get the look and feel of genuine leather with the contemporary Liam Godiva three-piece sectional. Made with high-quality faux leather and designed to balance classic styling with modern comforts, this sectional is everything you could ask for and more. Durable, attractive and comfortable, you can’t go wrong with its hardwood construction and deep, cozy seating.

If you prefer the real deal, we recommend the Arezzo Terracotta two-piece sectional. Made of 100% top-grain Italian leather, it provides cozy comfort combined with a high-end style, and features a sizable right arm chaise that’s perfect for cuddling.

Claudine 4 Pc. Sectional w/Armless Sofa & Cuddler Chaise from The RoomPlace
Image: Claudine 4 Pc. Sectional w/Armless Sofa & Cuddler Chaise from The RoomPlace

If You Want to Go All-Out

The Barrington seven-seat sectional with chaise is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a large sectional that provides the ultimate luxury. It includes an armless sofa, wedge and right arm loveseat, as well as a left arm chaise that’s perfect for cuddling. It’s available in linen, faux leather and velvet upholstery and comes in a wide range of colors.

Liam Godiva 3 Pc. Sectional W Cuddler Chaise
Image: Liam Godiva 3 Pc. Sectional W/Cuddler Chaise from The RoomPlace

If You Need More Options

Still shopping? If none of the above cuddler sectionals feel right for you, The RoomPlace has a wide variety of alternatives to suit your style and needs. Browse all of our sectional sofa with cuddler chaise options at to find your favorite. Or you can visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago or Indianapolis.

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3 Trendy Ways to Style Sectional Couch Pillows

Sectional sofas are meant for lounging, whether you’re watching TV, reading or just hanging out. But just because a couch is warm and comfy doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Putting throw pillows on a sectional is an easy and inexpensive way to also add depth, texture and unique style. Throw pillow can also help tie other design elements into the room or offer a much-needed contrast or pop of personality. With so many options to choose from, finding the right throw pillows—and figuring out how to style them—can be a bit tricky. Here are three exciting, innovative and original ways to make the throw pillows on your sofa look amazing.

1. Mix a bold pattern cushion with a more subtle cushion.


When paired with a solid accent-colored pillow, patterned throw pillows can add symmetry and provide a cool contrast. The subtle textured fabric of the Mesa gray sectional pairs perfectly with geometric, colorful abstract throw pillows such as the Vargo gray multi.

  1. Add a little shimmer with metallic pillows in gold or silver.


Metallics are a hot trend this year and metallic pillows in gray, gold or silver add warmth, comfort and style to a contemporary sectional sofa. These throw pillows incorporate the sofa color while also offering some much-needed contrast and texture.

3. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to a neutral sofa.


A white sectional sofa practically cries out for a pop of color, and red throw pillows do just the trick. Matching your throw pillow to the color of an accent wall in the room or to a red hue from a piece of art hung above the sofa will also work well.

When styling sectional sofas, there are several ways to get the look right. Repeating the mix of cushions in each of the three corners creates a harmonious look while still offering plenty of comfort. You can also try a mixing up patterns in the same color scheme, or just going with the colors, patterns and styles you like. Sometimes the most random assortment of pillows looks the best.

At The RoomPlace, we help our customers get it all: sectional sofas in a range of styles, colors, and sizes, including leather sectionals and small sectional sofas, all at an affordable price. Shop our entire selection online at or visit us at an of our store locations for sectional styling inspiration. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interior design tips.

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Best-Selling Room Place Sectionals for Every Budget

Featured Image: Sydney Charcoal 2 Pc. Sectional From The RoomPlace
Sydney Charcoal 2 Pc. Sectional From The RoomPlace

Looking to remodel your living room or simply upgrade your sofa? A high-quality couch or sectional set can instantly update your space and improve your family’s comfort. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to shop for the perfect sofa for your home and your budget.

At The RoomPlace, we make it easy for you. Here are four of our most popular sofas and sectionals in a range of styles and for a variety of budgets.

Image: Lanzo 2 Piece Red Sectional From The RoomPlace
Lanzo 2 Piece Red Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $600: Dharma Gray Sofa/Chaise

The perfect fit for a limited budget, the Dharma Gray Sofa/Chaise has an exciting contemporary style thanks to its sweeping padded arm and plush, pillow-back design. It also won’t break the bank, despite giving your living room an upscale and modern vibe.

Image: Sydney Gray 2 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace
Sydney Gray 2 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $800: Marlo Walnut 2 Pc. Sectional

A beautiful sectional set for mid-range budgets, the Marlo is the perfect pick for living rooms with a soft and homey atmosphere. It features smooth pulled upholstery, comfortable seat cushions and small wood feet, as well as tufted back cushions. The affordable two-piece set includes a right arm sofa and left arm chaise.

Image: Marlo Walnut 3 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace
Marlo Walnut 3 Piece Sectional From The RoomPlace

Under $1,000: Riviera Beige 2 Pc. Sleeper Sectional W/ Reversible Chaise

The Riviera three-seat sectional adds a chic element to any living space with its cushion’s tufted styling and the smooth look and feel of its fabric Featuring a loveseat sofa, arm and chaise sectional, the set offers the convenience of multiple configurations to fit your room and your needs. It also has instant foam-bed functionality for convenient sleep options.

Image: Escalade 6 Piece Power Sectional With Two Armless Chairs From The RoomPlace
Escalade 6 Piece Power Sectional With Two Armless Chairs From The RoomPlace

Under $2,000: Barrington Gray Velvet 6-Seat Section

If you’re able to splurge, the Barrington Sectional is the epitome of luxury. It combines a classic silhouette with modern day finishes, including button tufted backs and rolled arms, button tufting along the base and reversible seat cushions filled with high-density foam. We also love its plush velvet material. Comfortable and convenient with a beautiful contemporary design, the Barrington is the complete package.

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Memorypedic: Feel the Difference!

Memory foam has become the go-to mattress material for a good night’s sleep—and for good reason. Not only does it conform to the shape of your body in response to heat and pressure, it also returns to its original shape when you’ve changed position. This responsiveness leads to long lasting comfort and less disruption through the night.

Those same properties, support and temperature regulation, has made it recently become more popular in other furniture, as well. For those with back issues, a memory foam couch can provide just the right amount of support.

Another great benefit of memory foam is that it is hypo-allergenic. The cellular nature and density of the material is inhospitable to dust mites. This less often discussed benefit is actually a really big deal for those who suffer from allergies and can provide tremendous relief.

The RoomPlace strives to provide Chicago and Indianapolis residents with quality, affordable furniture that’s as stylish and fresh as it is comfortable. As far as we’re concerned, form and function go hand in hand. That’s why our collection includes living room sofas, loveseats, and sectionals with Memorypedic cushions. Our gel-infused Memorypedic inserts bring the comfort of the ideal mattress to your living room set, so daily relaxation is as perfect as your night’s rest. The following are a few of our favorite Memorypedic pieces that just so happen to be on sale!


The Evelyn Series

Deep-seated and roomy enough for a party, these sectionals bring comfort to a whole new level. Plush cushions (1.8 density with Memorypedic layer), soft upholstery, and generously-sized toss pillows might make falling asleep on the couch a little too easy. And in a range of neutral shades, from grey to chocolate, there’s something for every living room.



The Hilton Steel Living Room

This living room set also boasts 1.8 density foam seat cushions, and that’s only the beginning. Choose from 100% blended leather upholstered power-reclining loveseats, sofas, or chairs, all with a pillow top cushion, pocket coil springs, and gel-infused Memorypedic insert. Any piece from the Hilton collection will be durable, stylish, and functional beyond expectation.

Don’t take our word for it? There’s more where these came from. Pay us a visit and test out your dream sofa, on sale and in person, at one of our many locations in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas. Visit our stores or shop online at

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