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5 Mid-Century Modern Home Accents We Love

Harper Fruitwood 60" TV Stand From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Harper Fruitwood 60″ TV Stand From The RoomPlace

If you’re keeping up with any trends in the interior design industry, you probably know that the mid-century modern movement has made a comeback. And we don’t think this trend is going anywhere soon. Designers and homeowners alike love the simple, organic forms, clean lines and functionality of this design style. Anyone who finds retro or minimalist design appealing is sure to appreciate mid-century modern home accents.

We’ve gathered five of our favorite mid-century-inspired pieces of contemporary furniture to give you a glimpse into what this style has to offer. But first, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: What exactly is mid-century modern design?

What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

“Mid-century modern” is a term used to describe the interior design and architecture trends from roughly the mid-1930s to 1965. (However, some people consider “mid-century” to be limited to 1947-1957.) It’s characterized by a few key elements, including:

  • Simple, clean lines
  • Organic and geometric forms and curves
  • Focus on functionality over appearance
  • Minimal decoration and an uncluttered look
  • Contrasting colors

Much of what makes the mid-century look so appealing is that it’s versatile and timeless. It’s not limited to a specific color palette or material, and it tends to blend beautifully with other design styles, too. So whether you’re looking for a single piece of mid-century furniture to complete a room or you want to embrace the movement throughout your whole house, discover your next favorite piece with the ideas below.

Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace

#1: Neutral Sofa

Create an undeniable mid-century statement in your living room with the Roxbury Gray Sofa. Tufted chenille fabric adds visual interest along with durability and comfort for the best of both worlds. Contrasting angled legs give this stylish, modern sofa a retro flair.

Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace

#2: Bold Accent Chair

When designing a mid-century modern living room, many homeowners like to make an impact with a striking accent chair that contrasts the sofa. This Carter Blue Chair, with linen-like fabric in retro cobalt blue, adds a touch of bold color to your space. Its curved silhouette, organic shape and tapered legs give this chair a timeless mid-century style.

Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace

#3: Geometric Area Rug

When it comes to finding the best mid-century modern area rug for your living room, dining room or bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a colorful, geometric pattern. This Linin Cylinder Blue Area Rug features a contrasting retro pattern with trendy shades of blue, making it the perfect bold accent piece for a contemporary space.

Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace

#4: Minimalist Dining Table

Full of character and charm, the Fullerton Table is inspired by the mid-century movement in an unmistakable way. A simple, handsome wood design with tapered legs and slim built-in drawers pairs form and function beautifully. A dining table like this will give your room an instant sense of mid-century authenticity.

Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace
Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace

#5: Retro Light Fixture

Light your home with a retro vibe—with a Beoir Ceiling Lamp inspired by trends from the 50s and 60s. A glamorous gold finish brings shine to the room while its dramatic design offers a uniquely striking yet minimalist take on the classic chandelier.

Whether you pick your favorite home accent from these ideas or you combine them all, we hope you’ve been inspired to design a mid-century masterpiece.