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How to Decorate a Long Living Room

paulie-chaise-creamA long narrow living room is a design challenge to be sure. The room can feel cavernous and cold, and guests can feel like they are shouting across the great divide to converse. It can also feel lopsided if one part of the room houses all of the furniture. Yet there are a number of long living room ideas that can add comfort, style and functionality to your space.

The best way to break up a long living room is by dividing it up into two or more areas. First, you need to create the main seating area, centered around a focal point such as a fireplace or an entertainment center. Next, you will want to decide what else you would like to add to the space. You can add another seating area, create a work space with a desk, set up a cozy reading nook with a chaise lounge and an accent table, or even set up a bar area.

Though long living rooms can be narrow, avoid placing furniture up against the walls. Instead, floating the furniture in the middle of the room actually makes the space feels more intimate. In choosing furniture, you want the pieces to fit the room. An extra long sofa or sectional can fill the space well. Balance a long sectional out with two small identical coffee tables side by side or a large ottoman. You can also use two or three smaller-scale sofas, but make sure the couches match to avoid a hodgepodge look.

When setting up multiple areas in one room, it is important that the room still feel cohesive. Stick to one design style and color scheme. You can also add symmetry by using identical area rugs in the separate areas. To make sure the room feels balanced, avoid placing all of the large furniture on one side of the room. Adding a large bookcase, a piece of art or an ottoman in the secondary space will prevent one side of the room from looking dwarfed. Be sure to leave space for people to move around, preferably a pathway about 3 feet wide.

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