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Top 3 Interior Design Styles for a Contemporary Dining Room

Caroline 5 Piece Upholstered Dining Room From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Caroline 5 Piece Upholstered Dining Room From The RoomPlace

Planning to remodel or redecorate your dining room? Let’s take a look at three of the most trendy interior design styles—Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary Farmhouse and Industrial—and how to incorporate them into your dining area.

1. Mid-Century Modern

Even if you’ve never heard the term “mid-century modern,” chances are you’ve seen countless examples of this timeless and popular design style. A movement that captures the mood and influences of the late-1930s to mid-60s, the mid-century modern look is characterized by several important features:

  • Functionality before form
  • An uncluttered look with minimal ornamentation
  • Sleek, clean lines
  • Organic forms and geometric patterns
  • Juxtaposition of contrasting materials, textures and colors
Image: Brinnon Gray 4 Piece Dining Chair Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Brinnon Gray 4 Piece Dining Chair Set From The RoomPlace

To find the perfect mid-century modern dining room set, look for a sleek, simple, neutral table with chairs that are organically shaped and retro-inspired. Avoid chairs that have a multitude of slats or leg supports, which can make the space look too busy and cluttered. For a splash of color, choose mismatched end chairs in hues like maroon, blue, mustard yellow or orange to make a bold statement.

Pair your dining room set with a rug that adds contrast, in the form of texture or a geometric pattern. Keep the room and table minimally decorated to avoid visual clutter—a simple vase centerpiece, black-and-white wall art or statement lighting fixture is all you need to bring the space together in mid-century modern style.

Image: Lorient Bench From The RoomPlace
Image: Lorient Bench From The RoomPlace

2. Contemporary Farmhouse

A trend that’s been rising in popularity in recent years, the contemporary farmhouse style is also called contemporary rustic, modern farmhouse, etc. Whatever you call it, the essence of this design style is a light, modern look infused with the warmth and charm of classic farmhouses. Characteristics include:

  • Plenty of wood, in the form of exposed beams, plank floors, paneled walls, barn-style doors, etc.
  • Neutral color schemes, especially white and earth tones
  • Use of natural or rustic elements like stone and brick
  • Emphasis on natural fabrics and textures, such as canvas, burlap, linen and wool

In your contemporary farmhouse dining room, the key is the table you choose. To achieve that rustic look, opt for a large wood dining table—a distressed paint finish can add character, too. For your chairs, get creative with a mix of chunky bench seating, wooden stools and canvas-covered chairs. Light the room with rustic statement fixtures.

Holton Black 2 Piece Dining Chair Set From the RoomPlace
Image: Holton Black 2 Piece Dining Chair Set From the RoomPlace

3. Industrial

Industrial design gives a room a stylishly unfinished look, with utilitarian décor, metal finishes and touches of commercial style. Perfect for a modern home or loft apartment, industrial style brings something raw and functional to a residential space. Key traits include:

  • Exposed construction features like pipes and ductwork
  • An abundance of metallic surfaces and fixtures, from polished stainless steel to cast iron
  • Juxtaposition of other “raw” materials, like wood, concrete and brick
  • Neutral color schemes

An industrial dining room should be a cool, utilitarian space. Metal chairs paired with a wooden table is a popular look, but feel free to mix it up with bench seating, barstools or mismatched chairs. When it comes to lighting, opt for pendant light fixtures with metallic finishes, or even bare bulb style fixtures for a warehouse look.

Whether you’re an admirer of the mid-century modern, contemporary farmhouse or industrial design styles, we hope this guide has given you plenty of inspiration for your upcoming project.

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Dining Table Setups for Big Families

Camilla 5 Piece Dining Room Set With Silver Chairs From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Camilla 5 Piece Dining Room Set With Silver Chairs From The RoomPlace

Whether you have a large family or simply like to entertain often, a big dining table is a necessity. When shopping for a table, you want to find something that’s roomy and functional, but also stylish. As a result, there are several factors to take into consideration when buying a dining room set. Here are a few expert tips for creating a dining room setup that accommodates your family’s needs.

Tacoma 6 Piece Dinette Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Tacoma 6 Piece Dinette Set From The RoomPlace

#1: Stretch Your Space with Bench Seating

Even the smallest dining room table can be maximized with the addition of bench seating. This is an especially practical option for narrow dining rooms, which can feel cramped with the addition of a long table and many chairs. To keep things simple yet spacious, bench seating along one wall adds function and takes up less space than most chairs, which means the table can be pushed closer to the wall when not in use—a necessity for particularly small spaces.

Bench seating adds more than just functionality to your dining room—it can also be the perfect complement to your room’s unique style. A farmhouse-inspired dining area is beautifully enhanced with the addition of a rustic wooden bench. If you like the minimalist look, a simple bench with clean lines reduces visual clutter. For a warm and comfortable look, a bench complete with sumptuous cushions or upholstery is chic and inviting.

Kelly 7 Piece Dining Room With Slat Back Chairs From The RoomPlace
Image: Kelly 7 Piece Dining Room With Slat Back Chairs From The RoomPlace

#2: Choose the Right Chairs

When planning a dining table setup that needs to accommodate several people on a regular basis, you’ll want to put extensive thought into the type of chair you choose. A large table with lots of chairs can quickly appear cramped and cluttered. While large, decorative chairs might pique your interest, simpler chairs with a sleeker profile will help keep your dining room looking spacious and stylish. Ideally, you’ll want to find chairs that take up as little space as possible when pushed in at the table.

This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Even minimalist seating can make a big impact. For a striking effect, choose a chair color that contrasts the table or walls. If you’re concerned that a minimalist chair might seem too cold or stark, add a sense of warmth by opting for upholstered chairs with a slim profile.

Irma 6 Piece Rounded Dinette Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Irma 6 Piece Rounded Dinette Set From The RoomPlace

#3: Consider a Round Table

If you have an appropriately shaped room, a round dining table can be a practical choice for big families. Round tables can offer several benefits over their cornered counterparts. While a long, rectangular table can have the effect of filling up the whole room, a round table gives the illusion of extra space. Plus, since it has no corners, a round or oval dining table can maximize the seating capacity while still allowing plenty of leg room. It’s also the perfect option for odd-numbered families, such as 7 or 9 people, since extra chairs can be added without the setup looking unbalanced.

#4: Add Versatility with a Drop Leaf

Drop leaf and extendable tables are classics for a good reason—they offer the functionality of an extra-large table with added versatility and convenience. Consider an extending table if you frequently host guests or if you have a smaller dining room. After mealtimes, simply drop the leaves to create additional space in the room.

Looking for the perfect dining table for your family? The RoomPlace is your one-stop shop for high-quality dining sets that complete your home’s décor while meeting your family’s needs.