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5 Colorful Living Room Sets We Love

Mars Red 3 Pc. Living Room From the RoomPlace
Featured Image: Mars Red 3 Pc. Living Room From the RoomPlace

Whether your home décor is warm and traditional, sleek and contemporary or something in between, a pop of color in your living room can make your space stand out. Here are 5 of our favorite colorful living room sets, along with some ideas for incorporating them into your home in a stylish way.

Casino Red 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace
Image: Casino Red 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace

1. Bold Red Living Room

Make an impact with vibrant red hues that can work with virtually any living room design style. The Mars Red living room set is striking as well as practical, channeling a trendy, mid-century modern look. Casino Red adds visual texture and a sense of luxury to your space. If you’d prefer to add just a splash of color, pair your neutral living room set with a bold red loveseat or a red area rug.

Lotus Salsa 3 Pc. Power Sectional From The RoomPlace
Image: Lotus Salsa 3 Pc. Power Sectional From The RoomPlace

2. Leather Sectional

The epitome of modern comfort, a leather sectional set helps your living room feel warm, spacious and inviting. Whether you have a big family that needs the luxury of a wraparound couch or you’d like a more compact sectional, find a style that suits the shape and size of your living area. Black leather sectionals are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re perfect for adding a touch of drama and contrast to a lighter colored living room design.

Image: Heritage Blue Loveseat From The RoomPlace
Image: Heritage Blue Loveseat From The RoomPlace

3. Blue Living Room Sets

From soft blue to deep navy, blue is a top trending color for living room sets this year. A navy loveseat is the perfect accent to a white, beige or earth-toned sofa. Whether you want to give your space a chic, nautical vibe or a clean, modern aesthetic, a striking blue color can be the answer.

Clive White Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Clive White Chair From The RoomPlace

4. Statement Accent Chairs

No matter what interior design style you’ve chosen for your home, from traditional to farmhouse-inspired to industrial or mid-century modern, there’s no better way to capture the essence of that style than with living room accent chairs that make a statement. An antique-style armchair can bring an essential element of charm to your mid-century living space. A boldly patterned chair can liven up a monochromatic room. A sleek white chair with a striking profile could be the final touch your minimalist living room needed.

Lanzo 2 Pc. Red Living Room From The RoomPlace
Image: Lanzo 2 Pc. Red Living Room From The RoomPlace

5. Two-Toned Living Room Sets

For a truly unique look that blends bright colors with traditional styles, two-toned living room sets like this Lanzo design are rising in popularity. With a designer feel and upscale styling, a two-toned set allows you to enjoy the fun of bright colors with the luxury of traditional designs.

We hope one (or more) of these colorful living room sets have inspired you to add a splash of color in your living room design and décor.

Color Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers


2016 has arrived, and it’s the season of New Year’s resolutions. The turn of the calendar is the perfect time to switch up your routine and lighten your outlook on life. Whether you’ve resolved to save money, enjoy the moment, or run the distance, this year’s improvements shouldn’t end with you. Celebrate your fresh take on the world in your home, too!

The RoomPlace is all about the little changes that make a big difference. With affordable prices and extensive collections in Indianapolis and Chicago, we love nothing more than helping you find the perfect addition to your space in need. And so, in the spirit of the new year, here are a few simple tips from the experts:

Embrace what you have.

Some of the best low-budget room makeovers don’t cost a dime! Rearranging existing furniture within a space can work wonders for refreshing perspective and improving balance.

Grab a pencil and paper and take a good long look at your space. Sketch out a quick diagram, and start shifting! Move that living room sofa. Give that dining room table a 90-degree twist. The possibilities are endless and nothing’s permanent, so feel free to rearrange until it feels just right.

Add some color to your world.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it plenty more times: color is powerful. It draws attention, reflects light, and sets the tone for the space. If you’re a lover of all things neutral or white, a vibrant living room accent wall could be magical. Or, if you’re already knee-deep in hues, change up the color temperature or create a fun pattern.

Make a smart investment.

In some cases, changing the entire perspective of a room is as simple as a single, well-placed accent piece. A contemporary occasional table or stylish chaise lounge, if situated just right, can draw attention, shift the color profile, or redirect focus to create a completely different space. Be creative—good things come in all shapes and sizes.

abigail-sealOut with old. In with the new.

If you’re really feeling restless, go big. Replace the things that feel ineffective with a little more room to breathe or pieces that do the job well. Lucky for you, the living room and dining room sets at The Room Place make redesigning an entire room as easy as pie.

If you’re ready, stick to those resolutions, find a location near you, pay our showroom a visit, and Get It All at The Room Place! Visit our stores or shop online at

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18-1438—these six digits strung together are the code for Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. It was introduced to embody “the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal” and its earthy red-brown tone emanates warmth. Pantone and The RoomPlace agree—a Marsala kitchen or dining room can create a fresh, new dimension to your space. Here are a few ways that you can integrate this distinctive shade into your decor.