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Your kid has big dreams! Help those dreams bloom with creativity in a bedroom that is comfortable, organized and decorated with love.

Kids do more than sleep in their bedroom. They battle pirates, visit other planets and rule over imaginary kingdoms. They need room to spread their wings in a safe environment, and you need to find furniture and décor that will keep up with their growing needs without depleting their college funds.

Kids Room Furniture: The Design Possibilities

The furniture and interior design experts at The RoomPlace are here to help! We’ve put together three simple ways to make your kid’s bedroom a haven of comfort and imagination that can adapt as they become toddlers, tweens and teens.

Read on for our Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas for playful, practical spaces.

Opting for a complete kid’s bedroom set is one way to simplify your décor decisions. When the dresser, chest of drawers and bed frame all match, you can go crazy with wallcoverings and accents that tailor the room to your kid’s personality.

An elegant white bedroom set is perfect for your little princess and will easily accommodate her evolving style when she enters adolescence. A dark wood bedroom furniture set is timeless, so when your little boy gives up action figures for computer games, the pieces will still work for him.

Many kids’ bedroom sets come with full or queen size beds, so they can convert to guest bedding when your kid goes off to college — which will come up before you know it!


Lofty Goals

Bunk beds and loft beds are a great option for multiple kids or the kid who’s always having sleepovers. With great options such as built-in storage and twin/full combos, loft beds make for an easy conversion from toddler to teen.

The cozy space in the bottom of a bunk bed is perfect for imaginative games or snuggling with a book. And the top bed just begs for pirate impersonations and other fun games.

These make great space savers for a shared room, too, so you’ll have more room for dual dressers or chests for all those toys. Stringing up lights or curtains adds to the possibilities of play in bunk beds, so let your kid’s imagination be your guide.



Growing Accents

As your kid grows, she’ll need a space that lets her feel more autonomous. A desk is a must for your budding scholar to stay on top of schoolwork, but other furniture pieces can help her feel comfortable in her bedroom.

An accent chair or two can really make a difference in your kid’s room. Whether it’s a faux leather chair with a matching ottoman that’s just like yours or a pair of wooden chairs at a table that’s just her size, accent chairs are mobile and cost effective for maximizing your kid’s space.

As your little one’s tastes and needs change, adding an accent chair in his favorite color can bridge the gap between childlike décor and something a little more grown-up.