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Patio Set Buying Guide – The RoomPlace

The time has come to invest in the perfect patio furniture, but you may not be sure where to begin. This patio set buying guide from The RoomPlace can steer you in the right direction. Here we walk you through the basics of selecting outdoor furniture pieces that serve your purposes, stand up to the elements and consistent use, and create a gorgeous outdoor space you’ll want to enjoy as frequently as you can.

List the Functions

Before you can determine the patio set that will suit your needs, you must know what those needs are. Make list of all the functions you want your patio area to serve. Perhaps you want a place to hold family dinners, casual get-togethers, children’s playdates—or a combination of activities. Knowing how you want to use the area directly correlates to the furniture you’ll need to get.

List the Furniture that Aligns with Functions

Determine which patio furniture pieces align with the activities you intend to engage in. If you’re amped up for family dinners and barbecues, you’ll definitely want a patio set that comes with a dining table. Children’s playdates or cozy get-togethers would do best with sets that include sectionals you can rearrange into intimate seating options.

You can also break down the patio into separate areas that serve different functions. Put a patio table and chairs in the main area for dining, along with a cozy bench and table off the side to create a welcoming reading nook.

If you want to relax, consider:

  • Adirondack chairs
  • Outdoor lounge chairs
  • Outdoor chaises
  • Hammocks
  • Couches and sectionals

If you want to dine outdoors, consider:

  • Bistro table and chairs
  • Patio dining table and chairs
  • Barstools and tall tables
  • Outdoor café sets

If you want to entertain outdoors, consider:

  • Patio sectionals
  • Outdoor couches
  • Outdoor floor pillows
  • Outdoor dining tables that double as entertainment centers

Choose Quality

While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest patio sets you can find, it’s not necessarily the wisest move. Unless, of course, you enjoy purchasing patio furniture every few years or so. Plastic outdoor furniture is typically the quickest to break down and fade. You’re better off investing in quality materials, such as durable woods, metal, porcelain and other materials that last for the long haul.

Look for Low Maintenance

You want to spend your time on the patio relaxing and enjoying yourself, not constantly scrubbing down or repairing furniture. Go for pieces that are easy to maintain. Features to look for include maintenance-free cast aluminum frames, UV protection, and removable cushions wrapped in fabrics that are a cinch to keep clean.

Add Color Strategically

Adding pops of color to your patio can perk up the space, and the best way to do it is with accessories. Colorful throw pillows work well, as do accessories such as bright umbrellas and cushions. The furniture itself will last longest and appear cleanest if it’s a darker or neutral color. Dark brown, beige and natural wood tones are ideal choices. Choosing neutral pieces also gives you the greatest amount of versatility. You can change up the look with different pillows, cushions and accessories without having to invest in a new patio set.

Pull the Space Together

Another strategic move is to pull the space together with an outdoor area rug. Not only does an outdoor rug help pull the look together, but it can also add even more color to the space. Many rugs are quick-drying, some are reversible and others may have striking, eye-catching patterns. If you’ve divided your patio into different areas, such as a dining space and a reading space, select a different area rug for each space.

Invest in Versatile Pieces

Make the most of your patio furniture investment by looking for pieces that are versatile. This can include patio sets that feature sectionals, which can be arranged and rearranged as needed or desired. It can also include pieces that serve more than one function.

Benches that double as storage trunks or low tables are a good example, as are ottomans that can be used as foot rests or extra seating. If your patio is on the smaller side, you may also want to consider pieces that can be easily folded up or stacked for easy storage when not in use.

Careful planning is key to finding the perfect patio set that suits your needs, and you now have all the steps at your disposal. Start by listing the functions of the patio space, along with the furniture that aligns with those functions. Opt for high-quality, low-maintenance pieces that are versatile enough to do double duty. Add color with pillows and accessories. Pull the space together with an outdoor area rug. All that’s left to do now is order just the right pieces from The RoomPlace. Shop patio furniture now.

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Prep Your Deck for Summer – The RoomPlace

As warm weather comes rolling in, you want your outdoor space to be ready for action. The backyard deck is always a crowd-pleasing place, whether it’s for afternoon barbecues, evening chats or morning coffee. Get your deck into tip-top shape with these tips from The RoomPlace.

Clear and Inspect

Starting with a clean slate is the best way to go, and completely clearing off your deck is the way to do it. Winter can be harsh on your deck as well as your outdoor items. Remove them all from the deck’s surface, then check the deck as well as the items. Discard or repurpose anything that’s broken or too faded for use going forward. Make sure the entire surface is clear so you can move on to the next step.

Scrub the Deck

Your first task is to sweep all dirt and debris off your deck. The next is to clean the deck’s surface. The cleaning method you use depends on the deck’s material. Certain materials and some wood decks can be cleaned with a power washer, provided you keep the pressure low enough to avoid damage.

Another option is to use a long-handled scrub brush to manually clean the surface. Opt for a specialized deck cleaner or a mix of vinegar and water. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water to create a scrubbing solution. Rinse with your hose and allow the deck to dry.

Clean Outdoor Items As you’re waiting for your deck to dry, you can clean any items that are going back on your deck. This includes outdoor rugs, planters, patio furniture and other accessories that could use a good washing. Outdoor rugs can often be power washed, while certain outdoor cushions may fit in the washing machine for laundering.

Bring it Back (to the Deck)

Once your deck surface and all the items are clean and dry, it’s time to put everything back into place. Feel free to keep the same arrangement that’s been working over the years, or try a new configuration to mix things up. As you’re putting things back into place on a squeaky-clean deck, you may notice that some items could use a sprucing up. Perhaps old patio sets could use repainting, or tired cushions could use replacing.

Refresh the Look

Repainting old patio furniture and purchasing new outdoor cushions are one way to perk up your outdoor space. Investing in new patio furniture and accessories is another. You may be amazed at the difference a modern end table or streamlined loveseat can make. Review the furniture arrangement and determine if you could use more seating, an attractive dining table or perhaps a new bench in an area that’s crying out for something new. With your cleaning, sprucing and refreshed outdoor furniture, your deck will be ready for anything. Check out the options at The RoomPlace if you still need a few pieces to pull it all together before the summer comes officially rolling in

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Host the Perfect BBQ with the Perfect Outdoor Dining Setup

With BBQ season starting, many homeowners are looking for ways to make their outdoor living areas more welcoming and functional for the upcoming summer BBQs. The food doesn’t need to be fancy when you have an incredible outdoor dining set. Standard BBQ fare is great, especially when served on a spacious, functional and beautiful outdoor table.

Looking for a patio dining setup that offers plenty of space for family and friends for all your summertime get-togethers? Let’s look at some ideas for outdoor table sets and seating that fit the bill for BBQ season.

Image: Langstone Charcoal 6 Pc. Outdoor Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Langstone Charcoal 6 Pc. Outdoor Dinette from The RoomPlace

#1: Bench Seating

Versatile, casual and spacious, bench seating is a stylish way to add seating space to your outdoor dining table. Benches can be swapped out for chairs as needed and can serve multiple functions on your patio, from dining to lounging to giving kids a place to sit.

Cimon 9 Pc. Dinette Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Cimon 9 Pc. Dinette Set from The RoomPlace

#2: Swivel Chairs

A dinette set with swivel chairs offers added convenience to your BBQ guests. Comfortable and easy to use, swiveling chairs make sitting down—and getting up for seconds!—a breeze.

Grand River 7 Pc. Complete Patio Set W/Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Grand River 7 Pc. Complete Patio Set W/Sofa from The RoomPlace

#3: Patio Set with Umbrella

A complete patio set with a cantilever umbrella is the ideal setup for your summer BBQ. The patio umbrella shades your guests from the hot sun, an outdoor sofa keeps them comfortable while they enjoy each other’s company, and multiple tables provide a convenient place to set food and drinks down.

Turtle Bay Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Turtle Bay Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

#4: Cocktail Table

Big backyard gatherings mean lots of food to go around—and for all that food, you’ll need plenty of table space to serve it up. Outdoor cocktail tables are a great complement to your dining table. An extra table is the perfect place to set out appetizers or side dishes while you grill the main course, or to store plates, utensils and refreshments your guests can help themselves to.

With these functional furniture elements, you can easily get your patio or backyard living space into tip-top shape and ready for BBQ season.

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Patio Sets that Bring Life to Outdoor Living Spaces

Lakeside 4 Piece Patio Set From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Lakeside 4 Piece Patio Set From The RoomPlace

The perfect patio set is one that brings the comfort and style of your indoor rooms to your outdoor space, making it feel like a cozy extension of your home. Perhaps your home’s interior has plenty of character, yet your patio has… not so much. Maybe you’ve recently redecorated inside and want to breathe fresh, new life into your outdoor living area. Or, like many homeowners, you’re simply looking to revitalize your patio’s outdated look.

No matter the case, investing in beautiful new patio furniture is the perfect way to bring style and warmth to the outdoors, helping you create the backyard getaway you’ve always wanted. Take a look at the contemporary patio sets below to find the one with your name on it:

Comfortable Patio Set

If comfort is the name of the game, the Lakeside 4 Pc. patio sectional is a winner. You can’t go wrong with the luxury of an outdoor sectional that’s designed just as much for comfort as it is for weather-proof durability. The calming blues and neutral tones of this set will help give your patio a relaxing, casual vibe. Perfect for snuggling up to a loved one, reading a good book in the fresh air or conversing over drinks with friends.

Image: Oakwood 7 Piece Patio Set With Swivel Chairs From The RoomPlace
Image: Oakwood 7 Piece Patio Set With Swivel Chairs From The RoomPlace

Dining Table Patio Set

The essential complement to an outdoor kitchen or grill, the Oakwood 7 Pc. patio set features a rustic-inspired (and rust-resistant) outdoor dining table that seats six. Whether it’s shaded by a patio awning or just under the sun, this set is designed to stay strong and stylish in all kinds of weather. With a woodsy style, comfy chairs and plenty of table space for a full spread, you can enjoy a poolside lunch with the kids and late-night dinner parties alike.

Cimon 5 Piece Fire Pit Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Cimon 5 Piece Fire Pit Set From The RoomPlace

Fire Pit Patio Set

If your patio gets chilly on cool nights, a fire pit will bring literal and visual warmth to your outdoor space. We like the Cimon 5 Pc. fire pit set for its bold yet contemporary look. With an inviting and functional 48” fire pit table and 4 chairs with brick-red cushions this set is everything you need for a comfortable evening around the fire. Featuring an easy-to-use gas fire bowl that ignites with the touch of a button, summer nights have never been cozier.

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Easy to Achieve Outdoor Patio Furniture Design Ideas

As the sunshine and warmth make their grand entrance, one thing is clear: it’s time to get outdoors. The RoomPlace has the best outdoor furniture for sale in Chicago & Indianapolis, and we also have some easy ideas that will create the perfect space for you.

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Get it All–Outside!

We might be contending with sub-zero temperatures and snow drifts at the moment, but in a few months we’ll be confronted with sunshine and summery weather. At The RoomPlace, we feel like that switch can’t come soon enough. That’s why we’re excited to announce the upcoming springtime launch of our outdoor furniture line. Get ready for summer barbecues and picnics with some of our favorite picks for summer from the comfort of your Chicago home.