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Sleeper Sofas and Pullout Couches for Holiday Guests and Seasonal Visitors

Planes, trains, and automobiles: This holiday season, does it feel like all three are headed to your home bearing guests? If your holidays are packed with incoming visitors, then use our tips from to get your house prepped for the extra bodies!

Abandon Old Stereotypes

No longer are pullout sofas analogous to that cramped, outdated cot you had to sleep on when visiting out of state relatives. The sofa beds of today are more than just a functional piece of furniture–thankfully they’re also an everyday asset to your home. Our modern designs effortlessly hide a comfortable bed in their sleek silhouettes and elegant upholstery.

Think Beyond the Visit

Your pull out sofa will be used as just that: a sofa. With this in mind, you should select a stylish couch that adds to your overall room design. The Zeth Sleeper is a great example of what’s possible: The soft cotton fabric feels cozy and looks chic whether you’re curling up with a good book or slipping under the covers for a good night’s sleep.

Zeth Sleeper

Keep Things Simple

After a long evening catching up with friends, setting up a guest bed can feel like a formidable task. Our designers have been gravitating towards pull out couches like the Donovan Daybed for this very reason. Simply pull out the trundle when it’s time to get some shut-eye, then push it back in in the morning. Your room will transform from a living room to a guest bedroom in mere seconds!

donovan daybed

The holidays should be spent making merry, not stressing about where your visitors will get some shut-eye. Drop by one of our 22 locations to find your multifunctional solution today. Armed with your new sleeper sofa or pull out couch from The RoomPlace, you can focus on what counts–enjoying precious time with your loved ones.

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More Than a Table: Spruce up Your Living Room with a Stylish Coffee Table

Enduringly stylish and endlessly functional, coffee tables are one of our favorite furniture choices for living rooms that need a little extra pizazz and personality.

3pk coffee tableCoffee tables are small but with the right idea they can bring big design advantages. Pieces like the Avanti are easily transportable,making it simple to adjust your room to suit your needs. Pair this clear glass top with white colored vases, bowls, and other objects that vary in height to make the design pop

Make your table work for you by using the table’s surface to serve up some snacks. Layer your coffee table with a woven tray to serve your food while adding an extra level of décor. Find a vintage throw and place it half way across the coffee table to show off both the table and a spice of culture. If you prefer the minimalist look, leave it bare and let the furniture speak for itself.

Small coffee tables are ideal if you live in a cozy space, because they can serve dual purposes: storage and style. Their compact size makes a big impression without taking up precious square footage. Small coffee tables are also an affordable investment that will serve as a focal point in your home for years to come.

Give your room a facelift and get that much-needed functionality with the help of a living room coffee table. The RoomPlace is proud to offer affordable options that will show off your individual style, whether you’re looking for a modern coffee table or an antique-inspired piece. Let our team help you find your new favorite piece of furniture today!

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6 Tips for Furnishing a New Home

Completing a Summer Move:

6 Tips from Experience for Furnishing Your New Home

You’re ready to put down roots in a brand new home. But are your furnishings ready to make the new house feel like “home sweet home”? Create your dream home with the help of the affordable furniture solutions from The RoomPlace:

  1. Don’t be afraid to say “goodbye”

While you’re packing up your belongings, think about what should come with you into your new home. Are you tired of the dining room table that you’ve had in your room for years? Don’t be afraid to give yourself a fresh start. Donate or sell what you don’t love in a consignment store and make room for furniture that will fulfill your decorative and functional dreams.

  1. Take in your surroundings

A bright red couch might look stunning in the showroom, but will it clash with your blue tinted kitchen tiles? Think about your home’s color scheme before making any new home furniture purchases. Earthly colors are trend-proof while bold colors are catchy and modern. What color speaks to you? Look through online catalogs and envision different colored furniture in your home.

  1. Give yourself time to think

Your new space doesn’t have to look picture-perfect the moment that you move in. Unpack all of the belongings that you already own before welcoming any new furniture to your home.

  1. Ask yourself questions

Before you dive into your furnishing project, take a step back and ask yourself: “What’s my style?” Are you a bold modernist at heart, or do you prefer the comforts of traditional design? Let your instinct guide you so that you can choose the perfect new furniture for your home.

  1. Look at your space

Consider windows and doorways. Tall furniture can block the view and natural light from your windows. Bigger furniture can also block doorways and make room entrances seem narrow. Pick out furniture that will go with the structure and flow of each room in your house.

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Furnishing a new home should be fun, not stressful! This is your chance to create your dream home. Savor the process, and let the RoomPlace provide you with the affordable furniture to turn your vision into a reality.