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Designing the Ultimate Boy’s Bedroom

baby beds

When it’s time for your little boy to move out of the crib and into a larger bed, it’s time to design his ultimate boy’s bedroom. The transition is exciting and fun, and one of the best tips is to keep it that way. We here at The RoomPlace put together this handy guide to help you choose boy’s bedroom furnishings and finishing touches that are as functional as they are fantastic.

Determine the Color Palette or Theme

Before you start buying every type of bedroom furnishing that excites you or your kid, it’s best to set the foundation. That starts by determining the color palette for the room. Letting your boy pick his favorite color is a fun way to narrow it down while also ensuring he’ll absolutely love his new room.

Use whatever color he picked as a starting point for paint samples for the wall color, then bring them back for his approval. Before you deck out the entire room in bright purple, however, keep a few things in mind. Changing the color of the walls and accessories is relatively easy and inexpensive if he happens to change his favorite color as frequently as he changes his socks. Changing curtains, upholstery and furniture can be much more costly and time consuming.

Choosing an overall theme is another way to set a foundation, whether the theme is rustic, deep sea, outdoor adventure or outer space. The theme can help guide you on colors, furniture style and other furnishings with which to outfit his room.

Pick Furniture that Lasts

When it comes boys’ bedroom sets, you want to opt for quality materials that last. Instead of buying a racecar bed and bright yellow dresser, invest in handsome wood furniture and a classic twin bed. Doing so ensures your young chap can continue to use the furniture all the way through his teenage years, even if the wall color, wall décor and other accessories change.

If you boy must have a racecar-shaped or themed something, choose a decorative nightstand lamp, inexpensive chair or other item that can be painlessly passed on when he outgrows it. For the big items, purchase a boy’s bedroom set or staple furniture that he won’t outgrow.

Incorporate Plenty of Storage Space

For best results, your boy’s bedroom should include a combination of open and closed storage areas. Open storage areas can include bookshelves, cubbies and other easy-to-reach areas to store items he uses all the time. This can include school books and supplies, toys and his favorite books. Closed storage areas include dresser drawers, platform beds with storage options, and cabinets. These are places you’ll want to organize his clothes and other items he doesn’t use multiple times a day.

Boys Bedrooms

Provide Bedside Necessities

Even if you don’t go for a racecar bedside lamp, you will want to set up his bed area with all the necessities he’ll need for a good night’s sleep. Bedtime rituals are typically an important part of bedtime for children, and you want all needed items close at hand. Choosing a nightstand with a storage area is a good idea, giving you space for his favorite bedtime book of the moment.

Some type of lamp is also a must, preferably one with a pull cord or switch that is easy for your little lad to reach. Keeping a little jar or box on the nightstand is another good idea. It can serve as storage for small toys or other items that somehow end up in the bed right before sleep.

Choose the Right Lighting

In addition to the bedside lamp, it’s essential to have overhead lighting and task lighting. Overhead lighting lets your child safely move around his room at night, while task lighting adds extra light to the desk or play area.

Window treatments are another necessity for proper lighting as well as privacy. If your boy’s bedtime is before sundown, you’ll want a window treatment that blocks out the light so he can more easily fall asleep. Depending on the style of the room, you can choose curtains, blinds or shutters to align with the aesthetic.

finishing touches

Add the Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can pull the entire room together, and they include things like linens, wall decorations and an area rug. Feel free to be a bit lenient if he insists on racecars or a space scene for these items, as they can be easily swapped out when he outgrows them down the road.

The most important thing to remember is to let your kid have a say in some of the choices. Even if you end up not agreeing with his exact choices, you can give him options that are parent-approved and along the same lines. This way his room is not only stylish and functional, but it doubles as a space that’s truly his own. Shop boys’ bedroom sets at The RoomPlace now.

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Maximizing Storage Space in Your Home’s Bedrooms

kids bedrooms

Packed with clothes, shoes, toys, knickknacks and personal accessories, your home’s bedrooms can quickly become the most cluttered spaces in your house. While getting rid of some of the clutter is one way to combat it, it’s certainly not the only way. Creating more storage options is another. Check out these nifty tips from The RoomPlace to maximize storage space in your home’s bedrooms.

Open Up Space with a Daybed

Instead of having a full-size bed in the guest room, or two twin beds in the kids’ room, try a daybed in either one. Daybeds look like stylish sofas, and daybeds with trundles feature a pull-out bed that can come out at night and put back into place during the day. This gives you more space for a dresser, cabinet or other bedroom storage options that might otherwise be impeded by a larger bed.

Take Advantage of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a fun solution for kids’ rooms, opening up space by stacking beds on top of each other. They can also work if you only have one child in the room. The top area of the bunk can become instant storage space for toys, games, stuffed animals or other stuff that is often found cluttering the bedroom floor. Instead of a standard ladder, you could maximize storage space even further by opting for a wooden stairway that doubles as a storage chest.

Go for a Bed with Built-in Storage

While you may be used to shoving things under the bed for storage, there’s an even better option that makes more organized use of the space. Go for a bed that already has storage options built right in. An ideal choice for the kid’s room is a storage bed with a built-in bookcase, while the master suite would look dashing with a full-sized bed or queen-sized bed featuring storage drawers.


Try Benches and Ottomans with Storage

Seating areas in bedrooms can be handy, and they’re even handier when they come with built-in storage spaces. Storage benches make a delightful addition to any bedroom, and they can be more stylish and useful than the standard toy box.

Storage ottomans can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, from the foot of the bed to the walk-in closet, bringing extra storage along the way. You can even find fun styles for kids’ rooms, such as the alligator ottoman that can keep smaller toys and accessories safe and out of sight.

Get Creative

A number of other creative storage solutions are also available for your bedrooms. A bunk bed caddy can hold items on the side of the bunk bed. Under-bed storage options include clear boxes or even wooden drawers. Shelving units that reach from the floor to the ceiling can create a slew of extra storage space – and you can even use your storage ottoman as a footstool to reach the highest heights.

With all these solutions at the ready, you can easily say goodbye to bedroom clutter — and hello to maximized storage space. Shop storage options at The RoomPlace now.

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Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Winter decorating

One of the hallmarks of the holidays are the warm and cozy feelings it brings, and you can ace that feeling by prepping your home for the season. Creating a holiday-happy home means taking several details into account, such as winter color palettes, winter textures and patterns, and, of course, winter decorations that can really make your interior sing.

Winter Color Palettes

A winter color palette typically involves cool colors as the backdrop, creatively accented with warmer colors that really make your décor pop. Ideal background colors include white, icy blues, deep plums and cool greys or other neutrals. The cooler background colors work well for walls and larger pieces of furniture, like sectionals and sofas.

While neutrals and cool hues set a wintry backdrop, they can also feel unwelcoming unless you add a dash of warmer colors. Here’s where the holiday color palette can come in to add a dash of seasonal warmth and cheer.

Holiday Color Palette

Once your neutrals are in place in the background, you have free reign to add all the holiday pop you want with a variety of room accents. These can include throw pillows, rugs, statement chairs, wall hangings and other decorative items.

Holiday colors can definitely include traditional reds and greens, although your choice of shades can add a touch of your personal style. Go for deep burgundy with rich greens for a classic holiday look, or opt for vibrant reds with neon greens for a fun and fanciful feel.

Silver and gold are two more go-to colors that can bring both the room and the holiday cheer alive. These metallic colors can add a dash of luxury to your space for the holidays and beyond. Try a rich gold-toned area rug, or silver-grey velvet throw pillow.


Winter Textures and Pattern

Velvet is a luxurious texture associated with winter, as are other fabrics with a plush and touch-me feel. Woven polyester is a warm and welcoming choice for a sensational winter sofa, especially if you opt for it in a stylish silver with brushed nickel accents. Faux fur is another fun choice to bring a cozy feel into your home, as is wool and wood.

Winter patterns include both the holiday-oriented and the seasonal stapes. Pine trees and snowflakes are a common pattern for the holidays, while plaid dominates the seasonal scene.

Winter Decorations

While winter decorations can run the gamut from light-up reindeer to an inflatable Santa Claus, decorations straight from nature can add a glorious seasonal touch. Fresh wreathes and fir trees bring the aroma of the season inside, while pine cones, decorative twig arrangements and table accents crafted out of natural wood can add another layer of wintry wonderment.

Preparing your home for the holiday season can transform your space into a welcoming haven for you, your family and any guests that may visit. And some of the key pieces you need to create that haven can be found right here at the RoomPlace. Shop for furniture, home décor and accent pieces for your entire house, right here, right now.

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Guide to Designing Your Man Cave Decor – The RoomPlace

Man Cave

A man needs a place to call his own. Hanging out in the garage with your friends might be okay for a while, but eventually you’ll want something a bit more grown up. But not too grown up.

Creating a man cave in your home helps everyone by giving you a place to embrace all things sports and manliness without cramping the style of the rest of your household.

And a man cave doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Whatever your personal aesthetic — from upscale to understated and comfortable — this is the place to let your manly freak flag fly.

Read on for expert tips from the dudes at The RoomPlace for designing your man cave in modern style.

Watch This

The television is the focal point of many a man cave. Whether you’re obsessing over every game to make your fantasy football team picks or arguing Ant Man vs. the Avengers, the entertainment center in your space is paramount.

A wall unit creates a massive statement with ample room for all your TV, surround sound system and gaming equipment. Choose rich wood tones for a homey feel or go sleek and modern for a minimal look.

man cave 2

Fire, Good

The ultimate symbol of masculine power, fire adds a dynamic element to any man cave. If your space already has a fireplace and mantel — awesome! Line up your high school trophies, sports paraphernalia or keepsake liquor bottles on the mantel and haul in the firewood.

If a fireplace isn’t already there, get the look and feel of fire with an electric fireplace that avoids all the hassle of venting and ashy messes. Many models mimic real wood and stately woodwork, but linear wall units can create intense showy effects while keeping your space warm and cozy.


Dial in Your Aesthetic

For those about to rock, we salute you! Blast you tunes in style with audio equipment that looks old-school but keeps the techno up to date. A jukebox that plays your vinyl collection adds a fun vibe to your man cave. Or set up a turntable and speakers that let your buddies play DJ all night.

Whatever music you rock out to, opting for a retro-look sound system adds an instant cool factor to the space. Link it to your television for an integrated effect or pair it with a midcentury bar and glassware for more of a “Mad Men” atmosphere.

Chill Out

No matter what kind of aesthetic you want in your man cave, you’ll need somewhere to sit. Throw out that ratty sofa and bring in a faux leather sectional for flexible seating options that accommodate your entire crew.

Create a home theater effect that works for both long gaming sessions and movie marathons by opting for rocker recliners with adjustable features. Many include USB ports, cup holders and hidden storage, making them the Swiss Army knives of man cave seating.


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Kid’s Room Furniture Decorating Ideas – The RoomPlace


Your kid has big dreams! Help those dreams bloom with creativity in a bedroom that is comfortable, organized and decorated with love.

Kids do more than sleep in their bedroom. They battle pirates, visit other planets and rule over imaginary kingdoms. They need room to spread their wings in a safe environment, and you need to find furniture and décor that will keep up with their growing needs without depleting their college funds.

Kids Room Furniture: The Design Possibilities

The furniture and interior design experts at The RoomPlace are here to help! We’ve put together three simple ways to make your kid’s bedroom a haven of comfort and imagination that can adapt as they become toddlers, tweens and teens.

Read on for our Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas for playful, practical spaces.

Opting for a complete kid’s bedroom set is one way to simplify your décor decisions. When the dresser, chest of drawers and bed frame all match, you can go crazy with wallcoverings and accents that tailor the room to your kid’s personality.

An elegant white bedroom set is perfect for your little princess and will easily accommodate her evolving style when she enters adolescence. A dark wood bedroom furniture set is timeless, so when your little boy gives up action figures for computer games, the pieces will still work for him.

Many kids’ bedroom sets come with full or queen size beds, so they can convert to guest bedding when your kid goes off to college — which will come up before you know it!


Lofty Goals

Bunk beds and loft beds are a great option for multiple kids or the kid who’s always having sleepovers. With great options such as built-in storage and twin/full combos, loft beds make for an easy conversion from toddler to teen.

The cozy space in the bottom of a bunk bed is perfect for imaginative games or snuggling with a book. And the top bed just begs for pirate impersonations and other fun games.

These make great space savers for a shared room, too, so you’ll have more room for dual dressers or chests for all those toys. Stringing up lights or curtains adds to the possibilities of play in bunk beds, so let your kid’s imagination be your guide.



Growing Accents

As your kid grows, she’ll need a space that lets her feel more autonomous. A desk is a must for your budding scholar to stay on top of schoolwork, but other furniture pieces can help her feel comfortable in her bedroom.

An accent chair or two can really make a difference in your kid’s room. Whether it’s a faux leather chair with a matching ottoman that’s just like yours or a pair of wooden chairs at a table that’s just her size, accent chairs are mobile and cost effective for maximizing your kid’s space.

As your little one’s tastes and needs change, adding an accent chair in his favorite color can bridge the gap between childlike décor and something a little more grown-up.





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Trending Designs & Décor for 2019

Featured Image: he RoomPlace
Featured Image: Oskar Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

The New Year is almost here, and we’ve got the scoop on rising trends that are here to stay. Whether you’re renovating a whole room of your house or looking for chic, trendy ways to decorate any space, read on to see some of our favorite trending looks in furniture and décor for 2019.

Image: apoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace
Image: Lakewood Sage 5 Pc. Dinette w/Napoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace

Down-to-Earth Colors

Versatile, brooding and deep, earth tones are popping up as a colorful, charming alternative to the white-and-gray color schemes that dominated 2018. Behr’s Color of the Year, for instance, is Blueprint, a deep yet approachable blue-green tone inspired by the sea. It happens to pair perfectly with Cavern Clay, the smooth terracotta color that Sherwin-Williams named its 2019 Color of the Year. Also on Pantone’s 2019 radar is Night Watch, a strong hunter green that offers a lush and moody look.

Beyond just paint colors, look for furniture and décor that exudes earthy charm with hues like butter yellow, copper, amber, hazelnut, moss green, jade, mahogany and warm gray. As more designers and homeowners get inspired by looking back to the mid-century modern movement, these rich, bold earth and jewel tones are being used to add personality, charm and an inviting atmosphere to any space.

Keep your dining room on-trend with a dining set that features sumptuous earth tones, like this dinette with sage green chairs. In the living area, a brown, beige or warm gray sofa or sectional is perfectly inviting and stylish.

Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

Bohemian Inspiration

Eclectic design has never completely fallen out of style, but we’re seeing a resurgence in this trend as more people look for ways to infuse their home with color and a bit of whimsy. Along with the rising popularity of rich, earthy colors and jewel tones comes unexpected design choices, expressive color pairings, unique textures and boho charm.

Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace

Aim for the unexpected and focus on complementary colors and natural finishes when designing a bohemian-inspired space. A velvet accent chair, mauve sofa, mid-century coffee table and a vintage-inspired area rug are chic, eclectic additions to a boho living room.

KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace

High Contrast

Contrast is a timeless and essential aspect of any design, but 2019 will see some dramatic looks on the high-contrast front. Think white tile with dark grout, black-and-white floors, contrasting wood finishes and bold color choices for walls and cabinets. Add contrast easily to an existing room with new wall décor in a striking color, or a high-contrast area rug in an eye-catching pattern. Matte black is a particularly trendy color option for furniture finishes, lamps, tiles and more.

Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace

Bar Carts

This trend may be a bit more specific than those above, but it’s one we can’t ignore. Bar carts and rolling kitchen islands are hot—for good reason. They offer convenience and portability paired with a unique elegance that instantly enhances your kitchen, dining room or living area. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, a kitchen cart is a versatile accent that will let you roll 2019 style to any room in your home.

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Guest Room Ideas: How to Impress Your Holiday Guests

Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

If you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, it’s a good time to make sure your guest bedroom is ready for the occasion. Aside from the obvious essentials like a comfortable bed and fresh bedding, let’s take a look at a handful of ideas for creating a guest room that’s sure to impress. From practical guest bedroom furniture to chic, festive guest room décor, here are our favorite ideas for going above and beyond for your holiday visitors.

Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace


Ideally, the bed shouldn’t be the only comfortable place where your guest can sit while getting ready, checking their email, reading or organizing their luggage. There are plenty of ways to add extra seating to your guest room—including a cushioned bench at the end of the bed, a pair of chairs or a plush recliner.

LG 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace
Image: LG 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace


A wall-mounted television is an addition that holiday guests will be sure to appreciate. Even if the guest TV isn’t used very often, it’s nice to have if they want to stay up later or turn on the morning news while getting ready for the day.


A small desk or table that can comfortably accommodate a laptop is a great addition to a guest room—particularly for visitors who will be staying more than a couple days and may need to work during their stay.

Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Dual Nightstands

If your guest room will be accommodating more than one person, make sure there’s a nightstand or table next to each side of the bed. Most people will want a nearby spot to place their phone or small belongings at arm’s reach. A lamp on both sides is ideal, too.


Add extra warmth (both visual and literal) to your guest room by including plenty of blankets and throws. Cozy blankets are not only festive, but they’re also a necessity on chilly nights! If you know your guest room is drafty or tends to be particularly cool at night, set your guests up with a heated sheet or blanket they can turn on if needed for ultimate comfort.

Night Lights

For guests who might need to get up in the middle of the night, make sure the path to the bathroom is softly illuminated to avoid stumbling around in the dark. For a festive touch, you could even utilize a string of Christmas lights in the hallway or bathroom to help light the way.

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How to Organize Your Dining Room for the Holiday Season

Charlotte 9 Pc. Dining Room w/Linen Chairs from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Charlotte 9 Pc. Dining Room w/Linen Chairs from The RoomPlace

Whether you usually host the important gatherings in your family or it’s your first year welcoming everyone into your home for the holidays, make sure your dining room is ready for the season. From cleaning to arranging furniture to decorating, there’s sure to be a few ways you can spruce up and organize your space before the holidays. For a dining room that will accommodate your guests efficiently while being warm and inviting, here are a few tips to get you started.


The first step to organizing your dining room in preparation for holiday dinners is to declutter and clean. It may not be much fun, but chances are you’ll need as much space as you can muster—floor space and table space alike!

Fullerton Dining Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton Dining Table from The RoomPlace

Depending on the number of guests you’ll need to accommodate, chances are you’ll need to add an extra table (or at least a leaf to your adjustable table) to accommodate guests. In that case, you might want to remove unneeded furniture and décor from your dining room. Items that take up space but won’t serve a purpose during the festivities should be moved out of the way to a different room.


Once your dining room is cleaned and decluttered, you may wish to do a little rearranging to make your space efficient and comfortable. Guests will be getting up for seconds, kids will be underfoot and you’ll need to make sure there’s space for people to walk through the dining room and around the table. Here are a few tips for setting up your dining room furniture for the holidays:

  • It can be helpful, if you have the space, to set up one table for adults and another area for children. For the kid’s table, a tablecloth that can be wiped clean and non-breakable dishes are a must.

If you have a large enough table, set out food in the center to limit trips to the kitchen.

Image: Vista Server Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Vista Server Cart from The RoomPlace
  • Make use of a buffet off to one side of the dining room—not only for setting out food and dishes, but also for storing items you might need in a pinch during meals, such as hot pads, napkins, serving utensils or extra wine glasses.
Image: Lakewood White Dining Bench from The Room Place
Lakewood White Dining Bench from The Room Place
  • To maximize floor space, bench seating can be a good alternative to bulky chairs, particularly for kids.


Finally, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your newly organized dining room. From table cloths to centerpieces to festive décor, add your personal touch to create a dining space your friends and family will feel welcome in. Here’s a handful of ideas to inspire your holiday decorating:

Linden Area Rug (5’x8’) from The Room Place
Image: Linden Area Rug (5’x8’) from The Room Place
  • A cozy area rug can warm hardwood floors and give your dining room a homey, welcoming vibe.
Image: Markos Floor Lamp from The Room Place
Image: Markos Floor Lamp from The Room Place
  • Winter days are short, so make sure your dining room has plenty of lighting options to adjust the ambiance as needed.
  • Regardless of your decorating style, you can’t go wrong with simple, elegant décor like white or cream-colored tablecloths, gold-tone centerpieces and seasonal flowers such as mums or poinsettias.
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Update Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Montrose Brown Queen Bed for your Guest Room from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Montrose Brown Queen Bed for your Guest Room from The RoomPlace

If you’re expecting overnight visitors in your home over the holidays, it’s probably time to get your guest room into shape. If your guest room hasn’t been used in a while or is simply in need of some updates, now is the perfect time to make some upgrades. Let’s take a look at five easy ways to make your guest room homier and more welcoming before the busy holiday season.

#1: Fresh Coat of Paint

Few updates are as easy as a simple, fresh coat of paint for your guest room walls. In general, neutrals such as warm gray, cream or tan are versatile and timeless. If you want something with a little more color, a soft yellow, seafoam green or soothing blue are also great options.

Therapedic Chiro-Pedic Firm Mattress from The RoomPlace
Image: Therapedic Chiro-Pedic Firm Mattress from The RoomPlace

#2: New Mattress

A new (and upgraded) mattress could be a great investment in improving your guest room. Welcome your friends or family for the holidays with a mattress that offers excellent support to make their vacation a comfortable one.

Welden Queen Bed with Storage from The RoomPlace
Image: Welden Queen Bed with Storage from The RoomPlace

#3: More Storage

If your visitors will be staying more than a night or two, chances are they’ll need a place to keep their belongings. If you think your guest room might be short on storage space, consider adding additional storage in the form of a new dresser (if you have space), under-bed drawers or simply some shelves on the walls. A bed frame with built-in drawers, such as the Welden Queen Bed, could also be the perfect two-in-one upgrade for your guest room.

Austin Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Austin Area Rug from The RoomPlace

#4: Warm Rug

Give your guests something soft and warm to step onto when they get out of bed in the morning. Especially if you have hardwood or tile floors that might get chilly when it’s cold outside, a cozy rug is the perfect inviting touch to add to your guest room. Plus, you can take this opportunity to add a pop of color and texture to your guest room décor with an area rug that features a stylish pattern.

Laelia Silver Table Lamp from the RoomPlace
Image: Laelia Silver Table Lamp from the RoomPlace

#5: Better Lighting

During the winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Make sure your guest room has plenty of lighting options so your visitors can get the most of their space. A lamp on each side of the bed, along with ceiling lights of some kind, is ideal.

With one or more of these updates, you can have your guest room looking fresh and inviting, ready to accommodate your guests for the holidays.

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Pint-Sized Furniture Your Kids Will Love

Izzy Bubble Gum Kids Grab-N-Go Chair from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Izzy Bubble Gum Kids Grab-N-Go Chair from The RoomPlace

When it comes to choosing the perfect furniture for a kid’s room, you don’t have to choose from adult-sized options. There are plenty of smaller furniture items—including chairs, beds and tables—that are designed to be a comfortable size for kids of all ages, from babies and toddlers to school-age children and tweens.

If you’re updating your kid’s bedroom or designing a new baby’s nursery, check out these ideas for pint-sized furniture your little ones are sure to love.

Grado Farmhouse Pine Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Grado Farmhouse Pine Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Convertible Beds

Opt for a convertible crib if you’re about to welcome a new arrival in your family. These versatile and innovative beds transform from a cozy baby crib to a safe toddler bed to a headboard and footboard for a twin-size bed as your child grows. They’re practical, they’ll save you money and they’ll be just the right size for your little one at each stage of childhood.

Kid Chairs

From soft grab-and-go loungers to recliners, desk chairs and mini accent chairs, there are plenty of ways to make your kid’s room, playroom or family room more comfortable for your children. Kid-sized chairs are the perfect size and height for kids of various ages, giving them a cozy spot to relax, read a book, do their homework or watch a movie.

Sundance 7 Pc. Loft Bunk Bed from The RoomPlace
Image: Sundance 7 Pc. Loft Bunk Bed from The RoomPlace

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are not only excellent space-savers, they’re also ideal for providing adequate bed space to siblings who share a room. If you have two kids of different ages who share a bedroom, a twin/full bunk bed is the perfect solution to ensure each kid has a bed that’s suited to their size. The younger sibling can take the smaller top bunk and the older child can enjoy additional space on the lower bunk. This is a practical, comfortable compromise that’s sure to make everyone happy—while preserving bedroom floor space to boot!

Image: Tandie White Kids Computer Desk from The RoomPlace
Image: Tandie White Kids Computer Desk from The RoomPlace

Little Desks

A desk is an essential addition to almost any kid’s room, whether she needs a place to make crayon art or study. With stylish desks that are sized just for kids, you can give your child their own space for crafts, playing games, doing homework and everything in between.

With these ideas for kid-sized furniture, you can make sure your little tots and big kids alike are comfortable in every room of the home. For all your baby and toddler furniture needs, don’t forget to check out our new collection of stylish yet affordable baby cribs and nursery furniture.