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The Perfect Blend of Home & Office

Home Offices serve more than just the workplace. They are an activity center for homework, vacation planning, and getting ready for the weekly grocery shopping trip.

What makes for a great home office environment? Organization is the first step to efficient home office use.  HGTV has a some great tips for home office arrangement, and The Roomplace has great furniture options for building the perfect home office space. The DIY network’s tips for workflow can help you think about how to select and arrange your furniture.

A computer with Internet access has become almost as indispensible to most households as a refrigerator, yet they tend to end up stuffed in corners or set up on the edge of a table that’s really meant for other things.

A well organized and comfortable workspace, whether it’s for your primary job, the kid’s homework, or household organization and financial planning can add to the functionality of your home in many ways.

Writing a book report for school, finishing that presentation for the big meeting the next morning, or planning the family trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s during summer vacation, the home office serves as the planning and activity center. At The Roomplace we understand that everyday life requires superior solutions. Come in and look over the stylish Home Office collections at The RoomPlace.


Dining with the Family

The dining table, whether placed in a formal Dining Room, a “Great Room” or as an extension of the kitchen, looms large as an iconic part of family life.

Whether you’re a family of two or eight, memories are made over the truly shared experience of family dining. Be it a dinette or a dining room set, facing each other at a special place to share a meal leads to closer connections and a better understanding of each other.

Thanksgiving, Birthdays, all sorts of holidays…Everything seems more personal and friendly over the family dining table.

Family dining options come in many shapes and sizes…Casual, Formal, and with seating options from “Tea for Two” on up. Roomplace provides many ways to create a special place for family dining in your home.

Don’t need a whole Dining Room? The Roomplace furniture stores can provide pieces to fill out your family dining space. Individual Tables, arm and/or side chairs, buffets and china cabinets are all available as individual pieces and we can scale your dining furniture to your specific space needs.

Entertaining your friends and family is an important function for dining spaces to fulfill, and your style will help set the tone for celebrations for years to come.

Make your family dining space as individual and exciting as you are. Check out for all the ways you can make mealtime as stylish as the rest of your life.  The Malorie Dining set below is a great option for casual family dining.

Malorie Dining Set


Fourth of July Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Save up to $1000 on your order or get free furniture during the 4th of July Sale at The RoomPlace!  You have multiple ways to save on affordable furniture at Chicago furniture stores, The RoomPlace. With everything on sale and immediate delivery, you cannot go wrong shopping at our 22 convenient locations in Chicago, Aurora, Merrillville (Indiana) and many more!

Don’t miss our Mattress Price Rollback. With the absolute lowest prices, fast delivery, 30 day comfort guarantee and free set-up and removal – The RoomPlace is the ONLY place for mattresses! We have a large selection available during our Fourth of July Sale, which ends Monday, July 4th at 10pm.  Save $176 on the Simmons Beautyrest Queen Pillowtop Plush mattress ,2 Piece set which is now only $548.

Stop by and speak to one of our furniture associates today!


Rediscover the Simple Pleasures of Eating Together

Take back dinner time with the family! A shared meal with can anchor a family even when the food is fast and  if everyone has someplace else they’d rather be.  Enjoy the simple pleasures of sharing the days events, recent accomplishments or even engage in a light-hearted argument. 

Leila II Dining Room SetAt The RoomPlace, you will find the right design, elegant or casual, to provide style and comfort for your dining discussions. Increase your style quotient with our great selection of Dining Tables. The Leila II collection offers a dining table and 6 chairs. Presented in a java finish with smooth faux leather, this set combines sturdy form and window-pane fashioning, which add up to a perfect place to entertain. The generous tabletop features an appealing inlay border, and attractive raised stitching on the chairs creates visual interest. This collection also boasts hand-carved details around the table and chair legs, amounting to even more aesthetic value.  These contemporary dining chairs are second to none!


Leather Living Room Furniture

If you’re looking for living room furniture  that will last a lifetime, look no further than the comfort of leather. Leather is much more durable than fabric when it comes to sofas and living room sets.   Nothing combines style, comfort and unbeatable durability like leather furniture. It’s virtually child- proof, resists stains and looks great years down the line. Even those cumbersome grease stains stand no chance against this tough natural material. For those who want an eco-friendly option, The RoomPlace offers an environmentally safe leather vinyl option called Eco-Leather.

A word about care. Given its extensive lifespan, leather sofas and chairs may actually outlive their inside padding, so it’s a good idea to look for furniture with zippered cushions. This way you can keep the look that you love.   Since leather is vulnerable to heat and light, make sure to keep leather furniture away from direct light and keep nearby curtains and blinds closed during the day. For added protection, special conditioners preserve and soften leather furniture – this prolongs the life expectancy.

Whether you’re going for sophisticated chic or family-friendly, investing in resilient leather furniture will give back for years to come. Visit one of our 22 Chicago area locations to preview our stylish collection of leather furniture.


Savings by The Roomful

5 Piece Bedroom SetYou can always save by the roomful at chicago furniture store, The RoomPlace. There’s no denying the extraordinary styling of our Nova II 5 piece bedroom set! Its eye-catching fronts showcase geometrical dimension, offering a cool design element, and the platform bed continues the geometric motif to the head and footboard. Bullnosed edging keeps the look well framed, and a warm chestnut finish evokes a comfortable feeling. 5 piece package includes complete Queen bed, dresser and mirror, as shown.

Bargain bedroom furniture is always availalble at The RoomPlace. This 5 Piece Queen Nova II Bedroom is available now for only $1,199.


Leather & Storage Ottomans

Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture in your living room, the ottoman is a multitasker.  Be it upholstered in leather, microfiber, fabric, or un-upholstered, they add comfort, coziness, and functionality to a family living space.  Nothing says “someone enjoys spending time here” quite like an ottoman. Visit The RoomPlace today!

The Storage Ottoman
Uniquely, a good sized storage ottoman is a great fit in a large living room or a small studio.  The bigger it is, the more stuff you can hide from view.  The Sasha storage ottoman, available at the Roomplace, for example,  is a cavernous 42″ wide, 21″ high” and 27″ deep. Books, clothes, pots and pans, cards, remote controls, lap tops, tools–it’s almost endless, the list of what might fit into one of these.  And another good thing is that even a large ottoman can work well into almost any decor.

The Extra Seating Ottoman
Extra seating in a pinch is a hallmark of the ottoman.  Ever had five people casually show up to your home, all to congregate around your coffee table?  Ottoman to the rescue.  You can easily sit an extra two or three people around your coffee table with a good sized ottoman.  The fun thing is that when that happens, everyone will enjoy the close quarters much more than they may let on.  Test it out for yourself– the next time you see a few people sitting together on an ottoman, pay closer attention and see if all of them aren’t smiling!  I bet they will be.

The Coffee Table Ottoman
An ottoman for storage or extra seating is good but the multi-tasking ottoman has more tricks to offer.    Coffee table, you ask? You bet. The wide, flat, smooth surface of a good-sized ottoman makes it a terrific surface to gather around for a casual cup of coffee, tea, snack, or TV dinner.

The Perfect Ottoman for Tired Feet
And then, there is the “I can’t think of a better place to prop up these tired feet” ottoman.

– Elevating your legs after work or play
-Relaxing, reading, watching the game on Sunday
-A piece of furniture on which I can put my fee
-Ottoman, oh ottoman, thou art such a treat


Why Choose a Microfiber Sectional Sofa

With microfiber material increasing in popularity for furniture upholstery, many of our customers want to understand just what the fuss is all about concerning this durable fabric.
Microfiber is composed of extremely thin fibers of polyester that are about 100 times finer than human hair. The thinner the fiber used in the weaving of this fabric, the denser it becomes.  Because of this high density, most microfiber covered furniture is extremely durable and has the supple feel of suede leather. It is also lightweight in loft offering breath-ability unmatched in other fabrics and is highly recommended as a fabric for those who suffer from allergies.

Mustang 10 Pc. Sectional PackageThis manmade fabric is well known for its easy maintenance. It does not need a lot of chemicals to keep clean. Cleaning is as simple as using mild dish or laundry soap and water to blot up dirt and stains. For stronger cleaning needs, the fabric can be steam cleaned, and to remove lint, a simple sticky lint roller or vacuuming will do the trick.

Many furniture makers use cloth backing for suppleness that adds to wrinkle resistance and elegant draping in the design. The best armchairs and swivel chairs for living room seating are constructed using microfiber. Their lush softness just makes you want to sink into its cozy comfort to enjoy nights at home in front of the television or visiting with friends and family.

The RoomPlace offers living and family room seating such as the microfiber sectional sofa and reclining chairs in all of our 23 showroom locations in Illinois and Indiana. Visit us to experience the comfort of microfiber furniture for yourself.


Sale on Cindy Crawford Furniture

Now through Monday, July 4, 2011 save on affordable living room furniture at The RoomPlace. Bring home the sumptuous style of the city with our Metropolis sectional by Cindy Crawford. This beautiful, 3 piece living room set is a brown modular sectional and reversible to fit any home decor and layout.

3 Piece Living Room Set - Metropolis by Cindy CrawfordA rich espresso tone and amazingly soft microfiber combine for resounding effect. Chic tufted details and striking flared arms enhance the deep, comfortable seating. Espresso-finished wood trim and matching toss pillows keep the overall look sleek. This up-to-date design comes from Cindy Crawford Home, presented online exclusively by The RoomPlace! Three-piece reverse sectional includes sofa, armless loveseat and right arm facing chaise, as shown.

If all three items were purchased individually the cost would be $2,299.97. At The RoomPlace, you always save with our premier package pricing, and with the Metropolis 3 piece sectional set, you save a total of $400. And, during our spectacular Fourth of July sale, you’ll save an extra $100.  Bring home this city chic sectional today for $1,899.99. The RoomPlace is the only place for the best sectionals and sectional living room sets in the Chicago area.