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Entertainment Centers for Small Spaces

Manhattan 3 Piece Entertainment Center From The RoomPlaceFeatured Image: Manhattan 3 Piece Entertainment Center from The RoomPlace

While some entertainment centers can be on the large side, they certainly do not have to take over your living room. If you have a smaller living room, you might not want an extravagant TV stand that takes up half the room.

How Do I Make My TV Fit in Small Spaces?

Whether you’re trying to fit a TV in a smaller bedroom or living room, you want to find the right stand or entertainment center. To do this, you’ll want to focus on entertainment centers with more minimalist designs. These can still add style and even storage options to the space without being overbearing in size. If you’re worried you don’t have enough space for another piece of furniture, wall-mounted stands are always a great option.

How Big Should my Entertainment Center Be?

The size of your entertainment center depends just as much on the size of your television as it does the size of your room. If you don’t already have your TV picked out, be sure to choose on that doesn’t take up too much space. Remember, the screen size doesn’t always equal the entire TV size, so you’ll want to find the full width. For your entertainment center, you should look for ones that are a few inches wider than your TV.

So, what are the best entertainment centers for small spaces? It all depends on your style and storage preferences and how small your space is. Leave room for seating your guests on those big Game Day gatherings and other events with these stylish entertainment center ideas for small spaces.

#1: Minimalist Wall Units

If you like the storage capacity and traditional look of a wall unit entertainment center, you can still get the best of both worlds by choosing a minimalist style. In fact, a wall unit can be great for smaller rooms since it helps utilize wall space for storage purposes. In general, try to find an entertainment center that uses more vertical space and features a simple, sleek design. Even a minimalist unit, like our Crestview 3 Pc. Entertainment Wall, can become a stylish focal point of your living room.

Sierra 64” TV Stand From The RoomPlaceImage: Sierra 64” TV Stand From The RoomPlace

#2: TV Stands

A small TV stand is a practical choice if you’ve been searching for an entertainment center for a small living room. Offering a contemporary look, TV stands often take up less space than wall units while still providing some storage for media and electronics. Look for stands that are 60” wide or smaller so you can preserve your living space as much as possible.

To make your entertainment stand a greater focal point in your living room, consider framing it on either side with shelves or wall décor for an added touch of style.

Monticristo Fireplace From The RoomPlaceImage: Monticristo Fireplace From The RoomPlace

#3: Fireplace Entertainment Stands

For a dual-purpose entertainment center, consider opting for a fireplace that doubles as a TV stand. This option can deliver warmth when you need it and provides an intimate glow perfect for entertaining or everyday relaxation. Available in a range of sizes, fireplace entertainment centers offer all the storage and functionality of a traditional TV stand with the charming elegance of simulated fire.

LG 60" 4K Super UHD Smart LED TV W/ WebOS™ 3.0 From The RoomPlaceImage: LG 60″ 4K Super UHD Smart LED TV W/ WebOS™ 3.0 From The RoomPlace

#4: Wall-Mounted HDTV

For a truly minimalist look, a simple wall-mounted flat screen television can give your living area a fresh, modern look. If you need additional space to store your electronics and media, try adding a few rows of stylish wall shelving beneath the TV. This arrangement leaves plenty of room for seating and other furniture so you can enjoy your living room to its fullest potential.

Whether you choose a minimalist stand for your TV, a fireplace entertainment center that exudes warmth, or something in between, each of these ideas is perfect for adding both style and function to a small living room.

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Spring Cleaning (and Organizing) Checklist

As the weather gets warmer and the animals and plants come out of hibernation, this is the perfect time to get ready to do some spring cleaning. Not only is this the best time to get rid of the dust and other debris from winter, but it is also a good time to open up your house and let some fresh air in. However, the spring cleaning process can also be daunting. If you find yourself wondering “how do I start spring cleaning my house,” check out the tips listed below.

Clean Room by Room

The best way to get your home clean for spring is to take it one step at a time. If you clean room by room, you won’t feel so overwhelmed, and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the room is done.

The best way to approach the cleaning process in each room is to ignore things that have been recently cleaned and focus on items that haven’t been touched all winter. For example, if you

normally dust every room in your home and run the vacuum or mop the floors, then you don’t need to do these steps right now.

Instead, you should focus on wiping down walls and baseboards or cleaning your furniture. You can also take down any window treatments you might have and throw those into the wash or take them to the dry cleaner (whatever cleaning method is appropriate to get them clean).

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the reasons your house probably feels so dirty is because you have a lot of clutter. Spring cleaning is the best time to get rid of items that you no longer want or need. If the items are broken, you should throw them away. If they are still in good condition, you might consider donating them or getting things together to have a garage sale.

Give Everyone a Job

You are not the only person responsible for spring cleaning the house, and if you are wondering how do you spring clean fast, the answer is that you get help. Every member of the family can help in some way. Even young kids have the ability to pick things up from the floor.

To get the job done quickly and efficiently, make sure to assign jobs that everyone can handle and do well. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the task, and that can slow the process down.

Take Breaks

While you may be focused on getting your spring cleaning done as soon as possible, you don’t want to burn yourself out. Make sure to take breaks every once in a while to grab something to eat and stretch.

You might consider setting a timer for 20 minutes and then taking a 3-minute break, or you can set the timer for 1 hour and then take a 15-minute break. You can even turn on the radio and work as long as the music is playing. Once the commercials come on, you can take a break.

No matter which option you choose, taking breaks is a great way to ensure you stay motivated. Spring cleaning is a big chore, but you shouldn’t work yourself to exhaustion to get everything accomplished.

Time for a Change

Spring is the time for change. If during your spring cleaning you notice that your furniture seems a bit dingy and won’t come clean, then it’s time to find some new pieces. Visit The RoomPlace and check out their huge selection of furniture. This is the perfect time to add something fresh and new to your home.

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How to Disinfect Furniture and Prevent Germs

No matter how much time you spend cleaning or how meticulous you are, the probability of germs living in your furniture is high. You and your family get sick, and when that happens, the germs will be transferred into your furniture. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the chances of others getting sick, then finding a way to disinfect your furniture is in your best interest.

Disinfecting Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to disinfecting upholstered furniture, the following steps will help you achieve your endeavor.

Step 1: Vacuum

Taking a vacuum to your upholstered furniture will remove any loose dirt or debris that might be harboring bacteria or viruses. It will also get rid of any pet hair or food crumbs that might be hanging out on the surface. Make sure to remove the cushions and vacuum every nook and cranny you can find.

Step 2: Spray a Disinfectant

After you have removed all the loose debris from your upholstered furniture, you’ll then want to spray a disinfectant. You have several options when it comes to this step, including getting a disinfectant from the store or making your own.

When it comes to making your own, you might consider mixing rubbing alcohol with water in a 2-to-1 ratio. You’ll add this to a spray bottle and then hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches from the furniture and cover it with a light mist.

You can add some lemon juice or peels to your homemade disinfectant to reduce the medical or hospital smell. Before spraying this onto your furniture, test a small area to ensure that it doesn’t impact the color or damage the upholstery in any way.

It’s also possible to use this disinfectant on leather or suede couches to get rid of any germs. Again, make sure to test a small, unseen area to ensure that it doesn’t strip out the color or cause any other damage.

Step 3: Steam Clean

Steam is one of the best ways to get rid of a variety of different germs, and if you don’t want to use store-bought cleaners or make your own, this is another option. Steam can’t be used on fabrics such as velvet or others that can shrink, so make sure you know what type of upholstery you have before using steam to disinfect your furniture.

Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

If you have end tables, coffee tables, wooden arms, or other hard furniture surfaces, you’ll want to disinfect these as well to reduce the chances of people getting sick. To achieve this goal, you can make a homemade disinfectant by mixing 1 teaspoon of bleach with 1 quart of water. After mixing this in a spray bottle, you’ll apply it to the hard surfaces. The disinfectant will need to sit for at least 1 minute to ensue that harmful germs are destroyed.

You also have the option of using disinfectant products that you buy at the store. No matter which one you choose, make sure to test a small area on wooden and other surfaces to ensure that the disinfectant won’t strip off the stain or cause discoloration.

Keep Your Family Healthy

Your home is exposed to a wide range of bacteria and viruses, and if you’re looking for a way to keep your family healthy, you need to disinfect your furniture. Undertaking these steps on a regular basis is beneficial, but once your furniture gets to a certain age, it’s best to get it replaced.

When that time comes, check out what The RoomPlace has to offer. With so many different options to choose from, you’re sure to find the piece that will make your house look amazing and keep your family comfortable and healthy.

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Ultimate Home Office Furniture Setup Guide


There are perks to working at home, and if you have the right office setup, you can be productive and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you’re setting up a home office on a budget or trying to make the best of current situations, below are the tips on how to set up a home office so that it’s functional.

  1. Choose the Right Room

When you work from home, you have to deal with a lot of different distractions than you would deal with in an office. It’s incredibly easy to be pulled away from your work to watch TV or play with your pets or see what the kids are up to.

Thus, when it comes to choosing the right room for your office, you’ll want to make sure that it has a door that can be closed. This gives you the opportunity to shut out distractions so that you can focus on your work and get things done.

In addition to having a door, you’ll also want to choose a room that has some natural lighting. Not only can the sun illuminate the work you are doing, but it can also enhance your mood and help you feel energized and alert.

Of course, since it won’t be sunny all the time, you’ll want to make sure you have the right lamps for your office. These will help on cloudy days, the shorter winter days, or if you find yourself working late into the evening. Having a desk lamp and some overhead lighting will ensure that your office is illuminated so that you can get stuff done.

  1. Find the Best Desk

When it comes to the best home office setup for productivity, one of the most important pieces you need is a desk. Depending on the room you choose for your home office, you may have the opportunity to have a full-sized desk with many drawers for storage and plenty of space on top for your computer and other items, or you may need to find a space-saving desk.

No matter which option you have to look into, make sure that you can access all of your things quickly and comfortably. Since you will more than likely be using your computer on a daily basis, you’ll want to find a desk that is large enough for the monitor and keyboard, and it should be set up so that the screen is at eye level and your hands and wrists are in the right position while you type.

  1. Your Office Chair Will Make All the Difference

Since you will be spending a lot of your day sitting, it’s imperative that you find an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomic. There are no standards when it comes to chair height and adjustments, so you’ll have to find one that will work for you. Make sure when your feet are flat on the floor that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle.

Other than being able to adjust your office chair to the ideal height, you get to choose what makes it comfortable. If you need a chair with lumbar support, then look for one or add a pillow. If you like to have arms or the ability to tilt back while working, you’ll want to look for a chair that has all of these features. The perfect chair will be based on personal preference, so take the time to find the right one for your home office.

  1. Organization and Storage

In many ways, your home office will be very much like a commercial office, and you will have important documents that will need to be stored somewhere. The most logical place to keep these would be in the drawers of your desk, but if you have to get a space-saving desk, this may not be an option.

You can always add file cabinets to your office space to add addition storage and keep your things organized, but if your office isn’t overly huge, then you’ll need to find another solution. If the room you have turned into a home office has a closest, then you might consider utilizing this space to store and organize your work.

There are many options when it comes to closest organizers, and finding the one that works for you will depend on how much stuff needs to be stored. If you only have a few papers that you keep for a short amount of time, you might consider getting hanging organizers or file cabinets for inside the closet.

If you have a lot of stuff, then getting a closet organizer with many shelves and drawers can create a place for all of your important documentation. If you have items that you need to access quickly and often, you might consider getting baskets or file organizers that will set on top of your desk.

It’s also a good idea to store other items in your home office as well, including pens/pencils, scissors, staplers, stamps, etc. While you probably have these items in your home, you don’t want to have to leave your office every few minutes to grab what you need. Having them within reach in your office will ensure you have the best home office setup for productivity.

  1. Don’t Forget About Your Comfort

Your desk will be in your office to ensure that you can access the technology and items you need to be productive. But there will probably be times throughout the day when you need to think or read, and having a comfortable place to sit is your best option. You can always head out of your office and go to your couch, but this could impact how much work you get done. Plus, when you have extra seating in your home office, this can double as a place for clients to sit if necessary.

Choosing the Right Furniture

When it comes to finding the right furniture for your home office, you don’t have to spend a lot of time visiting a variety of different stores. At The RoomPlace, we have a large selection of furniture that helps you when setting up a home office on a budget or making sure you are productive in your space. Check out what we have to offer and order the furniture that will fit perfectly into your home office space.


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Choosing Wall Decorations to Fit Your Design Aesthetic

Wall Decor ideas

Wall decorations are a must to put the final touches on your interior, but it’s imperative that they fit your existing design aesthetic. If you’re not sure where to begin, The RoomPlace is here to fill you in. We put together a rundown on some of the most common interior styles, along with wall decoration ideas that align with each.


While some folks mistake minimalism as stark and cold, it can actually be quite warm and inviting. The minimalist aesthetic is all about clean, hassle-free elegance. The furniture and wall decorations may be spare, but they are chosen with extreme care. Wall decorations that align with minimalism include streamlined wall sculptures, empty frames and other bare essentials that make a statement.

Contemporary and Modern

Contemporary and modern design styles may seem similar, but they are two distinctly different aesthetics. Contemporary design incorporates what’s hot at the moment, while the modern aesthetic can incorporate any design styles from the late 1950s to the present.

Decorative wall art that aligns with contemporary style can include whatever is currently in vogue, whether it’s a specific artist’s reproduction or a certain trend. Modern wall decorations will mesh with whatever era is making a statement throughout your space. This can include retro clocks colorful wall plates reminiscent of the 1960s.


Traditional interior design is the foundation of all other aesthetics, and it boasts a classic feel that never goes out of style. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t add a personal or even whimsical touch with your wall décor. Keep the vibe traditional with classic wall clocks or mirrors. Mix it up a bit with colorful paintings or other artwork that exude an edgy feel.

Shabby Chic and Vintage

Although shabby chic and vintage are two different styles, certain wall decorations can work with both. Shabby chic features a laidback take on vintage and antique furnishings. Vintage can take a more formal tone with the same. The two meet with wall décor that can include metal fleur de lis and other metal scrollwork, along with baroque and antique-inspired frames, paintings and mirrors.

wall decore and accessories


Bohemian pulls together a variety of wall decorations and furnishings from across the world, giving an alluring, captivating and exotic feel. It can also capitalize on the unexpected. With the Bohemian style, wall decorations can range from brilliant wall sculptures to charming tapestries and folk art.


Inspired by the great outdoors, the rustic look can incorporate a wide range of wall décor. Anything with rugged wood, depictions of pastoral or prairie scenes, and gorgeously weathered metal can work as wall decorations for the dining room, bedroom, hallway and any other area that begs for a touch of rustic charm.

While these examples don’t cover every single design aesthetic in the world, it does give you a great starting point and plenty of inspiration to outfit your walls with style. For even more inspiration, check out the full selection of artwork, sculptures and other wall décor at The RoomPlace now.


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Adjustable Bed Frames & How to Choose the Right One for You

Essential Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Essential Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace

Adjustable bed bases are a great way to bring custom comfort to your night and ensure a good night’s sleep, every night.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

If you’ve never heard of an adjustable bed, you’re in for a treat. They offer convenience, comfort and—with The RoomPlace—surprising affordability so you can transform your sleep without a huge cost. An adjustable bed frame is a great option for a variety of people and reasons—here are just a few ways they come in handy:

  • Sitting Up in Bed: If you like to read, catch up on emails or watch TV in bed, an adjustable bed allows you to change the position of your mattress to make ultimate comfort possible at the touch of a button. No more stuffing pillows behind your back so you can sit up in bed—with a quick change of settings, your bed can do all the work instead, and curve the mattress to your body for top-notch comfort.
  • Snoring Reduction: If you tend to snore at night, sleeping at an incline can help. When you sleep flat on your back, gravity causes your tongue and tonsils to rest toward your airway, causing noisy breathing. Using an adjustable bed at a slight incline while you sleep is a great alternative to disturbing your partner’s sleep.
  • Custom Comfort: Finally, if you often wake up with a sore back, hips or neck in the morning, a power-adjustable base can help you find a more comfortable sleeping position to suit your needs. For people with back or joint pain, sitting reclined with knees bent is often more comfortable than lying on a flat mattress. You may find that an adjustable bed can relieve pressure on areas that normally cause you discomfort.

Choosing the Right Adjustable Base for Your Bed

Now that you know how an adjustable base can help you relax and sleep comfortably, it’s time to find the right type for you. Let’s take a look at three of our popular adjustable bases so you can make the best choice for your needs:

  • Essential Queen Adjustable Base: This no-frills bed base offers the essential features you need to enjoy the next level of comfort in bed. With a base that inclines to meet your needs, this option also includes a one-touch flat position and wireless remote for convenience, ease of use and a great value all around. It’s a great base for most people, at an excellent price, but it does not offer adjustable leg positioning if that’s something you’re looking for.
Simmons Beautyrest SmartMotion Base Powered by Sleeptracker from The RoomPlace
Image: Simmons Beautyrest SmartMotion Base Powered by Sleeptracker from The RoomPlace
  • Simmons Beautyrest® SmartMotion™ Base: Powered by Sleeptracker™, an advanced sleep optimization system that offers highly accurate tracking of your sleep patterns throughout the night, this base features exclusive technology that goes above and beyond to bring you ultimate comfort. Sensors integrated in the base capture information about your awake time, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep to provide a full-depth look at your sleep patterns and suggestions for improving them. Designed to improve your sleep quality and ensure you feel refreshed, this bed can be adjusted to a customized sleeping position from head to toe.
Premium Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
Image: Premium Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
  • Premium Queen Adjustable Base: Low-profile, versatile and luxurious, this adjustable base is compatible with any platform, slat or storage bed, or can be used as a standalone power foundation. The best thing about this base is its Soft Form technology, which creates a gradual bend in the base instead of a hard angle, to allow your mattress (and spine!) to curve naturally. Three motors let you fully adjust the foot, back and neck position for top-of-the-line comfort. This option is the ultimate indulgence, too, with features like an LCD screen remote, variable intensity dual massage, LED under-bed lighting and two programmable custom positions. So, if you want to go big, go with this one.

Once you’ve found your favorite adjustable bed base, you’ll be one step closer to a great night’s rest!

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Trending Designs & Décor for 2019

Featured Image: he RoomPlace
Featured Image: Oskar Cocktail Table from The RoomPlace

The New Year is almost here, and we’ve got the scoop on rising trends that are here to stay. Whether you’re renovating a whole room of your house or looking for chic, trendy ways to decorate any space, read on to see some of our favorite trending looks in furniture and décor for 2019.

Image: apoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace
Image: Lakewood Sage 5 Pc. Dinette w/Napoleon Back Chairs from The RoomPlace

Down-to-Earth Colors

Versatile, brooding and deep, earth tones are popping up as a colorful, charming alternative to the white-and-gray color schemes that dominated 2018. Behr’s Color of the Year, for instance, is Blueprint, a deep yet approachable blue-green tone inspired by the sea. It happens to pair perfectly with Cavern Clay, the smooth terracotta color that Sherwin-Williams named its 2019 Color of the Year. Also on Pantone’s 2019 radar is Night Watch, a strong hunter green that offers a lush and moody look.

Beyond just paint colors, look for furniture and décor that exudes earthy charm with hues like butter yellow, copper, amber, hazelnut, moss green, jade, mahogany and warm gray. As more designers and homeowners get inspired by looking back to the mid-century modern movement, these rich, bold earth and jewel tones are being used to add personality, charm and an inviting atmosphere to any space.

Keep your dining room on-trend with a dining set that features sumptuous earth tones, like this dinette with sage green chairs. In the living area, a brown, beige or warm gray sofa or sectional is perfectly inviting and stylish.

Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Sammi Gray Velvet Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

Bohemian Inspiration

Eclectic design has never completely fallen out of style, but we’re seeing a resurgence in this trend as more people look for ways to infuse their home with color and a bit of whimsy. Along with the rising popularity of rich, earthy colors and jewel tones comes unexpected design choices, expressive color pairings, unique textures and boho charm.

Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Purple Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace

Aim for the unexpected and focus on complementary colors and natural finishes when designing a bohemian-inspired space. A velvet accent chair, mauve sofa, mid-century coffee table and a vintage-inspired area rug are chic, eclectic additions to a boho living room.

KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: KAS Casablanca Teal Area Rug From The RoomPlace

High Contrast

Contrast is a timeless and essential aspect of any design, but 2019 will see some dramatic looks on the high-contrast front. Think white tile with dark grout, black-and-white floors, contrasting wood finishes and bold color choices for walls and cabinets. Add contrast easily to an existing room with new wall décor in a striking color, or a high-contrast area rug in an eye-catching pattern. Matte black is a particularly trendy color option for furniture finishes, lamps, tiles and more.

Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace
Image: Micah Black Large Kitchen Cart from The RoomPlace

Bar Carts

This trend may be a bit more specific than those above, but it’s one we can’t ignore. Bar carts and rolling kitchen islands are hot—for good reason. They offer convenience and portability paired with a unique elegance that instantly enhances your kitchen, dining room or living area. Perfect for entertaining or everyday use, a kitchen cart is a versatile accent that will let you roll 2019 style to any room in your home.

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How to Clean Leather Furniture

Dakota Canyon Sofa from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Dakota Canyon Sofa from The RoomPlace

Leather is a classic upholstery material found in many homes—for good reason. It’s versatile, it can last a lifetime and it adds timeless style to any space. Despite some misconceptions, leather is actually pretty easy to care for—cleaning leather furniture is not complicated or difficult. Just remember to wipe up spills as soon as they happen, and avoid using standard cleaning supplies like detergents and upholstery cleaner, which can cause fading or discoloring.

If you’re looking for tips on how to clean and maintain your new (or old) leather furniture—like your classic leather sofa or recliner—read on.

Always refer to the furniture manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to caring for and cleaning your leather furniture, as there may be special requirements for your specific type of leather. In lieu of instructions, the safest bet is to be as gentle as possible, and avoid harsh cleaners. Even using too much water can leave stains on leather, so take extra care when cleaning to avoid worsening the problem.

Vacuum & Wipe Clean

Start by gently vacuuming the leather or wiping it with a dry microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust. Doing this regularly will prevent buildup and should be sufficient to keep the leather looking clean from day to day. If it’s been a while since you cleaned your leather furniture, use a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt.

Clean with Mild Soap

In the case of spills or stains, start by gently blotting the area to absorb as much of it as possible. Avoid wiping, which can spread the stain further.

To clean the area, use a small amount of water and very mild soap. Test the soap first by applying it to an inconspicuous area and letting it dry. Clean by moistening a soft cloth slightly, wiping it across the bar of soap (or using a drop of liquid soap) and gently buffing the leather clean. Use a gentle circular motion-don’t scrub too hard. Don’t soak the leather with too much water, and don’t rinse the soap when you’re done—just wipe with a dry cloth.

Florence Charcoal Power Recliner from The RoomPlace
Image: Florence Charcoal Power Recliner from The RoomPlace

Removing Tough Stains from Leather

Remember to clean up spills as quickly as possible to prevent stains from developing in the first place. Leather is generally a forgiving and durable material that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. However, despite its durability and shiny surface, leather is not stain-proof.

Start by spot-cleaning stains as described above. If that doesn’t help, try a commercial leather cleaning solution—but again, make sure to test it first to make sure it doesn’t discolor your leather.

Grease stains are sometimes best removed with a dry cloth—just gently dab and blot the area. If the grease stain persists, sprinkle cornstarch or baking soda on the area, let it sit for a few hours, then brush it away gently. This should absorb the grease effectively. If not, many grease or oil stains will dissipate eventually into the leather, so sometimes the best solution is patience!

Set-in stains or ink stains may require help from a professional. When in doubt, defer to a professional cleaning service. They will know exactly how to clean your leather furniture so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Condition Leather Regularly

Finally, keep your furniture looking clean, shiny and healthy by using a good-quality leather conditioner or cream every 6-12 months. This process helps restore natural moisture to the leather, repair scratches and bring back that new-leather shine.

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Guest Room Ideas: How to Impress Your Holiday Guests

Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

If you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, it’s a good time to make sure your guest bedroom is ready for the occasion. Aside from the obvious essentials like a comfortable bed and fresh bedding, let’s take a look at a handful of ideas for creating a guest room that’s sure to impress. From practical guest bedroom furniture to chic, festive guest room décor, here are our favorite ideas for going above and beyond for your holiday visitors.

Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace


Ideally, the bed shouldn’t be the only comfortable place where your guest can sit while getting ready, checking their email, reading or organizing their luggage. There are plenty of ways to add extra seating to your guest room—including a cushioned bench at the end of the bed, a pair of chairs or a plush recliner.

LG 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace
Image: LG 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace


A wall-mounted television is an addition that holiday guests will be sure to appreciate. Even if the guest TV isn’t used very often, it’s nice to have if they want to stay up later or turn on the morning news while getting ready for the day.


A small desk or table that can comfortably accommodate a laptop is a great addition to a guest room—particularly for visitors who will be staying more than a couple days and may need to work during their stay.

Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Dual Nightstands

If your guest room will be accommodating more than one person, make sure there’s a nightstand or table next to each side of the bed. Most people will want a nearby spot to place their phone or small belongings at arm’s reach. A lamp on both sides is ideal, too.


Add extra warmth (both visual and literal) to your guest room by including plenty of blankets and throws. Cozy blankets are not only festive, but they’re also a necessity on chilly nights! If you know your guest room is drafty or tends to be particularly cool at night, set your guests up with a heated sheet or blanket they can turn on if needed for ultimate comfort.

Night Lights

For guests who might need to get up in the middle of the night, make sure the path to the bathroom is softly illuminated to avoid stumbling around in the dark. For a festive touch, you could even utilize a string of Christmas lights in the hallway or bathroom to help light the way.

Bedrooms Design Tips DIY Miscellaneous

Tips for Designing and Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace

Designing a nursery for your upcoming arrival is an exciting part of becoming a parent, but it can also be difficult to decide what you need. Shopping for nursery furniture and décor will depend on your lifestyle, budget and other factors, but most nurseries need a crib, mattress, dresser and changing area—along with some décor to add style. From essential furniture to adorable decorations, let’s take a look at some ideas and tips for setting up a nursery both you and your little one will love.

Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Convertible Crib

To ensure your baby’s bed will last for years and grow along with him or her, a convertible crib is an excellent investment. With the ability to transform from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin headboard/footboard all in one, convertible beds are money-saving and practical.

Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace
Image: Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace

If you already have a standard crib for your little one, he or she will still need to move to a larger bed at some point, often between the ages of 2 and 3. Then, you can upgrade to a toddler bed (which uses your existing crib mattress) or go straight to a twin or full bed your child can grow into and use for years. In any case, a side rail can help make the transition into a “big kid bed” a safe and easy one, especially if your child tends to sleep near the edge of the crib or against the crib rails.

Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace
Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace

Infant Mattress

Extra-firm mattresses are ideal for infants, as they help reduce the risk of SIDS by providing a firm sleep surface. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a new mattress when your little one is ready to transition out of their crib, though. A reversible baby/toddler mattress features an extra-firm side for safe infant sleep, along with a medium-firm side that offers comfort for growing toddlers. Opting for a single mattress that will last through the toddler stage is a great way to save money when you’re setting up your baby’s nursery—and all you’ll have to do is flip the mattress when it’s time to make the switch!

BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace
Image: BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace

No matter what mattress you choose for your baby, make sure to keep it protected with a waterproof crib mattress protector. From diaper leaks to spit-up to potty training accidents, there are plenty of ways that infants and toddlers can make a mess overnight. A fitted mattress protector wicks moisture and heat away from your baby while they sleep, ensuring they stay comfortable and dry. It also ensures your mattress won’t absorb stains or odors so your child can enjoy a fresh mattress for years to come.

Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Dresser Kits & Changing Pads

A changing station is an essential component of any baby’s room, but that doesn’t mean you need to take up extra space with a cumbersome changing table. Most wide dressers can be safely converted into changing areas with a stylish dressing kit that creates a secure, dedicated space for your changing pad and diapering supplies.


Finding the perfect décor for your baby’s room is about striking a balance between what’s adorable and what your little one is likely to enjoy in the future. Unless you’re prepared to fully redecorate in a couple years when your child has different tastes and interests, it’s a good idea to choose at least a few pieces of versatile, stylish décor that your little one can grow with.

Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace
  • Rug: An area rug is a great place to start. Choose a pattern or color that is timeless but coordinates with your nursery theme, and a material that is comfy and warm on little feet.
Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
  • Lighting: You can also choose lighting that your kid is unlikely to outgrow. Statement ceiling lamps or versatile yet colorful table lamps can coordinate with both nursery décor and older kids room décor. Until your little one is older, it’s probably better to avoid floor lamps that can tip over.
Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
Image: Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
  • Wall Décor: Add timeless style to your nursery walls with wall décor that you can use for years to come. Floral wall art, mirrors, geometric décor and whimsical pieces are great additions to a baby’s room—and since they’re on the wall, they’ll be safe from little hands!