The RoomPlace Donates Mattresses to the Joliet Fire Department

Our communities benefit immensely from the service of brave individuals like those who serve in the City of Joliet Fire Department, and at The RoomPlace, we’re happy to support them however we can. In the beginning of this month, we donated mattresses to the department, and it’s our hope that this small offering can help improve the lives of these brave civil servants and demonstrate our gratitude for their hard work.

Open for business and standing by to help 24/7, the City of Joliet Fire Department provides an incredible 19,000 responses a year—that’s about 52 runs a day. Of the 209 firefighters on the team, all but five are trained and state-certified paramedics. But this department’s duties extend beyond responding to emergencies—public education is another way that the firefighters of Joliet serve their home. Block parties, fire station tours, CPR classes, and an annual Fire Prevention Week engage community members young and old.

The City of Joliet Fire Department has been around for a long time. Prior to 1853, when an ordinance was passed to organize the department, its members were known as the “Bucket Brigade”. From the department’s first steam engine purchase in 1869 to the opening of its brand new station in 2012, the brave members of this team have loyally served the city of Joliet.


At The RoomPlace, our commitment to serving the many communities our Chicagoland furniture stores call home means supporting local organizations like these, however we can. Take a look below for photos of our day spent with the firefighters!


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The Dangers of Buying Used Furniture

Many people think that buying furniture second hand is the best way to save money on furniture. Sure, it takes a little more effort to search for a good deal, but used goods are always cheaper.  But, cheaper isn’t always better. As Chicagoland furniture dealers, we know there are several issues that can come up when people try to purchase furniture second hand that may end up costing you more in the long run:

1. Bed bugs. Of particular concern in the city, once you have bed bugs in your home, it is costly and time-consuming—not to mention hugely inconvenient—to get rid of them. Bed bugs can live in virtually any type of furniture, and the person you buy an item from may not even know they have bed bugs.

2. Quality. You don’t always know how the piece has been used, how much wear it’s experienced, and if there may be wear and tear you can’t see from the outside. The bottom line is, if you’re not buying furniture new, you just don’t know what kind of condition it’s truly in.

3. Pet dander and other irritants. No matter how well a seller may clean a piece before selling it, if they live with pets or smoke, chances are you could be purchasing a piece of furniture that’s rife with substances that could cause allergies or asthma to flare up.

Buying new furniture is the only way you know that the piece is whole, structurally sound, and clean. At The RoomPlace, you’ll never have to worry about a mattress’s history or an armchair’s sturdiness—but you will get peace of mind with every purchase.


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How To Tell What Mattress Type is Best For You

If you’ve ever been in one of our stores, then you know that there are many different types of mattresses out there. And if you’re like many consumers, you may not know how to tell one from the next—but each kind has its own merits, and there are many factors to consider when choosing a new mattress. Here’s a short and sweet guide to your options.

1.      Padding. Mattresses come with one of three types of padding on top: plush, pillowtop, or firm. Firm mattresses have very little padding on the top, while plush padding is exactly what you’d expect: thick and soft. A pillowtop mattress is even softer—if you feel like you’re sinking into a mattress, then it’s probably a pillowtop. One thing you’ll also want to think about is if you already have linens you’ll want to use on your new bed, sometimes the extra padding on a plush or pillowtop mattress can affect how the sheets will fit over it.

2.      Do you have any sleeping problems or health issues to take into account? The right mattress can make a world of difference if you have spinal or other chiropractic issues. Softer mattresses are more yielding and can allow for more natural sleep positions than firmer ones, but sometimes the extra support of a firm mattress can also help prevent pain and other problems.

3.      Memory gel or memory foam—or neither? If you want your mattress to conform to the shape that is uniquely you, then the support of a memory gel or foam mattress is what you need. The structure of memory foam can dissipate heat, which is perfect if you’re picky about temperature. Memory foam can be very supportive and may retain some heat.

What kind of mattress is perfect for you? It’s really hard to tell without trying them out for yourself, so any Chicago mattress shoppers should make their way to The RoomPlace today to see their options.


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Learn More About Adjustable Bed Bases at The RoomPlace

Your mattress doesn’t have to just lay there. In fact, at The RoomPlace, we believe it should do more—because some people need a little more support from their beds, whether it’s to soothe a bad back or help with circulation problems. Luckily for them, here at our Chicagoland furniture stores, we’ve got a few excellent choices for those on the lookout for an adjustable base bed.

When you sleep on a flat mattress, depending on how hard it is, your muscles may be tensed and engaged in areas of your body that are curved enough not to come into contact with the mattress when you’re laying flat, like your back or hips. This means you’re not fully relaxed, as many of us like to be in order to sleep peacefully. There are many benefits to sleeping on an adjustable bed, especially for those with these common health issues: acid reflux, sleep apnea, lower back pain, and poor circulation.

The way an adjustable base bed works is by making use of multiple hinges and motors that help move the necessary parts at the push of a button (some even come with a remote, like our standard adjustable base.) If you go the route of the Supreme Twin XL adjustable bed base you get a durable, solid model that can handle up to 500 pounds and even has a massage program built in.

If your bed currently leaves anything to be desired, then maybe it’s time to check out your adjustable options. Paired with the perfect mattress, Chicago area furniture shoppers will love the flexibility and comfort these beds have to offer. And if you’re still not sure, remember that you can always come in to one of our locations to see one in person and learn more from our experienced furniture sales team. 

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Want The Best Sleep? The RoomPlace Can Help!

Where’s the best place to buy a mattress you ask?? Why The RoomPlace of course!

We carry the industries best brands with the best prices everyday!

Stop by one of our 21 Showrooms or visit us online 24/7

  • Comfort Guarantee – If you’re not sleeping great, we’ll exchange your mattress hassle-free for up to 365 days. **


  • Lowest Price or It’s Free – We’ll match any price, any day, or your mattress is free. **


  • Best Selection – No one carries more comfort choices, in-stock and ready for immediate delivery.


  • Free Next-Day Delivery – On any premium mattress purchase $699+ in the Chicagoland or Indianapolis selling areas. **


  • Bedding Professionals – Our factory trained experts will listen to your needs and use their extensive knowledge to guide you to the perfect mattress.

* See website for details

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The Lake County Haven and The RoomPlace

The Lake County Haven came to The RoomPlace hoping to get a great price for a couple of new mattresses. The Vernon Hills General Manager Faisal Chaudhri stepped in to help, he knew The RoomPlace could do more… Many people know how The RoomPlace has given back to the community over the past 100 years. But few know how excited the store staff gets when they can help out their neighbors directly. The RoomPlace ended up donating 10 new mattresses and boxsprings to The Lake County Haven. Members of the store staff including the General Manager even helped deliver the mattresses.

"The beds will be used at the shelter and housing program for homeless women and children. Our old beds have been in use for many, many years. The box springs were cracking and the mattresses were awful! We are so happy that now our residents can get a much better night's sleep," offered Laura Sabino Executive Director of Lake Haven. The residents are very busy each day job hunting and getting their lives together. The new mattresses will offer The Haven residents a much needed night's sleep. "We are all so grateful to The RoomPlace for making this generous donation! We consider The RoomPlace to be a friend and partner with us in our fight against homelessness," continued Laura.

The Haven was started in 1992 when two Lake County neighbors came together to try to help homeless women and children. They could imagine what it would be like to be hungry and homeless, and they felt that was unacceptable. So these two ordinary people, Peg Bradley and Mike Gretz, got together and did something absolutely extraordinary. They decided to start a program to help homeless women and children. The result was the Haven. They said YES to the challenge of not only providing homeless women and children with a home, food, and the necessities of life, but also to providing a wide range of services to help people get back on their feet again. And because of their vision and dedication, hundreds of women and families have emerged from the bleak reality of homelessness to lead independent lives. To learn more about The Haven go to

There is never a question of the commitment and community envolvment The RoomPlace has. Just look back to their 100 Acts of Kindness program and you will see how excited and enthusiastic the company and each employee is at giving back and getting involved.

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Celebrate the 4th with Savings at The RoomPlace!

Happy Independence Day from the team here at The RoomPlace! What are your plans for the long weekend? At the furniture store nearest you, things are heating up for great summer furniture sales, and we’re excited to invite you to celebrate this year’s 4th of July with amazing deals and savings.

During this week’s enormous furniture sale, The RoomPlace is offering up to $1,000 cash back PLUS tax back on great items from our bedroom, dining room and living room furniture collections. And since days off from work are all about being lazy, why not take your time to pay? During our 4th of July furniture sale, you can feel free to take up to five whole years to pay for your purchase.

What exactly might that purchase entail? It could mean getting a steal with this phenomenal six-piece bedroom set on sale for $699 – a $1,399 value, and we’ll even throw a free chest into the mix. If your mattress needs replacing, the time to act is now: this weekend, save up to 62 percent on select mattresses at The RoomPlace, and enjoy a FREE box spring with your purchase! Go with the Tempur-Pedic brand to save up to $500, and receive a gift of two Tempur-Pedic pillows plus a mattress protector.

Not in the market for new bedroom furniture in Chicago or Indiana? Check out the living room furniture on sale for the upcoming holiday, ranging from a $1,299 two-piece sectional on sale for only $599, to a variety of very affordable power recliners that would be the perfect fit for your new home theater.

For more information on the 4th of July sale at The RoomPlace furniture stores, check out our website today. You’ll be able to view the original furniture sale flyer as well as tons of financing information and more specific details. Of course, you’re also welcome to contact The RoomPlace with your questions or concerns.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Independence Day 2013, the teams at The RoomPlace furniture stores wish you a very happy and safe holiday!

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The Room Place is opening a new store in Mchenry

Check out the feature about our new Mchenry  Room Place store in today's Northwest Herald.

We are very excited about the new store opening and look forward to continued expansion into new markets.  With a complete selection of dining rooms, bedrooms, mattresses, living rooms and more, The Room Place Mchenry is a perfect fit for the area and we look forward to serving residents.

Here is what the Northwest Herald had to say about us:


Mayor Susan Low will welcome The RoomPlace to McHenry with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m. March 22 at the store, 2221 Richmond Road (Route 31).

The RoomPlace, a Chicago-based, family-owned furniture company, recently celebrated 100 years in business. The McHenry location is the company’s 20th store.

The new showroom features 23,800 square feet of space, including a diverse mix of fully furnished rooms allowing consumers to experience and visualize total-room concepts while making customized furniture choices to meet their individual tastes and needs. 



Make sure to come visit our new store on March 22nd!




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Avoid a Daylight Saving Time Disaster with Help from The RoomPlace!

Back in November, The RoomPlace posted a blog about how you could brighten up your home as the days grew shorter and darker with the end of Daylight Saving Time 2012. And while consistent snowstorms may have Chicago furniture shoppers feeling like it’s January instead of March, believe it or not, we’re finally approaching on the spring season. After a long, cold, slushy couple of months here in the Midwest, last weekend marked the beginning of Daylight Saving Time 2013.

Most of our customers were probably overjoyed when setting their clocks one hour ahead at 2am on Sunday, March 10, knowing it meant that longer, warmer days are not far away. But what some of our customers might not know is that the beginning of Daylight Saving Time often coincides with various risks and health problems.

According to The Forum at Harvard School of Public Health, 1.5 billion people losing even just one hour of sleep this past Sunday night increased the potential for automotive accidents the following week (that’s this week!) by up to 17 percent. Equally alarming are findings that report a potential 5 percent increase in heart attacks during the week following this seemingly insignificant loss of sleep. Jeez, who knew our bodies were so sensitive?

Regardless of how many fewer hours of sleep you were able to enjoy last weekend, loss of sleep in general can have serious consequences for your health. If you’ve been experiencing insomnia lately, it might be time to look into a solution. Of course, these could come in many forms, but the team at The RoomPlace suggests a new mattress!

We have many options for anyone seeking Chicago king mattresses, full mattresses near Schaumburg, or twin-size mattresses for the kids, so please stop by The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you to pick out your new mattress. With a wide selection of all your favorite mattress brands like Comfort Solutions, Dormia, Medallion, and Simmons, we’re happy to help you pick out the best mattresses for you and your family. We’ll even take the hassle out of buying a new mattress thanks to our stellar delivery service and affordable prices.

So if you’re concerned about a post-Daylight Saving Time disaster, just contact The RoomPlace. We’ll help you maintain your sleep, safety, and health – and what could be more important than that?

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Beat the Stress of a Shortened Month with a Little Help from The RoomPlace

Don’t look now, but there’s less than one week left until March.

Yeah, it snuck up on us, too. Here at The RoomPlace, we’re all-too familiar with the stresses that go along with the end of the month: bills to pay, deadlines to meet, hectic work days to survive. And with only 28 days in February, saying “so much to do, so little time” couldn’t be more appropriate.

But we do have one secret weapon to help beat the stress at The RoomPlace, and that’s being able to provide the best medicine for all that headache-inducing, neck-straining pressure: comfortable, luxurious, “ahhhhh”-worthy furniture. Because let’s face it: Nothing’s more relaxing at the end of a long day than sinking into your leather sofa with a mug of tea and your favorite book or TV show. So as you’re wrapping up that to-do list that seems a mile longer than usual this week, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite soothing items here at The RoomPlace furniture stores.

  • Recline. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the recliner in your living room that practically swallows you when you sit down. Try out the velvet-like microfiber of the slate gray Tres Power Rocker Recliner, which hugs all your limbs by leaving no gap between the seat and footrest and offering extra-full, cushioned pillowtop arms. Or check out this Rocker Recliner from the Geovani Collection, which combines luxury with environmental friendliness by using cocoa-colored Eco-leather upholstery.
  • Indulge. We’re not trying to advocate an unhealthy lifestyle, but when you’ve had a tough day, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a rewarding buffet-style supper. You probably don’t feel like cooking, so give yourself the night off and arrange some snacks and appetizers on your sideboard, like our Northfield Server or this slightly more upscale piece from the Monte Carlo Collection. When you really need to unwind, you might even appreciate the wine rack on this buffet from the Lauren Collection!
  • Hit the snooze button. Your discipline in waking up before work every morning to hit the gym or get a headstart on answering your emails is commendable, but your work (and mental health!) will suffer if you’re not getting enough sleep. Give yourself a break and hit the snooze button at least once this week – it’s surprisingly easy when you’re sleeping on a Comfort Solutions or Dormia king mattress!

When you choose The RoomPlace, relaxing can be as simple as replacing some of your furniture. Indianapolis and Chicago residents alike can breathe a sigh of relief now that the nasty Midwest winter is almost behind us, so why not celebrate with a little shopping? In addition to the comfy, cozy items discussed above, The RoomPlace has plenty of other pieces to suit all your furniture needs. From hardwood furniture to twin mattress sets, our affordable furniture collection is full of variety and style. Contact The RoomPlace today to learn more about how you can save on your next furniture purchase in IL or IN, or better yet, stop by The RoomPlace store nearest you to peruse our selection in person.

On second thought, maybe that can wait until next week. You could probably use a nap.