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11 Fashionable Sectional Sofas for Small Living Rooms

Sectionals are one of our favorite kinds of compact furniture that offers the perfect seating option for rooms with size constraints. Whether you’re dealing with an Indianapolis home that is 100 square feet or 1,000, The RoomPlace has the perfect sectional for you.

Matrix marries technology and comfort. This bold 7-piece set offers the perfect reclining sectional sofas for small spaces. Adjust the headrest and recliner to suit your needs and get cozy with the sumptuous upholstery.


San Marco is the perfect way to make everyone happy. The button-activated recliner on each sectional means that every lounger gets the seating experience they want. No arguments!

san marco



Torricella shows that furniture for small living rooms can still be sophisticated. The contrasting fabric and Nu-Leather upholstery is peppered with grommeting to create that timeless look. This transitional piece will enhance classic and contemporary interiors.



Monroe offers multiple looks in one space-efficient design. Adjust the headrests to create a new style as it suits you — rest assured the comfort of this sleek piece will always remain constant.




Galaxy is proof that simple doesn’t mean boring. A crisp silhouette, contrast stitching, and striking leather upholstery will be a design staple for years to come.




Lawson creates a comfortable, classic aesthetic. The plush cushions, generous arm rests, and rich leather exudes country club chic

sectional brown



Preston stands apart from small sectional sofas for small spaces thanks to its big personality and size. Enjoy the comforts of storage space, cup holders, and reclining action with this piece..




Kara was made for relaxation. The wide seating profile and lush cushions feel like a cloud, and the bold red upholstery will add a pop of color to your space.




Enzo brings sleek European design into the comforts of your Indianapolis living room. Clean lines, a bold silver base, and crisp NuLeather completes this luxe look.




Nolan is perfect for entertainers in Indianapolis. Storage consoles, reclining features, and generous armrests make this the ideal accent for movie marathons or game nights.




Lexi would make Frank Lloyd Wright proud. The dramatic silhouette will feel like a piece of art, and the compact design and adjustable headrests sets it apart from other modern sectional sofas.




Modern, classic, transitional, contemporary — These are just a few of the designs you’ll find at The RoomPlace. Take a look online to find your other half!


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3 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Fireplace In Your Home

The RoomPlace is no stranger to winter. Based in Chicago and Indianapolis, we’ve experienced the beautiful blankets of snow and the frozen fingertips right along with you. Every home – no matter how big or small – needs to be a hub of warmth and comfort when the chill sets in– that’s why an electric fireplace might just be your new best friend.

They’re a Cheap Date
When you’ve lived through a winter in cities like Chicago and Indianapolis, home heating topics are always on your mind. If the memories of heating bills leave you wondering how to save energy in the winter, an electric fireplace holds the answer. You’ll be heating your home effectively for just $0.11 an hour, putting noisier and more expensive alternatives like radiators or forced air to shame.

They Aren’t High Maintenance
Stacking wood for winter might seem quaint when it’s in the pages of a children’s story, but when you’re considering fireplace options for your home, it’s important to think practically. Wood is expensive to purchase, cumbersome to transport, and requires valuable storage space. What’s more, if you live in the heart of Indianapolis or Chicago, wood is also difficult to access. When it burns, wood leaves behind soot that coats the entire fireplace and a thick layer of ash on the floor.

An electric fireplace, on the other hand, requires no cleanup and no raw materials to stoke the flames. You’ll never have to clean up after it, so your only job is to enjoy the comfortable warmth and relaxed ambiance it generates.

They Put Safety (and Health) First
Unlike their traditional counterparts, electric fireplaces release no smoke, emissions, or pollutants. There’s no open flame to keep young children or curious pets from, and there’s no gas line. You can emulate traditional styles or enjoy a modern and space efficient electric fireplace TV stand without ever worrying about the risks. It’s a benefits-only addition to your household.

This winter, escape the cold with your new best friend. The RoomPlace promises that it’s an asset that will never let you down… Even when the weather does!

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3 Pieces to Boost your Living Room’s Look for Under $300

Increasingly, our living rooms have become the grand central station of our home—it’s where we (sometimes) eat, watch TV, read books and entertain. It’s the one room where our personal style gets to really pop. If you’ve taken a look around your living room and found it to be more drab than fab, it might be time to invest in some key design elements to elevate your style. At The RoomPlace in Chicago and Indianapolis, you don’t have to go broke while boosting your living room’s look. Learn 3 different ways you can upgrade your living room without going over $300.

zebra chair

By far, accent chairs are one of the easiest ways to pull in your individual style because they are so many options to choose from. Do you want a swivel chair? What about a traditional, ormate chair? Or maybe a wingback is more your speed? Whatever the case may be, accent chairs provide exactly what the name suggests—a decorative accent to your otherwise perfectly polished room.


If you’re currently rocking hardwood floors, an area rug is an absolute must. Especially in our harsh Chicago winter, nothing will save your chilly feet more comfortably than a plush area rug—perfectly matched to your specific style, that is. Just like accent chairs, area rugs come in tons of different color combinations, textures and prints so you can have not just any old rug, but the right piece for your room.


These aren’t your parents’ ottomans. Not only are ottomans completely functional as foot rests or extra seating—this decorative choice can also be used for covert storage! If you find yourself struggling to locate extra room for throw blankets, small pillows or magazines, an ottoman that can hold your extra stuff is an easy answer to a clutter problem.

Still unsure about how to achieve the added oomph your living room needs? Come in and chat with our style savvy team members in Chicago or Indianapolis today—we can’t wait to work with you!


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4 Tips for Buying Pet Friendly Furniture from The RoomPlace

Newsflash: Your pets and your home decor can coexist peacefully! With these buying tips, you won’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your home sweet home from beautiful, elegant furniture or snuggle time with your favorite feline or canine companion.

Be a Matchmaker

A black upholstered sofa might make a dramatic impact on your space, but the white fur that clings to it has a way of deadening the effect. Select fabric that either matches the general shade of your pet or features a bold pattern. This will distract from the pesky stray hairs that will inevitably follow when you have a pet in the home.

Focus on Durability

Microfiber is king among pet friendly fabrics for sofas. This synthetic fabric is tightly knit and not easily ripped, torn, or scratched. Leather is another durable option for pet resistant furniture. While it isn’t completely bulletproof – repeated cat scratching will take its toll – a piece like the Odyssey will see your canine companion through its rebellious puppy years and into mellow adulthood.


Create Limits
Furniture can serve as a creative way to create boundaries for your pet. Ottomans, benches, and occasional tables are the perfect way to artfully prevent your pup from straying into a do not enter zone, saving you from an eyesore of a fence or pet crate. When your pup isn’t around, you can simply move the pieces to suit your needs. Make sure that these pieces are upholstered in the dog friendly furniture fabric we mentioned above.

Train for Your Furniture’s Sake

Even the best pets can get a little rambunctious sometimes. In general, pet owners will want to learn how to keep dogs off furniture, as this will minimize the risk of any unexpected accidents. Also regularly trim your cat’s claws to eliminate kneading damage.

Gearing up to augment your home with new furniture? The RoomPlace team can provide guidance on the best option for you and your pet. We’ll help you find the perfect match!

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5 Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties in a Small Living Room

We get it: you love your friends and your family, but hosting them in your tiny living room fills you with dread. As much fun as it is to gather around and celebrate the holidays together, it’s also pretty stressful to host a party if you’re short on seating and standing room. If this sounds like a predicament you’re familiar with, have no fear. We’ll show you how to turn your cozy living room into the perfect canvas for parties big and small this season.

Set the Mood
Lighting has the power to make or break the mood. Use table lamps that give off a warm, yellow-toned light and supplement it with candles to create an intimate atmosphere. If your home is too brightly lit, guests are likely to feel they’re browsing down the aisles of a supermarket and not comfortably socializing together. When you have a small space, embrace it and the snugness it provides.

Re-Arrange Fearlessly
While your sofa might make a statement in the center of your room most days, it’s going to eat up valuable space on the day of your party. Don’t hesitate to shift furniture around to accommodate your guests. Focus on leaving the center of the room empty, with seating options surrounding the perimeter. Use our Room Planner if you need help visualizing what this will look like.

Expand Your Dining Options
On a typical day, you might rock a small dining room set. But since holiday parties don’t happen every day, why not select a piece that can also expand to meet your entertaining needs? Invest in furniture that features table leafs so you can embrace larger gatherings.

Consider New Seating Options
Chairs can chew up space like no other furniture. Instead, incorporate benches as the standard seating for your gathering. They can accommodate more people, are space efficient, and establish a warm, intimate setting.

Embrace Mirrors
Mirrors create the illusion of more space. Choose a wall that has plenty of free surface area and mount large mirrors. Mirrors also give you a chance to check out the atmosphere of the room as a whole without having to pop in and check with every guest.

This holiday season, let The RoomPlace help you gear up for your gathering. Offering affordable traditional, modern, and casual styles, we promise that your furniture solution is just a click away.

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How to Make the Most of a 3 Piece Living Room Set in Chicago & Indianapolis

You never want your living room furniture to restrict you. Instead of imposing limits, it should offer possibilities. The RoomPlace offers affordable furniture sets that provide you with all of the pieces – living room chairs, loveseats, sofas, ottomans, and more – to create a space that can be tailored to your tastes.

Let’s take the Bronze 3 Pc. Living Room Collection for an example. The three-piece set includes a sofa, loveseat, and chair. While each is a standalone asset, combined they become aBronze setstatement piece.

Texture can make all the difference. This collection creates a contemporary style by combining chenille and faux leather to add extra character to your living room.

Use pillows to break up the pattern: Reversible toss pillows with their bolder design seamlessly break the flow and add versatility to the pattern and color combination.

Reverse the cushions: Double the life of your furniture’s fabric by reversing the cushions. It’s a simple solution that will have a long lasting effect!

Get flexible with your stylish living room sets. The individual pieces can easily be mixed, matched, and rearranged to create a space that suits your needs. Because most sets come with a sofa, loveseat, and chair, you have multiple lounging options for you and your guests. Just make sure you have enough space between furniture corners and walkways!

Ready to embrace your 3-piece living room solution? You’ll find The RoomPlace store locations throughout Indiana and Illinois. With 22 brick-and-mortar stores and our online marketplace, furniture shopping possibilities are always accessible. Whether you’re seeking sofas for sale in Chicago or browsing your options on the web at lunch, we have what you’re looking for!

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Chicago Living Room Sets for Sale

Chicago Living Room Sets

Are you looking to revolutionize your living room space in one stop? The RoomPlace is proud to cater to your unique tastes with a range of inspired Chicago living room sets. As one of the leading furniture stores in Chicago, we are committed to providing the best selection of living room furniture for your home at affordable prices.

Whether you value traditional designs or want to push the envelope with modern styles, our selection of living room sets in Chicago, IL will not disappoint. Browse our vast inventory online and stop by our Chicago furniture store locations. Our dedicated customer service team will help you find the perfect arrangement for your home. Make a dramatic statement with the Bravado Collection, or enjoy the comforts of antique furniture with the Dale Collection.

In addition to our outstanding service and varied selection, The RoomPlace is the premier Chicago living room set store because you can get everything you need in one visit. From sectional couches to eclectic end tables, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for everything you need to revitalize your living room.

Find The RoomPlace nearest you or contact us today to get started with your next living room set!

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More Than a Table: Spruce up Your Living Room with a Stylish Coffee Table

Enduringly stylish and endlessly functional, coffee tables are one of our favorite furniture choices for living rooms that need a little extra pizazz and personality.

3pk coffee tableCoffee tables are small but with the right idea they can bring big design advantages. Pieces like the Avanti are easily transportable,making it simple to adjust your room to suit your needs. Pair this clear glass top with white colored vases, bowls, and other objects that vary in height to make the design pop

Make your table work for you by using the table’s surface to serve up some snacks. Layer your coffee table with a woven tray to serve your food while adding an extra level of décor. Find a vintage throw and place it half way across the coffee table to show off both the table and a spice of culture. If you prefer the minimalist look, leave it bare and let the furniture speak for itself.

Small coffee tables are ideal if you live in a cozy space, because they can serve dual purposes: storage and style. Their compact size makes a big impression without taking up precious square footage. Small coffee tables are also an affordable investment that will serve as a focal point in your home for years to come.

Give your room a facelift and get that much-needed functionality with the help of a living room coffee table. The RoomPlace is proud to offer affordable options that will show off your individual style, whether you’re looking for a modern coffee table or an antique-inspired piece. Let our team help you find your new favorite piece of furniture today!

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How to Furnish a Large Living Room

The RoomPlace Furniture Store’s Six Tips for Organizing Large Living Rooms

Break out your measuring tape and leveler: it’s time to create the perfect living room without the clutter.

Choose Your Style (And Stick With It!)

Wondering how to furnish a large living room so that it looks showroom-ready? Let a living room set do the work. Getting all of the pieces for your living room set at the same time will save you time tracking down the perfect matching pieces.

If you like classic lines and the feel of sophisticated leather, the traditional Dale will appeal to your sense of elegance. Living room sets with a sofa and love seat placed a few feet from the walls create a cozy conversation area. Point your sofas towards the focal point of your room (TV, fireplace, large window) for extra flow.


Most successful living room design ideas incorporate personal touches. Take the opportunity to display some of the souvenirs from your travels on wall-mounted shelves. Oversized books, vintage perfume bottles, or framed art also punch up the style in large living rooms with wall space to spare.Bronze

Invest in Sophisticated Shelving

Storage is a must-have item for any large space. Storing books and artwork on a shelving unit maximizes space by not only freeing floor space, but also by creating visual interest.

Create a Color Point

Pick one aspect of your living room to serve as the star of the show. Pops of color will centralize the focus of your living space. Decorative pillows or colorful throws are both good options for achieving a color point.

Organize Your Entertainment System

Create a place for all of your electronics with an entertainment system. Entertainment systems provide a spot for all of your media needs while giving you additional storage.

Break up the Room

Break up your living space by adding a sofa table. Sofa tables provide a barrier between the living room and other aspects of your home without having to add a wall.

With these organization tips from The RoomPlace, you can create a functional and beautiful home. View our online catalog or stop in today to chat with our knowledgeable staff and see how we can take your large living room from drab to fab.

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Indianapolis Living Room Sets

The RoomPlace – Indianapolis Living Room Sets

Make your living room look showroom ready without emptying your savings account. The RoomPlace is your go-to destination for affordable Indianapolis living room sets that will transform your home’s design.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of pairing beautiful furniture with matching accent pieces. You can have all your interior needs from our convenient Indianapolis, IN locations for as low as $25 a month!

Treat your living room to a modern makeover with the Casino Collection, or enjoy the luxurious charm of the Olivia Collection. If you’re torn between a few styles, don’t fret: our committed customer service team will provide you with expert guidance to help you find the perfect fit.

We’re excited to bring Indianapolis the most stylish furniture and home accents at affordable prices. Visit us online or at one of the RoomPlace locations in Castleton, Greenwood, or Michigan Road to find your dream furniture.