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Trending Looks Series: Contemporary Family Room

Trending Look Series: Contemporary Family Room from the RoomPlace
Featured Image: Trending Look Series: Contemporary Family Room from the RoomPlace

Beautiful and contemporary through-and-through, this family room is the complete package: comfortable and modern, with the perfect balance of timeless subtlety and trendy elegance. Let’s take a look at contemporary family room furniture to help you achieve this design in your own home!

Color Palette

This look is best suited to a neutral modern color scheme, but that doesn’t mean it lacks character. Off-white, warm gray, soft beige, slate and taupe are excellent wall color choices for this room’s style. Accents in black, deep brown and silver add richness and contrast for a cohesive room design that offers plenty of contemporary appeal.

Athena Navy 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Athena Navy 3 Pc. Living Room from The RoomPlace

Sofa & Seating

The stylish, modern Athena Gray Sofa serves as a comfortable and contemporary centerpiece for this family room. Complete with patterned throw pillows that add color and upholstered in cozy polyester, this sofa is both beautiful and durable. Paired with the coordinating ottoman and a complementary Sydney Gray Power Recliner, it’s a set that will bring luxury to your space in an understated way.

Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set from The RoomPlace
Image: Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set from The RoomPlace

TV Stand & Tables

The contemporary styling of the Trimble Cappuccino 60” TV Stand features asymmetrical shelves and a minimalist look, for a functional yet attractive appearance. As the entertainment center for your modern family room, this TV stand is a versatile piece that complements most décor. The simple and elegant Mikkel Black 3 Pc. Table Set, which includes a modern black coffee table and side tables, looks great alongside it, while providing plenty of space for holding drinks, books and more.

Hannah Mirror from The RoomPlace
Image: Hannah Mirror from The RoomPlace

Décor & Accents

Décor brings this contemporary look together by drawing in colors from the furniture. This unique Zinc Flowers wall art is a striking, sculptural piece that brings a modern rustic touch to the space. The Hannah Mirror features a timeless, minimalist style that brightens the room and adds the illusion of more space.

Image: Huntley Area Rug (5'X8') from The RoomPlace
Image: Huntley Area Rug (5’X8′) from The RoomPlace

This strikingly textured Huntley Area Rug provides a perfect color contrast to the sofa and tables for a trendy yet timeless aesthetic. Plush and hand-loomed, this area rug gives the room a “put-together” look and provides warmth and coziness.

Monte Floor Lamp from The FloorPlace
Image: Monte Floor Lamp from The FloorPlace

Stylish lighting is essential in a contemporary living space, and the Monte Floor Lamp and Lyla Table Lamp make a great pair. Decorative but not too dramatic, these lamps provide perfect ambient lighting for any family room. A table lamp on either side of the sofa is a good way to balance the light and add convenience.

Enjoying our Trending Looks blog series? Stay tuned for future looks and new style boards, and check out our past look at contemporary dining rooms.


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5 Ways to Add Color to Your Neutral Space

Barrington Red Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Red Linen Sofa from The RoomPlace

Like many homeowners, you might have a certain room in the house that feels a little dreary. If the room is feeling like a bit of a blank slate with one too many neutral tones, you’re probably looking for a way to bring a touch of color and brightness to the space. Even if you prefer neutral colors, a pop of something more vibrant here and there is a great way to help the space feel more complete and expressive.

Let’s take a look at five easy ways to add color to a neutral room.

Jacoby Accent Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Jacoby Accent Chair from The RoomPlace

1. Go for Bold Furniture

If your furniture is drab and outdated, it might be time to go shopping! If you’re worried about replacing a neutral living room set with something more colorful, have no fear—bold and eye-catching sofas and chairs are right on trend. You can’t go wrong with a pop of color like a luxurious red sofa or a striking aqua accent chair.

Image: Linon Orange Faux Sheepskin Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Orange Faux Sheepskin Area Rug from The RoomPlace

2. Add Color Underfoot

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge with colorful furniture, there are plenty of other options that add color in a more subtle way. For starters, you can add personality with an area rug in a color that pops. Choose a hue that complements the existing neutral tones in your space.

3. Paint an Accent Wall

If you want some color in your room but don’t want to go all-out and paint every wall, consider an accent wall. A pop of color on the room’s central wall adds instant charm and refreshes the space beautifully.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

It’s a simple suggestion, but it can create a dramatic effect. Simply decorating your space with a few well-placed plants adds freshness and color to your space. Whether you like the simplicity of potted houseplants or you want to arrange fresh-cut flowers, the stunning greens of foliage are sure to make any room feel brighter and more colorful.

Image: Hand Crafted Chevron Pouf from The RoomPlace
Image: Hand Crafted Chevron Pouf from The RoomPlace

5. Accessorize with Personality

If your space seems to lack character, the solution could be as simple as adding a few coordinating accessories in an accent color. This way, you can keep the color palette mostly neutral and add as many colorful pieces as you want. Choose an accent color you like and find a few home accents to arrange around the room. A couple throw pillows, a bold table lamp and a coordinating pouf are all you need to bring the room together.

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5 Tips for Achieving a Modern Minimalist Living Room

Viktor Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Viktor Table Lamp from The RoomPlace

The modern minimalist movement is still in full swing, with many homeowners updating their spaces in favor of uncluttered, simplified and contemporary designs. If you’re planning a full-fledged remodel or simply want to update your living room furniture, minimalism is a trendy yet timeless way to go. From contemporary furniture to minimalist décor, let’s take a look at several ideas for achieving a modern minimalist look in your living room.

1. Reduce Clutter

The first step in designing any minimalist space is to remember the main tenant of the minimalist movement: reducing clutter! The idea is to remove items that are not essential to the space, and only keep the pieces that serve a purpose. Before bringing in new furniture to create a contemporary minimalist look, start by eliminating clutter. If you never use your love seat, get rid of it. If your wall décor is just there to fill an empty space, leave the wall blank instead.

Pasha Area Rug (5’x’8) from The RoomPlace
Image: Pasha Area Rug (5’x’8) from The RoomPlace

2. Find Purposeful Décor

Creating a minimalist room doesn’t necessarily mean you have to remove every bit of décor. You still want to design a space that’s visually pleasing and reflects your personality. So, try to minimize the décor and ornamentation of the room in a way that still allows expression. For example, instead of a cluttered wall of picture frames, highlight a single oversized canvas photo in black-and-white.

It also helps to find objects that look good and serve a purpose, in keeping with the minimalist style. Purposeful décor might be a bold light fixture, a cozy textured rug or even a wall-mounted planter for herbs or succulents.

3. Choose a Simple Color Palette

It may seem obvious, but make sure to simplify the room’s color palette as much as possible. Avoid wall colors that are overly bold or bright. In general, go for softer, neutral colors in either warm or cool tones. Gray, white and cream are great places to start.

4. Know When to Go Bold

Many minimalist room designs can benefit from a touch of boldness. The hard part is knowing when to go bold. The key is a touch of bold color, and not overdoing it. If your mostly white living room feels blank, the simple addition of a charcoal gray rug or dark-colored contemporary coffee table will help breathe life into the design.

Image: Karma Sofa from The RoomPlace

5. Go for Smaller Furniture

For true minimalism, go small when it comes to choosing your furniture. Choose a simple, modern sofa or love seat that’s only as big as you need it to be. In fact, if you only need to seat 1 or 2 people on a regular basis, simple yet comfortable accent chairs are a good minimalist alternative to a traditional sofa.

Janette White Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Janette White Chair from The RoomPlace

If you don’t need a huge coffee table surface, opt for a miniature side table (even a repurposed stool works great) or folding tray table. Rather than setting your TV on an oversized entertainment center, mount it on the wall or use a small stand.

Rocky Gray 3 Piece Living Room from The RoomPlace
Image: Rocky Gray 3 Piece Living Room from The RoomPlace

If you have a larger family or need the extra seating space, many modern living room sets have a minimalist style while offering the comfort and size that you need.

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How to Light Up a Room

Inception Dome Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Inception Dome Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

Now that you have your new furniture, it’s time to show it off with the perfect lighting. The right lighting can be the seamless way to enhance a focal piece, open up a smaller room, add coziness, define certain spaces and light up a work area. When it comes to choosing that special lighting for your home, the options are endless.

Whether you’re looking to light up your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or more, we can help you decide on lighting that is both stylish and functional, and of course, shows off your new furniture. There are three basic types of lighting options:

  • Ambient lighting, most often this is a recessed ceiling light designed to replace daylight. Ambient lighting creates a bland, flat effect. Combined with other lighting, it will serve and accomplish all purposes.
  • Accent lighting: adds texture, depth, focus and shade near focal pieces and in corners, beautifully complements ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting: used to illuminate a work area. Task lighting provides a narrower stream of light that focuses exclusively on one area.

Take a look at the following lighting ideas for your home:

Destin Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Destin Table Lamp from The RoomPlace

Living Room Lighting

Your living room is special. It’s the space in your home where everyone gathers to spend time together. Therefore, you’ll want to mix it up a little. Mixing and matching different types of lighting is essential for creating an inviting atmosphere. Overhead ambient lighting will brighten the entire space and for your living room, you’ll want it in two ways: recessed lighting across the ceiling for overall lighting and a transitional hanging pendant over the center of the room. When you want to add more warmth to your living room, table lamps and floor lamps work beautifully to add coziness and intimacy.

Ranald Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Ranald Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace

It’s important to get the lighting perfect for your dining room. Pendant lights, flush mounts, chandeliers and wall sconces are lovely and functional ideas for lighting up a dining room. However you do it, the most important thing is to focus your lighting around the dining room table. There will be times when you don’t want the room completely illuminated, so make sure to use dimmer lighting to set the mood.

Nicki Table from The RoomPlace
Image: Nicki Table from The RoomPlace

Lighting tip: both ambient and task lighting in your dining room should be at 3,000-6,000 Lumens.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking; if your home is like most others, your kitchen is also the space where everyone gathers to hang out and catch up on their day. Therefore, choosing lighting for your kitchen should be determined by the activities – whether you’re looking to illuminate a cooking area or you want to create an entertaining space for friends and family, choose your lighting accordingly.

Chelsea 5 Piece Dinette from The RoomPlace
Image: Chelsea 5 Piece Dinette from The RoomPlace

It’s important to use three different types of lighting for your kitchen: recessed lights, pendant lights, and the must-have under-cabinet strip lights. Recessed lighting is best to illuminate the entire kitchen, hanging pendant lights work well over an island or kitchen table, and under cabinet lighting is perfect for counter tasks.

Lighting tip: kitchen ambient lighting should be 5,000-10,000 Lumens; task lighting around the counters, sink and stove should be a minimum of 450 Lumens.

Bedroom Lighting

You want your bedroom to be a warm and cozy space. Before you choose bedroom lighting, you will want to have a furniture placement plan. The key to creating the perfect lighting for your bedroom is flexibility. The capacity to control light levels is important – if one person wants to sleep and another wants to read, you want to have those options.

Lighting tip: bedroom ambient lighting should be 1,500-3,000 Lumens, while task lighting should be a minimum of 400 Lumens.

Floor and Table Lamps: Floor and table lamps are versatile and can be used anywhere in your home. They come in a wide variety of styles, colors, lengths and are perfect options to enhance the appeal of any room’s décor. Popular lamp finishes include antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and satin nickel. If you’re planning on using your new lamp as accent lighting, go for more decorative or extravagance to add style and elegance to your space. You can mix and match, too, with different bases, finishes, lamp shades and even the light bulbs you choose.

Dimmer Lighting: The lighting in your home is something you use every single day. As such, it should be adaptable for its intended use – using lighting dimmer controls allows you to set the mood in any room. Whether for entertainment purposes, reading, area nightlights or more, dimmers provide economical, safe and comfortable home environments.

Warm and Cool Lighting: Warm lighting is a natural, calming light that has a reddish tone to the eye, while cool lighting is brighter and looks bluer to the eye. The perfect time to use warm lighting is when you need to relax, wind down from the day and before you go to bed. The time to choose cool lighting is when we need a little energy and alertness – perfect for focus, performing tasks – best during the morning and afternoon.

Choosing Light Bulbs: The two most popular light bulb options are Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The major difference between the two is how much energy it takes to use them over time. CFLs use about 70 percent less energy than LEDs and last years longer; they cost about a dollar more per light bulb. Two drawbacks to CFLs: they take a while to warm up and reach full illumination; they contain trace amounts of mercury – harmful to your health and the environment. So, don’t break them and don’t throw away in your home trash bin – recycle them.

The right lighting is essential for every room in your home. When choosing lighting, look for unique fixtures that will draw attention to your new furniture, a piece of art that you love, or around a work area. Once your lighting is complete, all you’ll need to do is flip the switch.

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Furniture Ideas for a Small Apartment

Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace

If you live in an apartment or home that’s on the small side, it can be difficult to find furniture that fits your space. To avoid a cramped, cluttered look and make the most of your small apartment, here are some stylish, space-saving furniture ideas to get you started.

Daybeds & Sleeper Sofas

Dual-purpose furniture is a great way to increase the functionality of a limited space without adding clutter. If your apartment is a one-bedroom but you need a second bed, your options are plentiful: from daybeds to futons and sleeper sofas, there are a few ways you can maximize your furniture even in a tiny space:

  • Daybed: A daybed looks like a tall sofa but is actually as comfortable to sleep on as a traditional bed. Some daybeds also have trundles—an extra bed that pulls out from the bottom but is hidden neatly underneath when not in use. Great for regular use in small bedrooms or shared kids’ rooms.
Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace
Image: Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace
  • Futon: Futons are a classic dual-purpose piece. They offer a minimalist look and can be converted from a couch to a bed in an instant. This option is a great alternative to a space-hogging guest bed.
Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace
  • Sleeper Sofa: Sleeper sofas are designed to look and function just like a traditional sofa, but they feature a fold-out mattress inside. Twin-size sleepers take up about as much floor space as a loveseat, while a queen is equivalent to a full sofa.

No matter what style you prefer, each of these sofa beds can blend in with the existing décor in your living area or bedroom for a contemporary look.

Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace

Small Chairs

The living room of a small apartment isn’t likely to have sufficient space for a huge recliner or wide accent chair. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a comfy chair altogether. Minimalist chairs are typically a great option for small spaces—look for armless or slim-arm designs like our Tasia or Olson Accent Chair.

Likewise, dining chairs with a slimmer profile are great for reducing the amount of space taken up by your dining set. Make sure to choose chairs that can slide fully beneath the table when not in use, and opt for a simpler design to limit visual clutter.

Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace

Space-Conscious Tables

Occasional Tables typically take up lots of space, but there are a few ways you can minimize your small apartment’s tables while maximizing their functionality:

  • Tray Tables: A portable, folding alternative to side tables, tray tables can be pulled up to the sofa to serve as a small dining surface. Just fold and store when not in use.
Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace
Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace
  • Nesting Tables: If you have space for an end table in your living room, a nesting table can help you maximize storage space and provide an extra pull-out surface when needed. With this option, there’s no need for a coffee table!
Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace
  • Pub Tables: 3- or 4-seater pub tables provide a compact alternative to dining tables.
Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace
Image: Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace

Love Seat

Finally, if you don’t have much space in your apartment’s living room, opt for a love seat instead of a regular sofa. It takes up much less space while still providing a cozy spot to relax and watch TV.

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5 Mid-Century Modern Home Accents We Love

Harper Fruitwood 60" TV Stand From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Harper Fruitwood 60″ TV Stand From The RoomPlace

If you’re keeping up with any trends in the interior design industry, you probably know that the mid-century modern movement has made a comeback. And we don’t think this trend is going anywhere soon. Designers and homeowners alike love the simple, organic forms, clean lines and functionality of this design style. Anyone who finds retro or minimalist design appealing is sure to appreciate mid-century modern home accents.

We’ve gathered five of our favorite mid-century-inspired pieces of contemporary furniture to give you a glimpse into what this style has to offer. But first, let’s answer the question that’s probably on your mind: What exactly is mid-century modern design?

What is Mid-Century Modern Design?

“Mid-century modern” is a term used to describe the interior design and architecture trends from roughly the mid-1930s to 1965. (However, some people consider “mid-century” to be limited to 1947-1957.) It’s characterized by a few key elements, including:

  • Simple, clean lines
  • Organic and geometric forms and curves
  • Focus on functionality over appearance
  • Minimal decoration and an uncluttered look
  • Contrasting colors

Much of what makes the mid-century look so appealing is that it’s versatile and timeless. It’s not limited to a specific color palette or material, and it tends to blend beautifully with other design styles, too. So whether you’re looking for a single piece of mid-century furniture to complete a room or you want to embrace the movement throughout your whole house, discover your next favorite piece with the ideas below.

Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Roxbury Gray Sofa From The RoomPlace

#1: Neutral Sofa

Create an undeniable mid-century statement in your living room with the Roxbury Gray Sofa. Tufted chenille fabric adds visual interest along with durability and comfort for the best of both worlds. Contrasting angled legs give this stylish, modern sofa a retro flair.

Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Carter Blue Chair From The RoomPlace

#2: Bold Accent Chair

When designing a mid-century modern living room, many homeowners like to make an impact with a striking accent chair that contrasts the sofa. This Carter Blue Chair, with linen-like fabric in retro cobalt blue, adds a touch of bold color to your space. Its curved silhouette, organic shape and tapered legs give this chair a timeless mid-century style.

Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Cylinder Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace

#3: Geometric Area Rug

When it comes to finding the best mid-century modern area rug for your living room, dining room or bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a colorful, geometric pattern. This Linin Cylinder Blue Area Rug features a contrasting retro pattern with trendy shades of blue, making it the perfect bold accent piece for a contemporary space.

Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Fullerton Table From The RoomPlace

#4: Minimalist Dining Table

Full of character and charm, the Fullerton Table is inspired by the mid-century movement in an unmistakable way. A simple, handsome wood design with tapered legs and slim built-in drawers pairs form and function beautifully. A dining table like this will give your room an instant sense of mid-century authenticity.

Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace
Image: Beoir Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace

#5: Retro Light Fixture

Light your home with a retro vibe—with a Beoir Ceiling Lamp inspired by trends from the 50s and 60s. A glamorous gold finish brings shine to the room while its dramatic design offers a uniquely striking yet minimalist take on the classic chandelier.

Whether you pick your favorite home accent from these ideas or you combine them all, we hope you’ve been inspired to design a mid-century masterpiece.

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Top 10 Looks in Interior Design for Spring 2018

Featured Image: Barrington Purple Linen 3 Pc. Living Room From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Barrington Purple Linen 3 Pc. Living Room From The RoomPlace

It’s the beginning of springtime in a still-new year, which means it’s the perfect time to freshen up your home with some of the latest and greatest design trends of 2018. For a glimpse into the top interior design trends that are dominating the market, take a look at these ten style, décor and furniture ideas.

Linon Cyrus Damask Purple Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Cyrus Damask Purple Area Rug From The RoomPlace

1. Luxurious Purples

You might’ve heard that Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. This striking purple hue is perfect for adding a touch of bold, vibrant, fresh color to any space in the house. But the trend isn’t limited to just Ultra Violet. From mauve sofas to purple counter stools to violet area rugs, many shades of purple are luxurious, unexpected and regal, often pairing well with mid-century modern design.

Woven White Poof Ottoman From The RoomPlace
Image: Woven White Poof Ottoman From The RoomPlace

2. Eclectic Home Accents

Add a colorful, unexpected edge to any room with eclectic designs that set your space apart. Pick an intriguing piece of décor or a single bold accent for each room to give your home a curated look. From patterned rugs to architectural light fixtures to eye-catching ottomans, there are plenty of ways to decorate in a trendy, eclectic style.

Richland Rolled Back Dining Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Richland Rolled Back Dining Chair From The RoomPlace

3. Rolled Back Chairs

Balancing classic beauty with modern minimalism, rolled back chairs are timelessly stylish. Use these versatile dining chairs with or without slipcovers to achieve the perfect look for your room.

Barrington Charcoal Linen 9-Seat U Sectional From The RoomPlace
Image: Barrington Charcoal Linen 9-Seat U Sectional From The RoomPlace

4. Tufted Sofas

When it comes to living room furniture that packs a punch, there’s no better way to make a stylish statement this spring than with a new sofa. If your current couch is feeling drab or plain, breathe life into the room with a tufted sofa that has plenty of character. Indulge in the comfort of a U-shaped sectional, bring a touch of old-world charm with a leather sofa or blend traditional style with modern design.

Brisbane Green Apartment Cart From The RoomPlace
Image: Brisbane Green Apartment Cart From The RoomPlace

5. Mid-Century Servers & Kitchen Carts

A retro mint-green cart adds a pop of color to a neutral kitchen, while a versatile mid-century server makes a beautiful statement piece. These additions to your kitchen or dining room setup are practical as well as trendy, keeping in line with the latest interior design trends of 2018.

Image: Bowenite Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace
Image: Bowenite Ceiling Lamp From The RoomPlace

6. Industrial Inspired Lighting

Touches of industrial design can add a real sense of character and style to any space, whether you incorporate just a few industrial elements or go all-out. Either way, lighting fixtures inspired by this trend are a great place to start. From industrial ceiling lamps with a bronze patina to industrial-style chandeliers, make a statement in any room with this popular look.

Brigitte Ottoman From The RoomPlace
Image: Brigitte Ottoman From The RoomPlace

7. Gray Leather

From deep, sumptuous charcoal gray to lustrous silver-gray, living room furniture in gray-toned leather is a rising trend. From sofas to ottomans, you can’t go wrong with this classic material in a chic, modern color.

Cora Orange Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Cora Orange Chair From The RoomPlace

8. Colorful & Mismatched Chairs

For added character, pair a couple of colorful side chairs with a more neutral set of dining chairs for a chic, mismatched look. Invoke a country-inspired style with sage wood, or opt for timeless-with-a-twist with vibrant orange. Not one for bold colors? Mix it up by pairing two mismatched styles, like classic wooden dining chairs with metal chairs at each end.

Image: Crestwood Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Crestwood Table From The RoomPlace

9. Solid Wood Dining Tables

Many of 2018’s most popular home designs center on minimalism, a style that proves less is more. Keep your dining room furniture simple, raw and beautiful with a wood table that has a trendy reclaimed look. The chunky, solid style brings warmth and character to your space.

Celine Area Rug (5x8) From The RoomPlace
Image: Celine Area Rug (5×8) From The RoomPlace

10. Textured Area Rugs

Adding visual texture to a room is the perfect way to update your space and stay on trend. Add a striking luster with a shimmering shag rug or make a glamorous impact with a faux sheepskin rug.

For more great ideas that are fresh and on-trend this spring or in any season, discover our new arrivals.


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How to Choose a Rug That’s Perfect for Your Space

Featured Image: Surya Paramount Black Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Surya Paramount Black Area Rug From The RoomPlace

If you’ve been feeling like something is missing from your living room, bedroom or dining room décor, an area rug might be the answer. A well-chosen area rug that coordinates with your furniture and décor can elevate the space and bring your room’s design together. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right area rug for any room:

1. Size & Shape

While the appearance and style of a rug may be your top priority, it’s also  important to consider size. The size of an area rug has a big impact on how large the room appears and how balanced it feels. The most common area rug sizes are 5×8, 8×10 and 9×12 feet. Here are some rug sizing tricks to help you choose the best size for your space:

  • Larger rugs can help make the room appear bigger.
  • Keep at least 18 inches of floor exposed at the edges of the rug. This helps ensure the room appears large, but still open and not cramped.
  • A 5×8 rug is a good choice for under the coffee table in your living room, or for an entryway. You can also use it in a bedroom, with some of the rug positioned under the end of the bed and the rest exposed.

    Celine Area Rug (8'X10') From The RoomPlace
    Image: Celine Area Rug (8’X10′) From The RoomPlace
  • An 8×10 rug also makes a great living room area rug. Place it under the coffee table and arrange the furniture so that the front legs of the sofa and chairs are on the rug.
  • A 9×12 rug works beautifully in most spaces, assuming the room is large enough (remember, leave 18 inches around the edges of the rug). In a living area, usually all the living room furniture can be placed on it. In the dining room, where you want all legs of the dining chairs to sit on the rug even when the chairs are pulled out, a 9×12 is generally perfect. As a bedroom area rug, this size can be placed horizontally under the bed and nightstands with room to spare.
  • A 12×15 rug or larger is well-suited for extra-large rooms.
  • Round rugs are ideal for use in entryways, beneath round dining room tables, or for certain living room furniture arrangements (such as those with round coffee tables or circular setups).

2. Color

  • If you’re struggling to decide what color area rug to choose, consider these general guidelines:
  • If your sofa and chairs are a solid color, choose a patterned rug that features that color or colors in the same family.
  • If your furniture is patterned or especially bold, opt for a neutral rug that will complement rather than compete.
  • For dark furniture, choose a lighter rug color to keep the space looking open
  • If your walls, furniture and décor are generally neutral, you can add a splash of color with a bold rug.
Image: Surya Mystique Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace
Surya Mystique Blue Area Rug From The RoomPlace

3. Texture

Regardless of the design style you chose for your home, an element of texture is essential. Home accents like area rugs are a great way to add visual texture and contrast to your room. Here are a few beautiful ideas to consider:

  • Hand-Woven: Unique textile rugs with a hand-crafted look can add a rustic or sophisticated aesthetic, depending on what style you’re looking for. We like the Surya Tahoe Area Rug for its striking texture.
  • Faux Fur: Faux fur rugs are perfect for adding texture and comfort to your room. This Linon White Faux Sheepskin Area Rug is a gorgeous complement to many popular design styles, including mid-century modern and farmhouse chic.
  • Shag: Shaggy rugs are back in style, thanks to their unmistakable texture and softness underfoot. The Celine Area Rug adds a unique luster and comfort to your floor.



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Pantone 2018 Color of the Year..

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet

Pantone announced the color of 2018 and it has since made its way in designs all around the nation. If you are planning on using Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year in Ultra Violet for your next living room, consider adding small statement pieces to give your space a refreshing pop of color. This deep-hued purple embodies individuality and spirituality, carrying out a bold and refreshing look that reflects what we need in our world today.

Because Ultra Violet is such a lush, deeply-saturated hue, small doses can create a large impact in all areas of the home. Begin with the Surya Zahra Area Rug that showcases a harmonious color palette in a unique, Boho-inspired pattern that will create a bold statement in this Mid-Century Modern living room. The Rocky Black Sofa and Armchair provide a retro-glam flair that also come in a variety of colors. Lighten up your space with the Antwerp floor lamp and Beoir Ceiling Lamp, showcasing exposed golden spheres that radiate a warm, cozy atmosphere. Finish off this look with the burnished gold medal from the Modern Reflections Accent Table and Andrea Wall Mirror that will help set off this deep purple hue.

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The Paradigm Collection

Dark Teal Green

The Paradigm Collection

When high-fashion glam and traditional elegance come together, the Paradigm Collection ties in flawlessly with deep hues of teal and silver accents for the perfect haute-couture living room. Teal combines calming properties of blues and greens, promoting revitalization as well as open lines of communication for the core to any home.

The Paradigm Collections paired with the dark teal colors from the Dalyn Modern Gray Teal area rug and the Blue Gradient wall decor provides a transitional and refreshing touch to any living room. The geometric lines from the Kaskade 3 Pc. tables and the Gallan White TV stand restores a refreshing balance and modern flare. Alongside this collection, the Jena table lamp, Savoy floor lamp, and the Platinum Mirror pairs nicely with the romantic details from the side pillows and silver nail heads of the Paradigm accent chair, tying in a modern and sophisticated flare that will catch the eyes of all guests this season.