Fill In Room Gaps with a Few Stylish Chairs

Have some of your rooms been feeling a little sparse lately? If so, you should consider adding a chair or two throughout your home. Chairs can take up a good amount of space depending on the size and type of chair you’re looking for. Whether you have an opening in your bedroom, living room, or office, a new plush chair can add style and versatility to any space.

Brown fabric chairs are some of our most popular designs at The RoomPlace. If you want to create a cozy place to sit and read a book in your bedroom or office, then consider adding one of these trendy chairs to your room. You can find a brown fabric chair in a number of different styles. Whether you’re looking for traditional or completely funky, our furniture store is a great place to start. If you’d prefer to lighten up a room with softer touches, then look into a beige leather chair. We currently have beige chairs that swivel, beige chairs that are surprisingly audacious, and beige chairs that offer subtlety to any space in your house that needs an update. Because chairs take up dramatically less space than loveseats or couches, you can even mix and match chair styles within a single room. You might be surprised to find that two seemingly dissimilar chairs can mesh well in a single space without cluttering or distracting from the room’s overall vibe.

If you’re interested in chair upholstery near Indianapolis or just want a finished piece you can add to a special room in your home, then you need to head down to The RoomPlace.  We have chairs in both leather and fabric, and we carry an assortment of colors. So no matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find it at one of our locations. 

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Introducing the “Yes! You Can” Plan

At The RoomPlace, we don’t think new furniture should be a luxury. Everyone deserves to spruce up their home with a few refined pieces that match their style and taste. That’s why we’ve created the Yes! You Can plan. The Yes! You Can plan makes getting the furniture you love easier and at a price you can live with.

Here’s all you have to do:

  • Pick out a gorgeous piece of furniture (or update an entire room).
  • Put nothing down, and depending on what you choose, payments start as low as $25 a month.
  • Invite friends over and show off your gorgeous new bed, dresser, sofa, or entirely new living room set. The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve been stalking any furniture at our store, we want you to take it off our hands for good. A number of our living room collections are on sale now, so there’s never been a better time to buy. Come in and check out the Room Collections we currently have. Why not try out a gray leather loveseat and sofa pairing? Our gray, leather living room collections have both modern and traditional options to match your style. Pair one of our gray collections with light blue home accents, and you’ll really have something special. With your new living room, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, and you’ll have a lovely space to call your own.

Come on out to your Chicago Lakeview furniture store and ask one of our friendly furniture consultants about the Yes! You Can plan. While you’re here, let us show you our amazing sales and help you pick out the perfect furniture for any room.


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Get Ready, National Bed Month is Almost Here

We’ve been waiting all year for this, and now, it’s almost here. Do you know what the month of March is? It’s National Bed Month: the time of year where we recognize the cozy mattresses we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives curled up on.

Here at The RoomPlace, we know that sleep is an essential part of life. Sleep helps us relieve stress and allows time for our bodies to relax and our brains to do various tasks like consolidate memories. National Bed Month is meant to remind us of why we need sleep and how sleep can help us live happier and more productive lives.  

A good night’s sleep starts with your mattress. We don’t have to tell you not to trust 1/3 of your life to just any old mattress, that fact should be obvious. If you’re ready to dump your old, bumpy mattress for a brand new model, come check out our selection of Simmons Mattresses, like our Simmons Beautysleep Kitner King Firm Cushion Low Profile Mattress Set. If you’re looking for other size mattresses, feel free to search our fantastic mattress inventory, and find what works best for you.

Going into March, we hope everyone makes it a goal to get a better night’s sleep. Check out the below hints and tips to get the most out of your sleep.  

  • Move distracting entertainment equipment and unnecessary clutter out of your bedroom.
  • Have a bedtime routine and stick to it. A routine will help your body know when it’s time to go to bed, so you won’t thrash around for hours trying to fall asleep.
  • Only use your bedroom for sleep. If your mind associates your bedroom as a tranquil and un-distracting space, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly in the space.

If you’re ready to start celebrating National Bed Month a little early, then feel free to come out to one of our convenient Chicago bed stores today. We have an array of mattresses and bed frames to make your bedroom the most calming place on Earth. We can’t wait to see you.  

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Americans Looking Forward to Some Exciting Home Trends in 2014

At The RoomPlace, we consider our role as furniture sellers a rather integrated one. Furniture is intertwined with interior design, other décor elements, and even the architecture of our customers’ homes. So it’s well worth our time to stay on top of the latest in home design and Chicago-area furniture trends. And we have to say, we’re greatly looking forward to the developments that 2014 will bring. Below are the top three trends we’ll be watching this year.

1.      A continued shift to more open spaces, with fewer boundaries between and within rooms. Open floor plans and arrangements allow for more versatility in a home, giving their occupants more flexibility in how they’re used. It also means that you are less restricted in your furniture choices.

2.      Designing for the long term. This means that homeowners are increasingly looking to update and rework the homes they have now in order to have a space they can live, grow, and age in over the long term. Increasing numbers of Americans are looking to stay in their homes rather than sell and buy a new one in the current real estate market. This kind of design takes into account details concerning mobility and usability issues for aging occupants—details like lever-style handles instead of doorknobs, motion sensor lighting, and bedrooms on the first floor.

3.      Bunk rooms, and other creative sleeping solutions. Many homeowners with growing families find themselves with challenging spacial options for accommodating everyone, and bunked beds (and other pieces like daybeds) are the natural solution.

What are you looking forward to in 2014? Are there any furniture- or design-specific trends you want to see?

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Get Your Cozy Winter Fireplace Setup at The RoomPlace

The warm, glowing hearth is a well-known and well-loved symbol of winter coziness, and during the holidays this image is especially poignant. After all, what better place is there to gather around to sing carols, sip hot cocoa, exchange gifts, or otherwise enjoy each others’ company?

At The RoomPlace, we’re excited to offer a piece that can provide both warmth and beauty to your home, just in time for the incoming wintry weather of January and February. The media console fireplace can take on multiple functions within your den, living room, or bedroom. Tying together the traditional hearth and more contemporary functions like providing a place to put your TV, pieces like the Montibello Media Console fireplace have been designed to meet the needs of modern home owners everywhere. With its rich wood finish, smooth marble and antique brass hardware, this piece will recall holidays and fireplaces of times past.

If you like something a little sleeker and more modern looking, then the Landon 2-piece Firebox and media console is probably right up your alley. You’ll also be happy to know that these pieces are built with safety in mind: soft-touch glass and a child-proof heater grate help keep even the most littlest and most curious occupants of your home out of harm’s way.

Ready to introduce a little warmth into your home, just in time for the New Year? Stop by one of our many Chicagoland furniture stores, where we’d love to help you find the unit that’s perfect for you. 

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Are You Ready for the New Year’s Eve Furniture Giveaway At The RoomPlace?

New Year’s Eve revelers will be excited to know that The RoomPlace is giving you yet another reason to get excited about the holiday. From 12/10 to 12/22, our Chicagoland furniture stores are working in tandem with ABC 7 to give away free furniture! All you have to do is enter the ABC 7 And The RoomPlace “New Year’s Eve RoomPlace Furniture Giveaway” online at On Christmas Eve, one lucky winner will be selected via random drawing from all of the entries received. IF you enter, be sure to tune in to the “Countdown Chicago” on December 31st, which is when the winner will be announced. Entries are limited to only one per person.

The winner will receive an in-store credit for a $10,000 shopping spree at The RoomPlace, which can take place at any of our furniture store locations throughout the Greater Chicagoland area.

You can get all the official rules and details here:

This isn’t the first time we’ve teamed up with ABC 7 for a giveaway. We’ve had great fun getting the community involved and working with a favorite local news station to provide this contest, which is our way of helping to build anticipation for the arrival of a brand new year. Whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve, we hope that crossing your fingers when the winner is chosen will be among them!

If you’re counting down the days until New Year’s Eve, don’t forget that the 22nd of December is your last day to enter in the contest! Don’t miss out!


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The Next Big Thing In Bedroom Furniture: Upholstered Beds

For some, the intricacy and nostalgia of more traditional furniture styles is exactly what’s needed to provide an air of mystery and luxurious comfort to a room—and what better place to have luxurious comfort than in the bedroom? If the romanticism and beauty of traditional styles are what you’re looking for, then there’s a new trend in the furniture world that you may want to be aware of, if you’re not already.

You’re probably used to seeing headboards and bedframes made with polished woods and sleek metals, but have you ever seen an upholstered one? These definitely had their heyday with midcentury furniture designs, but the look is back, and at The RoomPlace we love that it provides furniture shoppers with a few different styles to choose from.

We like the simple and elegant look of the Tristan beige Queen bed, which brings together velvet-feel material, nail-head trim, and a curved head- and footboard for a beautiful and durable bed. But if you want something a little more mod, the sleeker design of the Misty chocolate Queen bed may be more in line with what you’re looking for. For the added elegance of a European flair, the Regency Queen bedroom set incorporates primavera wood with walnut inlays, premium leather, cotton tufting, nail head trim and a charming sleigh bed design. But it’s not just the bed that oozes royalty—every other piece in the set makes use of intricate details and rich woods to create a bedchamber fit for a queen.

So what do you think of this trend? If you’re looking for a new bed that incorporates something old with something new in a stylish new way, come check out the bedroom furniture at our Chicagoland furniture stores. We’re sure you’ll find something to fall in love with.

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The new Matrix Collection at The RoomPlace

At The RoomPlace, we’re happy to introduce an exciting new collection of high-tech furniture. That’s right, we said high-tech—and you will too once you get to know the Matrix Collection!

The Matrix Collection features power recliners, loveseats, and sofas, and you can even get a whole living room collection. Soft, comfortable Nu-Leather comes in black or a deep, rich red, both of which would be cozy and inviting in any living room, den or home theater. The coffee power recliner comes with two cup holders, which make enjoying a hot or cold beverage in your armchair very convenient.

The Matrix sofa is where you really get added functionality. The middle seat can drop down to reveal a table that incorporates two cup holders, an overhead light, two USB ports and two A/C adapters you can use to stay plugged in to whichever devices your heart desires. The growing trend of incorporating innovative technology with comfortable furniture is one we’re loving here at our Illinois and Indiana Chicago furniture stores, and we think area furniture shoppers will as well. Armrest consoles, touch-button controls, and more make this collection not only a technophile’s dream, but also a great value.

Interested in exploring this new collection? Take a peek at our Matrix Collection video, then head over to our gallery of Matrix Furniture, where you can see photos and details on every piece in the collection. For living room furniture with a futuristic twist, it doesn’t get better than this! Stop into one of our many Indiana and Illinois furniture stores to learn more and see this collection in person.


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The RoomPlace 101st Anniversary Sale Is Happening Now!

At The RoomPlace we’re beyond excited to offer Chicagoland furniture shoppers yet another great opportunity to help us celebrate our history and get a great deal on furniture at the same time. There’s nothing we love more than putting great furniture in the hands of local shoppers at enviable prices.  Come help us celebrate our 101st anniversary by saving $101 off of your furniture or mattress purchase of $699 or more (limit one per household). You can find more details on the offers here.

Our history as a Chicagoland furniture store is very important to us, and we know that heritage is just as important to local furniture shoppers, even if their tastes run modern. Having served as a mainstay in the Illinois and Indiana furniture market since 1912, back when it was known as Harlem Furniture. As the business expanded, the name was updated to The RoomPlace—and as you know, the rest was history.

Having over a hundred years of experience in the industry has given us an insight into the furniture needs of the area that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you need design help, new living room furniture, a dining room set, bedroom furniture or anything else you can think of, we can help you find what you’re looking for at The RoomPlace.

Stop by one of our many furniture store locations across Indiana and Illinois to save up to 64% during our 101st Anniversary Sale, which is happening now until October 28, 2013. We hope to see you soon!


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Every little girl dreams of being a Princess

Isn't it true that fairy tales help drive the imagination? Why not set the story and theme with our Jessica twin or full bedroom set.

If the Jessica bed isn't her cup of tea party… Then perhaps something more like our Hailey bedroom will work. The bed showcases beautiful metal scrollwork in a silver hue, accented by clear crystal-like finials on the bedposts. The dresser and nightstands have beveled edges with scalloped details.


Check out our children bedroom furniture collections to see if we have something to fit your childs needs. The RoomPlace has a professional sales team at every showroom that can help you find quality furniture to last through the growing up years and beyond..