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Furniture Ideas for a Small Apartment

Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Donovan Red 3 Piece Daybed With Trundle From The RoomPlace

If you live in an apartment or home that’s on the small side, it can be difficult to find furniture that fits your space. To avoid a cramped, cluttered look and make the most of your small apartment, here are some stylish, space-saving furniture ideas to get you started.

Daybeds & Sleeper Sofas

Dual-purpose furniture is a great way to increase the functionality of a limited space without adding clutter. If your apartment is a one-bedroom but you need a second bed, your options are plentiful: from daybeds to futons and sleeper sofas, there are a few ways you can maximize your furniture even in a tiny space:

  • Daybed: A daybed looks like a tall sofa but is actually as comfortable to sleep on as a traditional bed. Some daybeds also have trundles—an extra bed that pulls out from the bottom but is hidden neatly underneath when not in use. Great for regular use in small bedrooms or shared kids’ rooms.
Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace
Image: Cloud Gray Futon From The RoomPlace
  • Futon: Futons are a classic dual-purpose piece. They offer a minimalist look and can be converted from a couch to a bed in an instant. This option is a great alternative to a space-hogging guest bed.
Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace
Image: Blair Brown Sleeper Sofa From The RoomPlace
  • Sleeper Sofa: Sleeper sofas are designed to look and function just like a traditional sofa, but they feature a fold-out mattress inside. Twin-size sleepers take up about as much floor space as a loveseat, while a queen is equivalent to a full sofa.

No matter what style you prefer, each of these sofa beds can blend in with the existing décor in your living area or bedroom for a contemporary look.

Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace
Image: Olson Accent Chair From The RoomPlace

Small Chairs

The living room of a small apartment isn’t likely to have sufficient space for a huge recliner or wide accent chair. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a comfy chair altogether. Minimalist chairs are typically a great option for small spaces—look for armless or slim-arm designs like our Tasia or Olson Accent Chair.

Likewise, dining chairs with a slimmer profile are great for reducing the amount of space taken up by your dining set. Make sure to choose chairs that can slide fully beneath the table when not in use, and opt for a simpler design to limit visual clutter.

Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace
Image: Jonathan Brown Faux Tray Set From The RoomPlace

Space-Conscious Tables

Occasional Tables typically take up lots of space, but there are a few ways you can minimize your small apartment’s tables while maximizing their functionality:

  • Tray Tables: A portable, folding alternative to side tables, tray tables can be pulled up to the sofa to serve as a small dining surface. Just fold and store when not in use.
Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace
Image: Winston Nesting Tables From The RoomPlace
  • Nesting Tables: If you have space for an end table in your living room, a nesting table can help you maximize storage space and provide an extra pull-out surface when needed. With this option, there’s no need for a coffee table!
Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace
Image: Warrington Pub Table From The RoomPlace
  • Pub Tables: 3- or 4-seater pub tables provide a compact alternative to dining tables.
Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace
Image: Karma Loveseat From The RoomPlace

Love Seat

Finally, if you don’t have much space in your apartment’s living room, opt for a love seat instead of a regular sofa. It takes up much less space while still providing a cozy spot to relax and watch TV.

Design Tips DIY Featured

Styling your room has never been so easy!


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new storeThe RoomPlace is excited to announce the opening of a new store location this month! The new showroom will be the sixth furniture store in the Indianapolis metro area for The RoomPlace and will better serve customers who call the East side of the city home.

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New Location:
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Bedrooms Design Tips Featured

2015 Trend: Upholstered Beds | The RoomPlace Chicago

2015 is going to be a good year for Chicago and Indianapolis style hunters. As we roll into the new year, we’re still seeing some trends from 2014 going strong. Of these, the most versatile is undoubtedly the upholstered headboard. Learn more about this exciting decorative feature from your favorite, neighborhood style gurus at The RoomPlace!


Upholstered headboards like the one above, The Tristian are an excellent addition to any Traditional bedroom. The rounded edges and muted colors are a decorator’s dream—add colorful throw pillows or a vibrant duvet to mix your decorative genres or tone it down with neutrals as showed above.

If toning your bedroom down doesn’t strike your fancy, by all means—spice it up!

tristan gray

Nail head trim is very popular this year, so pairing that trend with a deeper color, like pewter, will allow you to really show off your design chops.

Upholstered beds aren’t just for grown ups, either. You can treat your tween or teen with a bed they will flip for—The Elsa! Now available in twin and full, you can finally purchase a fun kids bed for your child to grow into.


Upholstered beds are so luxurious while they create a comfortable vibe, so we’re confident this trend will be sticking around for a while. Say goodbye to accidentally banging your head on harsh metal or wood—embrace the plushness of the upholstered headboard.

For more design tips and hot trends, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! Or if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in to one of our Chicago or Indianapolis locations.

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Why Buy Furniture Online?

Non-traditional methods of buying furniture online are becoming easier every day. The internet helps inform buyers on a wide range of questions when researching big purchases. With furniture stores that have physical stores and an online space to shop, you can’t go wrong with choosing a furniture online. Here are a few benefits of buying furniture online:

  • Material details: Select merchandise has material-specific details listed under the “unique features” tab listing valuable information you might otherwise guide
  • Room dimensions: You don’t need to memorize your room’s dimensions or bring them with to the store. Online furniture stores provide all of the dimensions for every item.
  • Buy online and see in store: If you’re one of those people who has to “feel” the furniture, check out your selection in store after buying the great deal online at one of our Chicago and Indianapolis area locations. Look out for “see in local store” icons on inventory pages. Many furniture stores have accommodating return policies if you’re not 100% smitten with your purchase.
  • Price comparing: Compare prices of the furniture you want with other furniture store’s prices to find the product that fits your budget. Often times, stores offer price matching incentives that you can take advantage of.
  • Sale look-out: Have your eye on a certain piece? Sign up for newsletters and look out for holiday sales. Furniture stores constantly receive new inventory and drop the prices of older furniture to make room for the new ones.
  • Customer service resources: Take your time and browse through our frequently asked questions on customer service pages. You might find answers to questions you hadn’t event thought of.
  • Nocturnal shopping: Browse our selection in your PJs at 2am if you wish—we’re not going anywhere!
  • Easy payment: Secure payment portals will keep your payment information safe.
  • See what you want to: Spend time browsing only the furniture you wish to see by shopping by style, price, or new arrivals.

The online marketplace is more than accommodating for online shoppers, and so is The RoomPlace. Shopping by room, style, or type has never been easier. Now you can delight in quality merchandise from the comfort of home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you have lingering questions, we’re a phone call away: 630.783.8000.

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Sleeper Sofas and Pullout Couches for Holiday Guests and Seasonal Visitors

Planes, trains, and automobiles: This holiday season, does it feel like all three are headed to your home bearing guests? If your holidays are packed with incoming visitors, then use our tips from to get your house prepped for the extra bodies!

Abandon Old Stereotypes

No longer are pullout sofas analogous to that cramped, outdated cot you had to sleep on when visiting out of state relatives. The sofa beds of today are more than just a functional piece of furniture–thankfully they’re also an everyday asset to your home. Our modern designs effortlessly hide a comfortable bed in their sleek silhouettes and elegant upholstery.

Think Beyond the Visit

Your pull out sofa will be used as just that: a sofa. With this in mind, you should select a stylish couch that adds to your overall room design. The Zeth Sleeper is a great example of what’s possible: The soft cotton fabric feels cozy and looks chic whether you’re curling up with a good book or slipping under the covers for a good night’s sleep.

Zeth Sleeper

Keep Things Simple

After a long evening catching up with friends, setting up a guest bed can feel like a formidable task. Our designers have been gravitating towards pull out couches like the Donovan Daybed for this very reason. Simply pull out the trundle when it’s time to get some shut-eye, then push it back in in the morning. Your room will transform from a living room to a guest bedroom in mere seconds!

donovan daybed

The holidays should be spent making merry, not stressing about where your visitors will get some shut-eye. Drop by one of our 22 locations to find your multifunctional solution today. Armed with your new sleeper sofa or pull out couch from The RoomPlace, you can focus on what counts–enjoying precious time with your loved ones.