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Furniture has come a long way in the last 50 years

How Fun… Look what we found! Here is an old ad of ours from 1956… I bet that FREE TV give away was a black & white…

In 1956 I bet they thought by 2013 we would have space travel, moving side walks, talking to people through our watch and TV's would be tiny to huge; but super thin..

  • We have people in space (Check)
  • Moving sidewalks at the airports (Check)
  • Tiny cell phones, earpieces and yes, even a watch phone (Check)
  • TV's, well yes we did that too. (Check)

Furniture design sure has changed in the last 57 years. Living room furniture configurations changed and became much more comfortable. With television becoming more of a center piece in every living room the furniture started to be made for that purpose. Comfort meant softer seating and reclining mechanisms. Sectionals now have chaises attached or separate.. You can even find sofa and love seats with recliners in them. With technology advances you can even have power recliners or power massage and speakers in your furniture. You will even see some living room sectionals and sofas with built in coolers for your drinks. Home Theater has created a whole new group of furniture.2, 3, 4 and 5 or more seats; all reclining and attached. You will usually find a cup holder in each one of these comfortable movie chairs.
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Celebrate President’s Day at The RoomPlace!

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Or, check out the blended leather Adrian Power Sectional, an ultimate nest of luxury that comes fully equipped with power reclining, heat and massage settings, reading lights, storage compartments, and beverage holders. Football season might be over, but you’ll have no problem entertaining guests in your living room with this ultra-comfy reclining sectional on sale for only $2,199 during The RoomPlace President’s Day Sale!

With additional furniture coupons like $50 savings on any twin mattress set and $200 savings on any king mattress set, plus the option to take as long as five years to pay off your President’s Day purchase, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better furniture deals in Chicago! So stop by The RoomPlace furniture location nearest you on Monday, February 18 for incredible savings on all your Chicago-area and greater Indianapolis furniture needs.

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Make your holiday guests feel right at home in your home

As most of our Chicago and Indianapolis furniture customers probably know, Christmastime creates the busiest travel days of the year (besides the dreaded Thanksgiving Eve). And between holiday parties with extended family, New Year’s celebrations with old friends, and every other shindig you’d expect an invitation to this December, the team at The RoomPlace is gearing up for houses full of festivities, merriment, and of course, plenty of guests.

If you’ve ever shopped at one of our many furniture stores in the Tinley Park, Schaumburg and Merrillville areas, you probably already know that The RoomPlace is dedicated to providing the best furniture and home accents at affordable prices – all with the goal of helping our customers develop their own personal decorating styles. So this holiday season, why not share your flare for interior design with your house guests in the most inviting way possible? Here, The RoomPlace is happy to offer advice on how to create the most welcoming guest rooms to ensure your friends, family and in-laws give only rave reviews about your holiday hospitality.


Step 1: de-clutter your environment

We get it – the holiday season is busy. With all the last-minute shopping, school plays or concerts, and cookie baking you’ve been taking care of lately, it’s easy to let your guest bedroom devolve into a storage room or glorified dumping ground. But you don’t want your guests feeling like they’ve been thrown in with all the other junk that’s at the bottom of your priority list.

So take a few minutes to organize. Don’t panic, we didn’t say “clean”; just move some of those boxes to the basement and make good use of your closet space (but not the one in the guest room!). Your guests will appreciate the effort when they’re not competing with the extra Christmas decorations for a little wiggle room.


Step 2: spoil your weary travelers

It probably goes without saying that you tend to keep your favorite pieces of furniture in the rooms meant for you and your family, while hiding some of those older, well-loved items in the lower-traffic guest room. There’s nothing wrong with making the most of hand-me-downs, but if you’re not willing to part with that brand-new dresser just yet, at least splurge on a high-quality new comforter, classy full-length bedroom mirror, or some plush towels for your guests’ enjoyment. They might not notice the age of the bed frame, but nobody objects to a little pampering when they’re on vacation.

And don’t forget to provide extra amenities, like hangers, aspirin or toothbrushes. We all know how frustrating it is to forget that one essential thing when packing for a trip away.


Step 3: personalize the treatment

The most important rule of thumb when readying your guest room is to remember that decorating any room should really be all about the designer: in this case, you! Don’t be afraid to add a few personal touches of your own, especially anything that enhances the style you’ve chosen to use in your other home decorating endeavors.

If the rest of your house uses the homespun touches of a comfortable country style, try adding floral curtains to the guest room windows or placing a cozy patchwork quilt on the bed. If you lean more towards a tried-and-true traditional style, you might provide a few velvet throw pillows or consider investing in a comfy, trendy velvet armchair for the corner near the reading lamp. Whatever your interior design style, we hope you get the idea – don’t lose it in the guest room just because it sees less action than the living room or kitchen.


During the holidays, just being near your friends and family is what really matters. But putting a dash of extra effort into your guest room this year will show your guests how much you value their time. And besides, it never hurts to eat, drink, and be merry in style!

The team at The RoomPlace wishes all our furniture shoppers from Chicago, Indianapolis, Tinley Park and beyond a very satisfying and safe holiday season.


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Own the season with holiday decorating tips from The RoomPlace: Part 2

Whether you’re online shopping for bedroom furniture in Indianapolis, clearance mattresses in Tinley Park, or a new bedroom set in Chicago, it’s never too late to shift gears and start decking the halls YOUR way.

If you happened to catch The RoomPlace blog last week, you probably remember that we’ve been offering advice on how to decorate for the holidays according to your own unique interior design style. Those who stick with a casual contemporary or comfortable country décor can find seasonal decorating tips in our previous blog post, but now the day has come for those of you who’ve been awaiting holiday decorating ideas for traditional or modern tastes.


Tried-and-True Traditional

If you’re into traditional décor, you probably have a few highly ornamental wood furniture pieces in your living room collection or dining room set, and a handful of lavish bedroom items featuring rich woods like mahogany, oak and cherry. In a word, tried-and-true traditional style is “grand.” As one of the most luxurious fabrics out there, velvet is the perfect choice for anyone looking to craft a more regal holiday ambiance.

  • First rule of thumb: less is more. When you overdo velvet, it’s easy to come off tacky. To rein in your royal-minded traditional style, it might help to remember that velvet isn’t the most durable fabric, so it’s best left for lower-traffic pieces of furniture. Skip the velvet sofa and opt for velvet cocktail chairs instead.
  • Velvet fabric is gorgeous in rich colors, so for the holidays, focus on darker hues like forest green, blood red, or deep maroon. Choosing these shades for throw pillows or the upholstery fabric on your dining room chairs makes a majestic seasonal statement. 
  • Since velvet is a heavy fabric, it keeps bedtime warm and cozy if you need a break from flannel sheets and down comforters. When it’s cold and snowy outside your windows, it’ll be hard to resist curling up in a velvet-swathed bed with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa.


Chic Modern

Here at The RoomPlace, we recognize that some of our Chicago and Tinley Park affordable furniture customers like to stay one step ahead of the latest trends in fashion and design. These homeowners stick with chic modern décor that emphasizes overstated simplicity, geometrical shapes, and shocking or unexpected colors – themes which are surprisingly easy to incorporate into seasonal decorating.

  • Cones: Try replacing the evergreen with a few cone-shaped metallic trees of varying sizes, preferably in silver, white and blue tones. If you absolutely can’t imagine Christmas without a little green, experiment with a metallic lime hue instead of the traditional forest shade.
  • Spheres: Shake up an old favorite by trading in your green wreath and its big red bow with one made out of metallic silver and white ornaments. Then add shocking contrast with a bold cerulean ribbon, and use it to hang the wreath from the top of your hallway or bedroom mirror.
  • Cubes: This time of year, everyone loves the look of a wrapped present. Take advantage of the familiar cube shape by filling a clear plastic box with ball ornaments – preferably of bright blue and lime green to keep up your chic modern color scheme. Wrap with a light blue bow and place on a silver platter for a surprising coffee table centerpiece.


When it comes to the holiday season, many of us tend to revere tradition above all else. But there's nothing wrong with changing it up just a little, especially when it helps you stand out from the crowd and express yourself at the same time.

Have you been following The RoomPlace’s style-based holiday decorating tips, but you’re not sure what you'd call your own personal decorating style? You can learn more by visiting us online, or the team at your local RoomPlace furniture store will be more than happy to help.



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Own the season with holiday decorating tips from The RoomPlace: Part 1

The end of November usually comes hand-in-hand with the realization that you not only have just 24 days to finish all your shopping, but also had better get moving if you haven't already started decorating for the holidays. So while you're busy untangling the Christmas lights in the attic, The RoomPlace team would like to remind you that decking the halls can involve more than just the obligatory outdoor light display and that same ol', same ol' green and red.

When it comes to seasonal decorating, it's easy to just follow the crowd or stick with what's familiar and call it a day. But here at The RoomPlace, we like to encourage anyone who visits our furniture stores near Tinley Park, Merrillville and beyond to express their own style through their home décor.

Whether your decorating style leans toward casual contemporary, comfortable country, tried-and-true traditional, or chic modern, don't be afraid to incorporate a little “you” into this year's holiday ambiance.


Casual Contemporary Holiday Style

If you’re attracted to refined understatement, soft lines, and clean architecture when you’re shopping for furniture in northern IL or IN, you probably prefer a casual contemporary decorating style. Taking subtle cues from vintage or retro trends and updating them for today’s home, casual contemporary tastes make decorating for the holidays both easy and affordable.

  • Start by recycling some of those old clothes that have been gathering dust in your closet. With just a little sewing TLC, that old pleated skirt you haven’t worn in years can be transformed into a unique, retro tree skirt.
  • Add a contemporary twist to an obvious holiday go-to by trading in evergreen wreaths and their big red bows for something more understated. Try putting together some dry twigs and herbs, acorns with a soft glaze of glitter, or a simple mother-of-pearl button arrangement.
  • For a more personal touch, glue a selection of black-and-white family photos onto a wire wreath mold. These contemporary DIYs make for a casual yet classic update on a beloved old favorite.
  • Continue in that vein by positioning some of your favorite tree ornaments in a vintage tray or serving bowl. The placement away from the tree will be a refreshing surprise for guests interested in getting a closer look at some of your prettiest holiday-themed home accents.

Comfortable Country Holiday Style

Does your current home décor feature rustic finishes, pastel color schemes, and the beauty of natural hardwood furniture? Then you might be inclined to follow a comfortable country decorating style. Since comfortable country typically involves deep-seated living room furniture, quilted detailing, and unique upholstery fabrics featuring denim, plaid, or floral patterns, your holiday décor should have an equally “homespun” feel.

  • With evergreen trees and wreaths dominating the holiday home decorating scene, it’s tough to avoid a little natural energy in your seasonal home right from the get-go. Take advantage by adding a rustic floral scheme to your tree this year when you craft homemade ornaments out of real or faux pointsettas.
  • Instead of collecting your holiday cards in a cute storage tin or displaying them above your fireplace like every other year, try clothes-pinning your Christmas cards to a clothesline and stringing it in your living room or across the windows in your kitchen. This makeshift mantel adds a homey holiday touch to any room.
  • Hang a small chalkboard in your kitchen, decorated with green and red plaid ribbon, and use it as a countdown until the big day or to write Christmas messages to the kids.
  • Finally, try replacing the tree skirt that’s been in the family for ages with a wicker mini or wraparound that does the same concealing job – but adds just a little more comfortable country kick.


Are you more attracted to grandiose, luxurious home décor? Maybe you’ve surpassed the latest decorating trends, and are all about blazing your own trail in the world of interior design? Don’t worry. The RoomPlace has plenty of holiday decorating advice for all our Chicago and Indianapolis furniture shoppers, no matter what your preferred style.

Tune in again next week, when The RoomPlace covers the ins and outs of seasonal decorating for two very different decorating styles: tried-and-true traditional and chic modern.

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Is your dining room ready for holiday guests?

Is your dining room ready for Holiday guests?

Remember when you went to Thanksgiving dinner at your grandparent’s house as a child?  They had the fancy dining room table that was only used once a year and you were afraid to go near?  Well, maybe that worked for them, but let’s get real.  You need furniture that works for your family every day.

The Ariana Collection dining room could be just what you need.  The dark mocha hue and a diamond motif throughout instantly enrich any room with stunning eye appeal. The glass table inserts and bold pedestal base offer unique style, while the cool curves of the faux leather chairs encourage lingering comfort at your dinner.  The dining room table expands with an 18” leaf for a bigger group and you can make it smaller for everyday use.  Whether you choose The Ariana Collection or any of our other dining room styles, now is a great time to get ready for the holidays.

There is one more question you should ask yourself; what do you do with the “good” China during the rest of the year?   Instead of hiding it away in a cabinet somewhere, consider a beautiful curio to keep it on display all year round.

The “Avenue” curio is a beautiful piece with clean lines and a rich espresso finish that will go well with any décor.  With its sleek, streamlined design and merlot wood finish, this piece echoes the look of chic city living. Halogen canister lighting and a mirrored back offer perfect display conditions, and adjustable glass shelves have plate grooves for your convenience.  Magnetic push latches mean there is no need for exterior hardware, keeping the overall style uncluttered.

Happy Holidays!

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Use Thanksgiving-inspired home décor to get into the spirit of the season

With radio stations already starting to play round-the-clock Christmas tunes, the imminence of the holiday season probably hasn't escaped your attention. As most of The RoomPlace's Chicago and Indianapolis furniture customers know, Thanksgiving is already on the ten-day forecast and Christmas is just around the corner after that. But during the hustle and bustle of preparing for ever-dropping temperatures, noisy house guests and much-anticipated (dreaded) holiday shopping, it's easy to neglect the ways you could be getting into the spirit of the season just by doing a little sprucing up around the house.

Thanksgiving marks the end of the fall season and launches us headfirst into winter, so for 2012, make sure you give the end of the autumnal era all the respect it deserves! The teams at The RoomPlace furniture stores in IL and IN encourage our readers to celebrate this year's Thanksgiving the right way, by sending the fall season out with a bang.


Bring the outdoors in with rustic home accents

What better way to procrastinate on your Christmas shopping than by clinging to every scrap that’s still left of fall? For the final weeks of November, consider adding a little autumnal rustic flare to your dining room or living room. Furniture replacement won’t be necessary; we're not talking about transforming your house into a log cabin. Keep it simple.

Pick up some silken leaves at your local crafts store and drape them around your bookshelves, or display them inside your picture frames for a more sophisticated look. If you're truly dedicated to the "natural" vibe, try threading freshly fallen leaves into a makeshift garland and hanging them above your living room fireplace. While you're at it, invest in some cheap faux feathers or artificial birds for a nature-inspired mantel setting, and throw in a few wood-framed mirrors or a vase filled with red leaves and acorns for good measure.

Finally, Halloween might be over, but white or "ghost" pumpkins are still in style – and they're the perfect way to blend those last remnants of fall with the snowy white winter ahead. Pick up a few of these tasteful home accents and create a simplistic display on your dining room’s buffet table or sideboard by adding a few ceramic pedestals, potpourri, or a vintage clock. 


Spice it up with seasonal colors

You don't need to re-paint your entire house to add a seasonal color scheme to a few of your rooms. Incorporate the warm hues of autumn into your home décor with just a few extra touches of trendy fall colors like bold bronze, chocolate brown, copper, and wine. Try switching out your everyday draperies or rugs for some new ones featuring these kinds of colors. Feeling adventurous? Add a little fall flavor to your Thanksgiving table by picking out a few dining room chairs – or new upholstery fabrics for the ones you already have – that highlight autumnal hues in exotic patterns and prints.

For those more familiar and vibrant fall colors like orange, gold, and red, focus on the details: Select some of your favorite items from around the house that already utilize these colors, like a brightly colored cultural piece or shiny brass candle holders, and dress your room around them. You'll be surprised at how in-season your home feels with just a few splashes of bold Thanksgiving hues.


Reduce, re-use, recycle

It's nice to have the home looking gorgeous when relatives come calling, but when it's time to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, let’s face it: Nobody will be concerned about the color scheme of the dining room. Keep your creative autumnal vibe in the spotlight during this year's feast by re-using some of the elements from our other tips, to create a simple recycled Thanksgiving centerpiece before you carve the turkey.

Take a leaf out of the rustic decor book and fill the center of your dining room set with fresh herbs and colorful fall foliage. Or, decorate your ghost pumpkins with your silken leaves for a more literal representation of the season. Our favorite minimalist Thanksgiving idea here at The RoomPlace? Stroll around the block and gather some bare branches for a sculptural, elegant centerpiece that costs you nothing and allows you to keep the rest of your fall decor intact. Incorporate your favorite autumnal color scheme by sticking the branches in a bronze or brass container, or create eye-popping contrast by placing them in a bowl of red apples or berries.


This Thanksgiving, don't forget to give the fall season a little credit as you wave goodbye to it and head into December! Whatever you end up doing to prepare your house for Thanksgiving and however you choose to celebrate, the team here at The RoomPlace wishes you a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

Now, don't you have some cooking to do?

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New Room Of Dreams Winner! $2,500 in Free Furniture!

Congratulations to Jeff McConnell! He won our $2,500 in Free Furniture Room of Dreams Giveaway. Who couldn't use some Free furniture, right? The next winner could be you!! We will announce a new winner in January for the last 3 months of the year. So it's not to late to enter to win. Share with your friends and family so they can have a chance to win as well.

Winners will be able to use the $2,500 on anything in the store. We have 21 stores to choose from so there will certainly be a furniture showroom close to you. We have modern and traditional bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and kids furniture. Whether you want to update a room, or you moved and added another room, we will have the perfect furniture for your needs. The Roomplace has been offering beautiful furniture at great values to the Chicagoland communities for 100 years. We are your trusted neighborhood furniture stores, hands down…




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