Re-Create Your Dining Space

You’ve already got a dining room table and chairs; what next? If you have a little bit of extra room in your dining space, let us give you a few suggestions.

If your dining area is located near the kitchen, and there’s a bar area in said kitchen, then you definitely need to invest in a few stools. Have you ever noticed how people like to crowd into the kitchen while there’s some poor soul trying to cook up a delicious meal? Never again tired chefs! You may love your guests and family, but they need to plant themselves elsewhere. A few comfy stools will allow them to watch you wiz around the kitchen (without obstructing your path). It’s a win, win.

And while your guests are over, you need a place to stack the hors d’oeuvres and appetizers that’s not your beautifully set dining room table. Please don’t pull out that the old foldout card table you hide in the back closet and throw a table cloth on it. Instead, check out one of our gorgeous buffets and servers. We have a wide range of wooden buffets that not only work great for storage but are perfect for all of the before dinner specials you’ve cooked up. Give those bacon wrapped dates the home they deserve: a beautiful buffet from your friends here at The RoomPlace.

Finally, pull that gorgeous china out of boxes, and give it a home. China cabinets are always in style. If you’re looking for traditional or modern, we’ve got a china cabinet for you. So if you’re looking for clearance furniture near Schaumburg or a Chicago-area furniture store, find one of our locations near you. 

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Is Your Furniture Ready For the Big Day the Seahawks Play the Broncos?

We’ve written at our blog about getting your setup suited for your favorite weekend matchups, but there’s one football event that’s unlike any other. This isn’t just any football game. It is the game. And if you’re planning on hosting any sort of respectable party to watch it, then you need facilities that can hold up under even the most raucous celebrating.

So, you probably already have a living room with a couch and some chairs, a coffee table, a media center, a decent TV. But does this setup easily transform into the ultimate environment for eating, drinking, and being merry while the Seahawks and the Broncos duke it out? Here are three quick ways you can update your space in time for the big game:

·       Make more room for food and drink. If you don’t have plentiful surface area for your favorite snacks and beverages, then it’s time to make some. A sideboard is a great option for creating a Bloody Mary bar or a place to make additional beverages and snacks available to your guests that’s out of the way but still accessible.

·       Not sure how many people are coming? A piece like the Parker Cocktail ottoman or the Trey Cube ottoman can be converted into seating, an extra eating surface, or a footrest depending on which you need more of.

·       If any of your trusty furniture needs repairing, then now is the time to take care of it—you don’t want wear and tear getting worse or broken-down pieces making a bad impression on your guests. Get in touch with us at The RoomPlace today for your furniture repair needs.

Time is running out, so if you need to pick up some last-minute furniture in Chicagoland, now’s the time to dash into one of our many Illinois or Indiana locations!

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Spice Up Your Kitchen or Dining Room With Pub-Style Furniture

We know, we know. When you see the words ‘pub-style’ you probably think of burgers, fish and chips, and worn vinyl barstools and booth backs. At The RoomPlace, we know that’s hard to get excited about in the context of your lovely home. That’s why we’re happy to report that we have some streamlined, elegant pieces that will completely redefine how you think about ‘pub style’, and which can help mix things up a little if your kitchen is in need of updating.

Pub-style really just refers to higher tabletops and smaller surface areas, perfect for enjoying drinks and small plates—just like you’d see in a bar or lounge. There are two main advantages to choosing a pub-style table and chairs over the more traditional option. The first is that it’s much easier to achieve an urban, casual atmosphere with these pieces. And second, since these tables are counter-height, they’re very easy to use as additional kitchen preparation space. And of course, there’s no better choice for furnishing a home bar!

A personal favorite of ours is the Monticristo three-piece pub set, which ties together materials like marble veneers, faux leather, and sleek black wood to create a sophisticated, urban feel. If you want something a little more minimalist (and shiny), the Anna black five-piece counter height dinette would be an excellent option for you. The Capri five-piece dinette set provides counter-height dining with a few extra places to stash bottles of wine, extra dishes, and more.

Interested in revamping your definition of pub-style? Let us here at The RoomPlace help you explore your options. 

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What’s On Deck for 2014? A Peek at Next Year’s Furniture Trends

If you’re like us, then you live for the next big thing. We’re pretty excited for what 2014 has in store for us and our clientele, and there are a few upcoming trends we’re especially pleased to report. We’ll start with a big—and recent—one: the Pantone Color of 2014.

Pantone has recently revealed that the color of 2014 will be Radiant Orchid, which combines pink, fuschia, and purple and is based on data concerning tech, culture and fashion trends. A very popular and versatile color, Radiant Orchid will undoubtedly make its way into everything from phone cases to high heels to upholstery. Cobalt blue is also enjoying a boom in interest.

We’re also looking forward to a more casual, laid-back approach to home design and décor. There will always be a time and a place for the beloved clean lines, high contrast and angular features of modern furniture, but if you’re hoping to change things up in 2014, you may want to look into pieces that are comfortably contemporary. The Noah black loveseat and Nicki five-piece counter-height dinette set are great examples of what this style has to offer.

Statement dining tables are also a great way to liven up a dining room. We love the bold yet elegant Montecristo table, whose marble veneers contrast richly with the legs’ black finish, playing up the natural patterns of the stone. The Regency round table offers a different kind of statement, contrasting detailed woodworking, rich finishes, and a disc of clear glass with an ogee edge.

If you’re ready to take on 2014 and everything it has to offer, then come see us at one of our many Chicagoland furniture store locations. We can’t wait to help you navigate the many colors and designs that will be big in 2014. Come see us at The RoomPlace today!


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HDTV Packages Are On Sale Now at The RoomPlace!

If you’d like to cut out a step in picking out the perfect TV to go with the rest of your décor, then The RoomPlace has a unique opportunity for you. Right now, we have furniture and HDTV bundles available that combine stylish furniture sets with various sizes of HD TVs.

These days, it’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have an HD TV of some sort in both the living room and a bedroom or two, so if you have any rooms in need of an overhaul—then you need to make your way to our Chicago furniture store post haste! For a larger-than-life picture in your bedroom, the Carrington six-piece Queen bedroom set accompanied by a 51” TV is a good place to start. But if you don’t need something quite that large in your bedroom, then the Hampton six-piece Queen Storage bedroom with a 32” TV may be more up your alley.

We also have many stylish living room sets on offer, like the bright and fresh-looking Celine Green five-piece living room that comes with a 51” TV, or the darker, cozy Rendezvous Chocolate three-piece sectional that comes with an even bigger TV, at 60”. There are many, many other combinations available, so be sure to look through our HDTV Packages to find the one that best suits your home and your furniture needs.

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about this deal. We’d love to match you up with the package that’s best for you, so don’t be shy! 

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Build Up Your Ultimate Home Theater With The RoomPlace

At The RoomPlace, we know that a home theater is a must for many homeowners who are serious about their audio and video. Luckily, there are many ways that you can put one together, using various living room and entertainment pieces to make a home theater that is uniquely you. Let us show you what some of your options are for home theater furniture.

First, you’ll obviously need somewhere for your TV to go, and a great place to start is with an entertainment center. We’re a big fan of the Cortland 4-piece entertainment center, which has rich wood with cherry finish and a simple, elegant design to offer your home. If you like the looks of this option you’ll probably also like the smaller, simpler Cortland 60-inch TV console.

Once you’ve got a spot to put the The Entertainment, you need to have a place to put yourself. Depending on how many people you want to seat in your home theater, you’ll definitely want to start with some kind of cozy, reliable recliner. We suggest the aptly-named Showtime power recliner, which you can get in black or brown. If you want a whole room full of recliners, go for the Matrix Coffee 3-piece Power Living Room, which brings recliner comfort and style to sofa and loveseat configurations. A sofa or a sectional would be a great option as well, though you should definitely go for something cozy and plush, like the Blair Sofa or the Uptown Espresso 2-piece sectional. Also, don’t forget a good ottoman or two for putting your feet up.

There are many ways to build the ultimate home theater. If you need more inspiration or help getting any of these things together, come see us to get an idea of what kind of home theater and living room furniture is in Chicago for you to buy. We hope to see you soon!


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Getting Ready For the Next Big Food Season: Is Your Dining Room Up For The Challenge?

With temperatures falling, many of us find ourselves trading one ‘big-eating’ season for another: summer barbeques and cookouts move indoors, where we’re a little more restricted by what’s available within the walls of our homes. To fully enjoy the bounty of autumn—the harvest of vegetables and fruits, fresh cider, and fall beers—you need a dining room and a kitchen that can handle both the food and the company.

Well, luckily at The RoomPlace we’ve got plenty of options if you’re looking to upgrade to a bigger or just better dining set. If you want a higher table that will keep level with your countertops (while providing a beautifully unique, polished and earthy look) then the marble-veneered Montibello IV counter-height dining table is a great option. For a lower, more urban-looking and polished sit-down level table, the Ariana table will add a dash of sophistication and elegance—add in handcrafted Ariana side chairs to complete the picture and you’ll have a handsome dining set.

Sometimes, just a dining table and chairs isn’t enough. If you’re entertaining a lot of guests, you’ll need additional storage area that you can call up in a snap. A sideboard is the perfect solution—and also can be a great way to inject a little contrast or personality (not to mention extra storage) into your dining area. You can find looks that range from the elegance of this gorgeous marble-topped Monticristo sideboard to the rustic Irina sideboard.

So are you ready for the influx of food and guests that Fall will bring? If not, it’s time to visit The RoomPlace to find the dining room sets that will be up to the task. Stop by one of our many Chicago-area furniture stores today!

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Protect your furniture from the mischief of summer

With the 4th of July barely behind us, we’ve just about entered the glorious midsummer season. Lazy nights drinking lemonade on the porch, fun-filled evenings barbecuing with friends on Fridays after work, exciting week-long vacations to exotic destinations – summertime is often the most relaxing and enjoyable part of the year.

Of course, summer also means the kids are done with classes and enjoying a well-deserved break from school, which frequently adds up to more than a few consequences for your painfully perfected home décor.

Even if your kids are the most responsible ones on the planet, always remembering to clean up after themselves and never forgetting to use a coaster on the expensive vintage coffee table in the living room, summertime fun in the sun isn’t exactly on the list of things your home furniture collection loves the most. Between long days at the beach, hands-on games of soccer and baseball, and plenty of afternoons spent sweating it out with the rest of the neighborhood kids, your children are probably bringing a whole lot of sand, moisture and grime into some of your home’s most delicate places.

The team at The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you is here with a handful of tips that will make sure your home furniture survives a battle with your own little hooligans without so much as a scratch.

Prevent the natural elements from entering your home in the first place by instructing your kids to remove any soiled clothing before entering the house – especially shoes. Long day at the beach? If there are no public showers where the little ones can rinse off before heading home, at least request that they dry out in the sun before coming in – that way they can brush off most of the sharp grains of sand that have an uncanny talent for embedding themselves into every surface of your house during the long months of summer.

Divert the attention from your plusher furniture by asking the kids to take their lemonade or ice cream breaks in the kitchen rather than lounging around on the living room furniture. Wooden stools and chairs are more durable than the expensive leather sofa or recliner in your living room, and besides, it’s a great way to keep them outside and away from the television set.

Protect your fancier furniture with slipcovers as a last ditch resort. No need to follow grandma’s lead with noisy and unsightly plastic; simply invest in a couple of cheap cotton slipcovers for your more expensive items to protect them from not only dirt and sand, but also greasy sunscreen.

Of course, if worse comes to worst, you can always stop by your local Chicago furniture store to replace that soiled leather sofa. We’re here for you, parents.

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Team Up with The RoomPlace to Start Baseball Season in Style

For Chicago sports fans, April showers bring one thing: the beginning of baseball season.

With so many furniture stores throughout northern Illinois and Indiana, The RoomPlace understands that our customer base encompasses fans of the White Sox, the Cubs, the team from your hometown across the country, and every club in between. But as much as everyone loves America’s favorite pasttime, it might be difficult to make it out to every live game during the six-month-long season. So when it comes time for that first pitch, most of us will be perched on the edge of our seats in not the bleachers, but rather the leather sofa in our living rooms.

Of course, not all living rooms are created equal, and that’s where The RoomPlace comes in. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the game, but nothing beats the image quality and enhanced detail provided by a big-screen TV. And doesn’t yours deserve a nice home?

A great TV accomplishes plenty on its own, but it would look kind of silly sitting in the middle of your living room floor. Fortunately, at The RoomPlace store nearest you, you’ll find a wide variety of quality entertainment centers in every size, style, color and material you can dream up. For your next big game party, try this robust four-piece wall unit from the Clybourn Collection that will serve as a clear centerpiece for all the action. Or maybe you’d prefer the more traditional-styled Hamilton four-piece entertainment center, with its brown cherry finish and ample room for media storage.

But the team at The RoomPlace understands that not every game is grounds for a party. For fans who enjoy a little late-night baseball as they’re falling asleep in their bedrooms, this easily maneuverable Bella TV Stand could be a perfect fit. You might also appreciate the simple elegance of the Shubert TV Console, available in multiple dimensions with decorative sliding doors. Whatever your baseball entertainment needs require, the selection of media centers available at The RoomPlace has something for every kind of fan.

Whether you’re looking for a new sectional or an entire living room set, The RoomPlace can promise top-notch customer service, affordable prices, and speedy delivery on all your Chicago furniture needs. Besides a shot at this year’s World Series, what more could you ask for?

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Furniture has come a long way in the last 50 years

How Fun… Look what we found! Here is an old ad of ours from 1956… I bet that FREE TV give away was a black & white…

In 1956 I bet they thought by 2013 we would have space travel, moving side walks, talking to people through our watch and TV's would be tiny to huge; but super thin..

  • We have people in space (Check)
  • Moving sidewalks at the airports (Check)
  • Tiny cell phones, earpieces and yes, even a watch phone (Check)
  • TV's, well yes we did that too. (Check)

Furniture design sure has changed in the last 57 years. Living room furniture configurations changed and became much more comfortable. With television becoming more of a center piece in every living room the furniture started to be made for that purpose. Comfort meant softer seating and reclining mechanisms. Sectionals now have chaises attached or separate.. You can even find sofa and love seats with recliners in them. With technology advances you can even have power recliners or power massage and speakers in your furniture. You will even see some living room sectionals and sofas with built in coolers for your drinks. Home Theater has created a whole new group of furniture.2, 3, 4 and 5 or more seats; all reclining and attached. You will usually find a cup holder in each one of these comfortable movie chairs.