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Get Organized This Year with Innovative Storage from The RoomPlace

We think every storage space deserves a round of applause. Whether you live in a spacious home or an apartment, it can feel difficult to stay organized without bringing down your feng shui. Here are a few assets that deserve their own superlatives:

The Display and Organizational Tag-Team: Curio Cabinets
Special items deserve a unique space. But if you’ve been putting these treasures into storage because you simply don’t know where to safely display then, it’s time to take action. Curio Cabinets like the Barton provide unique home storage solutions that will showcase your favorite photos, china, artwork. The glass encasing keeps these valuables safe while giving them the opportunity to be where they should: In the limelight!


The Chef’s Apprentice: Buffets and Sideboards

.If you’ve been flummoxed on how to make your kitchen storage-friendly without it feeling like there are too many cooks in the kitchen (we couldn’t resist!), you’ll find a solution with buffets or sideboards. The Monticristo Sideboard, for example, is decked out with sneaky spots to hide dishes, flatware, and wine glasses. They’re also a decorative asset.


The Coziest Storage Space: Beds and Bureaus Unite
There’s a reason that we call the Welden a “storage heaven.” From the outset, your bed will look like, well, a bed. But kneel down and you’ll be met with storage space aplenty. The drawers are tucked neatly into the base of the bed frame so they don’t take up any extra space. It’s also the perfect toy storage solution or shoe storage solution.



“Storage” doesn’t have to mean plastic containers shoved under the bed, and it doesn’t have to mean cardboard boxes tucked into the closet. Rather than relegating your items to the garage, storage solutions in the home are a more accessible and attractive alternative. The RoomPlace is excited to provide ways to get organized that will complement your interior decor, and we know that we have the perfect solution for you! Take a peek at our Deal Flyer to get a storage steal this month.


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What Does your Home Office Say About You?

Anyone who’s ever been fortunate enough to have a home office all to themselves (or even to share) knows that the right furniture can make or break your concentration and productivity. For instance, if you don’t have enough drawer space for storage—where do all of your papers end up? If the answer is “anywhere and everywhere,” then it might be time for a complete office overhaul. Read on to learn what other aspects of your office furniture says about your work habits, efficiency and personal style.

home office

Sleek lines and crisp details means you’re a no-nonsense worker.

A contemporary home office like the Garrett inspires productivity with its multiple flat surfaces and minimal bells and whistles. While some Chicago folks enjoy working with various knickknacks or photos decorating their space, someone who occupies their home office only for work will enjoy the limited distractions contemporary office provides. The natural material also inspires an earthy feel and connects the room to the outdoors in an effortless, strategic way.


A traditional-inspired office means you have a flair for multi-tasking.

With more traditional pieces like the Marshall, your home office style is more decadent and decorated than purely functional. You enjoy the ornate and sophisticated aesthetic of old-world decor, but you aren’t beholden to any old-world ideals that your office need only be for work. With the varying shelving levels, you can surround yourself with all manner of decorative embellishments—photos, awards, or plants just to name a few.

A modern office means you enjoy harmony in your workspace.

white office

Modern office furniture like the Claire is making a comeback in a big way—and for good reason! Its marriage of multiple textures and straight lines is perfect for those of us who enjoy bringing balance to all of our rooms. As a stylish and functional piece, hip and modern office chairs like the Clair Swivel Desk Chair add a hint of unexpected personality in a space otherwise devoted to work in your Chicago home.

If you’re ready to see what other magic you can work in your home to make your personality stand out, check out some of our other furniture blogs about goin’ traditional and decorating your new Chicago home. Put all of our tips together and come see our design loving staff for stylish furniture sets that can deck out your entire home!

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How to Create the Perfect Buffet Set Up for Big Dinner Parties

Gearing up for a season of holiday parties? Make sure your dining room is ready to accommodate a bevy of merrymakers and enough dishes to keep them full. To help you get in the spirit stress-free, we’ve compiled a few tips that will get you host-ready in no time.

We love a good magazine-ready spread: dishes filled with colorful and delicious food all arranged expertly on a stylish sideboard or server. While the focus should undoubtedly be on your expert culinary abilities, it can’t hurt to make sure your furniture garners a few compliments as well. Sideboards and servers can make a big difference when it comes to showing off your hard work—they give you extra surface area and lots of valuable storage space below. Giving your wine glasses, dishes, and cutlery a centralized home will make it easier to setup for your party and ease the final cleanup.

server Montibello

To get the most out of your server, get your dining room setup arranged in host mode. Place your server away from your table and dining chairs to manage the flow of guests. That way, you’ll avoid traffic jams between the people getting their food and those sitting down to dig in.

If you’re a frequent dinner host, then you know all about the extra seating room table leafs can provide. They allow your table to easily expand to accommodate the extra guests at the drop of a hat. An expandable table will also impress your visitors with your thoughtful foresight and your keen eye for design and style. Say goodbye to banishing your guests into another room when you run out of seats!

There’s also an art to what goes on the table. Conserve space and eliminate clutter by placing all of your dishes on the buffet, and encourage guests to serve themselves in a left-to-right direction. Think of your food setup as a journey. Dishes and cutlery should go first, followed by the salad or starter. Next should go the main. End the table with condiments. Place all beverages on side tables away from the buffet so that people aren’t centralized in one place while they’re serving themselves.

With the help of the RoomPlace furniture, a little bit of planning, and a proper setup technique, you can easily cultivate the perfect setting for your next dinner party.

Next up? After-dinner cocktails! Our Indianapolis living room sets will create the ultimate post-dinner atmosphere!

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3 Tips To Arrange Your Sectional Sofa..


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Give Your Home the Traditional Look Without Overpaying

Traditional Décor:
Give Your Home the Traditional Look Without Overpaying

Traditional décor sets a mood that hasn’t gone out of style since the 18th century. It looks at home on the set of Downton Abbey, a period drama set in the early 20th century, just as it complements a modern apartment in the heart of Chicago. It’s no wonder homeowners continue to gravitate towards the royal opulence traditional décor inspires. Traditional furniture is commanding, and graceful–and it’s a trend that will always stay in fashion.

But there’s a common misconception that traditional style furniture can only be found in high-end auction houses. Think again. You can be a regal Traditionalist without your budget taking a beating. Explore a few ways we can help you get started on your Traditional motif!

Let the Details Do the Talking
Traditional furniture styles anything but understated. Most pieces are punctuated by subtle–but memorable–details. The Marquis Side Chair is a perfect example. Its ornate carving, rich, textured upholstery and almost-clawfoot feet are reminiscent of furniture you would see at the royal court.

Camilla Arm Chair

Embrace Symmetry
You’ll find that most traditional furniture pieces are unwaveringly symmetrical. This sense of order is part of their appeal, and it’s one that should extend to the arrangement of your space. Try to create mirror image setups to get the most out of your traditional room. For example, arrange two armchairs on either side of the fireplace or have two sofas face one another from opposite walls. Traditional home décor is always arranged with intention.

Fairview Queen Bed

Use Lighting As a Tool
Once your home is decked out with a gorgeous selection of traditional furniture, so why not light it like a pro? You’ll find that low lighting or wall sconces complement this style more than overhead lighting. Try to stick with simple table lamps that show off your furniture in the best light possible.

Explore hundreds of affordable solutions to your traditional décor needs at one of our store locations or find the perfect fit from the comfort of home with the help of our online marketplace. Choose The RoomPlace to help you craft your slice of decorative heaven!

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Repurposing Old Furniture When It’s Time for Something New

If you follow us on Facebook at all, then you’ve probably seen some of the creative ideas we’ve posted for repurposing parts of your old furniture or other household items instead of throwing the whole piece away. We’re sure you’ve already seen more Pinterest boards and blog articles of drawers being reused in quirky ways, so we’ll focus instead on some of the materials you can use to make these creations. Below are three of our favorites here at The RoomPlace:

·        Blackboard paint. This is very popular right now, and with good reason! Add a splash of style and functionality when you turn a bland surface into something you can decorate or write on with chalk. Some of our favorite ideas:

o   If you’ve got an old (but solid) headboard lying around, repurpose it into a chalkboard. Depending on its shape and design, this would be a perfect addition to a playhouse, work room, or studio.

o   Old, worn pieces like cabinets, trunks, side tables, or dressers can get a blackboard makeover for use in the garage or other storage area, so you can keep track of what’s stored where.

·        Save old upholstery and other fabric scraps for use as accents on pillowcases and other places that need a little extra flair.

·        Create your own wallpaper (there are many websites that will allow you to do this), which you can apply to virtually anything. Give that drab piece of furniture a retro chic vibe with this technique. Add color and intrigue to the inside of a bookshelf, the face of a drawer, the top of a table—anywhere you can imagine it!    

Remember, if your furniture’s at the point where you can’t use it anymore, then it’s definitely time to buy new furniture—but with a little resourcefulness you can take what you need from your old pieces and get creative. Once you’ve finished your crafting, though, head over to one of our many Illinois or Indiana furniture stores to pick out your new pieces!

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Protect your furniture from the mischief of summer

With the 4th of July barely behind us, we’ve just about entered the glorious midsummer season. Lazy nights drinking lemonade on the porch, fun-filled evenings barbecuing with friends on Fridays after work, exciting week-long vacations to exotic destinations – summertime is often the most relaxing and enjoyable part of the year.

Of course, summer also means the kids are done with classes and enjoying a well-deserved break from school, which frequently adds up to more than a few consequences for your painfully perfected home décor.

Even if your kids are the most responsible ones on the planet, always remembering to clean up after themselves and never forgetting to use a coaster on the expensive vintage coffee table in the living room, summertime fun in the sun isn’t exactly on the list of things your home furniture collection loves the most. Between long days at the beach, hands-on games of soccer and baseball, and plenty of afternoons spent sweating it out with the rest of the neighborhood kids, your children are probably bringing a whole lot of sand, moisture and grime into some of your home’s most delicate places.

The team at The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you is here with a handful of tips that will make sure your home furniture survives a battle with your own little hooligans without so much as a scratch.

Prevent the natural elements from entering your home in the first place by instructing your kids to remove any soiled clothing before entering the house – especially shoes. Long day at the beach? If there are no public showers where the little ones can rinse off before heading home, at least request that they dry out in the sun before coming in – that way they can brush off most of the sharp grains of sand that have an uncanny talent for embedding themselves into every surface of your house during the long months of summer.

Divert the attention from your plusher furniture by asking the kids to take their lemonade or ice cream breaks in the kitchen rather than lounging around on the living room furniture. Wooden stools and chairs are more durable than the expensive leather sofa or recliner in your living room, and besides, it’s a great way to keep them outside and away from the television set.

Protect your fancier furniture with slipcovers as a last ditch resort. No need to follow grandma’s lead with noisy and unsightly plastic; simply invest in a couple of cheap cotton slipcovers for your more expensive items to protect them from not only dirt and sand, but also greasy sunscreen.

Of course, if worse comes to worst, you can always stop by your local Chicago furniture store to replace that soiled leather sofa. We’re here for you, parents.

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Don’t Sweat the Summer Heat: 5 Tips from The RoomPlace

Maybe there’s no central air conditioning in your apartment complex, or maybe you’re just trying to lower your house’s energy bill by keeping it off. Either way, without the magic of air conditioning, the summer months ahead have the potential to get pretty sweaty and miserable. As temperatures rise, you might feel yourself slowing down due to dehydration, exhaustion, dizziness and even heat stroke – and a cold shower can only do so much.

But don’t despair! Your friends here at your favorite Chicago furniture stores have a few simple tricks that will help you keep the heat in your home at bay, without any help from that costly A/C.

  1. Sleep cooler: put a small pillow in the freezer a couple of hours before bedtime, and then nestle it under the covers at the foot of your bed or mattress before you go to sleep. You can also try outfitting your bedroom furniture with silk or satin pillowcases, rather than cotton or flannel.
  2. Lighten up: take note of furniture in any room that is currently dressed with darker, heavier fabrics, and exchange them for lighter, brighter materials. Darker colors absorb the heat of the sun, so it might be time to invest in a bright white slipcover for that chocolate leather sofa.
  3. Hide out: between the hours of 10am and 3pm, the afternoon sun is more sweltering than any other time of day. Before heading off to work, school or errands, make sure the blinds are closed in your Chicago or Indianapolis home. Furniture in rooms facing the afternoon sun will absorb less heat as a result, and your house or apartment will stay cooler in the process.
  4. Refresh: open your windows at night, when temperatures tend to drop. Your home has been shut up all day, so letting in some fresh air will help circulate a nice refreshing breeze throughout your rooms.
  5. Unplug: replace incandescent lightbulbs with cooler fluorescent bulbs, turn off all lights when you’re not using them, and keep your main electronics on a power strip so you have a quick and convenient way to power down before leaving the house for the day.

Here at The RoomPlace, we’re no strangers to the often suffocating summers of the Midwest. So we hope these simple tricks will help our Indianapolis and Chicago furniture customers stay a little cooler throughout the months ahead!

And when all else fails, just remember: all 21 of The RoomPlace furniture stores are air conditioned.

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Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Go Contemporary

Now that April has come and gone, you’re probably – hopefully! – finished with your spring cleaning. Of course, when it comes to interior design, that phrase can take on a whole new meaning.

There are plenty of spring décor trends worth trying that can go a long way in freshening up your home. But sometimes, the best kind of “spring cleaning” refers to something a little less literal. This year, how about pairing your new clutter- and junk-free home with a “less is more” interior decorating style?

Here at The RoomPlace, we understand that any Chicago or Indianapolis furniture shopper who walks into any of our 20 furniture stores is looking for something a little different from the next. And we’re more than pleased to provide a vast selection of home furniture in every décor style you can think of, in order to meet the very distinctive demands of each unique customer who shops with us. From the grandiose and regal curved lines of the traditional style, to the more laid-back and subtle elements of transitional furniture, we can help you find bedroom, dining room and living room furniture in all shapes and sizes that suit your own individual eye for design.

But if you’re looking for a “clean” décor style that emphasizes functionality and simplicity over form and ornamentation, we recommend browsing the selection of contemporary-style furniture available at The RoomPlace furniture store nearest you! The contemporary style is all about sacrificing superfluous adornment in favor of sharp lines and geometric forms – perhaps the perfect décor elements to round out your spring cleaning philosophy this year. Here, we highlight just a few of our favorite contemporary furniture pieces available here at The RoomPlace!

Leah Chair & Ottoman. This living room set offers a bold, basic design with just the bare bones. Available in brick orange, light blue, jet black and smooth ivory, the Leah Chair & Ottoman brings a modern flair to its simple yet stunning design, featuring a sleek contoured back and high arms and distinctive, clean lines.

Ariana Queen Bed. If your bedroom is in need of a little spring cleaning, then you’ll want to take a look at the Ariana Queen Bed. The big-city look of its plain head- and base-boards eliminates the extra frills you’ll find on queen beds of other styles, allowing for a minimalist aesthetic that establishes your bedroom as anything but high-maintenance.

Montibello Three-Piece Pub Set. For hip dining room furniture, it doesn’t get much “cleaner” than the Montibello Three-Piece Pub Set, which masterfully blends the stark contrast of rich leather on cherry wood with the visual texture provided by a thick marble-veneered tabletop.

For more tips and tricks on how contemporary furniture can complete your spring cleaning mission this year, feel free to contact The RoomPlace or simply swing by your local furniture store. As always, we look forward to working with you!

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Spring Cleaning Means More than just Sprucing up your Home

Remember last week when we discussed the importance of taking steps to secure your home while you’re away on vacation? Today we’d like to welcome you back to Illinois and Indiana by reminding you that at the turn of the season, your house could be in danger from more than just potential criminals.

If we seem a little sinister lately, we’re sorry! The team at The RoomPlace just wants to make sure that from Indianapolis to Chicago, furniture shoppers at our stores know that protecting their homes can come in many shapes and sizes. As this frigid Midwestern winter finally begins its transformation into a warmer – and wetter! – spring, you might be surprised to learn that one of the most important things you can do to keep your family safe is…that dreaded spring cleaning.

There’s no getting around it: April brings showers. And in the Midwest, “showers” can mean violent thunderstorms with accompanying powerful winds and dangerous lightning shows, not to mention torrents of potentially harmful rainwater. So performing a little preventive maintenance could go a long way in not only keeping your home in top shape this spring, but also protecting everyone who lives there from the risks of structural or water damage. Use our quick and handy checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything important!

  • Clean out your gutters: foliage buildup can trap moisture, leaving your house vulnerable to mildew that causes major damage to roof or walls.
  • Get your roof a check-up: your roof is your greatest shield against the elements, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional to inspect for precipitation-induced wear and tear.
  • Re-paint the shell: exposed wood starts to rot, so check for chipped or cracked paint along the outer walls of your house.
  • Trim the hedges: cut any overgrown trees to prevent serious damage to your house during a gusty storm, and trim any vines that are growing wild since they could crack your siding.
  • Investigate windows and doors: check all openings for leaks or drafts, especially near the corners, since anything amiss could signal harmful water intrusion.

With 20 furniture stores in Chicago-area communities and throughout the Indianapolis region, The RoomPlace serves shoppers from all over Illinois and Indiana with a variety of affordable home furnishings. Stop by The RoomPlace location nearest you to shop for a new leather sofa, dining room table, or queen mattress. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help you save on furniture however we can!