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Beat the Stress of a Shortened Month with a Little Help from The RoomPlace

Don’t look now, but there’s less than one week left until March.

Yeah, it snuck up on us, too. Here at The RoomPlace, we’re all-too familiar with the stresses that go along with the end of the month: bills to pay, deadlines to meet, hectic work days to survive. And with only 28 days in February, saying “so much to do, so little time” couldn’t be more appropriate.

But we do have one secret weapon to help beat the stress at The RoomPlace, and that’s being able to provide the best medicine for all that headache-inducing, neck-straining pressure: comfortable, luxurious, “ahhhhh”-worthy furniture. Because let’s face it: Nothing’s more relaxing at the end of a long day than sinking into your leather sofa with a mug of tea and your favorite book or TV show. So as you’re wrapping up that to-do list that seems a mile longer than usual this week, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of our favorite soothing items here at The RoomPlace furniture stores.

  • Recline. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the recliner in your living room that practically swallows you when you sit down. Try out the velvet-like microfiber of the slate gray Tres Power Rocker Recliner, which hugs all your limbs by leaving no gap between the seat and footrest and offering extra-full, cushioned pillowtop arms. Or check out this Rocker Recliner from the Geovani Collection, which combines luxury with environmental friendliness by using cocoa-colored Eco-leather upholstery.
  • Indulge. We’re not trying to advocate an unhealthy lifestyle, but when you’ve had a tough day, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a rewarding buffet-style supper. You probably don’t feel like cooking, so give yourself the night off and arrange some snacks and appetizers on your sideboard, like our Northfield Server or this slightly more upscale piece from the Monte Carlo Collection. When you really need to unwind, you might even appreciate the wine rack on this buffet from the Lauren Collection!
  • Hit the snooze button. Your discipline in waking up before work every morning to hit the gym or get a headstart on answering your emails is commendable, but your work (and mental health!) will suffer if you’re not getting enough sleep. Give yourself a break and hit the snooze button at least once this week – it’s surprisingly easy when you’re sleeping on a Comfort Solutions or Dormia king mattress!

When you choose The RoomPlace, relaxing can be as simple as replacing some of your furniture. Indianapolis and Chicago residents alike can breathe a sigh of relief now that the nasty Midwest winter is almost behind us, so why not celebrate with a little shopping? In addition to the comfy, cozy items discussed above, The RoomPlace has plenty of other pieces to suit all your furniture needs. From hardwood furniture to twin mattress sets, our affordable furniture collection is full of variety and style. Contact The RoomPlace today to learn more about how you can save on your next furniture purchase in IL or IN, or better yet, stop by The RoomPlace store nearest you to peruse our selection in person.

On second thought, maybe that can wait until next week. You could probably use a nap.

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Come Out of Hibernation To Revamp Your Dining Room


Many of us give in to the winter impulse to hibernate, burying our heads or curling up somewhere warm and out of the way, the very thought of going out into the cold and expending energy to run errands or do chores making us shiver. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The winter is a great time to get things done, because when the warmer temperatures of spring come around you’re more prepared to open up your home and embrace the new season. Plus, you can get renovations and other chores off of your to-do list before the seasons turn, when you’ll already have plenty to do: putting winter clothing into storage, taking down the storm windows, and cleaning and opening up your home to the warmer weather.

For some, it may make more sense to redesign the dining room before the big end-of-the-year eating holidays, but if you just don’t have it in you to take on another big project leading up to that, then the post-New Year’s lull is the perfect time to take advantage of sales and an open schedule to revamp the dining room. A lot happens in that room: daily family meals, parties, holiday celebrations. So it’s very important to put a lot of thought into planning the new room and picking out your furniture.

There are several styles you can make use of in your new dining room. A dining room set like the Bradbury 5 Piece Dining Room boasts intricate, romantic-inspired carved designs, but your options can also include the more modern, clean lines of the Ariana 5 Piece dining room. To meet the two in the middle, the Sonya 5-piece dining room set takes the best of both worlds to create a plush yet clean approach.

If you’re ready to update your dining room, come find the RoomPlace location nearest you. From Evanston to Tinley Park, affordable furniture can be had for anyone in the Chicago area. 

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Is your dining room ready for holiday guests?

Is your dining room ready for Holiday guests?

Remember when you went to Thanksgiving dinner at your grandparent’s house as a child?  They had the fancy dining room table that was only used once a year and you were afraid to go near?  Well, maybe that worked for them, but let’s get real.  You need furniture that works for your family every day.

The Ariana Collection dining room could be just what you need.  The dark mocha hue and a diamond motif throughout instantly enrich any room with stunning eye appeal. The glass table inserts and bold pedestal base offer unique style, while the cool curves of the faux leather chairs encourage lingering comfort at your dinner.  The dining room table expands with an 18” leaf for a bigger group and you can make it smaller for everyday use.  Whether you choose The Ariana Collection or any of our other dining room styles, now is a great time to get ready for the holidays.

There is one more question you should ask yourself; what do you do with the “good” China during the rest of the year?   Instead of hiding it away in a cabinet somewhere, consider a beautiful curio to keep it on display all year round.

The “Avenue” curio is a beautiful piece with clean lines and a rich espresso finish that will go well with any décor.  With its sleek, streamlined design and merlot wood finish, this piece echoes the look of chic city living. Halogen canister lighting and a mirrored back offer perfect display conditions, and adjustable glass shelves have plate grooves for your convenience.  Magnetic push latches mean there is no need for exterior hardware, keeping the overall style uncluttered.

Happy Holidays!

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Review of the Sonya 7-piece Dining Room

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New Room Of Dreams Winner! $2,500 in Free Furniture!

Congratulations to Jeff McConnell! He won our $2,500 in Free Furniture Room of Dreams Giveaway. Who couldn't use some Free furniture, right? The next winner could be you!! We will announce a new winner in January for the last 3 months of the year. So it's not to late to enter to win. Share with your friends and family so they can have a chance to win as well.

Winners will be able to use the $2,500 on anything in the store. We have 21 stores to choose from so there will certainly be a furniture showroom close to you. We have modern and traditional bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and kids furniture. Whether you want to update a room, or you moved and added another room, we will have the perfect furniture for your needs. The Roomplace has been offering beautiful furniture at great values to the Chicagoland communities for 100 years. We are your trusted neighborhood furniture stores, hands down…




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Being Eco-Friendly at The Roomplace

Make your choice Green!

What do you consider when you are choosing a place to buy furniture from?  I’m sure you probably think about the quality, cost, delivery options, financing, warranties, selection and reputation of the brand and/or furniture retailer. Is it fair to say that those are the most important factors?  Maybe not, have you ever considered not purchasing furniture from a retailer because they aren’t green, as in eco-friendly? 

With the changes in the earth’s atmosphere the concept of “going green” has gone from being a craze to being a lifestyle change for many people.  Blue recycling bins can be found virtually everywhere, along with people who are willing to play their part to save our environment. However, saving our environment only begins with the small things that can fit into a can.  What about larger items, such as a mattress, living room furniture or bedroom furniture?  Do you think recycling furniture is eco-friendly? Here’s an interesting fact:

While mattresses are one of the most difficult items to recycle, “95% of the material in mattresses is recyclable.  Metal springs can be recycled and the steel reused.  Polyurethane foam can be shredded and used for carpet pads and insulation. Wood in foundations can be processed by wood chippers used for fuel or mulch. (Source:  Enviro-Recycle)” Powered with that knowledge, let me ask what do you think about recycling your old mattress?  Or better yet, “will your furniture retailer recycle your old mattress?”  Silence is golden and it’s ok not to know, but my answer is The Room Place will.

While many companies prefer just throwing away that old mattress, The Room Place and their 300,000 square foot Distribution Center is playing their role in protecting our planet by being eco-friendly and recycling it.  In fact they are not only recycling mattresses, The Room Place also recycles the packing materials such as the cardboard, Styrofoam, and the plastic that is used to protect your Bedroom or Living room furniture prior to delivery. Now, this is no small feat as the Distribution Center is responsible for supporting 21 stores within the Chicagoland and Indiana area.  That means literally tons of recyclable material enter and exit those doors daily.  For a better understanding of how much is recycled on a monthly basis, let’s review the numbers:

The Room Place recycles 41.835 tons of cardboard per month on average.

Fun Fact:  Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space and 46 gallons of oil. (Source: Earth911)

Monthly The Room Place recycles 675 pounds of Styrofoam per month on average.

Fun Fact:  A male Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger) typically weighs between 450 – 675 lbs. (Source: Pittsburgh Zoo)

1,116 pounds of plastic is recycled through The Room Place’s Plastic Bailer Per Month.

Fun Fact:  1,116 pounds is equivalent to lifting 11 couches or 13 love seats from the Bravado Collection.  By the way, the Bravado Living Room Collection is made of eco-leather and from an eco-friendly manufacturer.

So while other furniture retailers are filling our landfills with countless numbers of mattresses and recyclable material. Consider the Eco-Friendly alternative and go Green with The Room Place!

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Pre Labor Day Sale, Free Furniture and Door Busters..

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The RoomPlace Reviews: Stephanie 5 Piece Dinette

Stephanie 5 Piece Dinette
Best Chicago Furniture
Product Description: Inspired Beauty. Stylish details abound in our beautiful Stephanie collection. Presented in a bronze finish, the table and chairs' sweeping curves define the alluring look. A faux marble tabletop, modern cabriole legs, concave ribbon-like details and sculpture-inspired chair backs offer a treat for the eyes. A durable beige chenille fabric covers the supportive, comfortable cushions. Five piece package includes table and four side chairs, as shown.

By: CaptainGirl, A MidRange Shopper from Portage, Indiana

Pros: Attractive Design, Sturdy, Comfortable Seating, Nice Finish, Complete Set

Best Uses: Eat-In Kitchen

Service:  Delivery team was fast and quick.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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Casual Yet Elegant Dining Room Set

Making Connections. Bringing together style and substance effortlessly, our Carli collection allows you to focus on the joy of entertaining. The eye-catching table boasts wide curved legs, a pedestal base and thick beveled glass top that sets the perfect tone for conversation. The chairs' juxtaposition of white faux leather with espresso wood trim create a sense of high-end fashion, all while maintaining classic comfort.

The Carli is one of many standard-height dining sets The RoomPlace carries. Stop into your closest store and check it out for yourself.