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A Guide to Childproofing Your Home

TV standWhether your little one is about to crawl or your friend’s kid is visiting for the holidays, there are simple things that you can do to make your home safer for children. The four childproofing tips below are easy and affordable changes that will give you some peace of mind.

Anchoring Furniture
One child safety area many homeowners overlook is anchoring furniture, particularly TVs. Often, people set TVs on top of their dressers or media stands, and children climbing the furniture can easily tip over the TV or the entire piece of furniture. TVs can be mounted to the wall and large furniture can be secured to the wall with furniture straps or screwed directly to the wall studs.

Installing Safety Gates

If you have stairs in your home, it’s best to install safety gates at both the top and bottom of the staircase to prevent a curious toddler from taking a tumble. Pressure gates are less secure than using hardware to mount gate to the wall.

Locking Cabinets

The chemicals stored in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home can be very dangerous if a child gets their hands on them. Remember to put household products and medicines out of reach or in a locked cabinet after use. Cabinet safety latches are very affordable and easy to install.

Cover Outlets

Outlets left uncovered can be a dangerous electrocution hazard for young children. Plastic covers come in multi-packs for only a few dollars and will prevent little fingers from finding their way into trouble.

With a few small changes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe. The RoomPlace offers TV stands, entertainment center wall units, dressers and chests for kids that can easily be anchored with furniture straps. Visit our showrooms in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas for more safety tips and design inspiration. Whatever your style and budget needs, you can truly Get It All at The RoomPlace.

Design Tips Living Rooms

The 3 Best Couches When You Have Pets

For those of us who own pets, it’s impossible to imagine life without them. Pet owners would do anything to keep their four-legged family members healthy and happy, including letting them hang out on the sofa. Fortunately, there are pet-friendly furniture options that hide pet hair and are easy to clean. Take a look at our three favorites below.carly sectional

The Carly Set Makes Removing Pet Hair a Breeze

There’s a lot to love about this Carly 3-piece sectional. Aside from being stylish, the microfiber cover is a great option for pet owners. Removing hair from synthetic fabrics is as simple as running the vacuum over the fabric or using a lint roller. You can also wipe it down with a wet cloth to easily remove any dirt.

Another plus, the tight weave of the microfiber makes it one of the best at standing up to cat claws. You and your furry best friend will love this super comfy and easy to clean sectional.

The Dale Couch Hides Pet Hairdale sofa

This Dale Sofa is absolutely gorgeous. It achieves a traditional look thanks to a blend of leather and luxurious chenille fabric. The wood carved panels supporting each rolled arm really complete this opulent piece.

You’ll also notice its beautiful fabric pattern. If you can’t commit to vacuuming the sofa regularly and want an option that’s low maintenance, this sofa is the one for you and your furry friend. The fabric pattern does a great job of camouflaging pet hair so it’s not a noticeable eyesore to your guests.

The Maverick Is Easy to Wipe Down and Resists Odormaverick sofa

Speaking of leather, the Maverick Black 3 Pc. Power Living Room is another great option for pet owners. While your pup may not appreciate the reclining seats, you certainly will. Keeping the Maverick clean is a simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth. Using a leather conditioner once a month will keep this sectional looking new for years to come.

No matter how much you love your pets, dealing with their trail of fur can definitely put a strain on the relationship. Whether it’s dog or cat hair you’re up against, the three pieces above will make cleanup much easier while providing all the other benefits of high-quality furniture.

Visit one of our showrooms today to see these pieces for yourself or simply order online.

Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers


Dreaming of your perfect haven? Well, don’t book your flights quite yet. There’s a room in your home, right here in Chicago or Indianapolis that has the potential to provide you with sweet serenity on a daily basis.

We’re talking about your new “You” Space, which is likely, right now, one of the following: a spare bedroom, office, extra living or family room, or simply a room that no longer serves you the way it used to. Transforming an under-utilized space into your ideal home sanctuary isn’t as difficult as you might think. And, you totally deserve it.mars-white-room-new_v1

Here are our founding four principles for the perfect “You” Space:

1. Function

Creating the right room begins with planning how you’ll use it. Will you recline and read under gentle light, or scream at the top of your lungs at the game on the big screen? It’s easy to think a good leather sofa will solve any room conundrum (and that’s quite possibly true), but to get the most out of your sanctuary, be sure to put some thought into what types of furniture, lighting, and electronics will be needed to create your purest zen moment—whatever it looks like.

2. Space

This is a room you’ll be spending a decent amount of time in. As you decide on your room layout and begin to select furniture pieces (see: luxurious sectional), be conscious of the size and space that will be left around those items. Think of it as leaving yourself a little room to breathe. With too many objects or too much clutter, you’ll run the risk of feeling overwhelmed instead of decompressed. Clear floor space equals clear head space.

3. Stuff

On the flipside of Tip #2 is the fact that the furniture in the room is what makes it functional and expressive. So, whatever you do choose, make it something you absolutely love. One way is to even splurge on a fireplace since it’ll continue to make you happy month after month. When it comes to decorative elements, take the initiative to cycle through schemes and trinkets when they’ve lost their appeal to keep your space fresh and inspiring.

4. Comfort

Even if you plan to use your “You” Space as a productive lair, you’re going to need something big and comfy to nap on every once in a while. That’s where we come in. From daybeds and sofas on sale (even the leather ones!) to sectionals and fireplaces, The RoomPlace has what you’re looking for in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Come check out one of our Chicago or Indianapolis locations, and take advantage of our incomparable customer service. Visit our stores or shop online at

Color Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers


2016 has arrived, and it’s the season of New Year’s resolutions. The turn of the calendar is the perfect time to switch up your routine and lighten your outlook on life. Whether you’ve resolved to save money, enjoy the moment, or run the distance, this year’s improvements shouldn’t end with you. Celebrate your fresh take on the world in your home, too!

The RoomPlace is all about the little changes that make a big difference. With affordable prices and extensive collections in Indianapolis and Chicago, we love nothing more than helping you find the perfect addition to your space in need. And so, in the spirit of the new year, here are a few simple tips from the experts:

Embrace what you have.

Some of the best low-budget room makeovers don’t cost a dime! Rearranging existing furniture within a space can work wonders for refreshing perspective and improving balance.

Grab a pencil and paper and take a good long look at your space. Sketch out a quick diagram, and start shifting! Move that living room sofa. Give that dining room table a 90-degree twist. The possibilities are endless and nothing’s permanent, so feel free to rearrange until it feels just right.

Add some color to your world.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it plenty more times: color is powerful. It draws attention, reflects light, and sets the tone for the space. If you’re a lover of all things neutral or white, a vibrant living room accent wall could be magical. Or, if you’re already knee-deep in hues, change up the color temperature or create a fun pattern.

Make a smart investment.

In some cases, changing the entire perspective of a room is as simple as a single, well-placed accent piece. A contemporary occasional table or stylish chaise lounge, if situated just right, can draw attention, shift the color profile, or redirect focus to create a completely different space. Be creative—good things come in all shapes and sizes.

abigail-sealOut with old. In with the new.

If you’re really feeling restless, go big. Replace the things that feel ineffective with a little more room to breathe or pieces that do the job well. Lucky for you, the living room and dining room sets at The Room Place make redesigning an entire room as easy as pie.

If you’re ready, stick to those resolutions, find a location near you, pay our showroom a visit, and Get It All at The Room Place! Visit our stores or shop online at

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Our Most Popular Pieces of 2015

Everyone has that “beeline piece” – it’s the furniture that we gravitate towards the moment we enter a room. As we finish up 2015, the results are in! Here are the pieces that stole the hearts of The RoomPlace community.

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The Amini Collection

Design is all around us. Or, at least that’s what designer Michael Amini would tell you. And we agree! From cooking to driving, playing to working, and everything in between, the physical objects that surround us influence our lives and happiness more than we know—and the same goes for comfort and style.

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The Ultimate Furniture Gift Giving Guide

Rocket ship launch pads and wild west hideaways. Reading nooks and crafting corners. Kids’ bedroom sets aren’t just places to get shut-eye: they’re zones of possibility and imagination. If you’re giving your kids a canvas for their dream hangout spot, The RoomPlace has some guidance. We might even throw in a piece (or two) you might enjoy in your room, or the living room! Jumpstart your inspiration with a few of our favorite pieces:

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Pairing Area Rugs to Bedroom Sets

Temperatures are dropping throughout Chicago and Indianapolis. If you have hardwood floors, you know the ice cold chill of waking up in the morning and plunking your feet down onto a subzero surface. Adding an area rug to high traffic zones in your home will prevent your feet from turning into ice cubes as we head into winter. Here are a few of our favorite bedroom set & area rug pairings:

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Warm up with Fireplaces from The RoomPlace

From Norman Rockwell paintings to magazine editorials, virtually every snug winter scene features a fireplace. It makes sense: It’s a warm, inclusive space to gather. It’s timeless and forward-thinking all at once. The RoomPlace is excited to think outside the box and bring fireplaces into new spaces in the home.

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What Does Your Sectional Sofa Say About You?

The RoomPlace is celebrating an inventory packed with sofas on sale, and we’re having a blast figuring out which personality type best fits each sectional. Which one defines you?