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Make Your Space Feel Open & Bright with the Right Lighting

Rishona Table LampsLet there be light! A dark room can feel claustrophobic and downright gloomy. The right lighting can open up a room, define spaces, create ambiance and, perhaps most importantly, help with tasks. Here are some lighting design ideas for every room:

Living Room

In a living room, you’ll want varying lamp light for cozy nights when overhead lights feel too stark. Consider using lights of various height to create warmth. Place matching table lamps on a console table behind the couch, or create a reading nook in the corner with a floor lamp next to a recliner. A bold, bright lamp base can also add pops of color against neutral furniture.


Dining Room

The right lighting can transform a dining room into a grand entertaining space. Make an impact with a chandelier centered over the dining room table and use a dimmer switch to change up the mood of your gathering.



Sometimes we find ourselves needing a little light in the middle of the night, but flipping on the overhead is much too jarring. Small lamps in the bedroom are a must for reading in bed, slipping out for a glass of water, or tending to a small child. Place small table lamps on nightstands, on top of dressers, or next to changing tables to help with those late-night tasks.



An entryway should feel homey and inviting. If you have a dark entryway, or the overhead lights feel a little too bright, placing a table lamp or floor lamp offers extra light when you arrive home and warmly welcomes visitors.



An office should be a hub of productivity, so you’ll need a well-lit room. In addition to overhead lights, desk lamps are good for evening work, reading, and other tasks. To spark creativity, consider switching the overhead light to an interesting chandelier or whimsical pendant.


The right lighting can make all the difference in a room. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: modern standing lamps, retro table lamps, and more traditional lighting. Visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago or Indiana and see how to play with lighting to set the tone for a room. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too, for design inspiration and to keep up with our frequent Web specials.

Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers

Liven Up Your Entryway with These Tips

kila-cappuccino-console-tableWe all know that first impressions are important, and an entryway is a great place to set the tone for your home. Because it also sees a lot of traffic, it is important the space be functional as well. Here are some foyer ideas that will liven up your space:

Use an entryway table and style it to match the overall feel of the home. For traditional homes, a black or espresso console table with fresh flowers and a table lamp creates an elegant, tailored impression. If your home has more of a country cottage feel, add a basket of dried lavender or hydrangea and a few small antiques to a gray entryway cabinet. For a more contemporary feel, use a white console table in a unique shape, and top it with metallic accents.

If you need small entrance way ideas, think outside the box. A ladder-style bookcase won’t take up too much space but offers plenty of vertical storage. Use baskets to hide shoes, hats, purses, or keys, and add a few decorative touches like plants, books, or artwork. Or, pair a skinny bookcase with a plant stand.

If you have small kids or spend a lot of time doing yard work, you may like the idea of sitting down to remove your shoes. An entryway bench is the perfect solution. Choose one with storage underneath to hide shoes, purses, or dog leashes. Better yet, try this entryway storage bench that comes with hooks for jackets, hats, and scarves.

For wider entryways, set up a pedestal table on a small area rug. Place a bouquet in the center, and guests are treated to a fragrant welcome. You can also use a large, decorative entryway cabinet where you can stash your household’s backpacks, mail, shoes, hats, and gloves.

If your entryway still feels blah, create a gallery wall with art, photos, or decorative mirrors. Pair it with a bold paint color, and you create instant impact.

Lighting is another simple way to brighten up an entryway. Placing a small lamp on a console table provides a warm, welcoming glow in the evening.

At The RoomPlace, we can help you make a powerful first impression with a stylish and functional foyer. We have a wide variety of console tables, storage benches, and lighting options that can fit your entryway space and your overall style. You don’t have to spend a fortune on durable furniture, either. Shop our entire collection online at or visit your nearest showroom today for even more foyer ideas. Get It All at The RoomPlace!


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7 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a New Dining Room Set

charlotte-brown-room_v1In many ways, a dining room table is the heart of a home. Friends and family gather around it to celebrate holidays or just commune over a meal. That’s why a dining room table set is an important purchase, but with so many different shapes, sizes, and styles on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are 7 things to consider when buying a new dining room set:

  1. Table shape – To determine the best shape for your space, consider the shape and size of the dining room.Round and oval tables tend to be better for smaller spaces, simply because there are no sharp corners to contend with. Even better, a round table with a pedestal base offers more leg room. Rectangular tables are more traditional and fit well into a long narrow room. Square tables are also good in long, narrow rooms, but if the square table is too large, dining companions can feel far away.
  2. Table height – Dining room tables come in different heights: standard (30″), counter (36″) and pub (36-42″). Consider the height of the people using the dining room table. Standard is better for children, while a counter height dinette might be more comfortable for adults. Pub height offers a more casual feel but might be difficult for smaller people to get in and out of.
  3. Material – There are many directions you can go with a dining room set: traditional dark wood, a weathered rustic look, or glass and metal for a more contemporary design. If your dining room is a contained space, you can go any direction. However, a dining room table that sits in an open space should match the style of its surroundings.
  4. Seating numbers – How many people do you typically have around your dining room table? A 7 piece dining set is typical: 6 chairs, plus a table. If you have a small household but frequently entertain, an extendable dining table offers flexibility while saving space.
  5. Seating style – Do you prefer the clean lines of wooden dining chairs? Or do you like the look of a plush upholstered dining room chair at the head of the table? Many dining room sets now offer bench seating, which is a good way to save on space. You can typically seat more people on a bench, as well, particularly children.
  6. Room size – You want a table big enough for your guests, but you should also consider how easy it is for diners to maneuver around the space. A clearance of 42-48″ between the table and walls (or buffet, china cabinet, or other furniture) is ideal.
  7. Complementary furniture – Another thing to consider when choosing a dining room set is the other furniture in the room. Do you have a china cabinet or buffet? Your dining room table should complement that furniture in style and dimensions. Before you buy a dining room set, use tape or a bed sheet to give yourself an idea of the layout of a dining room with all of its contents. You can use this to ensure there is adequate space to move around the dining room table and any additional dining room furniture you may have.

At The RoomPlace, we know that choosing the right dining room set can be overwhelming. With so many shapes, styles, heights, and seating options to choose from, it is still difficult even when you have narrowed down your requirements. Browse our complete collection online at or come visit one of our Indianapolis furniture stores, where we set up complete dining rooms, so you can see for yourself how a dining room set will look in a space. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for design inspiration and deals on dining room sets. You can Get It All at The RoomPlace: a stylish, durable dining room set at an affordable price.


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Home Office Design Ideas for Small Spaces

nevile-white-computer-desk_v1As telecommuting continues to become more and more popular, many of us spend at least some time working from home. Because wireless technology allows us to send emails from the comfort of our couches, some may question the need for a home office. Yet without a designated work space, electronic devices, papers, correspondence, and the like end up scattered around a living space. Setting up a home office cuts down on visible clutter and keeps everything organized.

Think you need a spare room to set up a home office? Think again. If you have a spare corner or some unused wall space, you can set up a functional and stylish home office. Making a home office requires a desk, a comfortable chair, and storage. To maximize limited space, install floating shelves above the desk or tuck a stylish filing cabinet under the desk.

A home office should be functional, but it definitely should not be sterile. If you are setting up a workstation in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen, be sure to consider the room’s overall design and select a desk that will blend in with the room. You can add lighting, artwork, or small decorative items that reflect the design of the entire space.


In a small space, it is important for furniture to have multiple functions. Our Mason Ladder Computer Desk doubles as a bookcase. The top ladder shelves can be used for displaying photos, books, or other decor. The bottom shelf drops down into a computer desk perfect for a laptop. Bonus: You can hide that stack of mail and cords by folding up the desk when not in use. At only 19″ wide and 26″ long, this desk delivers on function while taking up very little space.


Too much furniture can make a small space feel cramped and chaotic. Why not invest in a desk that can be tucked away when not in use? Create a living room office with the Ross Desk from The RoomPlace. It has a pull-out desk on casters. When it’s time to work, simply roll it out to your chair or couch; you don’t even need a designated office chair. The Ross Desk also delivers on storage, with six compartments in the hutch to store papers, office supplies, books, or photos.


For a longer wall, the Mason Taupe Computer Desk offers 36″ of desktop space. Its thick panels and clean lines blend nicely into a living or dining room. If you prefer something more contemporary, the Nevile White Computer Desk features tripod metal legs for a sleek look. It offers three open cubbies to store papers, supplies, and chargers.


An unused bedroom corner can also serve as a home office. The Brianna Computer Desk offers an ideal desktop space for writing or laptop work. The four open-concept shelves underneath provide ample storage for books and office supplies.

Don’t let a small space deter you from setting up a home office. The RoomPlace offers affordable, functional, and stylish computer desks that fit seamlessly into a home’s existing decor. Many of our desks ship free, so shop our collection online today or visit our furniture stores in Chicago & Indianapolis to get more home office design ideas for small spaces. You can Get It All at The RoomPlace!



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Going Wireless: How to Set Up a Cable-Free Entertainment Center

wall-unit-entertainment-centerEven in this wireless age, cords are a fact of life. Nothing ruins a nice, clean room more than cords dangling from a wall-mounted TV, bungled up underneath a beautiful TV stand, or running under an area rug. With a little creativity, you can set up a cable-free entertainment center.

We love the look a flat-screen TV mounted on a wall above a TV stand, but dangling cords are a serious eyesore. For wall-mounted units, you can hide the wires by routing your wires through the wall. Many hardware stores sell DIY kits for this, or you can enlist the help of a professional. It requires drilling a hole into the drywall behind your TV and then drilling another hole behind your TV stand. You then snake the cords down through the wall, and they pop out behind your entertainment center. The RoomPlace offers TV stands with predrilled holes in the back, so you can easily run wires through to your cable box, Roku, or Apple TV.

If drilling large holes in your wall sounds far too complicated, consider a wall unit entertainment center that encloses the TV and offers plenty of enclosed shelving to hide cables.

Once you have connected all of the various cords, keep them looking tidy by using velcro or twist ties to bundle them together and keep them organized. You can also hide a power strip inside your TV stand, or even mount it to the wall behind your TV stand, so you don’t have cords sitting on the ground.

To further cut down on the cord chaos, invest in a smart HDTV that connects wirelessly to the router. That way, you can stream shows and music without the extra equipment of a Roku or Apple TV.

At The RoomPlace, we believe you can Get It All: a TV entertainment center that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Shop our entire collection of entertainment centers online at or visit one of our showrooms in the Chicago or Indianapolis areas. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more decorating ideas.

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Get This Glam Bedroom Makeover for $799

glam-bedroom-setCredit our obsession with Hollywood: The glam style trend continues to be white hot in 2016. With luxurious fabrics and metallic accents, the glam style is showing up everywhere, especially in bedrooms. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up feeling glamorous?

To get the glam look in your bedroom, bring in plenty of texture, like chenille and feathers, with throw pillows and blankets. Use metallic hardware, lamps, and candle holders for sparkle and sophistication. Put a soft area rug under foot, and hang a chandelier, and your glam bedroom makeover is complete.

Here are some more glam bedroom ideas:

  • Use dark, textured wallpaper as an accent wall behind your headboard
  • Get a silky gold throw blanket or a faux fur blanket for the end of the bed.
  • Add throw pillows with feathers, jewels, and ruffles.
  • Hang a trio of decorative mirrors above the bed.
  • Use mini chandeliers for bedside lighting.
  • Gray is a good pallet for a glam bedroom.
  • Add pops of color with a magenta velvet ottoman or a turquoise throw pillow.
  • Glam decor is big on floral, so fill crystal vases with all white flowers for your nightstands.

Just because the glam style trend looks expensive, it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get a complete glam bedroom for less at The RoomPlace. Our Hannah five-piece Queen Bedroom collection, includes a queen bed, dresser, and mirror for just $799! The dresser and headboard come in a champagne finish with pearl stipple texture and faux crystal buttons for added luxury. Nothing says glam like diamonds, which is why the top drawers feature a diamond pattern shape, and the faux crystal-accented knobs and handles add a touch of sparkle to your bedroom. The dresser is topped with a beautiful beveled mirror.

You can purchase the Hannah Queen Bedroom Set or any of our other bedroom sets right on our website at or at any of our store locations in Chicago or Indianapolis! We provide total-room concepts in our showrooms and plenty of glam design inspiration on our Facebook and Instagram pages. At The RoomPlace, we believe you shouldn’t have to skimp on style to stick to your budget. We offer affordable prices, frequent deals, and various financing options so you can Get It All without spending it all. Let us help give you the glam bedroom makeover you so richly deserve!

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Beautiful Table Settings and Centerpiece Ideas for Fall

During the dog days of summer, it’s hard to imagine that the air will soon turn crisp and the leaves will change color. Fall is indeed right around the corner, though, and with it, the warm tones of autumn. Since fall is all about the harvest, what better place to incorporate the colors and themes of autumn than at the dining room table? Here are some beautiful table settings and centerpiece ideas to adorn your dining room tables this fall:

gray dining room table

For a rustic, weathered grey dining room table, try a centerpiece like the one featured above that matches the tone of your table. The white pumpkins, hydrangea, antlers, and votive candles give this a modern and sophisticated look.

Counter Height Dining Set


If you have a counter-height dining set and a pendant light or chandelier, you need to keep the dining room table decor low profile and simple. A centerpiece like the one featured here uses a large fall candle in a hurricane surrounded by pinecones pairs nicely with a dark espresso dining table, particularly if you place a burlap runner underneath for some contrast.

Concrete Dining Tables

Concrete dining tables are cool and contemporary, so they don’t necessarily lend themselves to the oranges and reds of fall. To warm a concrete dining room table for fall, try a centerpiece like this that incorporates white flowers, white pumpkins, and plenty of greenery. Don’t forget to add white candles for sophistication and warmth.

Glass Tabletop

A circular, glass tabletop is the perfect setting for a large floral bouquet like this one. Use the flowers of fall: dahlias, mums, sunflowers and roses. Either go monochromatic or mix it up with wine-colored roses and greenery.

Oak Dining Tables

Oak dining tables offer the most versatility for the oranges, yellows, reds and browns that dominate the season. Just step outside your door and gather orange and yellow leaves, branches, acorns, and pumpkins. Add candles and voila, you have an easy and beautiful fall centerpiece like the one above.

Contemporary Dining Sets

Contemporary dining sets with black tabletops are the perfect match for one of the season’s hottest colors: gold. Use a centerpiece like this with gilded pumpkins, pinecones, and votive candles for a sparkly, sophisticated look.

Buffets and Sideboards

Don’t forget about your other dining room furniture. Buffets and sideboards are the perfect place to add large-scale and tall centerpieces because they won’t obscure conversation or food-passing. For your buffet or sideboard, fill a large clear vase with branches, large floral bouquets, wheat, or even edibles like the one featured above, which uses cranberries, seeds, and popcorn kernels.

Edible Centerpiece

For a different twist, try filling your buffet with a long edible arrangement like this one made of grapes, gourds, and candles spaced throughout.

Fall truly offers some of the best dining room table decor of the entire year. The RoomPlace offers dining room sets in every style that are affordable and stylish. You can truly Get It All at The RoomPlace! Browse our entire Dining Room furniture selection online at or visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis for more dining room design inspiration.

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The Top Contemporary Furniture Trends of 2016

If clutter makes you crazy and you appreciate sleek spaces with clean lines, you have a contemporary style. Since contemporary design is all about the here and now, here are the latest contemporary furniture trends of 2016:

Dark Walls Paired with Light Furniture
Dark walls create a dramatic backdrop for white furniture and metallic accents. Create a high-style, sophisticated dining room with navy or charcoal walls and add an ivory dining set for contrast. In the living room, a white sofa set with metallic accents create a cool contrast to dark walls.

Speaking of dark colors, navy blue is the “it” color of 2016. If painting your walls dark blue is too daring, you can incorporate navy or dark blue pieces for a contemporary look. A navy blue swivel chair or a beautiful, shaggy cobalt blue area rug will add that pop of contemporary decor.

Though contemporary design typically eschews overdoing it with texture, incorporating a few textured pieces can warm up a contemporary space. Add a contemporary shag rug or a textured ottoman to soften the edges of a contemporary room.

Metallics are a hallmark of contemporary decor, and they are hotter than ever. Whether it’s platinum, gold, nickel or bronze, anything that shines will add style and sophistication to any room. Add a platinum sideboard in the dining room, a gold-legged bench in the living room, or a bronze vanity stool in the bedroom for pops of shine.

Raise It Up
Funky pedestal tables are one of the top contemporary decor trends this year. They add height and interest to a room without taking up much space or putting too large a dent in your wallet. An pedestal table can display art or serve as a plant stand.

Contemporary design is sleek and stylish, but this year, the focus is on bringing glamour to rooms that are typically casual and comfortable. Family rooms, in particular, are getting a much-needed makeover with high-style living room furniture. Adding a metallic coffee table and a modern, white-finished TV stand rounds out the contemporary feel.

Staying on trend with contemporary style is easy and affordable at The RoomPlace. Whether you want to ease into contemporary design with a few accent pieces or go all-in with a 3-piece living room set, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace. Check out our wide selection of contemporary furniture online at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more design inspiration and frequent promotions.

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Mix It Up: 3 New Ways to Style Cushions on a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are meant for lounging. Whether it’s TV watching, reading, or just hanging out, a sectional sofa should offer plenty of comfort but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Throw pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to also add depth, texture, and unique style to a sectional sofa. They can tie other design elements into the room or offer a much needed contrast or pop of personality. With so many to choose from, finding the right throw pillows can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips on how to style a sectional sofa with throw pillows:

1. Mix a bold pattern cushion with a more subtle cushion.
Patterned throw pillows, when paired with a solid accent colored pillow can add symmetry and a nice contrast. The subtle chenille fabric of the Monterey sectional pairs perfectly with geometric, colorful abstract throw pillows. The throw pillows come with the set, and are zipable and reversible for simple care and maintenance.

2. Add a little shimmer with metallic pillows in gold or silver.newcastle-platinum-2pc-sect_v1Metallics are a hot trend this year, and metallic pillows in gold or silver add warmth, comfort, and style to a contemporary sectional sofa. These throw pillows incorporate the sofa color while also offering some much needed contrast and texture.

3. Don’t be afraid to add a little color to a neutral sofa.
A white sectional sofa practically cries out for a pop of color, and red cushions do just the trick. Matching your throw pillow to the color of an accent wall in the room or a certain hue from the art hung above the sofa will also work well.

When styling sectional sofas, there are a number of ways to get the look right. Repeating the mix of cushions in each of the three corners creates a harmonious look while still offering plenty of comfort. You can also try a mixing up patterns in the same color scheme. Another option is just going with the colors, patterns, and styles you like. Sometimes the most random assortment of pillows looks the best.

At The RoomPlace, we help our customers Get It All: sectional sofas in a range of styles, colors, and sizes, including leather sectionals and small sectional sofas, all at an affordable price. Shop our entire selection online at or visit us at an of our store locations for sectional styling inspiration. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interior design tips!

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How to Decorate a Long Living Room

paulie-chaise-creamA long narrow living room is a design challenge to be sure. The room can feel cavernous and cold, and guests can feel like they are shouting across the great divide to converse. It can also feel lopsided if one part of the room houses all of the furniture. Yet there are a number of long living room ideas that can add comfort, style and functionality to your space.

The best way to break up a long living room is by dividing it up into two or more areas. First, you need to create the main seating area, centered around a focal point such as a fireplace or an entertainment center. Next, you will want to decide what else you would like to add to the space. You can add another seating area, create a work space with a desk, set up a cozy reading nook with a chaise lounge and an accent table, or even set up a bar area.

Though long living rooms can be narrow, avoid placing furniture up against the walls. Instead, floating the furniture in the middle of the room actually makes the space feels more intimate. In choosing furniture, you want the pieces to fit the room. An extra long sofa or sectional can fill the space well. Balance a long sectional out with two small identical coffee tables side by side or a large ottoman. You can also use two or three smaller-scale sofas, but make sure the couches match to avoid a hodgepodge look.

When setting up multiple areas in one room, it is important that the room still feel cohesive. Stick to one design style and color scheme. You can also add symmetry by using identical area rugs in the separate areas. To make sure the room feels balanced, avoid placing all of the large furniture on one side of the room. Adding a large bookcase, a piece of art or an ottoman in the secondary space will prevent one side of the room from looking dwarfed. Be sure to leave space for people to move around, preferably a pathway about 3 feet wide.

If you have been frustrated by how to decorate a long living room, The RoomPlace can help inspire and guide you. Visit any of our showrooms to see how furniture can work together in a narrow space, or shop our Living Room collections online at You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more design inspiration. Plus, we offer frequent promotions and easy installment plans, so our customers in the Chicago and Indianapolis areas can get the style they want at the price they can afford. You can Get It All at The RoomPlace!