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How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Any Space

Choosing an area rug can be a bit daunting. Not only do you need to select a color and style that go with your existing décor, but you also need to select the right size and placement based on the size of the room and the layout of your furniture. To help, one of our designers has put together a few foolproof tips that will help you choose the perfect area rug for any room in your home.

In the Dining Room

dining room area rug.jpgIf you are looking for an area rug for under your dining table, there are a few important factors to consider. First, your rug should be the same shape as your table. If your table is round, narrow your search to round rugs. If your table is rectangular, you should be looking at rectangular rugs.

Another important note to consider especially for the dining room is that your rug should be large enough that even when chairs are pushed back from the table, all chair legs remain on the rug. We recommend measuring the table top and then adding a minimum of 24 inches to each side to determine the rug size you need. If the room size allows, 36 inches of clearance on each side of the table is ideal for an area rug under a dining table.

In the Living Roomliving room area rugThe best size area rug for the living room will depend a number of variables. Do you have a large open concept living room with your furniture floating in the center? Getting a rug that is large enough to fit all of the furniture comfortably will help define the space.

For a small living room with furniture against the walls, consider a rug that is just large enough for the front legs of your furniture to sit on the rug. Allowing the floor to show around the edge of the room will make the room feel more spacious. Remember that consistency is key to furniture placement on an area rug. All furniture on the perimeter should have the same number of legs on the rug.

In the Bedroomblack bedroom set

An area rug in the bedroom is most commonly placed under 2/3rds of the bed. It should extend approximately 36 inches from the foot of the bed and each side. For a king bedroom set, that typically means a 9’ x 12’ area rug. For a queen bedroom set, an 8’ x 10 rug will be the right size.

Another option for the bedroom is to choose matching runners for either side of the bed.

We hope these tips have you feeling confident about buying the best area rug for your space. You can shop our complete collection of area rugs online at or visit any of our store locations in Chicago or Indianapolis to chat with our team about your space for even more design tips.



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Embracing the Copper Craze

If you’ve noticed that copper accent pieces are popping up everywhere, you’re right. Copper is IN this year in a big way. It’s a stylish, modern and chic look. Whether you’re re-doing a room, furnishing an entire house or just want to stay on trend by adding a few accent pieces to your home – let’s talk about how to embrace the copper craze!

Copper accent piece

  1. Mix Materials
    Even the smallest amounts of copper accents can add the shine you need in a room. Where gold can seem too lavish and silver or chrome too cold, copper décor offers a beautiful and warm touch. The Coronado Sofa Table features a rich dark chocolate stain, a floating glass top and a gorgeous band of rosy copper. This table would look great against a living room sofa, in a hallway, or an entryway.
    Copper spray paint
  2. DIY With Copper Spray Paint
    Copper home décor doesn’t have to be expensive. There is so much you can do with a can of copper spray paint and a little creativity. Spray paint your metal hangers for an elegant shine in your closet. Or, use painter’s tape to cover the top of a vase, glass bottle or planter, then spray paint the bottom half! It’s a stunning and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a dining room centerpiece.

    Copper shelves

  3. Hang It On The Walls
    Whether it’s shelving, wall art or metallic paint, copper wall décor is a great way to showcase this latest trend. Even just swapping out the frames on the wall art or photos you already have up for copper can make a big impact!

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the latest looks, with great deals on furniture and accessories for every room in your home, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace! Shop for copper accent pieces and more online at or stop by any of our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see all the latest trends on display.

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Farmhouse Style in the City

Farmhouse style interior design is making a comeback. Whether you live in the country or right here in the city, you can use the classic look of American farmhouses for inspiration to bring a warm, laid-back, and welcoming feel to your house or apartment. Let’s go over some of the basics for how to decorate in the farmhouse style.

  1. Simple, sturdy furniture with a wood grain finish sets the tone of the space. The Carter Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace with its rough-sawn, aged-oak finish is a great example.carter-kg-bedroom_v1
  2. White or light paint colors for the walls will make your home feel open and bright. If you don’t have wood floors, wood accent pieces can achieve a similar feel.

    Pinterest farmhouse
    Image source: Pinterest
  3. Use natural and neutral colors for your curtains, rugs, bedding and other fabrics. Think cotton, burlap and linen.

    Image source: Pinterest
  4. Wrought iron lamps or lanterns can be beautiful statement pieces and easily add to the farmhouse style charm. 

    Image source: Pinterest
  5. Display family heirlooms or other antiques on open shelves or bookcases.

    Image source: Pinterest
  6. Incorporate nature with fresh flowers in a mason jar.

    Image source: Pinterest

Just a few farmhouse style pieces can transform your home. Visit to shop all of our farmhouse style furniture or visit any of our stores throughout Chicago and Illinois.  For more design inspiration follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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5 Fun & Functional Basement Decorating Ideas

A finished basement in your home is a major bonus when it comes to space. So what do you do with all that extra square footage? We’ve put together a list of five basement decorating ideas that will help you make the best use of your basement space.


  1. Home Theater – This one’s for all you film buffs out there. If you love watching movies with your friends and family, why not bring that experience to your home! With a sectional sofa, a big screen TV, and some microwave popcorn, you’ll have everything you need for a basement home theater!loft bedroom set
  2. Guest Room – Instead of bumping one of your kids to the couch when grandma comes to visit or fighting with an uncomfortable air mattress, turn your basement into a guest room. With a comfortable bed, a few accent pieces, and the right lighting, your guests will feel right at home.desk_with_storage
  3. Home Office – Whether you work from home full time or part time, having a dedicated space to work from is vital to productivity. If you have limited space upstairs, consider a small office in the basement. A practical desk with storage for papers and files will have you feeling organized and efficient. Check out our recent blog on home office design ideas for small spaces for more small basement ideas.home bar.jpg
  4. Home Bar – If you love to entertain, a home bar is a great way to use your basement space. A well-stocked home bar, some seating, and a way to play music are really all you need to create an awesome entertaining space for you and your friends.arena-charcoal-recliner_v1
  5. Man Cave – The man cave is one of the most common ways families across America utilize the basement. With a recliner, a TV, and a mini fridge, the man in your life probably couldn’t think of anything better.

However you decide to furnish your basement, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace! Browse our entire furniture selection online at or visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago or Indianapolis.

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More Than a Light: Match Your Floor Lamps to Your Style

Floor lampsThe right lighting can make your home feel like a warm, inviting place to be. The wrong lighting can easily make you feel like you are living in a hospital room. Placement, style and even the type of bulb chosen are all key factors in finding the right lighting to transform your home into a relaxing oasis.


The proper placement of light fixtures is important to creating a functional space for your needs. If you like to read in bed at night, an adjustable bedside lamp that can be angled just right will enhance your space. Floor lamps tucked into dark corners or along each side of your sofa can completely change the feel of a room. If you have a fireplace as the focal point of the room, consider matching floor lamps for each side.


Your lamps should complement your existing décor. If your furniture is very traditional and you choose contemporary floor lamps, your décor will feel off-kilter. We recommend staying within your chosen color scheme, but if you find a lamp you love, remember that the floor lamp shade can usually be changed to work with your existing palette. Arc floor lamps are a classic look that have been redesigned for just about every taste and style.

Scale is important too; the lamp size should be appropriate for its location. Don’t try to put an oversized lamp on a small sofa table. In that scenario, a floor lamp next to the sofa would be a better choice.

Type of Bulb

There are many choices when it comes to light bulbs for lamps, and each has their own pros and cons.

  • Incandescent –Standard bulb; warm flattering light; dimmable; inexpensive; not-energy efficient
  • CFL – Extremely energy efficient; produces a very bright light; not dimmable; higher in cost than incandescents, but generally pay for themselves within 1 year
  • LED – Even more energy efficient than CFLs and last up to five times longer; some are dimmable; light doesn’t spread as well as with an incandescent

The long-term cost and energy savings of CFLs and LEDs are undeniable and they’ve come a long way. Choosing an LED bulb labeled “soft or warm white” and “dimmable” will give you the same light quality as a traditional incandescent bulb and you won’t have to change it for decades! For a brighter, more energizing space, CFLs are best.

With these expert tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect lighting to suit your home and your style. Stop by any of our store locations in Indianapolis and Indiana for more lighting inspiration or visit us online at to shop our complete lighting collection from the comfort of your home.



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Stylish Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Coffee Table

how to decorate a coffee tableSometimes adding our own personal touch to a room can feel daunting, but without a few pops of interest here and there, a living space can feel downright drab. Think of the coffee table as a blank canvas to inflect some style, rather than just a placeholder for drinks, magazines and remotes. The best part is you can change out accessories easily depending on the season, the mood or the guest list. Here are some stylish ideas for how to decorate a coffee table:

  • A tray can serve the dual purpose of decoration as well as corral for odds and ends. Plus, it breaks up the space of a large coffee table. If you think the tray trend is tired, go for an artisan bowl or interesting plate.
  • Pile up the books. Coffee table books are aptly named: They are typically visually appealing and interesting to pick up and browse now and then. Use books on topics that reflect your interest. Just make sure to arrange them in a visually appealing way.
  • Add some sparkle with candles, stones or gems. It’s a simple and small way to add some shine.
  • Go for one bold decorative piece. It can be a large plant or a sculpture.
  • Fresh flowers are always good for the beauty and aroma. If you want something with more staying power, try a terrariums or a succulent.
  • Play with height. Varying heights just looks more interesting. So stack books or boxes, use a tall orchid or candlesticks to balance out lower-profile items. Our Modesto Swivel Cocktail Table comes ready with two tabletops of varying height.
  • Add metallics. If too much shine scares you, try placing small metallic accents on the coffee table for a small dose of sophistication and sparkle.
  • You can also choose a coffee table of a different shape or texture and use it as its own decorative piece. The Tamara Cocktail Table is a traditional rectangular shape with an abstract crafted metal base that is sure to turn heads. The birch veneer wood top gives a smooth surface and an interesting contrast. Or, you can go for this Liam Godiva Cocktail Ottoman with its rich color and texture. Just place a tray on top for balance.
  • A personal memento or collectible item can be use as decor. Bonus: It is a great conversation-starter.
  • Add texture and interest with a tablecloth or throw blanket.
  • Instead of one large table, opt for two or three smaller tables. They can be easily moved around and can make traffic flow less cumbersome.

At The RoomPlace, we offer stylish furniture and home accents at a low price, so you can Get It All. Shop online at or for more living room inspiration visit our Chicago furniture store. Our showrooms are set up as total room concepts so you can see how pieces work together. For even more design inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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Small Space? Consider the Versatile Daybed

Daybed with trundleOne of the biggest drawbacks to living in a small space is lacking a comfortable space for overnight guests. If you would rather not give up your own bed or balk at the idea of putting your mother on a blowup mattress, you might consider a daybed.

As those living in small spaces know, choosing furniture that serves dual purposes is a necessity. A daybed fits the bill: It can be used as a bed and as a seating area. Plus, you can store luggage or seasonal wardrobe items underneath.

Many of us don’t have the luxury of a guest bedroom, but daybeds can turn home offices or sewing rooms into guest rooms.

If you have multiple overnight guests or kids who love to have sleepovers, a daybed with a trundle underneath offers double the sleeping area. Some trundles stay on the ground, while others can be elevated to form one large bed.

Daybeds come in a variety of styles. The metal daybed is the traditional look, but these days wood daybeds and upholstered daybeds are becoming more popular as they tend to look more like a sofa when not in use. Our Donovan daybed is a contemporary take on the daybed, with faux leather gray fabric, baseball stitching and gently sleighed padded arms and back. Add a coverlet and pillows, and it looks like a sofa. Slide out the trundle, and you have sleeping for two guests.

At The RoomPlace, we know how important it is to find furniture that fits into your existing space and your budget. Our comfortable daybeds will impress your overnight guests and help you make the most of your space. Come see our daybeds for sale at our Chicago and Indiana furniture stores, or visit us online for frequent web specials and fast delivery. Order a daybed today. Your guests will thank you!


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The Top Decorating Trends to Follow in 2017

There’s no better way to get a fresh start in 2017 than by changing up your home décor. If you need interior decorating ideas, here are the top home design trends to watch this year:

Gray has been a perennial favorite, but that is starting to change. The hottest colors of 2017 are jewel tones and earth tones. Green, in particular, is going to be popular, as more designers incorporate sustainability into spaces. Blues and purples will be popular as well. The Griffin Navy Swivel Chair is the perfect piece for 2017 with its deep color, plush fabric and diamond-stitching pattern. Metallics will also still be on trend, but instead of the highly polished silver and brass, think muted or more natural tones.
While sustainability has been on everyone’s radar for some time now, the translation will be more overt this year. Think cork walls, lots of indoor plants, and natural textiles like linen, hemp and wool. Natural materials are big this year, with marble taking center stage. The Lodi Marble 3 Piece Table Set from The RoomPlace offers the look of marble with shades of gray, onyx and cream, and comes with coffee table and two side tables.
Bohemian Style
lawler-creamA lot of this year’s top design trends draw inspiration from the 1970s, with bohemian bedrooms replacing the trendy glam bedrooms of 2016. Add texture with an upholstered bed, like this Lawler Cream Full Bed. Bring in the bohemian vibe with colorful throws, a funky rug and wicker baskets. Speaking of wicker: Another major trend this year is the tribal look. Think artisan objects, tribal patterns, wicker and cane chairs, and warm, earthy colors.

Cool Eclectic
The eclectic look is definitely hot for 2017. While many welcome the latitude this affords, achieving cool eclectic (and not junky chaotic) can be tricky. The RoomPlace sets up our furniture stores as total-room concepts so visitors can see how different pieces can work together.
Visit one of our Chicago or Indiana furniture stores for home décor ideas, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more inspiration. We can help you start the New Year off in a fresh space that is stylish, functional and affordable. With flexible financing and frequent Web specials, updating your furniture is easily attainable.



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Designer Color Schemes You Have to See

Walk into a white and yellow space, and you feel energized. Bright fuschia invokes fun and sass. A neutral color palette has a calming effect. Color dictates the energy of a room, which is why choosing a color scheme is one of the most important and most difficult interior design decisions to make. The good news is that there aren’t many hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a color scheme. One basic design guideline is to pick one dark color, one light color, and one bright color. While you don’t want color combinations to feel chaotic, you’d be surprised at which unlikely color combinations create a cohesive look. Here are some designer color scheme ideas you have to see:

black bedroom setBlack, Gray and Yellow: This color scheme is clean, modern, sophisticated, with a hint of fun. This room follows the tri-color guideline of one dark, one light, and one bright color. A black bedroom set is paired with gray bedding, bringing in pops of color to break up the dark with yellow throw pillows and accent pieces.

espresso dining set

Teal and Espresso: Espresso’s classic warmth makes it a popular furniture color choice. It goes with just about anything. Pairing it with teal provides a warm pop of color that complements the warmth of the espresso. This dining table’s espresso finish is traditional, but its base gives it a modern feel. The teal chairs add to that modern flair and adds interest and appeal.

white bedroom furniture

White, Charcoal and Burnt Orange: Don’t shy away from orange! Burnt orange offers a nice contrast to the modern sophistication of charcoal walls and the crisp, clean lines of white bedroom furniture. This room incorporates burnt orange in a throw blanket, pillows, a vase, and other decorative items to warm up the space.

Many people choose to add bright color in accents like pillows, rugs or curtains that can easily be swapped out and stick with classic, neutral pieces of furniture and paint colors. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: modern furniture that can easily be paired with a variety of styles and colors. It’s a snap to work in pops of colors with lamps, rugs, ottomans, and decorative items with our wide array of furniture styles and finishes. Shop our complete collection online at or stop by one of our Chicago or Indiana furniture stores and be inspired by our total-room concepts. You might be surprised at how much you love an unexpected furniture layout or color scheme. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interior design inspiration and frequent web specials.


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Warm It Up for Winter

Fireplace insertBaby, it’s cold outside! Winter calls for snuggling up in front a fire with a good book and a warm drink. When it’s cold and dark outside, your home should be a warm and cozy haven. Here are some winter home decorating ideas to warm it up for winter:

Focus on the Fireplace
Make the fireplace the centerpiece of your living space. Arrange the furniture around it, placing cozy chairs, ottomans, lamps and even a small table in front of it, so you can relax by the fire. Make the fireplace the focal point by dressing it up a bit, adding a new screen and a basket for wood. Dress up the mantle with art or a nice mirror, and add a few decorative items.

If your home does not have a fireplace, don’t worry: you are not destined to live out the winter months in frigid misery. Simply add a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts create a realistic flame effect with adjustable colors, brightness and speed settings. It does not require venting or gas lines and can work with or without heat, so you can enjoy it all year long. The Regency Fireplace from The RoomPlace has an empire cherry finish Rosette medallion centerpiece, carved acanthus leaf corbels and beaded molding trim, creating a traditional, beautiful fireplace at a fraction of the cost. The Regency fireplace can heat a room up to 1000 square feet and comes equipped with energy saving LED technology.

Add Texture and Color
Add texture with pillows, throw blankets, sheepskin or fluffy area rugs. Heavy curtains also keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Don’t be afraid to use color. Winter can be cold and dark, but winter home decor doesn’t need to be. You can add pops of color in pillows, rugs or throws. Some color trends for winter this year include cranberry, yellow, metallics, grape, and camel.

Bring the Outdoors In
Use extra greenery trimmed from the Christmas tree on the mantle. Put pinecones and wood in a large hurricane for a simple, rustic centerpiece.

Incorporate the smells of winter: cinnamon, vanilla, orange, cranberry, pine, and rosemary. Place potpourri jars in entryways or boil some on the stovetop when guests come over.

While winter weather rages on outside, stay warm and comfortable in your home. The RoomPlace offers fireplace inserts, textured rugs, and comfortable chairs and ottomans to make your living space nice and cozy. Visit one of our Chicago furniture stores for total-room concept design inspiration or shop one of our frequent Web specials from the comfort of your own home. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more winter decor ideas and the latest in color trends.