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The Top Contemporary Furniture Trends of 2016

If clutter makes you crazy and you appreciate sleek spaces with clean lines, you have a contemporary style. Since contemporary design is all about the here and now, here are the latest contemporary furniture trends of 2016:

Dark Walls Paired with Light Furniture
Dark walls create a dramatic backdrop for white furniture and metallic accents. Create a high-style, sophisticated dining room with navy or charcoal walls and add an ivory dining set for contrast. In the living room, a white sofa set with metallic accents create a cool contrast to dark walls.

Speaking of dark colors, navy blue is the “it” color of 2016. If painting your walls dark blue is too daring, you can incorporate navy or dark blue pieces for a contemporary look. A navy blue swivel chair or a beautiful, shaggy cobalt blue area rug will add that pop of contemporary decor.

Though contemporary design typically eschews overdoing it with texture, incorporating a few textured pieces can warm up a contemporary space. Add a contemporary shag rug or a textured ottoman to soften the edges of a contemporary room.

Metallics are a hallmark of contemporary decor, and they are hotter than ever. Whether it’s platinum, gold, nickel or bronze, anything that shines will add style and sophistication to any room. Add a platinum sideboard in the dining room, a gold-legged bench in the living room, or a bronze vanity stool in the bedroom for pops of shine.

Raise It Up
Funky pedestal tables are one of the top contemporary decor trends this year. They add height and interest to a room without taking up much space or putting too large a dent in your wallet. An pedestal table can display art or serve as a plant stand.

Contemporary design is sleek and stylish, but this year, the focus is on bringing glamour to rooms that are typically casual and comfortable. Family rooms, in particular, are getting a much-needed makeover with high-style living room furniture. Adding a metallic coffee table and a modern, white-finished TV stand rounds out the contemporary feel.

Staying on trend with contemporary style is easy and affordable at The RoomPlace. Whether you want to ease into contemporary design with a few accent pieces or go all-in with a 3-piece living room set, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace. Check out our wide selection of contemporary furniture online at and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more design inspiration and frequent promotions.

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2016 has arrived, and it’s the season of New Year’s resolutions. The turn of the calendar is the perfect time to switch up your routine and lighten your outlook on life. Whether you’ve resolved to save money, enjoy the moment, or run the distance, this year’s improvements shouldn’t end with you. Celebrate your fresh take on the world in your home, too!

The RoomPlace is all about the little changes that make a big difference. With affordable prices and extensive collections in Indianapolis and Chicago, we love nothing more than helping you find the perfect addition to your space in need. And so, in the spirit of the new year, here are a few simple tips from the experts:

Embrace what you have.

Some of the best low-budget room makeovers don’t cost a dime! Rearranging existing furniture within a space can work wonders for refreshing perspective and improving balance.

Grab a pencil and paper and take a good long look at your space. Sketch out a quick diagram, and start shifting! Move that living room sofa. Give that dining room table a 90-degree twist. The possibilities are endless and nothing’s permanent, so feel free to rearrange until it feels just right.

Add some color to your world.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it plenty more times: color is powerful. It draws attention, reflects light, and sets the tone for the space. If you’re a lover of all things neutral or white, a vibrant living room accent wall could be magical. Or, if you’re already knee-deep in hues, change up the color temperature or create a fun pattern.

Make a smart investment.

In some cases, changing the entire perspective of a room is as simple as a single, well-placed accent piece. A contemporary occasional table or stylish chaise lounge, if situated just right, can draw attention, shift the color profile, or redirect focus to create a completely different space. Be creative—good things come in all shapes and sizes.

abigail-sealOut with old. In with the new.

If you’re really feeling restless, go big. Replace the things that feel ineffective with a little more room to breathe or pieces that do the job well. Lucky for you, the living room and dining room sets at The Room Place make redesigning an entire room as easy as pie.

If you’re ready, stick to those resolutions, find a location near you, pay our showroom a visit, and Get It All at The Room Place! Visit our stores or shop online at


3 Ways to Use Accent Colors

What makes your room pop? The RoomPlace has a serious soft spot for accent colors, but we’ve also seen them go awry. Here are a few best practices to make sure that your accent pieces complement your space.

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Hot Trend for 2015: Gold and Blue Accents

Color trends come and go, but some colors always add a dash of personality to dull rooms. We’re happy to report that 2015 color trends show gold and blue to be at the head of the class. The RoomPlace team in Indianapolis and Chicago went scouring for our favorite examples of transforming gold and blue into gorgeous home decorating ideas that will make your eye happy.

Bedrooms Color Design Tips Dining Rooms Home Decor Living Rooms

How to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year in your Dining Room

18-1438—these six digits strung together are the code for Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. It was introduced to embody “the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal” and its earthy red-brown tone emanates warmth. Pantone and The RoomPlace agree—a Marsala kitchen or dining room can create a fresh, new dimension to your space. Here are a few ways that you can integrate this distinctive shade into your decor.

Color Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers

Intro to Color Theory: How to Create Color Combinations that Wow

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and were blown away by the detailed and elegant choices the interior designer picked out? We’ve been there too–which is why we’re going to show you how to tap in to your inner decorator and use simple color combinations that will amplify the style in your Chicago or Indianapolis home.


Opposites actually do attract!

color wheel

Opposites on the color wheel, that is. The idea here is pretty simple: colors opposite each other on the color wheel will complement each other. So, blue/yellow; purple/light green; red/dark green are all good beginner combos on your journey to become a color combination expert. Let’s take a look at some of these combinations in action to give more of a sense for why they work so well.


So, here we have the Chazy, a turquoise sectional with matching turquoise and yellow/chartreuse throw pillows. Part of the reason why this combination works so well is that they are both cool tones, meaning both the turquoise and the yellow have more blue in their hue than red. The brightness of the pillows matches the brightness of the couch but more subtly. Pairing light colors together can be tricky since you don’t want to overpower either color.

Pick one neutral and pair it with additional accent colors


Is it just us or do you think this room would be garish if all of the furniture was bright yellow? The reason the Macey’s rich espresso color with the reds, yellows and blues works so well is that brown is a distinct neutral color. Meaning, it’s the color that can fade into the background and let the other colors be the star of the show. Red, yellow and blue are primary colors—using just these three hues, you can create every color we can see! When they’re brought in as accent colors, they do a nice job of complementing each other without fighting for center stage.

Tap into gradients and create a spectrum from one color to a lighter color


As we can see, a gradient naturally grows from darkest to lightest with only the barest shifts visible to the eye as the color changes. You can use this concept to your advantage in your next Chicago bedroom set—like the Milano. Take into consideration the color of your furniture along with the color of your throw pillows and bedding to create a soft shift from darkest to light. If you were to place navy blankets or navy accents around the room, the look might come across as harsh since there’s a big gap between the soft turquoise and navy.


If you’re in the market for additional style advice, visit us at one of our 22 Chicago or Indianapolis locations and let us show you to put some winning combinations together.

Color Design Tips Home Decor

Liven Up Your Home with a Summer Palette

Spring cleaning is over and it’s time for a new project. As the warm weather brings guests over to the house, you may want to brighten the place up with some summer tones. Color is so important in creating a lively and happy environment, and it has been proven that color impacts our daily activity and actions. Each color triggers different emotions and can be used to persuade your mind to feel a certain way. A great summer color is yellow, as it is symbolic of sunshine and promotes happiness. Yellow helps the brain release Serotonin, contributing to a person's good mood.

Integrating yellow into your home can be done with a few simple changes. One room that can benefit from a touch of yellow is the dining room. Using golden yellow accents with natural wood furniture, like you can find here at The RoomPlace, can create a warm, inviting environment. Dining room seat cushions can be reupholstered with a yellow textile to add vibrancy to seating that may have previously been more muted. Use a French vanilla (yellow, white and beige combo) to create a calmer liveliness or a muted gold to make a space more timeless.

As great of an improvement as yellow can be for your home, beware of overusing it. Too much of the color can cause frustration and fatigue. Stick with modest yellow contributions to different areas of the home, rather than making it the main color scheme. Along with the dining room, yellow can be a positive addition to the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom. If you want some more summer decorating tips, or are looking for new upholstery material in Chicago, your friends here at The RoomPlace have got you covered! We hope to see you soon.



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A New Area Rug Can Revolutionize a Room

Ask any interior decorator, and they’ll tell you – there’s nothing quite like an area rug to completely change up the style of a room. Rugs are clever design elements, and though unassuming, really add a splash of intrigue to various spaces in your home. Whether you’re looking for funky, matte, loud, or soft, the color and design elements of an area rug can offer all of these things and more.

If you’re interested in a new area rug from The RoomPlace, but you aren’t quite sure where to put it, consider a few of these locations first:

  • Under your dining room table: Area rugs look fantastic under dining room tables no matter what your table looks like. If you really want to show off your area rug, put it under a glass top dining table, and watch it pop.
  • By large pieces of furniture: An area rug can offset solid colored furniture, especially if you go for one that has strong design elements like bold shapes and color variations. Put these rugs under your coffee table and near your sofa collection for a warm and comforting addition to your space.
  • On hardwood, concrete, tile, and even carpet floors: You don’t want to cover up all of your gorgeous hardwood floors with rugs, but one or two can really standout on a sea of mahogany, oak, or even cherry wood floors. But don’t stop there—area rugs look great on tile floors too, and offer a safe space for your kiddos to sit and play. And yes, you can absolutely use an area rug on carpeted floors to add some transitional colors to a room.

If you need help finding an area rug near Chicago, check out your local affordable furniture store serving Tinley Park.  We can help you find the right rug for you, and offer free advice on where to put it. 

Color Design Tips Home Decor

Accent Pieces: How to Make A Room Pop

Growing up, we learned that things are supposed to match. Color between the lines, wear socks that are in pairs. And while that’s certainly an important concept for interior décor, there’s another concept that we like quite a bit: the accent piece. And this one is all about not-matching, sticking out, and drawing attention.

If you’re someone who likes to make a statement, or you just like to get a lot of mileage out of your furniture and décor, then the accent approach is probably best for you. Making use of one or two prominent accents is also a great way to take advantage of the space you have in the event that you’re working with a smaller area. Below we’ve outlined examples of a few different types of accents you might want to consider.

1.     Accent chairs. These are great as stand-alone items in an entryway, odd corner, landing or hallway. We like the eye-catching Demi accent chair and the curvy, luxurious Alexis blue chair and ottoman.

2.     Rugs. Sometimes all that room needs is some subtle color and texture additions from beneath your feet. The Fusion bronze area rug makes use of alternating textures and colors to create intrigue, while the Orville area rug provides a cleaner, more mod influence.

3.     Lamps. These are a great option because they fulfill two functions: providing lighting, and drawing the eye with interesting designs.

4.     Occasional tables. Another item where form meets function. These can be featured prominently like a coffee table, or be used in more subtle ways, as a side table or even a low bar.

At The RoomPlace, we have so many styles to choose from that you’ll just have to come see our pieces for yourself. We look forward to showing you your many options for home accents. 

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What’s On Deck for 2014? A Peek at Next Year’s Furniture Trends

If you’re like us, then you live for the next big thing. We’re pretty excited for what 2014 has in store for us and our clientele, and there are a few upcoming trends we’re especially pleased to report. We’ll start with a big—and recent—one: the Pantone Color of 2014.

Pantone has recently revealed that the color of 2014 will be Radiant Orchid, which combines pink, fuschia, and purple and is based on data concerning tech, culture and fashion trends. A very popular and versatile color, Radiant Orchid will undoubtedly make its way into everything from phone cases to high heels to upholstery. Cobalt blue is also enjoying a boom in interest.

We’re also looking forward to a more casual, laid-back approach to home design and décor. There will always be a time and a place for the beloved clean lines, high contrast and angular features of modern furniture, but if you’re hoping to change things up in 2014, you may want to look into pieces that are comfortably contemporary. The Noah black loveseat and Nicki five-piece counter-height dinette set are great examples of what this style has to offer.

Statement dining tables are also a great way to liven up a dining room. We love the bold yet elegant Montecristo table, whose marble veneers contrast richly with the legs’ black finish, playing up the natural patterns of the stone. The Regency round table offers a different kind of statement, contrasting detailed woodworking, rich finishes, and a disc of clear glass with an ogee edge.

If you’re ready to take on 2014 and everything it has to offer, then come see us at one of our many Chicagoland furniture store locations. We can’t wait to help you navigate the many colors and designs that will be big in 2014. Come see us at The RoomPlace today!