Introducing Our New Bedgear® and Tempur-Pedic Lines

The RoomPlace is excited to introduce two new product lines in our sleep department. Customers in the Chicago and Indianapolis area will now be able to purchase Tempur-Pedic mattresses and Bedgear® pillows, mattress protectors and other bedding accessories at all of our 25 store locations and online.

Tempur Pedic


Tempur-Pedic is brand you’ve most definitely heard of. They have been a leader in mattresses for nearly 25 years. The type of foam utilized in their mattresses is proprietary and unlike anything else on the market. It is specially formulated to provide the ultimate comfort and support. The Tempur-Pedic Breeze is our most popular style and is designed to respond to the changes in your body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The Breeze mattresses are available in four firmness levels and all standard mattress sizes.

Bedgear pillows


You may not have heard about Bedgear® yet, but this bedding brand is taking off. Bedgear® initially launched with mattress protectors and revolutionized the concept with breathable, moisture-wicking textiles. They’ve since expanded in to pillows, sheets, and other sleep accessories. With over 40 different styles of pillows your certain to find the perfect one for your sleep style and body type.

Stop into any of our showrooms across Indiana and Illinois to test out our new Tempur-Pedic mattresses and find the right Bedgear® pillow for you, or shop the complete collections online at We also offer impressive financing options and a comfort guarantee.

We’re certain you’ll be getting better sleep than ever with our new bedding lines from Tempur-Pedic and Bedgear®.




If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, the Nevada Queen Bedroom Collection combines rustic chic style with exquisite craftsmanship for a queen bedroom set that will bring comfort, organization, and style to your home.

Made from solid poplar wood and rustic Acacia veneers, the Nevada Queen Bedroom Set features a smoky walnut finish and earthy wood grain detail for a beautiful and sturdy exterior. In addition to the quality craftsmanship of the rustic style bedroom furniture, the bottom layer of all case pieces include dust-proofing to help keep cleaning to a minimum. Many of the Nevada furniture pieces include both doors and drawers, which provide a variety of storage options, as well as a stylish flare.

Each side of the bed feature two large storage drawers that utilize traditionally overlooked space so that your room remains open and uncluttered. The 8-piece set also comes with a queen headboard, footboard, and rails, two nightstands, an 8-drawer dresser with a large mirror, and a 4-drawer chest. In addition to the ample storage space, the top drawer of the dresser, chest, and night stand are lined with felt so you can store your jewelry and other valuables without worrying about damage. With so much storage space, you’ll have no problem keeping your room organized and clutter-free.

Visit one of our Chicago and Indianapolis area furniture stores so you can see our total-room concepts, which provide insight into how different pieces can be arranged for maximum comfort, efficiency, and style. You can even use our online interactive design studio to discover how your new furniture will fit into your current space.


How Much Does It Cost To Furnish A Bedroom?

seanpierre-cherry-room_v1We all love looking at beautiful homes in magazines. The rooms are professionally designed, gorgeous, and you guessed it – expensive!

The average cost of a bedroom set is a tricky number to nail down because prices depend on many factors. Prices can range from as low as $500 to over $50,000 for a king or queen bedroom set. Factors like bed size, number of pieces included, the store you are purchasing from, and even the city you are in can impact your total spend.

Don’t lose hope; not all furniture will break the bank. We’ve outlined a few tips below for how to find a great deal on high-quality bedroom furniture.

 3 Key Things to Look For in a Good Quality, Affordable Bedroom Set

1)    Type of wood – Solid wood furniture can be quite pricey. Wood veneers are a great choice when you are on a budget. An inexpensive wood base, usually plywood, is covered by several thin layers of high-quality wood. These pieces generally look just as nice for a fraction of the price and, if cared for, can last a lifetime.

2)    Sturdy drawers – You’ll be able to tell right away when you open and close a drawer if the construction will hold up over time. Drawers should pull out and close smoothly and the handles should be firmly in place. Dovetail joints or drawers with reinforced corner blocks will hold up better over time than nail and glue.

3)    The finish – Consistency of the finish should be even and flat (no bubbles). Examine the pieces in the showroom floor for dings and scratches. Furniture should be able to withstand the wear and tear of the showroom floor and still look brand new.

With these tips, you’ll be able to find furniture you’ll love at a price you’ll love. If you are shopping bedroom sets in Chicago or Indianapolis, there’s no better place to get great value furniture than The RoomPlace. Our king and queen bedroom sets start at just $500. Visit any of our store locations to see what our designers have put together, or shop our complete collection of bedroom sets online from the comfort of your home. Learn more about our flexible financing options and keep an eye out for our frequent sales.






To Bunk or Not to Bunk

sundance-loft-silo.jpgBunk beds conjure up images of sleepovers, forts, and secret hideouts for kids. While they are a novelty for kids, bunk beds may provide different images for parents: bonked heads, tears and curious toddlers teetering precariously close to the edge. Bunk beds can pose safety hazards for some families and are valuable space savers for others. Here are some of the pros and cons of using bunk beds:

Pros of Bunk Beds:

  • Free up space – For kids sharing rooms, the ability to stack beds saves a significant amount of floor space. With extra dressers, desks and the like, a bunk bed makes it possible to put two kids in one room with space left over to play.
  • Custom lighting and storage options – Kids of varying ages typically have different bedtimes. For an older child who likes to stay up a little later reading, he or she can clip a small light to their bunk bed and read without disturbing the other’s sleep. A bunk caddy that hangs over the railing allows kids on the top bunk to stash books instead of climbing all the way down to the bookshelf.

Cons of Bunk Beds:

  • Safety Concerns – Kids falling from the top bunk or the ladder can really hurt themselves. If you have toddlers in the house, it will require vigilance to keep them from climbing to the top bunk.
  • Housekeeping issues – Changing the sheets and making the beds of the top bunk is definitely more challenging.

If your kids are begging for bunk beds, you can enjoy the fun and extra space while encouraging safety. Here are a few tips for using bunk beds safely:

  • Kids should be at least 6 years old to sleep on the top bunk.
  • Install guardrails on both sides of the bed, even if one side is flush with a wall.
  • Secure the bunk bed to the wall with safety straps.
  • Make sure ladders are sturdy and secured properly.
  • Always use the correct size mattress and ensure there are enough planks to support the top mattress.
  • Make a firm rule that wrestling and other horsing around on the top bunk is not allowed.

One of our most popular kids’ bunk beds is the Catalina Black Full Bunk Bed. The classic style bunk bed is constructed of solid pine with a variety of configuration options. You can also order this same bed as a twin or a full. Attach a bunk bed ladder that hooks over the top rail or add a storage staircase.


catalina-black-tt-bunkbed-stairs-room_v1This version of the Catalina with the staircase makes it simple and safe to reach the top bunk (and makes it easier to change the bedding). Bunk beds with stairs also offer extra storage. The optional Catalina staircase features three drawers to store bedding, clothes, books and toys.

Bunk beds can provide much needed space and autonomy for kids sharing a room or those hosting frequent sleepovers. At The RoomPlace, you can Get It All: furniture that is fun, functional, stylish and affordable. Shop bunk bedroom sets online or visit one of our Chicago furniture stores.

Bedrooms Design Tips Home Decor Room Makeovers

Get This Glam Bedroom Makeover for $799

glam-bedroom-setCredit our obsession with Hollywood: The glam style trend continues to be white hot in 2016. With luxurious fabrics and metallic accents, the glam style is showing up everywhere, especially in bedrooms. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up feeling glamorous?

To get the glam look in your bedroom, bring in plenty of texture, like chenille and feathers, with throw pillows and blankets. Use metallic hardware, lamps, and candle holders for sparkle and sophistication. Put a soft area rug under foot, and hang a chandelier, and your glam bedroom makeover is complete.

Here are some more glam bedroom ideas:

  • Use dark, textured wallpaper as an accent wall behind your headboard
  • Get a silky gold throw blanket or a faux fur blanket for the end of the bed.
  • Add throw pillows with feathers, jewels, and ruffles.
  • Hang a trio of decorative mirrors above the bed.
  • Use mini chandeliers for bedside lighting.
  • Gray is a good pallet for a glam bedroom.
  • Add pops of color with a magenta velvet ottoman or a turquoise throw pillow.
  • Glam decor is big on floral, so fill crystal vases with all white flowers for your nightstands.

Just because the glam style trend looks expensive, it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get a complete glam bedroom for less at The RoomPlace. Our Hannah five-piece Queen Bedroom collection, includes a queen bed, dresser, and mirror for just $799! The dresser and headboard come in a champagne finish with pearl stipple texture and faux crystal buttons for added luxury. Nothing says glam like diamonds, which is why the top drawers feature a diamond pattern shape, and the faux crystal-accented knobs and handles add a touch of sparkle to your bedroom. The dresser is topped with a beautiful beveled mirror.

You can purchase the Hannah Queen Bedroom Set or any of our other bedroom sets right on our website at or at any of our store locations in Chicago or Indianapolis! We provide total-room concepts in our showrooms and plenty of glam design inspiration on our Facebook and Instagram pages. At The RoomPlace, we believe you shouldn’t have to skimp on style to stick to your budget. We offer affordable prices, frequent deals, and various financing options so you can Get It All without spending it all. Let us help give you the glam bedroom makeover you so richly deserve!


5 Kid’s Room Must-Haves for Back to School

Bunk BedsBack to school season is finally here which means it’s time to prepare your children for the coming school year. Aside from new school supplies and a haircut, making a few changes to their bedroom will get this ready for a fresh start. These are this year’s five must-haves for back to school.

A Good Night’s Rest

Sleeping well is important for cognitive function and vital to a successful school year. A new bed is a great way to makeover a room and it is sure to make your child more excited about bedtime. We suggest letting your child help pick their new bed; having a say will add to the excitement.

Bunk beds for kids are great for shared rooms or for having sleepovers with friends. They’re also a fantastic way of saving space in your kid’s bedroom so you can fit other pieces of furniture and leave space to play.

A Designated Spot for Schoolwork

When your child is old enough to do homework independently, it’s a good idea to add a desk to their room. Even if space is limited, there are some great options like our Sundance 7 pc. Loft Bed which comes with two beds, plus a built-in desk. You could also use this Solano Oak Desk and Chair without taking up much space in your kid’s room.

Storage for School Clothes & Supplies

Between your child’s school clothes and all the supplies they need to get through the year, you’ll want to make sure they have enough storage space to keep all of these essentials organized.

One option we really like is the Catalina Set because it has tons of storage space with bunk beds, a dresser, a chest and even more storage drawers hidden in stairs to the top bunk.

A Bookcase of Their Own

A bookcase for your child’s room is a great place to keep their favorite bedtime stories and is a fun way to encourage their love of reading. If you happen to have a reluctant reader on your hands, be sure to start by filling the shelves with things they enjoy reading, even if that’s comic books.

Colors That Supercharge Productivity

The color of your child’s workspace may be more important than you think if you want them to be productive and creative. Researchers of color theory have found that shades of blue and green are calming colors that induce productivity and creativity. While it may be tempting to paint more fun and vibrant colors, those are best left to the playroom if you want your child’s bedroom to be a space for sleep and homework.

These kids’ bedroom ideas are a great way to kick the school year off right. Visit our stores or shop online at You can Get It All at The RoomPlace!

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What’s in the Storage Bin at The RoomPlace’s Labor Day Sale?

We know you work hard for your money. This Labor Day, we’re honoring you with our stand-out sale offerings on your favorite living room sets, bedroom sets and dining room sets in the Chicago & Indianapolis areas! If you’re on a budget, there’s no better time to grab the furniture set you’ve had your eye on than during this ultimate furniture store sale in Chicago and Indianapolis. Here are just a few of our favorite sale items:


4 Fun Ways to Play Up a Bunk Bed in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Bunk beds have long been a staple in children’s bedrooms. Not only do they allow for more floor space, they also imbue a room with a sense of adventure and fun. Here are a few easy and affordable kids’ bedroom décor ideas that will take your bunk bed from The RoomPlace to a whole new level.

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Our High Demand Furniture Pieces of 2015

The The RoomPlace shoppers have spoken and the results are in: 2015 is all about being bold, elegant, and functional. Explore how our best-selling pieces fit the trends of 2015 for our customers in Chicago and Indianapolis:


What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

If a home’s kitchen is the heart of the home, the bedroom is the personal oasis. After all, the bedroom is the place you escape to after a long day of work: it should be a place of relaxation, comfort and a place to showcase your personal style. When your week, or year, gets busy, it can be difficult to find the time to make the décor changes you’d like to.

Your bed sets the stage of your room and is a great way to give your space a much-needed update. With a bedroom that speaks to your personal style, you might even find yourself forgoing brunch on the weekend to spend a few more minutes in bed. We’ve outlined some of the most common bedroom personalities and some furniture choices to make your space speak your style in Chicago and Indianapolis.