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Designing the Ultimate Girl’s Bedroom

Girls Bedrooms

Whether your daughter likes pink and frilly or bright green and silly, you want to design a bedroom she’ll absolutely adore. But you also want to design one that remains functional and fashionable when she eventually outgrows her frilly pink or silly bright green stage. That’s why we here at The RoomPlace put together this step-by-step guide to help you design the ultimate girl’s bedroom that meets both parent and daughter approval.

Choose the Colors or Theme

Even though pink may immediately come to mind for a girl’s bedroom, it’s certainly not the only color in the world. Ask your daughter what colors she likes, then use her choice as a springboard for selecting a color palette for the room. Bring her paint samples you’ve pre-approved to help you choose the wall colors, along with any materials or patterns you’ve selected for the curtains, bedspread or other furnishings.

Working with an entire color palette makes it easier to change out specific variations of the color that may no longer appeal to her. Like last week’s favorite color of bright green that suddenly switched to dark purple. Also remember that repainting the walls can be done rather inexpensively and quickly, but changing the custom curtains, linens and other elements can be more costly.

If you want to go beyond the world of color for your foundation, you can brainstorm with your daughter to create an overall theme for the room. Use her ideas as the basis of an aesthetic. If she wants a princess room, opt for a shabby chic style. If she begs for a crazy animal theme, fashion the room in a Bohemian style with plenty of playful animal folk art.

Select the Right Bed

Moving from a crib to a bigger bed has several options, with your choice based on how comfy your daughter is making the transition. For those who want to make a slow and secure transition, a girl’s toddler bed is a wise choice. Toddler beds are smaller than twin beds, and they have side rails you can use to provide a sense of safety.

If your daughter is ready for a twin bed, you can opt for a traditional twin bed, a platform bed with storage, girl bunk beds, or a twin bed that comes as part of a bedroom set. A twin bed is large enough to last your daughter through her teenage years, so select a style she’s not likely to quickly outgrow.

Girls bedrooms

Invest in Quality Furniture

Whether it’s the bed, the dresser or the storage cabinet, quality bedroom furniture will be worth your investment. Choose a timeless style that can adapt to your daughter’s changing preferences over the years without the need to purchase a whole new set of furniture. You and your daughter have many options when it comes to bedroom sets for girls that can withstand the test of time.

Storage space is also important, and you want both open and closed storage spaces to keep things tidy. Open storage spaces, like bookshelves, are ideal for items she uses on a daily basis. Closed storage areas, like dressers and cabinets, work well for clothes, shoes and jackets.

If you just can’t help but add a bit of whimsy, you can still do so. Just not for the staple items. Pick an adorable chair, play table set, girl’s vanity or other smaller items you can painlessly swap out when the time is right.

Create a Cozy Bedside Space

Bedtime rituals can go a long way toward helping your daughter get a good night’s sleep, and you want to make sure she has everything she needs for it. Select a quality nightstand with storage drawers or shelves where she can store her favorite bedtime book. Add a darling lamp with an easily accessible switch she can turn on and off as needed. Keep a decorative canister or jar on the nightstand for hair ties, jewelry and other small items that may otherwise end up in the bed.

girls finishing touches

Pull it All Together

Once the foundation and necessities are taken care of, it’s time for the finishing touches. This means taking care of all the remaining details that transform your girl’s bedroom into the ultimate bedroom. An area rug provides comfort, coziness and a dash of color. Wall decorations can run the gamut from her own original art to posters or pictures of her favorite animals.

Window treatments are important to keep out light, add privacy and add a unified look to the room. Blinds, shutters and curtains are all options to consider.

Now that you have a firm foundation, important details and the basic framework for designing the ultimate girl’s bedroom, all you have left to do is shop. Check out the selection of girl’s bedroom furniture and furnishings at The RoomPlace to get started now.

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Designing the Ultimate Boy’s Bedroom

baby beds

When it’s time for your little boy to move out of the crib and into a larger bed, it’s time to design his ultimate boy’s bedroom. The transition is exciting and fun, and one of the best tips is to keep it that way. We here at The RoomPlace put together this handy guide to help you choose boy’s bedroom furnishings and finishing touches that are as functional as they are fantastic.

Determine the Color Palette or Theme

Before you start buying every type of bedroom furnishing that excites you or your kid, it’s best to set the foundation. That starts by determining the color palette for the room. Letting your boy pick his favorite color is a fun way to narrow it down while also ensuring he’ll absolutely love his new room.

Use whatever color he picked as a starting point for paint samples for the wall color, then bring them back for his approval. Before you deck out the entire room in bright purple, however, keep a few things in mind. Changing the color of the walls and accessories is relatively easy and inexpensive if he happens to change his favorite color as frequently as he changes his socks. Changing curtains, upholstery and furniture can be much more costly and time consuming.

Choosing an overall theme is another way to set a foundation, whether the theme is rustic, deep sea, outdoor adventure or outer space. The theme can help guide you on colors, furniture style and other furnishings with which to outfit his room.

Pick Furniture that Lasts

When it comes boys’ bedroom sets, you want to opt for quality materials that last. Instead of buying a racecar bed and bright yellow dresser, invest in handsome wood furniture and a classic twin bed. Doing so ensures your young chap can continue to use the furniture all the way through his teenage years, even if the wall color, wall décor and other accessories change.

If you boy must have a racecar-shaped or themed something, choose a decorative nightstand lamp, inexpensive chair or other item that can be painlessly passed on when he outgrows it. For the big items, purchase a boy’s bedroom set or staple furniture that he won’t outgrow.

Incorporate Plenty of Storage Space

For best results, your boy’s bedroom should include a combination of open and closed storage areas. Open storage areas can include bookshelves, cubbies and other easy-to-reach areas to store items he uses all the time. This can include school books and supplies, toys and his favorite books. Closed storage areas include dresser drawers, platform beds with storage options, and cabinets. These are places you’ll want to organize his clothes and other items he doesn’t use multiple times a day.

Boys Bedrooms

Provide Bedside Necessities

Even if you don’t go for a racecar bedside lamp, you will want to set up his bed area with all the necessities he’ll need for a good night’s sleep. Bedtime rituals are typically an important part of bedtime for children, and you want all needed items close at hand. Choosing a nightstand with a storage area is a good idea, giving you space for his favorite bedtime book of the moment.

Some type of lamp is also a must, preferably one with a pull cord or switch that is easy for your little lad to reach. Keeping a little jar or box on the nightstand is another good idea. It can serve as storage for small toys or other items that somehow end up in the bed right before sleep.

Choose the Right Lighting

In addition to the bedside lamp, it’s essential to have overhead lighting and task lighting. Overhead lighting lets your child safely move around his room at night, while task lighting adds extra light to the desk or play area.

Window treatments are another necessity for proper lighting as well as privacy. If your boy’s bedtime is before sundown, you’ll want a window treatment that blocks out the light so he can more easily fall asleep. Depending on the style of the room, you can choose curtains, blinds or shutters to align with the aesthetic.

finishing touches

Add the Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can pull the entire room together, and they include things like linens, wall decorations and an area rug. Feel free to be a bit lenient if he insists on racecars or a space scene for these items, as they can be easily swapped out when he outgrows them down the road.

The most important thing to remember is to let your kid have a say in some of the choices. Even if you end up not agreeing with his exact choices, you can give him options that are parent-approved and along the same lines. This way his room is not only stylish and functional, but it doubles as a space that’s truly his own. Shop boys’ bedroom sets at The RoomPlace now.

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Maximizing Storage Space in Your Home’s Bedrooms

kids bedrooms

Packed with clothes, shoes, toys, knickknacks and personal accessories, your home’s bedrooms can quickly become the most cluttered spaces in your house. While getting rid of some of the clutter is one way to combat it, it’s certainly not the only way. Creating more storage options is another. Check out these nifty tips from The RoomPlace to maximize storage space in your home’s bedrooms.

Open Up Space with a Daybed

Instead of having a full-size bed in the guest room, or two twin beds in the kids’ room, try a daybed in either one. Daybeds look like stylish sofas, and daybeds with trundles feature a pull-out bed that can come out at night and put back into place during the day. This gives you more space for a dresser, cabinet or other bedroom storage options that might otherwise be impeded by a larger bed.

Take Advantage of Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a fun solution for kids’ rooms, opening up space by stacking beds on top of each other. They can also work if you only have one child in the room. The top area of the bunk can become instant storage space for toys, games, stuffed animals or other stuff that is often found cluttering the bedroom floor. Instead of a standard ladder, you could maximize storage space even further by opting for a wooden stairway that doubles as a storage chest.

Go for a Bed with Built-in Storage

While you may be used to shoving things under the bed for storage, there’s an even better option that makes more organized use of the space. Go for a bed that already has storage options built right in. An ideal choice for the kid’s room is a storage bed with a built-in bookcase, while the master suite would look dashing with a full-sized bed or queen-sized bed featuring storage drawers.


Try Benches and Ottomans with Storage

Seating areas in bedrooms can be handy, and they’re even handier when they come with built-in storage spaces. Storage benches make a delightful addition to any bedroom, and they can be more stylish and useful than the standard toy box.

Storage ottomans can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, from the foot of the bed to the walk-in closet, bringing extra storage along the way. You can even find fun styles for kids’ rooms, such as the alligator ottoman that can keep smaller toys and accessories safe and out of sight.

Get Creative

A number of other creative storage solutions are also available for your bedrooms. A bunk bed caddy can hold items on the side of the bunk bed. Under-bed storage options include clear boxes or even wooden drawers. Shelving units that reach from the floor to the ceiling can create a slew of extra storage space – and you can even use your storage ottoman as a footstool to reach the highest heights.

With all these solutions at the ready, you can easily say goodbye to bedroom clutter — and hello to maximized storage space. Shop storage options at The RoomPlace now.

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Choosing the Right Bed for Your Child

Kids Bedroom

Every child needs a good night’s sleep, and you can increase the odds of that happening with just the right bed for your child. Choosing the right bed starts by taking a variety of factors into account, such as the size, support, comfort level and design. These tips from The RoomPlace can help.

Bed Sizes for Children

While a baby crib is still the choice for infants, cribs are much more advanced than they used to be. Convertible cribs can convert from a baby crib to a toddler bed, and from a toddler bed to a day and full-size bed that lasts for years. Going for this option covers all bases, although it’s not the only option available.

Toddler beds can provide a smooth transition from the crib to a big-kid bed. Your child still feels safe and secure with the familiar bead boards at the foot and head of the bed, along with optional rails on the side.

The next step is the twin-sized bed, which features a mattress that’s longer and wider than those found in cribs or beds for toddlers. A twin XL is even longer, giving your child extra space for those anticipated teenage growth spurts.

While most children grow out of a crib and into a big bed between the ages of 2 and 3, you want to make sure your child still feels secure with the option you choose. Some may prefer the smaller size and safe feeling of a toddler bed, while others may be fine going right to a twin bed or larger.

Children bedrooms

Support and Comfort

Support and comfort are both integral for any size bed for your child. The first ensures a child’s growing and changing body is always supported, while the latter is a must for that good night’s sleep. The most important thing to look for is a mattress that maintains its shape so it can provide that all-important support a child needs.

Crib and toddler mattresses are typically made of durable, supportive foam. Look for child safety and comfort features that can include welded seams, hypoallergenic covers, and water, stain and odor-resistance.

Adult-sized mattresses, such as twin mattresses, may have a foundation of foam or springs. Additional features can increase the comfort levels, such as pillow tops, moisture-wicking materials and ventilated foam interiors.


Once you have a good idea of the size and support and comfort level you’re looking for, it’s time to focus on the design. Looks matter, but so do the materials used. Stick with high-quality wood or other durable material that can withstand years of use with no issues.

Then look at the amount of space you have, the type of style you that aligns with the room décor, and useful features. Platform storage beds come with built-in drawers to use as storage areas beneath them. Some even include a bookcase in the bed’s headboard.

Other headboard and footboard options range from stunning to minimalistic, with the choice depending on the type of look that goes best with the room. Full bedroom sets are another option, one that lets you create the entire look you want with an ensemble of matching pieces.

The transition from a baby crib to a bed for toddlers or larger is a big move, and these tips can help ensure you get it right. Browse the kids and baby selection at The RoomPlace to find your perfect pick today.

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Bedroom Set Buying Guide Wood Furniture – The RoomPlace

Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your personal oasis from the world. It’s where you’ll spend about a third of your life, so you need it to be comfortable, welcoming and well-organized.

Bedroom sets make furnishing your bedroom a snap. Instead of searching for dressers, nightstands and armoires to complement your bed — or trying to find a queen size bed that goes with your dresser — a bedroom set delivers all the furniture you need in a cohesive style that goes together.

If the idea of a bedroom set brings to mind your parents’ outdated, heavy chest of drawers and clunky full-size bedframe, don’t worry. The RoomPlace understands that today’s families need modern bedroom furniture that fits a busy lifestyle and a contemporary attitude.

We want to make buying bedroom furniture a great experience that adds comfort and beauty to your home. Whether you’re updating your master suite, searching for a bedroom set for your growing child or converting a spare room into a multi-use guest room office space, we’ve got furniture solutions to make the process simple.

Our furniture experts have put together a Bedroom Set Buying Guide that breaks down how to choose the right combination of bed size, mattress quality and storage for a sleep oasis you’ll love.

Read on for tips on furnishing your bedroom with style and purpose, and your whole family will be able to rest a little easier.

Cozy bedroom interior in olive colors

Master Suite

The centerpiece of any bedroom is your bed. For your master suite, begin by thinking about what size mattress will give you the best night’s sleep. The size of your mattress will determine what kind of bedroom set you’ll need.

For couples, the minimum is a queen size mattress, but that may be too small for comfort. Think about how much each of you moves around overnight, whether you go to bed at the same time, how often either or both of you read or work on a laptop in bed. With a queen size mattress, you each end up getting less real estate than you would on your own twin size mattress! To protect your marital bliss, look for queen mattresses with motion separation or custom options.

Another option is a king or California king bedroom set. Standard king beds are wider, whereas California king beds are longer. General measurements are 76 inches wide and 80- inches long for standard king, and 72 inches wide and 84 inches long for California king.

If you or your partner is tall, a Cali king is definitely in order. And if you and your partner simply prefer more room to stretch out, a standard king could do the trick.

After determining the size mattress you need, look for bedroom sets that include the slats, headboard and footboard that accommodate it, along with enough storage to handle all your stuff. If you’ve got a walk-in closet, you might be able to get away with a five-piece set that adds one dresser or chest of drawers. But if you need more storage, consider a bed with drawers underneath in a set that gives you more furniture options, like nightstands with drawers.

Cozy modern bedroom interior with furniture

Kid’s Quarters

Furnishing your kid’s room requires looking into the future. Is your toddler graduating to his first big-boy bed? Is your little princess morphing into a tween who craves sophistication? Is your high schooler prepping for college life?

Versatility and utility are the key elements of bedroom furniture sets for kids. Options like bunk beds and full-size beds with storage offer the flexibility of following a kid through several stages of growing up. And opting for traditional styles like natural wood tones or classic white painted furniture ensures the bedroom set will remain relevant as your kid’s tastes change.

Make sure you consider storage, too, like a dresser and chest of drawers for clothes and toys. You may need to supplement your kid’s bedroom set with a desk or bookcase to make sure she has all the room she needs to grow and develop.

Luxury bedroom interor

Guest Accommodations

Having a comfortable place to welcome guests into your home makes sense. The right bedroom set in your guest room can mean the difference between a room that serves only one purpose and a room you can use every day, no matter who’s coming over.

A full-size mattress may be ample in a guest room, though a queen size is optimal. Because your guests are usually only with you for a day or two, a bedroom set with only a few pieces could work in a guest room. You’ll have drawers for extra bedding and other storage, and your guest will have a place for his own things.

If your guest room doubles as a home office or kids’ play room, consider a sleeper sofa for maximum versatility.

Pick out your bedroom at The RoomPlace

Set the Mood with a Bedroom Set

Bedroom sets offer fuss-free solutions to creating a stylish and comfortable place for a good night’s rest. Dressers, nightstands and bed frames that match bring a calming sense of cohesion to any room — and purchasing a set can save substantial money over selecting individual pieces. But if you prefer a more eclectic look, The RoomPlace has lots of options for you to mix it up.

Stop into one of our showrooms in the Chicago or Indianapolis area, and you’ll see that you can get it all at The RoomPlace!



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Adjustable Bed Frames & How to Choose the Right One for You

Essential Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Essential Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace

Adjustable bed bases are a great way to bring custom comfort to your night and ensure a good night’s sleep, every night.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

If you’ve never heard of an adjustable bed, you’re in for a treat. They offer convenience, comfort and—with The RoomPlace—surprising affordability so you can transform your sleep without a huge cost. An adjustable bed frame is a great option for a variety of people and reasons—here are just a few ways they come in handy:

  • Sitting Up in Bed: If you like to read, catch up on emails or watch TV in bed, an adjustable bed allows you to change the position of your mattress to make ultimate comfort possible at the touch of a button. No more stuffing pillows behind your back so you can sit up in bed—with a quick change of settings, your bed can do all the work instead, and curve the mattress to your body for top-notch comfort.
  • Snoring Reduction: If you tend to snore at night, sleeping at an incline can help. When you sleep flat on your back, gravity causes your tongue and tonsils to rest toward your airway, causing noisy breathing. Using an adjustable bed at a slight incline while you sleep is a great alternative to disturbing your partner’s sleep.
  • Custom Comfort: Finally, if you often wake up with a sore back, hips or neck in the morning, a power-adjustable base can help you find a more comfortable sleeping position to suit your needs. For people with back or joint pain, sitting reclined with knees bent is often more comfortable than lying on a flat mattress. You may find that an adjustable bed can relieve pressure on areas that normally cause you discomfort.

Choosing the Right Adjustable Base for Your Bed

Now that you know how an adjustable base can help you relax and sleep comfortably, it’s time to find the right type for you. Let’s take a look at three of our popular adjustable bases so you can make the best choice for your needs:

  • Essential Queen Adjustable Base: This no-frills bed base offers the essential features you need to enjoy the next level of comfort in bed. With a base that inclines to meet your needs, this option also includes a one-touch flat position and wireless remote for convenience, ease of use and a great value all around. It’s a great base for most people, at an excellent price, but it does not offer adjustable leg positioning if that’s something you’re looking for.
Simmons Beautyrest SmartMotion Base Powered by Sleeptracker from The RoomPlace
Image: Simmons Beautyrest SmartMotion Base Powered by Sleeptracker from The RoomPlace
  • Simmons Beautyrest® SmartMotion™ Base: Powered by Sleeptracker™, an advanced sleep optimization system that offers highly accurate tracking of your sleep patterns throughout the night, this base features exclusive technology that goes above and beyond to bring you ultimate comfort. Sensors integrated in the base capture information about your awake time, light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep to provide a full-depth look at your sleep patterns and suggestions for improving them. Designed to improve your sleep quality and ensure you feel refreshed, this bed can be adjusted to a customized sleeping position from head to toe.
Premium Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
Image: Premium Queen Adjustable Base from The RoomPlace
  • Premium Queen Adjustable Base: Low-profile, versatile and luxurious, this adjustable base is compatible with any platform, slat or storage bed, or can be used as a standalone power foundation. The best thing about this base is its Soft Form technology, which creates a gradual bend in the base instead of a hard angle, to allow your mattress (and spine!) to curve naturally. Three motors let you fully adjust the foot, back and neck position for top-of-the-line comfort. This option is the ultimate indulgence, too, with features like an LCD screen remote, variable intensity dual massage, LED under-bed lighting and two programmable custom positions. So, if you want to go big, go with this one.

Once you’ve found your favorite adjustable bed base, you’ll be one step closer to a great night’s rest!

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Guest Room Ideas: How to Impress Your Holiday Guests

Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Auburn 8 Pc. Queen Bedroom by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

If you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, it’s a good time to make sure your guest bedroom is ready for the occasion. Aside from the obvious essentials like a comfortable bed and fresh bedding, let’s take a look at a handful of ideas for creating a guest room that’s sure to impress. From practical guest bedroom furniture to chic, festive guest room décor, here are our favorite ideas for going above and beyond for your holiday visitors.

Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace
Image: Daphnis Linen Chair from The RoomPlace


Ideally, the bed shouldn’t be the only comfortable place where your guest can sit while getting ready, checking their email, reading or organizing their luggage. There are plenty of ways to add extra seating to your guest room—including a cushioned bench at the end of the bed, a pair of chairs or a plush recliner.

LG 55" 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace
Image: LG 55″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV w/ webOS 3.0 Plus 10’ HDMI Cable from The RoomPlace


A wall-mounted television is an addition that holiday guests will be sure to appreciate. Even if the guest TV isn’t used very often, it’s nice to have if they want to stay up later or turn on the morning news while getting ready for the day.


A small desk or table that can comfortably accommodate a laptop is a great addition to a guest room—particularly for visitors who will be staying more than a couple days and may need to work during their stay.

Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace
Image: Auburn Nightstand by Scott Living from The RoomPlace

Dual Nightstands

If your guest room will be accommodating more than one person, make sure there’s a nightstand or table next to each side of the bed. Most people will want a nearby spot to place their phone or small belongings at arm’s reach. A lamp on both sides is ideal, too.


Add extra warmth (both visual and literal) to your guest room by including plenty of blankets and throws. Cozy blankets are not only festive, but they’re also a necessity on chilly nights! If you know your guest room is drafty or tends to be particularly cool at night, set your guests up with a heated sheet or blanket they can turn on if needed for ultimate comfort.

Night Lights

For guests who might need to get up in the middle of the night, make sure the path to the bathroom is softly illuminated to avoid stumbling around in the dark. For a festive touch, you could even utilize a string of Christmas lights in the hallway or bathroom to help light the way.

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Tips for Designing and Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Delmar Vintage Gray Toddler Bed from The RoomPlace

Designing a nursery for your upcoming arrival is an exciting part of becoming a parent, but it can also be difficult to decide what you need. Shopping for nursery furniture and décor will depend on your lifestyle, budget and other factors, but most nurseries need a crib, mattress, dresser and changing area—along with some décor to add style. From essential furniture to adorable decorations, let’s take a look at some ideas and tips for setting up a nursery both you and your little one will love.

Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Naples Nantucket Gray Upholstered Convertible Crib by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Convertible Crib

To ensure your baby’s bed will last for years and grow along with him or her, a convertible crib is an excellent investment. With the ability to transform from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin headboard/footboard all in one, convertible beds are money-saving and practical.

Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace
Image: Hailey Full Bed from The RoomPlace

If you already have a standard crib for your little one, he or she will still need to move to a larger bed at some point, often between the ages of 2 and 3. Then, you can upgrade to a toddler bed (which uses your existing crib mattress) or go straight to a twin or full bed your child can grow into and use for years. In any case, a side rail can help make the transition into a “big kid bed” a safe and easy one, especially if your child tends to sleep near the edge of the crib or against the crib rails.

Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace
Image: Moonlight Slumber Starlight Supreme Crib Mattress from The RoomPlace

Infant Mattress

Extra-firm mattresses are ideal for infants, as they help reduce the risk of SIDS by providing a firm sleep surface. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a new mattress when your little one is ready to transition out of their crib, though. A reversible baby/toddler mattress features an extra-firm side for safe infant sleep, along with a medium-firm side that offers comfort for growing toddlers. Opting for a single mattress that will last through the toddler stage is a great way to save money when you’re setting up your baby’s nursery—and all you’ll have to do is flip the mattress when it’s time to make the switch!

BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace
Image: BEDGEAR 6.0 Ver-Tex Crib Protector from The RoomPlace

No matter what mattress you choose for your baby, make sure to keep it protected with a waterproof crib mattress protector. From diaper leaks to spit-up to potty training accidents, there are plenty of ways that infants and toddlers can make a mess overnight. A fitted mattress protector wicks moisture and heat away from your baby while they sleep, ensuring they stay comfortable and dry. It also ensures your mattress won’t absorb stains or odors so your child can enjoy a fresh mattress for years to come.

Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace
Image: Grado Farmhouse Pine Dresser by Dolce Babi from The RoomPlace

Dresser Kits & Changing Pads

A changing station is an essential component of any baby’s room, but that doesn’t mean you need to take up extra space with a cumbersome changing table. Most wide dressers can be safely converted into changing areas with a stylish dressing kit that creates a secure, dedicated space for your changing pad and diapering supplies.


Finding the perfect décor for your baby’s room is about striking a balance between what’s adorable and what your little one is likely to enjoy in the future. Unless you’re prepared to fully redecorate in a couple years when your child has different tastes and interests, it’s a good idea to choose at least a few pieces of versatile, stylish décor that your little one can grow with.

Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Linon Daisy Purple Area Rug from The RoomPlace
  • Rug: An area rug is a great place to start. Choose a pattern or color that is timeless but coordinates with your nursery theme, and a material that is comfy and warm on little feet.
Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Perma Ceiling Lamp from The RoomPlace
  • Lighting: You can also choose lighting that your kid is unlikely to outgrow. Statement ceiling lamps or versatile yet colorful table lamps can coordinate with both nursery décor and older kids room décor. Until your little one is older, it’s probably better to avoid floor lamps that can tip over.
Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
Image: Smart Frog Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
  • Wall Décor: Add timeless style to your nursery walls with wall décor that you can use for years to come. Floral wall art, mirrors, geometric décor and whimsical pieces are great additions to a baby’s room—and since they’re on the wall, they’ll be safe from little hands!
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Update Your Guest Room for the Holidays

Montrose Brown Queen Bed for your Guest Room from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Montrose Brown Queen Bed for your Guest Room from The RoomPlace

If you’re expecting overnight visitors in your home over the holidays, it’s probably time to get your guest room into shape. If your guest room hasn’t been used in a while or is simply in need of some updates, now is the perfect time to make some upgrades. Let’s take a look at five easy ways to make your guest room homier and more welcoming before the busy holiday season.

#1: Fresh Coat of Paint

Few updates are as easy as a simple, fresh coat of paint for your guest room walls. In general, neutrals such as warm gray, cream or tan are versatile and timeless. If you want something with a little more color, a soft yellow, seafoam green or soothing blue are also great options.

Therapedic Chiro-Pedic Firm Mattress from The RoomPlace
Image: Therapedic Chiro-Pedic Firm Mattress from The RoomPlace

#2: New Mattress

A new (and upgraded) mattress could be a great investment in improving your guest room. Welcome your friends or family for the holidays with a mattress that offers excellent support to make their vacation a comfortable one.

Welden Queen Bed with Storage from The RoomPlace
Image: Welden Queen Bed with Storage from The RoomPlace

#3: More Storage

If your visitors will be staying more than a night or two, chances are they’ll need a place to keep their belongings. If you think your guest room might be short on storage space, consider adding additional storage in the form of a new dresser (if you have space), under-bed drawers or simply some shelves on the walls. A bed frame with built-in drawers, such as the Welden Queen Bed, could also be the perfect two-in-one upgrade for your guest room.

Austin Area Rug from The RoomPlace
Image: Austin Area Rug from The RoomPlace

#4: Warm Rug

Give your guests something soft and warm to step onto when they get out of bed in the morning. Especially if you have hardwood or tile floors that might get chilly when it’s cold outside, a cozy rug is the perfect inviting touch to add to your guest room. Plus, you can take this opportunity to add a pop of color and texture to your guest room décor with an area rug that features a stylish pattern.

Laelia Silver Table Lamp from the RoomPlace
Image: Laelia Silver Table Lamp from the RoomPlace

#5: Better Lighting

During the winter, the days are short and the nights are long. Make sure your guest room has plenty of lighting options so your visitors can get the most of their space. A lamp on each side of the bed, along with ceiling lights of some kind, is ideal.

With one or more of these updates, you can have your guest room looking fresh and inviting, ready to accommodate your guests for the holidays.

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Trending Looks Series: Glam Master Bedroom

Glam Master Bedroom Furniture & Accessories from The RoomPlace
Featured Image: Glam Master Bedroom Furniture & Accessories from The RoomPlace

For a bedroom design that stands out and lets you express your personality, go with glamorous furniture and décor that brings shine and sparkle to your space. From chic furniture to glimmering décor to a soft and feminine color palette, check out some of our favorite glam bedroom ideas in this trending style board for a unique master bedroom.

Color Palette

When it comes to choosing colors for your glam bedroom, it’s all about combining luxurious materials with feminine details. What you end up with is a space that’s both chic and bold. Go all-out with metallic and glittery finishes like platinum, silver, rose gold or bronze. Create a sleek aesthetic with soft neutrals including white, cream, purple-gray, mint and pale pink. Then, finish it off with pops of rich colors—like deep purple, navy blue or black—and textures such as velvet and faux fur.

Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace
Image: Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom from The RoomPlace

Bedroom Set

The Platinum 7 Pc. Queen Bedroom is the epitome of glitz and glamour. Pearlized platinum paint, beveled inset mirrors, nail-head trim, red drawer boxes and other uniquely modern features give this bedroom set plenty of personality and elegance. Complete your room with this eye-catching set that features a queen bed, dresser, nightstand, chest and mirror. Add a final touch of sophistication with the striking Margot Vanity.

Jordan Table Lamp from The RoomPlace
Image: Jordan Table Lamp from The RoomPlace


All the glamorous details of your master bedroom need plenty of lighting in order to shine their brightest. Start with the contemporary Emma Floor Lamp, which features crystal-like acrylic balls and chrome-tone metal to illuminate your room in a chic way. Pair with the Jordan Table Lamp to bring an elegant, designer look to your master bedroom.

Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor from The RoomPlace
Image: Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor from The RoomPlace


Finish your glam bedroom design with shiny décor and accents that add instant luxury. Decorative pillows like our Khaki Solid Pleated Throw Pillow and a patterned Linon Geo Gray Area Rug bring texture and warmth to the room. Some chic 3D wall art like the trendy Acrylic Burst 3 Pc. Wall Décor adds personality and visual interest to the room’s walls, giving a shiny finish to your glamorous master bedroom.

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