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4 Best Ways to Configure Your New Entertainment System

Franklin tv stand

If you’re looking to introduce fresh organizational flair or simply upgrade your outdated entertainment system, we can lend a hand. And with the mindset that Labor Day sales should last all year long, you’re guaranteed to find a fantastic solution at a great price.

Wall units are a space-saving solution for rooms which require a bit of creative problem solving. If you have limited floor space, add wide, vertical pieces such as the Somerset. The drawers provide organizational structure as well as ample storage space. Use the shelves as an opportunity to tie in color while staying organized. Colorful baskets will pop against the dark veneer of the Somerset.

A low TV stand is a simple, elegant solution for style hunters on a budget. If you’re tight on space, a compact unit like the Franklin won’t overwhelm your small living room. A short TV stand provides stylish space while showcasing your decorative side. In smaller spaces, clutter piles up quickly. Use simple and classy white woven boxed on your bottom self to house all of your miscellaneous items.

Not every entertainment center needs to live in the living room. Adding a traditional piece like the Lakeshore will bring a touch of classic elegance. With enough space for a modestly sized DVD player, this media chest also provides multiple drawers for additional storage.

If you’re looking for a complete entertainment system makeover, a media console like the Regency is a sophisticated choice. These types of entertainment centers have a space for everything from your DVD player to your gaming console. As a statement piece, the Regency gives an old-world air to your modern living room. The windowed shelves also allow you display precious breakable items.

If you need more advice on what TV entertainment furniture best suits your needs, the designers at The RoomPlace can help! Get in touch today to find home solutions tailored to your taste.

Living Rooms

Living Room Coffee Tables to Spruce Up Your Living Room

3 pack table

More Than a Table: Spruce up Your Living Room with a Stylish Coffee Table


Enduringly stylish and endlessly functional, coffee tables are one of our favorite furniture choices for living rooms that need a little extra pizazz and personality.
Coffee tables are small but with the right idea they can bring big design advantages. Pieces like the Avanti are easily transportable, making it simple to adjust your room to suit your needs. Pair this clear glass top with white colored vases, bowls, and other objects that vary in height to make the design pop!

Make your table work for you by using the table’s surface to serve up some snacks. Layer your coffee table with a woven tray to serve your food while adding an extra level of décor. Find a vintage throw and place it half way across the coffee table to show off both the table and a spice of culture. If you prefer the minimalist look, leave it bare and let the furniture speak for itself.

Small coffee tables are ideal if you live in a cozy space, because they can serve dual purposes: storage and style. Their compact size makes a big impression without taking up precious square footage. Small coffee tables are also an affordable investment that will serve as a focal point in your home for years to come.

Give your room a facelift and get that much-needed functionality with the help of a living room coffee table. The RoomPlace is proud to offer affordable options that will show off your individual style, whether you’re looking for a modern coffee table or an antique-inspired piece. Let our team help you find your new favorite piece of furniture today!

Living Rooms

How to Furnish a Large Living Room

The RoomPlace Furniture Store’s Six Tips for Organizing Large Living Rooms

Bronze Living Room Set

Break out your measuring tape and leveler: it’s time to create the perfect living room without the clutter.

Choose Your Style (And Stick With It!)

Wondering how to furnish a large living room so that it looks showroom-ready? Let a living room set do the work. Getting all of the pieces for your living room set at the same time will save you time tracking down the perfect matching pieces.

If you like classic lines and the feel of sophisticated leather, the traditional Dale will appeal to your sense of elegance. Living room sets with a sofa and love seat placed a few feet from the walls create a cozy conversation area. Point your sofas towards the focal point of your room (TV, fireplace, large window) for extra flow.


Most successful living room design ideas incorporate personal touches. Take the opportunity to display some of the souvenirs from your travels on wall-mounted shelves. Oversized books, vintage perfume bottles, or framed art also punch up the style in large living rooms with wall space to spare.

Invest in Sophisticated Shelving

Storage is a must-have item for any large space. Storing books and artwork on a shelving unit maximizes space by not only freeing floor space, but also by creating visual interest.

Create a Color Point

Pick one aspect of your living room to serve as the star of the show. Pops of color will centralize the focus of your living space. Decorative pillows or colorful throws are both good options for achieving a color point.

Organize Your Entertainment System

Create a place for all of your electronics with an entertainment system. Entertainment systems provide a spot for all of your media needs while giving you additional storage.

Break up the Room

Break up your living space by adding a sofa table. Sofa tables provide a barrier between the living room and other aspects of your home without having to add a wall.

With these organization tips from The RoomPlace, you can create a functional and beautiful home. View our online catalog or stop in today to chat with our knowledgeable staff and see how we can take your large living room from drab to fab.

Dining Rooms

Dining Room Sets for Large Dinner Parties

Dinner for Eight: Maximize Your Dining Room Set for Large Dinner Parties

broadway bench

Picture this: You’ve been collecting recipes for months in preparation for the perfect dinner party and you can’t wait to wow your friends with your culinary skills. There’s only one problem. You don’t have a place for them to enjoy your delicious meal. Allow the The RoomPlace to supply you with an affordable solution!

Use a sideboard or server to maximize space and give your dining room a touch of classy decor. Store beverages and dishes on an elegant piece like the Montibello Sideboard for convenient access without cluttering your table. Sideboards can be paired with virtually all dining room sets for a trend-proof style that you will be able to rely on for years to come.

If you’re really strapped for space, a stylish bench can be the perfect solution. Two people can fit comfortably on each seat, and when you’re not hosting, you can use it to store your favorite books and magazines. The Broadway Bench is an ideal option for those who love modern design – think of it as a decorative accent and a functional piece.

Why not have it all? Treat your home to a dining room table set for a long future of dinner parties. The RoomPlace provides affordable options that fit in with any decorative style from traditional, modern, or casual furniture. A set complete with matching chairs, such as the Irina, will give your room that polished look for a bustling dinner party or a comfortable family dinner at home.

Whether you’re looking for large dining room sets or simple space solutions, The RoomPlace has the expertise and furniture to make your dream dining room a reality. Check out our room planner for inspiration and scan our current deals. Then start sending out those dinner invitations. We predict a lot of dinner parties are in your future!

Room Makeovers

Six Selfie Do’s and Don’ts that Could Win you a New Furniture Set

Six Selfie Do’s and Don’ts that Could Win you a New Furniture Set

We’ve all been there: you finally found the perfect lighting, your hair wasn’t doing that stick-up-in-the-back thing it usually does, and you were just looking for a way to capture your day out with friends. Your selfie can convey many things that words can’t, but has it ever earned you a furniture set?

The RoomPlace furniture store is ready to give away an entire furniture set and the best selfie takes all! Here are six selfie do’s and don’ts that can help you win your favorite collection from The RoomPlace:

Do: Pose in front of your favorite The RoomPlace furniture collection.

Don’t: Cheat! It has to be a true selfie taken by you of yourself. No professional photographer intervention allowed.

Do: Make sure you point your camera facing down from a higher angle—looking up at the camera is a universally flattering angle.

Don’t: Get caught with food in your teeth.

Do: Get your whole face in the picture. Let’s leave MySpace angles where they belong—in the past.

Don’t: Forget to upload your selfie to Facebook or Twitter with #TheRoomPlace and #GetItAll hashtags and be sure to mention which collection you want to win!

Wining a furniture set is as easy as taking a selfie! Using all these tips, make sure you take a selfie standing (or sitting, or stooping) next to your favorite furniture collection. Winners will be notified via private messages on Facebook or Twitter, so start snapping those selfies today!


Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas

Back to School:
Bedroom Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms from The RoomPlace

It’s time to replace the bathing suits, sunscreen, and beach towels with backpacks, lunch boxes, and kid’s room storage solutions as we transition to fall! As you and your family gear up for the beginning of the school year, consider how you can get your kids organized and complement your home decor in the process. Meet your bedroom storage solutions with the The RoomPlace! Parents know clutter can often follow children like a shadow. Give dressers or chests typically used for clothes, a different spin. Create themed drawers to store miscellaneous gadgets, sports equipment, and toys. The drawers provide memorable designated spaces for your kid’s items and make things easy to find for kids and parents. Don’t forget to place a nightstand by your child’s bed to provide convenient access to books and their night lamps.

Are you tight on room space? With a single solution, you can combine bedroom storage systems, aesthetics, and comfort in our combination beds. The Aurora Twin Storage Bed or Sundance Full Captain’s Bed are great options for families who are looking to maximize space at a great deal. Tuck clothes or even arts and crafts supplies under the bed, where it is both accessible and out of the way.

Getting your family ready and set for the new school year can be a challenge. Armed with solutions from The RoomPlace, you can help your kids build organizational habits so they can focus more on their school work and less time looking for it! Start this school year with your best foot forward and let us provide you with beautiful, affordable furniture to get your family organized.


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Pros & Cons Bistro Table Sets

Pros & Cons: Bistro Tables

The designers atMontibello 3 pc pub The RoomPlace has a soft spot for bistro tables. Elegant, functional, and affordable, they are that “magic solution” for many décor ideas. However, they aren’t for everyone. Take a look at the pros and cons to decide whether a bistro table should be the next addition to your home.

Pro: They’re a chic space saver.

Bistro tables bring flair and function to a room without eating up a lot of space. A bistro table set is a great choice if you live in a cozy apartment or home where you want beautiful style without feeling cramped.

Pro: They are multifunctional. Looking for that perfect place to read or get some work done? Pair it with a book holder or add a Turkish coffee set on top – the bistro table has you covered. If you’re searching for a furniture piece ideal for intimate meals, envision the Montibello Pub Table in your home. Bistro tables are adaptable, with the right additions they can serve multiple needs.

Con: It can only accommodate so many. If you’re planning to invite a dozen guests for dinner, they might not all fit at your bistro table and chairs. While the table provides a space to place dishes or snacks during a larger gathering, it isn’t an ideal seating solution for large parties.

Pro: It’s a decorative accent. High dining tables instantly conjure images of Parisian eateries or urban bistros. It’s a great way to add function and decorative flair to your space. The Irma Table is a perfect example: It can comfortably seat a family of four, but also has that “stop in your tracks” quality.

If you’re in the market for an affordable dining solution, then bistro tables might be the perfect fit for you. Find your match made in heaven at The RoomPlace today!

Design Tips

6 Tips for Furnishing a New Home

Completing a Summer Move:

6 Tips from Experience for Furnishing Your New Home

You’re ready to put down roots in a brand new home. But are your furnishings ready to make the new house feel like “home sweet home”? Create your dream home with the help of the affordable furniture solutions from The RoomPlace:

  1. Don’t be afraid to say “goodbye”

While you’re packing up your belongings, think about what should come with you into your new home. Are you tired of the dining room table that you’ve had in your room for years? Don’t be afraid to give yourself a fresh start. Donate or sell what you don’t love in a consignment store and make room for furniture that will fulfill your decorative and functional dreams.

  1. Take in your surroundings

A bright red couch might look stunning in the showroom, but will it clash with your blue tinted kitchen tiles? Think about your home’s color scheme before making any new home furniture purchases. Earthly colors are trend-proof while bold colors are catchy and modern. What color speaks to you? Look through online catalogs and envision different colored furniture in your home.

  1. Give yourself time to think

Your new space doesn’t have to look picture-perfect the moment that you move in. Unpack all of the belongings that you already own before welcoming any new furniture to your home.

  1. Ask yourself questions

Before you dive into your furnishing project, take a step back and ask yourself: “What’s my style?” Are you a bold modernist at heart, or do you prefer the comforts of traditional design? Let your instinct guide you so that you can choose the perfect new furniture for your home.

  1. Look at your space

Consider windows and doorways. Tall furniture can block the view and natural light from your windows. Bigger furniture can also block doorways and make room entrances seem narrow. Pick out furniture that will go with the structure and flow of each room in your house.

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Furnishing a new home should be fun, not stressful! This is your chance to create your dream home. Savor the process, and let the RoomPlace provide you with the affordable furniture to turn your vision into a reality.

Design Tips

What Exactly Is A Day Bed?

The day bed is a unique piece of furniture, used for both sleeping and relaxing in a reclined position. It is unusual for a piece of furniture to be useful for something private like sleeping while still feeling at home in a living room or social area. It can’t be stressed enough that the most valuable part of the daybed is its comfort. If you’re looking for furniture in Indianapolis, maybe you should consider the daybed!

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, the day bed was used to rest or eat in repose. It was normal in Ancient Greece and Rome for people to publicly rest in a reclined position. The day bed, then called a lectus, was especially popular in Rome, where they could be found in the bedroom, library or dining room. As a precursor to the couch, the lectus used in Rome often had one or two high sides and occasionally a back. The lectus has adopted many names and innovations over time, evolving into the chaise longue in France, the daybed in England and the couch in America. 

Today’s daybeds are sold in two different categories. There is the outdoor daybed that can have a roof like covering for protection and is often set up to be hanging, and there is the indoor daybed that is most often rested on the floor. The most common size of a daybed is a twin. Depending on the main purpose for the daybed, there can be integrated storage or a trundle bed underneath the mattress frame. Daybeds combine the space for relaxation with a stylish appeal. The RoomPlace offers a daybed that has the benefit of a trundle and the appeal of a completely contemporary look. 

Color Design Tips Home Decor

Liven Up Your Home with a Summer Palette

Spring cleaning is over and it’s time for a new project. As the warm weather brings guests over to the house, you may want to brighten the place up with some summer tones. Color is so important in creating a lively and happy environment, and it has been proven that color impacts our daily activity and actions. Each color triggers different emotions and can be used to persuade your mind to feel a certain way. A great summer color is yellow, as it is symbolic of sunshine and promotes happiness. Yellow helps the brain release Serotonin, contributing to a person's good mood.

Integrating yellow into your home can be done with a few simple changes. One room that can benefit from a touch of yellow is the dining room. Using golden yellow accents with natural wood furniture, like you can find here at The RoomPlace, can create a warm, inviting environment. Dining room seat cushions can be reupholstered with a yellow textile to add vibrancy to seating that may have previously been more muted. Use a French vanilla (yellow, white and beige combo) to create a calmer liveliness or a muted gold to make a space more timeless.

As great of an improvement as yellow can be for your home, beware of overusing it. Too much of the color can cause frustration and fatigue. Stick with modest yellow contributions to different areas of the home, rather than making it the main color scheme. Along with the dining room, yellow can be a positive addition to the kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom. If you want some more summer decorating tips, or are looking for new upholstery material in Chicago, your friends here at The RoomPlace have got you covered! We hope to see you soon.