Space Saving and Affordable Platform Beds

Kenton II 8 Pc. Queen Storage BedroomIf you are like many homeowners today not only are you interested in affordable furniture, but you also want furniture that saves space and serves a dual purpose. The platform bed may be just what you are looking for in bedroom furniture.

Platform bedroom sets feature beds raised much higher than standard ones. They provide under bed storage space that can be used for built in drawers or covered with a bed skirt to hide the empty space below. Of course, most people who purchase this type of bed have plans for the under bed area. If not using built in drawers, there are storage containers that will fit easily in the available space.

What many shoppers of space saving bedroom furniture may not be aware of is that platform beds do not use box springs. Slat bases fit into the bed frame, and then a mattress is placed directly on the slats. Slats come in various types of wood and metal and are made for every available size bed.

This style of bed is typically made from solid wood or metal. Many of them include a headboard that provides additional storage cabinets or shelves. Because there is no need to purchase a separate bed rail system, headboard and box springs, platform beds are usually less expensive than traditional bed sets.

This affordable, space saver bed can be found in classic, traditional and modern styles. Be sure to check out our selection in Chicago area locations or online at


Modern Living Room Ideas for Comfort and Relaxation

Many homeowners seek modern living room ideas to create a welcoming environment. Because the modern living room is a main gathering place for families, the design and furniture that fills this important room set the tone for the entire home.

The Lakeview CollectionIt is essential to choose design elements and furniture that will make family members feel relaxed and guests feel welcome in your home.  Choose a design style that fits your personality. Whether eclectic, contemporary or traditional, it is important to keep everything consistent throughout the room so that it feels clean rather than cluttered.

Many people use the living room for watching television, reading or just enjoying each other’s company. Family room sofas and sectionals can make spacious seating arrangements for crowds or comfy places for one or two to stretch out.

Because of entertainment needs, a television media center should also be considered for holding TVs and for storage of DVDs, games and other electronic accessories. Coffee tables to complement the décor are also important for placing drinks, food or books, and adequate living room lighting should be considered for darker areas of the room.

Without art work and area rugs, no room would be complete so certainly whatever is chosen should follow the same colors and textures as the rest of the room. Above all, living rooms should be filled with items that matter to the family. Whether picked up from travels or childhood collections, special mementos can make a house feel like home.

Visit us today to consult with one of our furniture professionals so we can help you create a comfortable living room for your home.


How to Choose the Best Sectional Sofa

The best sectional sofa for families will depend on the family itself. This stylish and affordable living room furniture works well in any type of home whether traditional, modern or contemporary. Choosing the right one is just a matter of knowing what to look for when Sectional sofas - Uptown V Sectional 6 Pc. Sectional Living Room w/ Ottomanvisiting the furniture showroom.

Sectional sofas come in a wide variety of fabrics including polyester, twill, microfiber and leather. The particular fabric used for the upholstering will help determine how long the fabric will last and how easy it will be to clean. The most durable of fabrics for use on a sectional is leather as it is sturdy and strong and can easily stand up to rough wear and tear. Spills are easy to clean on leather and as leather sectional sofas age, they develop a satiny patina that looks and feels wonderful for sitting.

The number of pieces that are chosen for a sectional sofa can establish the type of shape to fit the particular room being furnished. The traditional L-shape sectional will fit numerous different room shapes and sizes, and the U-shape offers movie style seating for media rooms. By adding or taking away a piece, a sectional can be made to fit into a smaller room, and usually most furniture dealers will be able to help you purchase additional pieces to make the sectional larger when it is moved to a bigger room.

A growing number of furniture brands offer reclining sectional sofas that have recliners on each end of the sofa for putting legs up without an ottoman or coffee table. Visit the furniture professionals at The RoomPlace showroom for the best sectionals made today in different styles and fabric choices to fit your home.


Redefining Luxury with a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Think having the right mattress for you and your family isn’t important? Think again. People on average spend up to one third of their entire lives asleep. The support and quality of a mattress is extremely important when it comes to finding the perfect one for yourself. Luckily The RoomPlace carries one a mattress that will give you the ultimate night’s sleep.

Once you try and lay down on a Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress you will discover a level of comfort like no other. The Beautyrest Black is unique because it was engineered to feel the same at home as it does in our showroom. We all hate thinking we have the perfect mattress only to find that when it’s delivered there’s a “break in” period.  The patented transflexion technology pre-stresses the foams so that the mattress is broken in way before it even reaches The RoomPlace. Beautyrest Black

With a 20 year warranty, this mattress will be with your family for a long, long time. In fact, a third-party durability test revealed that that after 20 years of use there was no impression exceeding one inch. This translates to consistent durable comfort and a mattress that won’t fail on you.

It is important to make the right decision when buying a mattress. With its style, comfort and utility the Simmons Beautyrest Black will give you the most bang for your buck. Stop by your local The RoomPlace store and try one for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Leather Characteristics to Consider When Buying Leather Furniture

Once you have decided to buy leather furniture, you may find there are a few other considerations necessary when actually shopping for leather to add to your home’s design. The quality of leather defines the furniture’s durability and how long it will last into the future so understanding more about the process can make all the difference when choosing between two different leather furniture pieces.

Leather furniture should be evaluated in a different way as compared to fabric covered sofas. Leather has unique characteristics inherent to the material that is part of its natural beauty. Even the best leather sofa will often have stretch marks or veining as well as wrinkles, scars or what is called in the industry, insect bites. These are distinctive markings that are not defects, but actually show the leather is genuine.

Mustang II 5 Pc. Sectional PackageAniline leathers are hides that have been dyed using aniline dyes. This permanent dye absorbs all the way through the leather without concealing any of the natural markings. It is closer to the hide’s natural state; whereas, semi-aniline is aniline dyed with slight pigmentation added for color consistency and some stain resistance. Protected leather is fully coated with protective pigments that help it to repel water and stains as well as making it easier to clean. Protected leather’s pigmentation hides some of the natural marks while pure aniline and semi aniline leathers always show more authentic leather markings. Knowing the differences in leather types will help you determine the best one for your needs.

Our leather professionals at The RoomPlace furniture showrooms are here to help you discover the best leather sofa brands to fit your home and lifestyle. Visit us today to learn more!


New Home Furnishings for Summer Season Fun

Emma II 9 Pc. Living RoomSummer is here and what better way to celebrate the start of the season then with new home furnishings to freshen and brighten up your home. With the kids out of school for the next few months, creating a fun family environment can be just the ticket to enjoying the long, lazy days of summer. Whether having guests over for a backyard barbeque or a rip roaring song fest on the karaoke machine, choosing the right furniture for crowds is necessary to utilizing room space to the fullest and providing comfort for everyone at the same time.

Nothing says relaxation like luxurious leather living room furniture, and summer time is a great time to find affordable furniture deals for the home. With comfortable cushioning on seats and supple, softness all over, leather furniture usually comes in two or three piece sets that make for spacious seating arrangements.

No one will ever guess that the seating in the living room might include the ingenious leather sleeper sofa, a fabulous alternative to air mattresses and a stylish choice for homes needing a little extra sleeping space. Parents will love the added bonus that leather is super easy to keep clean especially when spill disaster strikes as it often does when entertaining young guests.

Finding the perfect living room furniture is easy at The RoomPlace. We offer 23 store locations in Illinois and Indiana and helpful furniture professionals that can help in choosing the right seating and accessories to update and refresh your home for summer fun.


How to Select a Mattress

We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping so making sure our bodies spend this time in deep sleep is essential to maintaining both our mental and physical health. Learning how to buy a mattress becomes crucial to obtaining restful, healing sleep for our bodies, and if your existing mattress is over five years old, it is probably time to replace it.

The Westhoff Dual Pillowtop CollectionBecause many people move around while sleeping, mattress dimensions are important.  If sharing a bed with a spouse or significant other, it is a good idea to choose one slightly larger than needed to allow for movement while sleeping.

The next thing to look for when shopping for a new mattress is its firmness. Sleeping position plays a role in which firmness level of support is needed. Back sleepers will need a firm, level mattress while side sleepers will rest easier with a mattress that distributes weight evenly along the whole body or else pain in shoulders and hips can develop. Stomach sleepers need to be especially aware of the bed to choose as if they sleep on too soft of a bed, they will often develop back and neck pain. To prevent this from occurring, the best extra firm mattress should be selected.

How the mattress is made will also affect comfort. Thick padding and proper coil configuration are needed to maintain the comfort and life of a mattress. Innerspring mattresses have coiled metal springs with layers of padding between them. Other bedding options include memory foam, feather, air and water beds.


Options for Boy Bedroom Furniture

Sundance Full Captain's Bed w/ Bookcase HeadboardBoy bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be in only sports or nautical themes. In fact, with today’s contemporary bedroom sets, there are more ways for boys and young men to express their own individual styles without feeling pinned into a youth theme.

Captain’s beds make great additions to kids’ rooms for toddlers all the way to middle or high school. Parents love the design of the under bed drawers and built in bookshelf headboards. Kids love the raised look as it can feel like lying on an island paradise in a sea of toys or video games. Another great benefit is many of the captain and storage beds grow with your child.

Whether part of a poster or bookcase bed, trundle beds are fun for sleepovers as the under bed drawer façade pulls out to feature a full size twin mattress. This space saving furniture looks much nicer than a pumped up air mattress. The same applies for the convenience of sleeping two on a bunk bed.

With the advent of the loft bed, tweens and teenagers will love the space saving design that gives them room to move around. Add a sofa underneath with TV and popular video games, and your young man can have a fun spot to play when friends come over without having to share the family room with younger siblings.

As boys become young men, their need for a larger bed may arise. Our stores offer boys bedroom sets in both twin and full sizes to accommodate growing children.


Rearrange Home Living Room Furniture for Summer Fun

Lori Accent ChairSummer is the time when everyone wants to be outside enjoying the warm weather and splashy water fun. As energizing as summer can be, at the end of the day when hearts turn toward home, it can be nice to rearrange home living room furniture to add a little summer spice to the living environment.

With the fireplace no longer in use after cooler temperatures, brighten up living spaces by moving living room chair and sofa combinations away from the hearth. Shifting focus to another area of the room like French doors leading to a patio or even a media center area will create a new energy in the room.

Living room accessories like area rugs can be switched to lighter sisal or sea grass rugs to give the room a more summery feel. Removing rugs completely will reveal the bare wood or tile underneath and make the room feel cooler during hot spells. Also exchanging heavy drapes and curtains for sheers can lighten and brighten the room. If the living area sits near outdoor patios, hanging twinkle lights or paper lanterns on nearby trees will help bring the outdoors inside when viewed through gossamer sheers as they lift gently in the breeze.

Summer entertaining isn’t complete without fresh fruit and drinks for impromptu guests. Setting up a bar area on a buffet or side table with accessories and wines ready and available will make it easy to prepare libations and treats when visitors arrive.

Don’t miss The RoomPlace’s affordable room collections that can help redecorate your home just in time for summer fun. We have 22 locations nearby to serve you and also be sure to visit us online.


How to Choose Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is a place where families meet to create lasting memories during everyday meals or holiday occasions. The furniture you select is meant to last for many years and it is crucial to understand how to choose dining room furniture properly.

The Lauren CollectionThe first step to choosing furniture for dining areas is to examine the layout and measure the room. People need to be able to walk around the table and pull out chairs.  You will want to consider not only the size of the table, but its shape as well in order to ensure the best possible fit. Typically, the space between the table’s edge and a wall or other piece of furniture should be 48 inches for ample room.

Weight and height of individuals using the table and chairs should also be considered. Whether you need large, durable chairs or higher backed ones to offer comfortable support while dining, The RoomPlace has a large selection to choose from. Children’s needs should also be considered as heavy chairs will be hard for them to maneuver.

Dining room table sets make the best furniture selection as pieces are already matched to make furnishing dining rooms quick and easy. Purchasing dining tables and chairs separately is also an option. Finding a dining table on sale without chairs and then taking the time to find chairs to match the table and décor can be fun and affordable. Our stores have sets available in every shape, size and price range so visit us today!