The Best Ottoman is Under Foot

While ottomans may not be the most popular piece of furniture spoken about by furniture shoppers, they surely are the most missed when they are not available. The best ottoman is the one that is cleverly arranged for feet to rest on while watching the game or thrilling movie.

The Uptown II Sectional Collection 6 pc with OttomanOttoman benches may be the most underrated piece of furniture in the home, but they certainly add charm and functionality to the environment. As an inexpensive furniture piece, they are valuable additions to the home design, and because they are backless can serve a multiple purpose as both a table and foot rest.

A surprising find in an ottoman are those that contain hidden spaces inside for storage of books and blankets, and there are even some models that house hidden liquor cabinets and accessories.

Another advantage of the ottoman is that they are relatively lightweight and can be easily moved around the room when needed. They do not take up a lot of space and will not obstruct the vision of someone trying to watch a show. Additionally they make great spots to sit and balance on while putting on shoes!

Some sofa sets automatically come with ottomans so there is no need to purchase them separately. Many leather sectionals have built in ottomans that make the sofa seem more like a chaise or recliner. The modern oak ottoman can be found separately as a decorative and functional piece to add to a room. Overall, most people find the ottoman to be an affordable piece of furniture that offers utility and convenience.

Come out and shop our selection of sofa sets and ottomans. You’ll be glad to add an ottoman to your home furniture plan.


Sunroom Furniture for Summer

If you have a sunroom in your home, then decorating for the summer season is probably on your list of things to do this year. As great spots to host parties and family fun, the sunroom can be the go-to place in your home for all kinds of important family events as well as casual, intimate gatherings.

The Alora CollectionSome sunrooms are simply closed in patios while other homeowners go to great expense to have a full addition added to the home. Planning for the style and ambiance you want for this special room will help in determining what furniture to add such as whether a solid wood dining table would be better than an iron dining set for the eating area.

Some homeowners choose to not use the extra space for just dining, and instead create sunrooms as an entertainment area for guests and family members to retreat to during family events and barbeques. In these situations recliners or small sofas make great additions along with benches for extra seating. The more cozy a sunroom is the more likely family members will use the spot for morning tea or coffee breaks in addition to parties.

Certainly the size of the room makes a difference in the type and size of furniture chosen for the space. For smaller areas, pub table sets may be the right fit whereas spacious sun rooms can be mini family rooms with televisions and couches to relax on.

Let The RoomPlace be your go-to place this summer for great furniture for sunrooms and all your decorating needs!


Questions about Buying Leather Furniture

There is no doubt that leather is a beautiful material. Its rich, supple texture and enduring good looks makes it a lasting covering for furniture sofas, chairs and even tables. From time to time, however, some of our customers express concerns about purchasing leather furniture for their homes. One key question we see often is whether leather wears well and how it fits into the home and lifestyle.

Bravado 8 Pc. Living Room Leather is by far one of the strongest materials for upholstery use. It is four times more durable than fabric so it can withstand hard use by kids as well as scratching and jumping by pets. As a matter of fact, fabric sofas cannot sustain the heavy use or wear and tear dished out by kids and pets quite so easily as leather. Although no fabric or material is completely damage proof, leather is certainly the best choice for homes needing more durability as well as good looks in their furniture.

With the considerable selection of leather furniture available at many different price points today, there are affordable sectional sofas and chairs that can fit into every lifestyle and budget. Nothing can quite replace the genuine quality of furniture leather. It is cool and comfortable to sit on, and its ability to shine in any type of home design truly makes it one of the most versatile materials for use in home furniture.

Visit one of our 22 Illinois or Indiana furniture stores to find the best valued leather furniture for your home today.


Counter Height Dining Sets Great Additions for Kitchen Dining

Counter height dining room sets are fast becoming popular in homes today to save space Brandy Counter Height Tableand add stylish design to kitchens and dining rooms. These tables are extra tall and similar in height to bar tables and stools.

Homeowners enjoy adding this furniture to kitchens as they do not take up as much space as a regular casual dining room set yet they still provide the same amount of seating. Kitchen nooks and bay window openings are the perfect spot for counter dining sets. Whether one or two family members want to enjoy an early breakfast or the whole clan for a family dinner feast, these tables provide lots of eating room without taking up a lot of width.

These sets typically come in five, seven and nine pieces with four, six or eight chairs and a table. Their height measures anywhere from 35 to 36 inches tall with the table itself coming in round, square or rectangle shapes. Some even offer a bench seat in lieu of some of the chairs, which can make seating large families an easy task. In sets with more stools than family members, many families will take the extra stools to use at kitchen counters for breakfast or den bars for drinking and casual dining.

For larger gatherings, some of the sets also include a leaf that expands the width of the table to hold more place settings and serving platters. You can find these beautiful dining tables in our showrooms and online so be sure to visit one of locations to see our large selection.


Boys Bedroom Furniture Sets

Growing up many adults may remember sharing a room with their siblings. Crammed into a tiny space with barely enough room for clothing dressers or toy chests, childhood memories were built sharing jokes and laughing. Heated arguments were quick to start about which toy belonged to the other in the still of the nights meant for sleeping that is until mom and dad yelled down the hall to quiet down. How can one forget early morning wake ups from younger brothers and sisters just waiting for older ones to start the day?

Bronco 7 Pc. Loft BedAnd although times have changed in many ways, it really stays the same. Siblings still need to share rooms and finding space for growing kids is still a challenge that families face. One thing that has changed though is childrens bedroom furniture sets. Furniture makers have ingeniously created the loft bunk bed, which is not only completely fun to sleep on but also has a space saving design that helps fit more kids and their stuff in the room without sacrificing comfort.

Take our boys bedroom furniture sets like the Bronco Collection. This 7 piece loft bunk bed will be the rocket ship that takes them to the stars! With the sturdy construction you expect of solid pine bedroom furniture and the space saving design that combines bed with chest of drawers, a desk and bulletin board, this bed has everything to make sharing a room fun again!

Not only is the bed a complete one stop shop for everything a kid room needs, but it is constructed according to recognized safety standards with high quality materials. Be sure to come by any of our 23 store locations to see this amazing bed and bring it home for your kids today.


Don’t Miss the Simmons Cash & Comfort Rebate Event

If the bed you’ve been sleeping in has a sagging middle with more lumps and bumps than Wile E. Coyote after a run in with Roadrunner, then now may be the best time to start looking for a new mattress!

Goodman Cushion Plush Queen Mattress/Boxspring SetJoin us for the new Simmons Beautyrest Cash and Comfort rebate event with over 20,000 rebates valued up to $1,000. With each entry, you also have a chance of winning a weekly rebate of $5,000! Imagine the kind of mattress you could buy with that prize!

Simmons has been manufacturing high quality mattresses since 1870, and their 135 years of experience shows in their affordable mattress products that provide ultimate support and comfort while sleeping. Their Beautyrest mattresses offer undisturbed sleep through the Smart Response pocket coil feature. When two are sharing the bed, any movement made by one will not affect the other’s sleep. If your spouse’s tossing and turning keeps you up at night, then a Simmons Beautyrest mattress with this feature is a definite must!

To participate in this money saving event, all you need to do is visit one of our 22 store locations to obtain a special Cash and Comfort code. Then, you will text or enter the code online to find out instantly if you’re a winner. What could be simpler than that?

Come visit us to view the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Mattress collection and obtain your code for a chance to win a great rebate. Hurry in, the event ends soon.


Creating Warm and Inviting Guest Rooms

Nothing is more welcoming to visitors than coming to stay at your home and feeling a warm radiance in the guest room you prepare for them.

When preparing a guest room for arrival of guests, a bed centered along one wall will provide a main focal point for the room. A queen size mattress makes a practical choice especially for couples. Wood brings warmth and character unmatched by other materials so choosing bedroom furniture constructed of solid wood will ensure that it will be durable enough for guests. Bedside tables framing both sides of the bed provides a convenient place for lamps as well as small items guests may want easily accessible like glasses, cards and spare change.

The Richton CollectionEarthy muted tones for walls give a room a relaxed look and feel.  Since you want guests to feel at home, the colors blending with each other provides consistency in the design as well as a relaxed atmosphere. Pulling one or two accent colors from design fabrics can tie all design elements together.  Soft comforters, cushy pillows and silky drapes in matching coordinated fabrics will complement casual bedroom furniture and provide a homey feeling to the room.

A brand new looking, too perfect room can make guests feel uncomfortable and afraid to disturb anything in the room. Avoid the fussiness of making the room look too expensive or modern. Keep the room casual so guests can relax fully and feel like they are home. The RoomPlace has 22 locations to help you provide quality comfortable bedroom furniture for your guests. Visit us today!


Oak Bedroom Furniture Built to Last a Lifetime

Oak furniture is a popular choice for bedrooms today. The strength of the oak tree’s dense wood makes it incredibly durable for building quality furniture, and the oak grain adds striking details when carved into accents and embellishments for oak bedroom furniture pieces.

The Harvest Oak CollectionOak wood is used to build bedrooms pieces for every need including beds, chests, wardrobes, armoires, dressers and mirrors. Oak bedroom furniture sets are found at every price point and can be very affordable for people on a budget. The beauty and durability of oak blends with all décors and can usually be found in several colors ranging from light to rich dark or painted finishes.

Solid oak bedrooms also come in many different designs. Modern, contemporary oak designs offer clean, polished lines while traditional styling varies from embellished floral and scroll carvings to antiqued detailing with rustic charm. No matter which style you choose, oak furniture is built to last a lifetime if it is properly cleaned and maintained. Its solid construction is also perfect for children’s bedroom furniture as it can take heavy use, wear and tear.

When purchasing oak bedroom furniture, consider purchasing in a complete room set as there are usually discounts for buying all the pieces at one time and also by waiting, it may be difficult to find matching pieces at a later date. Our furniture professionals are available in each of our stores to help you select the best bedroom furniture for your needs so be sure to visit soon.


The Benefits of Glass Dining Room Sets

Glass dining room sets will enhance your home décor and add clean, refined lines to your design. The benefits of using a glass top dining table include versatility, ease of maintenance and replacement.

Glass dining room table sets are very versatile pieces of furniture. They can be used in traditional, rustic, contemporary and modern designs. Their versatility is unmatched in that they work as easily in a small apartment as in a large home or office setting. Because any color palette can be used, the neutrality of glass allows for complete control over a home’s interior design.

Glass Dining Room Table - Abby TableAnother benefit of glass dining room table furniture is the ability to clean it easily. Wiping up spills is quick. Just use clean water or window cleaner, and the table is ready for use. Glass does not scratch or burn like wood, and because it isn’t affected by heat from mugs or cookware, there is no need to use coasters or trivets. Glass is low maintenance as compared to the cleaning demands of solid wood furniture.

Accidents due occur from time to time, and although glass tabletops are strong, they can potentially shatter under certain conditions. Custom cut glass replacement tops are easy to order from local vendors. Unlike wood tables if the table top breaks, there is no need to replace it entirely.

The RoomPlace’s 23 store locations are ready to help you find just the right glass furniture to add to your home design. Visit us in store or online today!


Space Saving and Affordable Platform Beds

Kenton II 8 Pc. Queen Storage BedroomIf you are like many homeowners today not only are you interested in affordable furniture, but you also want furniture that saves space and serves a dual purpose. The platform bed may be just what you are looking for in bedroom furniture.

Platform bedroom sets feature beds raised much higher than standard ones. They provide under bed storage space that can be used for built in drawers or covered with a bed skirt to hide the empty space below. Of course, most people who purchase this type of bed have plans for the under bed area. If not using built in drawers, there are storage containers that will fit easily in the available space.

What many shoppers of space saving bedroom furniture may not be aware of is that platform beds do not use box springs. Slat bases fit into the bed frame, and then a mattress is placed directly on the slats. Slats come in various types of wood and metal and are made for every available size bed.

This style of bed is typically made from solid wood or metal. Many of them include a headboard that provides additional storage cabinets or shelves. Because there is no need to purchase a separate bed rail system, headboard and box springs, platform beds are usually less expensive than traditional bed sets.

This affordable, space saver bed can be found in classic, traditional and modern styles. Be sure to check out our selection in Chicago area locations or online at