Choosing the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best Mattress for Back PainBecause no two people are alike, no one mattress can meet every person’s needs. Choosing a mattress is a personal decision that can only be made by the individual especially those experiencing pain or discomfort due to a poor mattress. Spending time to find comfortable mattresses, understanding their construction and proper support as well as the best time to replace existing mattresses are all criteria necessary for finding the best mattress for back pain.

First and foremost, individuals should seek help from mattress professionals to assist in selecting the best mattresses. Because every person has different needs, time must be spent relaxing on the prospective mattress to figure out which style provides the most comfort and support. Understanding bed construction is also important when selecting a new mattress. The elements of an ortho mattress that should be looked at to determine best fit include good coils or inner springs, padding and thickness.

Another criterion for mattress selection is how much back support the potential bed supplies. By matching the natural curve and spine alignment, a mattress can help prevent and eliminate back pain.

Finally, knowing the right time to replace an existing mattress can help. It is time to replace a mattress when it sags in the middle, causes loss of sleep or is no longer comfortable.
The RoomPlace has furniture professionals available to assist shoppers with finding quality mattresses at the best possible price. Shop one of our 23 available locations to find the mattress that suits your needs.


No Childhood is Complete Without Kids Bunk Beds

Twin/Twin Bunk Bed w/ Underbed Storage No childhood experience is complete without spending time on a bunk bed. From imaginary forts where soldiers defend their position from incoming enemy hoards to spaceships ready to blast into outer space, kids bunk beds excite childhood imaginations. Never mind they also make an awesome place to sleep!

Bunk beds are an affordable choice for kids bedrooms particularly for large families needing to maximize space while providing comfortable sleeping quarters for their children. There are various bunk bed styles to choose so families considering this style bed should understand the many options available.

Most people are familiar with traditional bunk beds. They are essentially two twin beds joined together one over the other providing space for two to sleep in an area where one bed would normally be positioned.

Similar to the standard bunk bed, the twin over full version has a twin bed on top positioned over a full size bed on the bottom. The full size mattress is more comfortable for older children and can be used by overnight guests.

Loft beds can be either a top bunk bed with an empty space below or two bunk beds in juxtaposition from the typical bunk bed configuration. Some single bed layouts offer futons or a desk and storage drawers below. Even loft beds with top and bottom bunk usually come complete with desk and drawers on one side.

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Art Deco Furniture Inspires Abby Dinette Set Design

Abby 5 Pc. DinetteArt deco furniture is based on designs popular from the 1920s during which time its bold lines and curves seemed trendy and innovative for the turn of the century. The Roaring Twenties, as this time was called, were full of cries for modernity and change, and this type of art design was inspired by Paris styling that took the world by storm prior to World War II.

In today’s marketplace, art deco furniture is seen as retro and hip. Its simplicity of design and sturdy construction provide elegance to homes. What passes as modern furniture today is often actually art deco styling created by furniture makers seeking to marry the clean, distinctive lines of art deco reminiscent of the past with our own modern furniture movement of this millennium.

Our Abby dinette sets demonstrate perfectly the influence of art deco on modern decor. This dining room set features a tempered glass top table supported by a lacquer table base in a crisscrossed design.  The chrome angled legs branching from the bold curving chairs covered in faux leather provide a new interpretation of this modernistic styling. The Abby dining table set includes matte finished chairs and choice of either white or black lacquer bases. The sets are available in five or seven piece sets or may be purchased separately. This set will really impress those wishing to create an elegant modern look to their formal dining rooms.

To see the Abby dinette set or other art deco and modern furniture that will make your home’s design shine, visit one of our 23 stores today.


Kids Bedroom Furniture Design is Limited Only by Imagination

Kids today are quite savvy when it comes to designing their own bedrooms. Their need to express their unique individuality has created a whole niche of kids bedroom furniture that allows parents to benefit from the abundance of furniture makers’ quality designs out there.
Some unique offerings in the marketplace today include kids desks that put modern office furniture to shame. From beautiful cherry wood to rustic pine, wonderful kid desk designs spoil kids today with unique styling, matching hutches and shelving. Computer tower centers as well as DVD and game shelving are enviable additions to kids furniture offerings.

The Bronco CollectionAs if stunning desks weren’t enough, furniture makers have created kids table and chairs for in room play that are sized perfectly for small children. Built with sturdy construction and similar in design to their full size counterparts, kids tables are an accent both in aesthetics and functionality for kids rooms.

Kid twin beds and special kids bedding also have come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years. Beds are now offered in all sizes and shaped like carriages, race cars and ships. Children can custom design their rooms based on every imaginable childhood dream. Pillows and bedding complement these fantastical beds created for youth. With unique furniture designs and accessories so easily available, kids furniture and room design is only limited by the imagination.

Kids bedroom furniture has definitely changed over the years so let us show you how to furnish the room of your child’s dreams!


Family Room Furniture Ideas for Enjoying Time at Home

The family room is the hub of the home where children spend quality time with family members sharing conversations, reading, watching television and playing games. Comfortable and durable family furniture helps make family time together more enjoyable. Furniture pieces such as leather sectionals, accent chairs and coffee tables are essential elements that can bring together the room’s design to make the family living area an oasis for everyone.

Bayfront 10 Pc. Sectional PackageHigh quality leather sectionals offer roomy space for family members and guests to lounge around without feeling they are sitting on top of each other. Traditional sectional sofas are constructed for durability and make cleaning spills a breeze. Flexibility of seating arrangements makes sectional sofas an ideal choice for family room furniture.
Accent chairs arranged into an informal sitting area are just right for the family room environment. Adding a table and lamp between two chairs is a perfect reading spot. There’s nothing better than curling up in a cozy chair before a roaring fire and reading bedtime stories with the kids.

No family room would be complete without a coffee table. A favored site for a rousing family board game, coffee and end tables are also great for holding books and mementos fun to share with guests when they visit.

Find the best leather sectionals, accent chairs and coffee tables at one of our Illinois furniture stores. For those outside of the Illinois area, visit our website for immediate delivery of in stock affordable family furniture to fit your home décor.


Modern Day Chests Provide Space Saving Storage

The Jackie CollectionMany families still maintain the tradition of a hope chest for their little girls. Handed down from generation to generation, the hope chest stores valuable gifts from friends and family given during the childhood years to be included in the girl’s trousseau upon her marriage. 

In this modern age, some families still keep this tradition, but unfortunately, the modern chest has lost yesteryear’s romantic past. Most chests nowadays consist of simple wardrobes, armoires and dressers for storing undergarments and accessories.

Typically, shoppers will find that bedroom sets come complete with a matching bedroom dresser or some sort of chest. Dressers are very convenient for holding lingerie and nightwear for ladies; whereas the modern chest of drawers is more commonly used by men for underwear, shirts and short pants. 

Matching armoires can usually be found for bedroom sets; however, they are not usually included in the set and must be purchased separately. Armoires can be used for clothing just like dressers and chests, but many furniture makers have started to offer television armoires for use in the bedroom and living room. They offer elegant styling in the bedroom while also hiding away televisions when not in use.

Bedroom furniture wardrobes can help with storage needs particularly in homes that have few closets. Perfect for holding additional clothing, sheets or towels, the wardrobe is a valuable addition to homes needing additional storage space.

Chests are a valuable addition for the bedroom. We offer them in a variety of styles and finishes for your decorating needs.


Pre Planning Helps when Shopping for Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets

The Hailey CollectionChoosing kids bedroom furniture sets can be quite fun as long as your children are included in the process. Because kids enjoy decorating just as much as adults, it is important to consider their likes and dislikes when shopping for their room.

Maybe your daughter has always dreamed of having a Disney princess bunk bed or little Johnny found race car metal bunk beds he won’t be able to live without, but children are not always able to see what the future holds. In a few years, that princess bed that she can’t live without today may be a little embarrassing when teenage friends come over for pizza and study time.

Major room furniture will most likely be made by family decision that requires both mom and dad to make choices based on actual room space, future furniture needs and the family budget. So while home furniture budgets may not be negotiable as far as the big furniture purchases go, one way to include your son or daughter in the process is to allow them to choose the kids bedding and accessories that will best complement their style.

Traditional colors and textures along with a few bold accents provide the necessary outlet for children’s creative side. Area rugs and wall art will also complete the room’s design and make the room a great retreat from the rest of the household.

Remember as children get older, personal space becomes even more important to them so with a little pre-planning in furniture selection, fabric choices and decorative accessories, families can make affordable purchases that will last for years to come. The RoomPlace is here to help with all your home furniture needs so visit one of our 23 store locations today.


Creating Character in Kitchen Dining Design

Many kitchens are the heart of the family home. Parents cook while kids sit at kitchen dining room tables eating cookies and milk after school or teens try to solve extra hard math problems for homework. When working parents return from their hectic day, the kitchen makes a great spot to leave the day behind and just kick back for a snack or glass of wine before dinner.

kitchen dining room tablesTo create a kitchen environment full of character means developing a space in the home that families can gather and build memories that go far beyond the hum drum of daily life. From the furniture to the flooring, planning kitchen areas for this purpose will add a whole new dimension to cooking, eating and entertaining in this space.

Finding solid, quality furniture pieces for kitchen nook areas might mean just simple round dining room tables and small buffet or side tables for holding dinnerware and glasses. There needs to be just enough furniture for family members while allowing enough room to leave the area feeling spacious.

Choosing colors for the walls and fabrics to create warmth and vibrancy is essential to creating an inviting space. Dark colors will add drama while light colors can add brightness. Complementary shades on fabrics for drapes, lampshades, chair cushions, table cloths and runners will give a consistency to the design. Painting the walls can add interest and color to further enhance and bring out accent colors used in fabrics and tableware.

The RoomPlace has a lovely selection of kitchen dining room furniture that can help you on your quest to creating kitchens full of color and character so be sure to visit one of our locations soon.


Tips for Finding Discount Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms can be a source of solace from our busy, hectic schedules. When it comes time to replace furniture in it, many shoppers need to find discount bedroom furniture to meet their budgets.

Carrington 8 Pc. King BedroomWhile price may be of utmost concern, it is especially important that the furniture company has affordable pricing as well as quality furniture built to last. Cheap bedroom furniture may be just particle board bound together with staples so you don’t want to purchase it this year and then have to replace it again next year. In the long run, buying quality constructed furniture now will help you have bedroom furniture that can last for a lifetime and save you money in the long run.

With the advent of the internet, it is easier than ever to research furniture brands that a furniture company carries and go shopping armed with the knowledge needed to make the best furniture selection that your budget can afford.

Recommendations from friends, family members and coworkers can also go a long way in helping determine the best furniture store to visit. Also on their websites, many stores post reviews and testimonials from past customers so that new visitors can feel comfortable they are shopping with a reputable furniture dealer.

The ability to have immediate delivery right to your home is a benefit of working with a quality furniture store. With showrooms full of complete sets of affordable bedroom furniture available for immediate delivery, you are sure to find just the right style at just the right price from any of The RoomPlace store locations in Indiana and Illinois.


Home Accents with Fresh Summer Flowers

The Confetti II CollectionWhile early summer harvest of fruits and vegetables is beginning to fill kitchens, freshly picked flowers are also being added to the flower basket as they come into bloom this season. Decorating with fresh summer flowers is a unique way to add a lot of impact and accent your home’s décor.

Vases overflowing with red poppies and yellow ranunculus make a dining table set shine with color and dress up casual living room areas. Wall sconces that usually hold candles can be filled with small orange blossoms to add their pleasant scent wherever they hang.

As fresh flower centerpieces in crystal bowls for the table, they enliven formal dining rooms for parties, and for outdoor party settings, bunches of sunflowers in a milk jug or pitcher add rustic charm to patio tables. A few lily blossoms in small vases around guests’ place settings or a freshly picked sunflower affixed to each napkin ring make for a thoughtful favor for guests and add touch of home accents to summer party decorations.

Roses and peonies mixed with greenery will find a home in your favorite vase on a bedroom dresser to add their beauty and fragrance to bedrooms. Combining these lovely blooms with candles turns a dull night into a romantic evening decoration meant for two when positioned near an intimate sitting area’s chaise lounge.

Fresh flowers add bright cheeriness to your home and make great accents not only in summer but all year long from season to season. We have many home decorating accents and furnishings in our showrooms so come see how we can help enhance your living space.