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Ihsan Alghabban made my shopping today a wonderful experience. He understood my needs and efficiently helped me get the pieces I needed for a condo I am remodeling. I look forward to shopping again – but will wait to see if the delivery experience is just as good. Lets hope so!

Marianne A.

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We really want to just make sure and recognize Brian Shay at the Algonquin, IL store on Randall Road. We always dread furniture shopping even when we know exactly what we want, because it never fails that we get followed and hounded all over the store.

Today we met Brian right up front first step inside the doors, we had already chosen on-line the sectional we wanted and just needed to see it and the colors in real life. Brian took us straight to it, explained the color options and some of the mechanical options with the sectional. Then he stepped away and gave us a good 25-30 ft of privacy with no break ins, no sales pitch, and no annoying interruptions while my wife and I discussed our options and desired final product.

We asked Brian back a few times, for a measuring tape, a request to know about the consoles, and 2 quotes for 2 desired arrangements we were considering. Let it be known he knocked all of that out of the park with us. Couldn’t have done a better job.

We would/will come back to work directly with Brian again on our next purchase. Can’t say enough how appreciative we were of his service style. We appreciated him enough to go over budget and that’s saying something with us.

Please let Brian know we sent this at a minimum, but if possible he’s deserving of more in recognition.

Tammy M.

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I had the BEST experience at the Greenwood, IN location. Brianna was beyond helpful in answering all of my many, many questions and did so with a smile the entire time! When it came time to place an order, Robert (the Manager) came over, walked me through my options, and was extremely helpful. Rarely does customer service impress me to this degree! I realize that customers are quick to file a complaint, but I wanted to give praise to these two representatives because their curtesy and attentiveness was simply AWESOME! I will be returning to this location for further furniture purchases in the future.


K Williams

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11 Fashionable Sectional Sofas for Small Living Rooms

Sectionals are one of our favorite kinds of compact furniture that offers the perfect seating option for rooms with size constraints. Whether you’re dealing with an Indianapolis home that is 100 square feet or 1,000, The RoomPlace has the perfect sectional for you.

Matrix marries technology and comfort. This bold 7-piece set offers the perfect reclining sectional sofas for small spaces. Adjust the headrest and recliner to suit your needs and get cozy with the sumptuous upholstery.


San Marco is the perfect way to make everyone happy. The button-activated recliner on each sectional means that every lounger gets the seating experience they want. No arguments!

san marco



Torricella shows that furniture for small living rooms can still be sophisticated. The contrasting fabric and Nu-Leather upholstery is peppered with grommeting to create that timeless look. This transitional piece will enhance classic and contemporary interiors.



Monroe offers multiple looks in one space-efficient design. Adjust the headrests to create a new style as it suits you — rest assured the comfort of this sleek piece will always remain constant.




Galaxy is proof that simple doesn’t mean boring. A crisp silhouette, contrast stitching, and striking leather upholstery will be a design staple for years to come.




Lawson creates a comfortable, classic aesthetic. The plush cushions, generous arm rests, and rich leather exudes country club chic

sectional brown



Preston stands apart from small sectional sofas for small spaces thanks to its big personality and size. Enjoy the comforts of storage space, cup holders, and reclining action with this piece..




Kara was made for relaxation. The wide seating profile and lush cushions feel like a cloud, and the bold red upholstery will add a pop of color to your space.




Enzo brings sleek European design into the comforts of your Indianapolis living room. Clean lines, a bold silver base, and crisp NuLeather completes this luxe look.




Nolan is perfect for entertainers in Indianapolis. Storage consoles, reclining features, and generous armrests make this the ideal accent for movie marathons or game nights.




Lexi would make Frank Lloyd Wright proud. The dramatic silhouette will feel like a piece of art, and the compact design and adjustable headrests sets it apart from other modern sectional sofas.




Modern, classic, transitional, contemporary — These are just a few of the designs you’ll find at The RoomPlace. Take a look online to find your other half!


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Get Organized This Year with Innovative Storage from The RoomPlace

We think every storage space deserves a round of applause. Whether you live in a spacious home or an apartment, it can feel difficult to stay organized without bringing down your feng shui. Here are a few assets that deserve their own superlatives:

The Display and Organizational Tag-Team: Curio Cabinets
Special items deserve a unique space. But if you’ve been putting these treasures into storage because you simply don’t know where to safely display then, it’s time to take action. Curio Cabinets like the Barton provide unique home storage solutions that will showcase your favorite photos, china, artwork. The glass encasing keeps these valuables safe while giving them the opportunity to be where they should: In the limelight!


The Chef’s Apprentice: Buffets and Sideboards

.If you’ve been flummoxed on how to make your kitchen storage-friendly without it feeling like there are too many cooks in the kitchen (we couldn’t resist!), you’ll find a solution with buffets or sideboards. The Monticristo Sideboard, for example, is decked out with sneaky spots to hide dishes, flatware, and wine glasses. They’re also a decorative asset.


The Coziest Storage Space: Beds and Bureaus Unite
There’s a reason that we call the Welden a “storage heaven.” From the outset, your bed will look like, well, a bed. But kneel down and you’ll be met with storage space aplenty. The drawers are tucked neatly into the base of the bed frame so they don’t take up any extra space. It’s also the perfect toy storage solution or shoe storage solution.



“Storage” doesn’t have to mean plastic containers shoved under the bed, and it doesn’t have to mean cardboard boxes tucked into the closet. Rather than relegating your items to the garage, storage solutions in the home are a more accessible and attractive alternative. The RoomPlace is excited to provide ways to get organized that will complement your interior decor, and we know that we have the perfect solution for you! Take a peek at our Deal Flyer to get a storage steal this month.


Bedrooms Design Tips Featured

2015 Trend: Upholstered Beds | The RoomPlace Chicago

2015 is going to be a good year for Chicago and Indianapolis style hunters. As we roll into the new year, we’re still seeing some trends from 2014 going strong. Of these, the most versatile is undoubtedly the upholstered headboard. Learn more about this exciting decorative feature from your favorite, neighborhood style gurus at The RoomPlace!


Upholstered headboards like the one above, The Tristian are an excellent addition to any Traditional bedroom. The rounded edges and muted colors are a decorator’s dream—add colorful throw pillows or a vibrant duvet to mix your decorative genres or tone it down with neutrals as showed above.

If toning your bedroom down doesn’t strike your fancy, by all means—spice it up!

tristan gray

Nail head trim is very popular this year, so pairing that trend with a deeper color, like pewter, will allow you to really show off your design chops.

Upholstered beds aren’t just for grown ups, either. You can treat your tween or teen with a bed they will flip for—The Elsa! Now available in twin and full, you can finally purchase a fun kids bed for your child to grow into.


Upholstered beds are so luxurious while they create a comfortable vibe, so we’re confident this trend will be sticking around for a while. Say goodbye to accidentally banging your head on harsh metal or wood—embrace the plushness of the upholstered headboard.

For more design tips and hot trends, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter! Or if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in to one of our Chicago or Indianapolis locations.


The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide | The RoomPlace Chicago & Indianapolis

Mattress Buying Guide: Which One Works for You?

We spend about 1/3 of our lives fast asleep—why not increase the comfort of that time with a new mattress? If it’s time to upgrade your current mattress situation in Chicago or Indianapolis, The RoomPlace is here to give you some pointers on picking out the perfect mattress.

There are essentially three factors you must consider when shopping for a new mattress: size, firmness and material.

One of the easiest facts to consider when you’re mattress shopping in Chicago is the size of the mattress you’re after. Below, we offer dimensions of our most popular mattress sizes.

King Size Mattress: 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Queen Size Mattress: 60 inches wide by about 80 inches long.

Full Mattress: 53 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Twin Mattress: 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Twin XL Mattress: 38 inches wide by about 80 inches long.

If you’re a solo sleeper, the full mattress is a good choice since it provides ample room. For couples, we recommend checking the dimensions of your bedroom before choosing a mattress above a queen size. King size mattresses are considerably larger than queens, so take care to perform proper measurements before you begin your mattress search.


So, you have your mattress size picked out. Now it’s time to decide on the firmness of your mattress and determine what will give you the most amount of comfort. After all, you’ll be sleeping on your new mattress for quite a while, so take some time to research and ask as many questions as you need before settling on firmness. Below are the different kinds of firmness we offer at The RoomPlace:

  • Plush: Midway between soft and firm, plush mattresses usually have more foam or tack and jump quilt layers than their firm counterparts.
  • Euro top: Appearance wise, the euro top looks very similar to a pillow top, but the euro top design lines up with the mattress edge.
  • Firm: Firm mattresses are ideal for people who tend to sleep on their back or stomach the most as it will provide the most overall support.

We also offer dual firmness, extra firm, pillow top firm, pillow top plush, cushion firm, soft and medium. For more information about these kinds of mattresses, stop in and chat with one of our skilled representatives.

Foam vs Coil

We offer three different kinds of mattress interiors to choose from.

  • Memory Foam
  • Gel foam
  • Innerspring

The general rule for purchasing an inner spring mattress is that the higher the coil count, the more support it offers and the more durable it is. We offer all of these variations in our queen and king size mattresses. We even offer Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses.

Come in and chat with us today in Chicago and Indianapolis to find your perfect mattress today!

Home Decor

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What’s The Best Home Accent Of Them All?


Although we tend towards massive overhauls when we’re trying to give our room a facelift, it’s often something small that can really make a room pop. When you’re decorating on a budget, you don’t have the flexibility you otherwise would if you were flush with cash. We’ve rounded up a few of the most impactful low cost decorating ideas you can use to make your living room feel like a whole new space.

Create an Optical Illusion
Decorative mirrors for living room spaces are always a good idea. They’re especially transformative if your space is on the smaller side. Mirrors instantly make a room feel bigger and create the illusion of extra space. When placed strategically, they will also spotlight the best parts of your living room. Whether you use bold, contemporary wall mirrors or something more traditional, this is an asset that will always complement your space.

Ambience at the Flip of a Switch
The power of lighting is real. A few bulbs have the ability to make or break the ambience of a room, so it’s important to always use lighting fixtures for your home to your advantage. Table lamps will work to your benefit thanks to their small size. A bold base and understated shade often feel like a mini art installation. If you pair this with a low wattage bulb, they also create a cozy, warm atmosphere. Going for a more airy, spacious feel? Invest in a minimalist floor lamp that will fill the whole room with light.

Start From the Bottom Up
Select every item in your room with intention, and start by looking down. An area rug provides a space efficient yet strong accent for your living room. It’s also is the perfect place to introduce a little color if your space feels washed out. Before selecting your accent carpet, make sure that it complements that style of your bar table, sofas, and chairs.

Spicing up your living room shouldn’t have to put a big dent in your budget. Chat with the team at The RoomPlace for more ideas on small changes you can make to maximize your impact!


Entertaining Living Rooms Room Makeovers

3 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Fireplace In Your Home

The RoomPlace is no stranger to winter. Based in Chicago and Indianapolis, we’ve experienced the beautiful blankets of snow and the frozen fingertips right along with you. Every home – no matter how big or small – needs to be a hub of warmth and comfort when the chill sets in– that’s why an electric fireplace might just be your new best friend.

They’re a Cheap Date
When you’ve lived through a winter in cities like Chicago and Indianapolis, home heating topics are always on your mind. If the memories of heating bills leave you wondering how to save energy in the winter, an electric fireplace holds the answer. You’ll be heating your home effectively for just $0.11 an hour, putting noisier and more expensive alternatives like radiators or forced air to shame.

They Aren’t High Maintenance
Stacking wood for winter might seem quaint when it’s in the pages of a children’s story, but when you’re considering fireplace options for your home, it’s important to think practically. Wood is expensive to purchase, cumbersome to transport, and requires valuable storage space. What’s more, if you live in the heart of Indianapolis or Chicago, wood is also difficult to access. When it burns, wood leaves behind soot that coats the entire fireplace and a thick layer of ash on the floor.

An electric fireplace, on the other hand, requires no cleanup and no raw materials to stoke the flames. You’ll never have to clean up after it, so your only job is to enjoy the comfortable warmth and relaxed ambiance it generates.

They Put Safety (and Health) First
Unlike their traditional counterparts, electric fireplaces release no smoke, emissions, or pollutants. There’s no open flame to keep young children or curious pets from, and there’s no gas line. You can emulate traditional styles or enjoy a modern and space efficient electric fireplace TV stand without ever worrying about the risks. It’s a benefits-only addition to your household.

This winter, escape the cold with your new best friend. The RoomPlace promises that it’s an asset that will never let you down… Even when the weather does!

did you know

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Set a Romantic Valentine’s Mood with Home Lighting

You don’t need a five-star restaurant to set the stage for a romantic evening — creating the perfect mood starts right in the comfort of your own home! We hold fast to the philosophy that flawless Valentine’s Day décor starts with your light switch. Tap into our ideas and cultivate a space where sparks will fly with your loved one.

Think About Your Bulbs
Nothing kills the mood quite like bright, headache-inducing lighting. 100-watt bulbs might illuminate your sweetheart, but no one wants to feel like they’re standing under the spotlight when they’re enjoying a romantic evening. To achieve the perfect mood lighting, never exceed 60 watts when you’re shopping for the right bulb. Fluorescent and CFL bulbs are the most efficient choice, but make sure to select ones that read “warm/soft white.” This gentle lighting will instantly set the stage for your date night.

Create Focus
Planning an intimate dinner for two? Decide what parts of your room are invited to partake. Use a special floor lamp to make one part of your space the focal point of the evening. The Mikaela Floor Lamp offers a snapshot of what’s possible, as it will illuminate your seating area with romantic lighting but leave the television and lounge chairs out of sight. With this technique, you can make your kitchen reminiscent of a cozy restaurant.

Mikaela floor lampLow lighting is romantic, but dark shadows aren’t. Unique table lamps offer an effective way to achieve that intimate ambience without having your date break out his or her glasses halfway through the meal. Consider using a 40-watt bulb with a piece like the Havana Table Lamp. The result: Lighting that will provide just the right amount of illumination without distracting the romantic setting.

Havana floor lampOne of the biggest perks of these lighting suggestions is that they’ll continue to augment your space long after February 14 has passed by for another year. For your romantic Chicago lamp solutions, visit The RoomPlace! Our store locations and online marketplace offer the perfect tools to set the mood at home.