Sit Down, Relax, and Recline

Recliners have been a staple in American households for some time (and for good reason). Furniture trends have always lauded the next big thing, and at one point in history, that’s exactly what the recliner was. While leather recliners and fabric recliners have been around for a while now, you may not know just how important this piece of furniture is. Check out these three cool facts about reclining chairs:

  • Recliners help with back pain: Think about it, normal straight backed chairs force us into two positions: the straight back or the slouch. Both positions tend to push weight onto our lower back, and that pressure may eventually lead to pain. Recliners, however, tend to support our weight more evenly, allowing our muscles to relax. So if you know someone suffering from back pain, do them a favor and recommend a recliner.
  • Recliners make great beds for pregnant women: Pregnant women often find it difficult to sleep in normal beds because they don’t offer enough support for the mid-section. To combat a restless night’s sleep, pregnant women should consider investing in a recliner. Recliners tend to support a pregnant woman’s weight in a way that beds can’t. The angle and design of a recliner make it a great choice for soon-to-be mothers.
  • Recliners in modern times: A man from Indiana, Daniel F. Caldemeyer, is credited with creating, not the first, but what has become, the modern day recliner. Further, his reclining technology was used in some of the first NASA space shuttle chairs.


For more facts and interesting tidbits, your Chicago bed store has you covered. At The RoomPlace, we have an array of modern recliners available now. So next time you’re on the hunt for great furniture near Indianapolis, come down and see us at one of our furniture stores near you.


The History of Your Favorite Living Room Furniture – The Sofa

Have you ever wondered about the history of your favorite furniture pieces? Take the sofa for instance: a piece of furniture we now take for granted, but without it, where would we spend time with our families? Before the 1600s, furniture was what you might call, minimalist. Chairs we’re generally straight-backed and only made of hardwood. Other home seating options included trunks or hardwood benches. But by the 17th century and well into the 18th, people began making comfort a priority.

Around the early 18th century, the first sofa came on the scene. What might look like a large, wide plush chair to modern day furniture aficionados, was the general design for the sofas of old. The first sofa design came out of England, and since then, people have continued to change, modernize, and re-imagine what a sofa can be.

Here at The RoomPlace, we pride ourselves on being part of this rich history. Every sofa, loveseat, and sectional we carry is part of a longer tradition. Sofas were created, in many ways, to give people a place to relax and connect. Today, our living rooms, and the furniture we place in them, give us a place to spend time with our families and friends. Whether you realize it or not, entwined within some of your most precious memories, could very well be your sofa and other furniture pieces. So next time you’re looking for a new sofa in Chicago, come on out to your local furniture dealers in Chicago. Become part of history today, check out our modern sofa collection, and see how far this historical piece of furniture has come.


Bedrooms Design Tips

It’s Time to Get Your Summer Color Palette Ready

We’re well into spring, and summer is just around the corner. You know what that means—it’s time to spread the summer warmth with new furniture in the yellows, blues, pinks, reds and other bright clear colors that signal the warmth and sunny days to come.

If you’re on a budget but want a splash of summer in your living room, bedroom, office or den, then head down to The RoomPlace, and check out our summer ottomans. We have plush ottomans in red, rust, and blue. Pair one of these vibrant ottomans with your current furniture, and flood your room with summertime bliss.

And since we’re already talking summer, why not give your child’s room the overhaul you’ve been talking about since winter? Kids are going to be out of school soon, and it’s a great time to bring them down to your local Chicago bedroom set furniture dealer. If you’re child loves pink or blue, both of which are summer colors, we have kid’s bedroom sets incorporating both of these eye-grabbing colors. Let their imaginations take them to far off places in a room with warm tones: they’ll smile every time they enter their bedroom.

Don’t forget, a summer spruce-up doesn’t have to mean investing in a ton of new furniture. Even a simple area rug in bright patterns and warm colors can make any room a summer sanctuary. At The RoomPlace, we think spring and summer are two of the most enjoyable months when it comes to being creative with your furniture. If you’re stuck in the grey tones, head on down to our furniture store today!

Bedrooms Design Tips

Modern Furniture for Your Loft Apartment

If you just moved to the Chicago area, you might be on the lookout for some new furniture to fill your space. For those of you who were lucky enough to snag a remodeled loft apartment here in the city, we have great news. Your friends here at The RoomPlace have your furniture needs taken care of. For industrial and unfinished loft or apartment styles, you’ll want your furniture to match the attitude of your new place. If you’ve got older furniture with a style from a different century, let our modern furniture experts help you re-imagine what your new home could look like.

 When you’re searching for affordable furniture near Tinley Park or an Indianapolis area furniture store, we’re the one for you. Modern furniture doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank, and our sales reps will do their best to show you the best furniture options available in your price range. We currently have some leather sofas with bold lines available.  If you need a great dining set for your new loft, check out one of our tables that incorporate, metal, glass, and leather seats for a unique design that will look great with your apartment’s open design.

Don’t forget about your bedroom either. Modern queen bedroom sets tend to include a frame that’s near to the floor and incorporate either harsh lines or fixed patterns. We currently have several beds available (and on sale) in these styles. You’ve invested in a great new, modern loft, so it’s time to take it to the next level. Plan a trip down to The RoomPlace nearest you, and let us show you what your new home could look like. 

Living Rooms

Why Leather is a Furniture Top Pick

In the furniture world, leather is a very popular material. Depending on the color, texture and style of leather, a piece of furniture will stand out in a unique way. Leather can be slightly rugged, or it can offer a clean and elegant finish to any space. When you’re making a decision on say, a leather chair and sofa, take the following tips into consideration:

  • Leather is Easy to Clean: If you’ve ever thrown out a piece of furniture due to a hideous stain, you know what a waste it can be. While some fibers tend to retain stains better, leather is generally easier to work with. If you clean up a mess quickly, you’re leather sofa can usually get off unscathed.
  • Leather is Tough: Cloth sofas may be prone to pulled thread and stretched material. While leather does deal with some wear and tear, it’s generally a safer bet for people who intend to use their furniture often.

Along with the above features, leather sofas generally have a varying price range, so your local furniture dealer can certainly work with your budget. If you’re on the market for a new brown leather sofa, you should check out our current stock here at The RoomPlace. We have some extremely detailed sofas as well as leather sofas with reclining seats and leather sofas that even have cup holders. If comfort and convenience are two features you’re not willing to settle on, then a leather sofa will provide the best of both worlds. When you’re ready to buy a new leather sofa, head on out to your local Chicago furniture dealer, and we’ll let you know all of the pros and cons of buying a new set of leather pieces.



Re-Create Your Dining Space

You’ve already got a dining room table and chairs; what next? If you have a little bit of extra room in your dining space, let us give you a few suggestions.

If your dining area is located near the kitchen, and there’s a bar area in said kitchen, then you definitely need to invest in a few stools. Have you ever noticed how people like to crowd into the kitchen while there’s some poor soul trying to cook up a delicious meal? Never again tired chefs! You may love your guests and family, but they need to plant themselves elsewhere. A few comfy stools will allow them to watch you wiz around the kitchen (without obstructing your path). It’s a win, win.

And while your guests are over, you need a place to stack the hors d’oeuvres and appetizers that’s not your beautifully set dining room table. Please don’t pull out that the old foldout card table you hide in the back closet and throw a table cloth on it. Instead, check out one of our gorgeous buffets and servers. We have a wide range of wooden buffets that not only work great for storage but are perfect for all of the before dinner specials you’ve cooked up. Give those bacon wrapped dates the home they deserve: a beautiful buffet from your friends here at The RoomPlace.

Finally, pull that gorgeous china out of boxes, and give it a home. China cabinets are always in style. If you’re looking for traditional or modern, we’ve got a china cabinet for you. So if you’re looking for clearance furniture near Schaumburg or a Chicago-area furniture store, find one of our locations near you. 


How to Pick Out the Right Mattress for You

There’s nothing quite like a restful night’s sleep. As we’ve mentioned before, sleep is a vital part of our lives. When we get enough, our memory and cognitive abilities improve. When we get too little, our concentration and critical thinking skills plummet. So when it comes to buying a new mattress, you don’t want to make a decision on a whim.

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping, then you know there are a lot of mattress options available to you. Everyone has their own set of individual needs when it comes to mattresses, so before you stop into your local Merrillville mattress store, consider the following:

  • Firm or Soft? Most people need a good balance between firm and soft: one extreme or the other may cause aches and pains each morning. When mattress shopping, be sure to spend several minutes lying on a potential mattress before making a judgment call.
  • Innerspring or memory foam? These are two of the most common bed types and each has its benefits. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to innerspring mattresses. You can find anything from extremely firm to extremely soft and everything in between. In recent years, memory foam mattresses have become more and more popular since they mold to individual’s bodies in ways other mattresses can’t. However, people who are temperature sensitive should think carefully before choosing memory foam as this material retains body heat.

Before heading down to The RoomPlace and checking out our selection of King, Queens, Full, Twin and Twin XL mattresses, try to determine what bed would suit you best. Once you have a general idea, feel free to ask one of our trained mattress experts what mattress would work best for you. 


Why Protecting Furniture Matters

When you buy new furniture, you’re making an investment for the future. The problem? Well, life happens, and sometimes life gets messy. If you have kids or animals, it’s likely that you love them to pieces. However, it’s also likely that they can (and will) damage the gorgeous furniture you spent months saving for.

If you can relate to the above, then next time you purchase new furniture, you should seriously consider a Protection Plan. We currently have what’s called our Premium Plus 1 Plan. This plan will protect your furniture in a number of ways. Forget about stains, damage, structural issues and more, with the Premium Plus 1 Plan, most issues are just a quick fix away.

The plan lasts for a total of five years, so you’re furniture will be protected far into the future. If you’re looking to buy furniture off of The RoomPlace furniture store’s website, you can still opt for the Premium Plus 1 Plan. Assuming the particular pieces you’ve chosen can be covered by the plan, you’ll be prompted upon checkout to either opt for the plan, or not. Your protection is your choice, and that’s all that matters to us.

So when it comes time to pick out that gorgeous new king bedroom set, or stylish new dining room table, you can rest easy knowing your new furniture will maintain its beauty for years to come. If you’d like to know more about our protection plan and whether or not it will cover the pieces you’ve had your eye on, stop in to your Schaumburg and Madrid-area furniture store today. 

Design Tips

You’ve Got Style—Shop by It!

Over the years, we’ve noticed one particular thing about our customers: they’re all extremely different. At The RoomPlace, we get it; tastes vary. What’s beautiful and perfect for one person might be boring to someone else. Different people look for different features in furniture. No matter what category you fall under, we’re pretty sure we can help you find a few pieces that will bring a smile to your face.

Some people want clean, bold lines. They want their furniture to blend into the space, not dominate it. Other people want embroidery, wood work, interesting shapes, and furniture that has a strong presence. And then there are the eclectic types who want a little bit of everything. Instead of sticking to any rules, eclectic palettes, make their own rules.

We considered all of these possibilities, and that’s why we decided to create the “Shop by Style” tab on our website. There are four main style categories under this tab: traditional, contemporary, modern, and transitional. Each of these tabs offers furniture based on a particular design preference, and the best part is, everything’s in one space. Instead of shuffling through the bedroom sets and dining room furniture separately, you can find all of the pieces you want in one area of our website.

So when you’re looking for affordable furniture near Tinley Park, consider choosing a furniture store with your needs in mind. Each piece of furniture we carry is unique, yet specific. We think our customers are the same way. So if you want modern furniture or more transitional pieces, we offer it all. 

Home Decor

Try Multifunctional Furniture for a More Versatile Home

Multifunctional furniture, like its name suggests, is furniture that can serve a number of different purposes at once. We recently talked about furnishing a small space, and we’re going to work off of that theme again. Multifunctional furniture can save you space, increase storage, and also cut down on how much you have to spend to make your apartment or small home feel cozier.

Here are some tips to follow when looking for multifunctional furniture:

  • Find furniture that has added storage: Here at The RoomPlace, we have a number of pieces that would work great for your storage needs. Look for one of our beds with drawer space underneath it. Check out one of our ottomans that contains a large storage space directly below. Or, find side tables with drawers or shelves for bonus storage options.
  • Instead of buying both a dining room table and a desk, just buy the table. A dining room table can easily function as a desk when it’s not dinner time, and you don’t have any guests over. Since computers and electronic devices have become so portable, it’s easy to move your office supplies to and from a dining table.
  • Buy a sleeper sofa. Today’s sleeper sofas are far more sophisticated and comfortable than their predecessors. Since you may not have a bedroom to spare, a sleeper sofa can be your solution for guests. We have a number of contemporary sleeper sofas that will fit your space perfectly.

If you’re looking for multifunctional furniture at furniture outlets near Indianapolis, then you need to come out to The RoomPlace. When you head in, tell one of our furniture experts exactly what you’re looking for, and they’ll show you all of the furniture options that match your needs.