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Paw-Friendly Decorating: The Best Furniture Options for Pet Owners

Best couch for dog ownersHaving a pet doesn’t mean you have to throw your dream of keeping a stylish home out the window. But, keeping your furry friends confined to the yard or to certain rooms of your home is unrealistic. So, what’s a pet owner to do? With a few smart paw-friendly décor choices, both you and your pet can be happy and comfortable in every room of your home.


Choose a hard surface or pet proof carpet that limits moisture and odor absorption. These carpets are also chemically treated to resist stains, so you don’t have to worry too much about dirty paws. Selecting a carpet color the same shade as your pet’s fur color will help conceal shedding between vacuuming.


Invest in a good set of high-quality cotton sheets that will stand up to frequent washing.

If your pet sleeps in bed with you, consider upgrading to a King size bed; the extra space will allow everyone to get more sleep.


When designing a pet-friendly living room, think about pet hair resistant fabrics and materials. The best couches for dog owners are typically leather or a synthetic fiber like microfiber. Both are resistant to clingy pet hair and is easy to wipe down if hair does build up. Avoid throw pillows and blankets made of chenille, velvet, wool, linen, silk, and tweed, which are difficult to clean and will absorb pet smells.


Even with pet-friendly furniture, the occasional accident can happen. That’s why our PremiumPlus furniture protection plan covers pet stains on fabric or leather. Get the coverage and have peace of mind knowing your couch will be repaired or replaced if it gets accidentally damaged or stained.

For a home you and your pet will love, visit The RoomPlace online or in-store to shop our pet-friendly furniture options. We have stylish contemporary furniture for every room at affordable prices! Get It All at The RoomPlace!

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How to Create Storage in a Small Apartment

If you live in a small apartment, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a clean and uncluttered space with limited storage options. Multi-functional furniture is your friend in this scenario. Look for pieces that can serve more than one purpose or make good use of normally unused space.

Check out some of our designers’ favorite storage ideas for small spaces:


storage ideas for small spacesThe space under beds is often just a place for dust bunnies to hide. Our number one small space storage hack is to look for a bed frame with under bed storage drawers. In small bedrooms with limited space for dressers, under bed storage can be a life changer. Whether you use them to store your off-season clothes, additional bedding, or towels, under bed storage can make a big difference in your overall storage capacity.


over the toilet cabinetIf you have a pedestal sink or a small under sink cabinet, keeping the bathroom clean and uncluttered can be near impossible. An over-the-toilet cabinet makes great use of an underused space and will help keep your beauty products, hair styling tools, and cleaning supplies off the counter.


storage ottoman.jpgStorage ottomans are a must for small living rooms. In addition to looking great, these versatile ottomans can be used as a footrest or additional seating option and they hold a surprising amount of stuff. Remember to think about scale when choosing storage furniture for small spaces. It can be tempting to grab the biggest storage ottoman you can find but it should look balanced with the size of the room and your other furniture.

At The RoomPlace, you’ll find great space-saving storage solutions for small apartments. Browse our storage furniture online or at any of our showroom locations in Indiana and Illinois and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more design advice for small spaces.

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How to Make a Small Kitchen More Functional

For many, the kitchen is the most important room of the house and while a small kitchen can limit functionality, it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips for taking advantage of limited space in your kitchen:

Organize With Functionality In Mind

While this may seem obvious, prioritizing functionality when making kitchen organization decisions can make a huge difference in the way the space is used. Avoid putting small appliances in places where they may get in the way of food prep and be sure to keep space between items that might need to be used at the same time by different people.

Choose Kitchen Furniture That Complements the Space

Limited counter space can be a huge problem in small kitchens. By using different types of kitchen carts, you can maximize work space and keep your kitchen as functional as possible. Whether you choose a small kitchen cart with wheels or a 3-tier kitchen cart with multiple levels of organization, kitchen carts are a great way to utilize small spaces without losing functionality.

Portable carts

The RoomPlace has a variety of portable kitchen carts that can help keep your kitchen organized. Choose from options with counter space, cabinets, drawers, baskets or some combination of the three.

Bruce Gray Kitchen Cart

Alix Natural Kitchen Island

Vista Server Cart

 Baker’s Rack

If you’re looking for stationary kitchen furniture, a baker’s rack can provide the additional surface you need while providing storage space for everything from kitchen decorations to wine glasses and wine bottles.

Brookside Baker’s Rack

Marsala Baker’s Rack

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the latest looks, with great deals on furniture and accessories for every room in your home, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace! Shop for kitchen furniture pieces and more online at or visit one of our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the hottest trends on display.

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10 Dreamy Master Bedrooms

For many, the beginning of fall means more time spent indoors and a new master bedroom set might be just what you need to prepare for the cold months ahead. These 10 dreamy master bedroom sets will help keep you cozy and comfortable year-round:

Sean Pierre 8 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

Traditional and sleek, this 8-piece bedroom set from Sean Pierre features a classic sleigh design, brushed nickel hardware, and an elegant Merlot finish.

Milano 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

If you’re looking for a contemporary feel, the Milano collection features a stunning platform bed, aluminum accents, plenty of storage space, and a chic design.

Carter 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

Rustic and casual, the Carter collection features a queen-sized panel bed option, beautiful replicated oak grain, and warm pewter color drawer handles.

Welden 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

The Welden king bedroom collection combines high-quality design with an abundance of storage options, and its rich espresso finishing adds a level of sophistication and class to any bedroom.

Urbana 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

With its eye-catching mix of rustic charm and contemporary style, the Urbana bedroom furniture collection is functional, bold, and inviting.

Beckett  8 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

Classic and ornate, the Beckett bedroom collection features faux stone accents, a traditional rail cut design, and opulent detailing.

Fulton White 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

Polished and contemporary, the Fulton collection features a traditional base with modern design accents and an understated, but elegant style.

Regency 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

With its king leather sleigh bed, cinnamon finish, and 18th Century European style, the Regency bedroom collection is fit for a king.

Platinum 7 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

The glamorous Platinum collection features a lavish upholstered headboard, modern accents, and a striking pearlized platinum paint finish.

Aspen 8 Pc. King Bedroom Furniture Set

With its distinctive exposed Acasia wood pieces and French dovetail drawers, the Aspen bedroom collection is charming, stylish, and relaxed.

At The RoomPlace, we’re always adding new styles and collections to help your furnishing dreams come true. Visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the latest additions to our inventory or shop online at You can Get It All at the Roomplace.

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What Is the Best Foundation for a Memory Foam Mattress

Bedroom with Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re considering purchasing a memory foam mattress, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right foundation to maximize comfort and protect your mattress from potential damage. In this post, we’ll be discussing some of the common foundation options and why platform beds remain the best option for those considering memory foam mattresses.

Plywood Frame or Floor Placement

While placing your memory foam mattress on a plywood base or directly onto the floor can provide stability for your mattress, the solid surface can allow a moisture buildup that can eventually lead to mold and mildew, especially if you live in a wet or humid climate.

Box Springs Foundation

While box springs can work as a proper foundation for a memory foam mattress, not every box spring is created equally. Traditional box springs do not necessarily have the center support needed to prevent sagging, bowing, or sinking in your mattress. If you do decide to use a box spring, we recommend opting for one that is specifically designed for memory foam mattresses.

Platform Bed Foundation

The best foundation for a memory foam mattress is a slatted platform bed. These foundations provide the support your mattress needs while also allowing adequate air flow to prevent mold and mildew. You’ll also want to be sure that the slats are close enough together to prevent sagging in the mattress. We recommend the slats be no more than 3” apart to make sure your mattress maintains its integrity.

At The RoomPlace, you’ll find king, queen, full and twin-sized platform beds that can provide optimum support for latex and memory foam mattresses. Visit one of our locations in Chicago or Indianapolis or browse our extensive bedroom furniture collection online.

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Furnishing a Kid’s Bedroom on a Budget

Furnishing a kid's bedroom

Furnishing your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, when you choose The RoomPlace, you can save hundreds on high-quality furniture for every room in your house.

Follow these tips for furnishing your child’s bedroom on a budget:

Keep It Simple

At The RoomPlace in Chicago and Indianapolis, we have a huge selection of kid’s bedroom furniture that is simple, functional, and affordable. Save money by choosing complete  bedroom furniture sets or pick and choose only the furnishings your child needs to stay comfortable, organized, and happy. Whatever you decide, you’ll find everything you need at The RoomPlace .

Take Your Time

If you’re furnishing a child’s bedroom on a budget, it’s important to be patient and wait for the right deal to come along. Throughout the year, we offer sales on entire bedroom collections like this Donovan Brown 3 pc. Daybed With Twin Trundle. Even if you can’t make it into the store to see our sale displays, you can browse our current flyer to stay up-to-date on our monthly deals.

Embrace Stylish Mismatching

While you can save money when buying an entire bedroom set, by embracing a more casual, mismatched style, you can take advantage of great deals on individual twin beds, full beds, dressers, nightstands and desks as they go on sale.

Take Advantage of Rebates & Financing Offers

At The RoomPlace, we offer flexible financing options from 6 to 72 months, so you can choose the timeframe that work best for your financial needs. You’ll also receive preferred customer offers and advanced notice on special offers when you sign up for The RoomPlace card, so you can keep working toward your dream home.

Browse our incredible kid’s furniture deals online or visit The RoomPlace locations in Chicago or the Greater Indianapolis Area to see our entire furniture collection.

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Recliner vs. Glider for the Nursery

ReclinerDecorating a nursery involves a lot of choices and typically a lot of research. The best crib, the safest mattress, even changing table options – everyone has an opinion. One thing that most experienced parents agree on is the importance of having a comfortable seating option in the nursery for the many late-night feedings ahead. In this blog, we’ll go over the pros and cons of choosing a recliner or glider for the nursery.


A glider is similar to a traditional rocking chair, but is different in the way it moves. Rockers move in an arc motion, while gliders move in a back and forth motion. They are typically only used in nurseries and feature a hardwood construction with a removable cushion. There are also pricier upholstered versions.


  • Smooth gliding motion
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t recline
  • Doesn’t swivel
  • Foot rest/ottoman is often an additional cost
  • Usually the back isn’t high enough to rest your head on
  • Can’t be used to sleep in
  • Narrow armrests make nursing/bottle feeding difficult without additional pillows


A recliner is designed with comfort in mind. They come in a variety of styles and fabric options to fit in with almost any décor. Function varies by model, but most offer rocking and swivel motions in addition the recline feature.


  • Very comfortable
  • Can rock or be reclined for sleep
  • Built in footrest
  • Many models swivel, rock, and recline
  • Wide cushioned armrests and lumbar support make it comfortable for nursing
  • Many styles available
  • Can be reused in another room of your home when children outgrow the nursery


  • Can only be spot cleaned
  • Typically more expensive than gliders

We hope the information above has helped you pick a side on the “recliner vs. glider for the nursery” debate. To shop our recliners, browse our complete collection online or test them out in store to find the most comfortable recliner for you at any of our locations in Indiana and Indianapolis.

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New This Month: Bedroom Sets & More!

Our designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and styles for the home. Check out our newest furniture collections for the bedroom, living room, and dining room.

New Bedroom Sets

new1The Amalfi Bedroom Set is every bit as luxurious as the famed Italian coast. With its clean lines, faux-leather tufted headboard, and silver plated hardware studded with crystals, you’ll feel like a celebrity on vacation every night!

new2Our Carlton Gray Bedroom Set features beautiful louvered details and is perfect for anyone who wants a modern spin on the traditional farmhouse look. This set is made of solid pine and birch veneers in a stunning shade of gray. You’ll love all of the storage options between the chest, dresser, nightstand, and drawers at the food of the bed.

New Living Room Sets

new3The Klein Living Room Set is upholstered in a stunning shade we’re calling midnight blue. The chair is available in both the blue fabric or an accent fabric inspired by glasswork that matches the throw pillows. The sofa is also available in a pull-out sleeper option.

new4The Olson Living Room Set captures everything we love about mid-century modern style. Gorgeous chenille fabric, flared legs, button-tufted back cushions make these pieces special and stylish. The set is also available with a chaise lounge.

New Dining Room Sets

new5The Highland Dining Room Set is a traditional yet rustic design with a smoky walnut finish. The table features an 18” leaf that extends to comfortably seat six. The set is available with four chairs, six chairs, or four chairs and a bench.

new6Get the feel of a kitchen nook with the Chelsea Dining Room Set. This modern looking dinette is a twist on a classic look. Designed to tuck into a corner, this set will help you make the most of your space.

We’re always adding new styles and collections for every room of the home. Visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to see the latest additions or shop online at With our affordable pricing and flexible financing options, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace!

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Is Leather or Fabric Right for You?

Leather or fabricWhen choosing a living room furniture set, the biggest dilemma often faced by consumers is choosing between fabric and leather sofas. We’ve asked our design experts to provide a list of advantages and disadvantages for each textile to help you make the right decision for your space.

Comfort Level

Generally, fabric sofas offer a soft, warm, and comfortable feel. They provide a place to snuggle up in the cold and to lounge in the afternoon heat. Leather is often seen as a firmer material that more closely matches the temperature of the room – it can be somewhat warm and sticky in the heat and a bit cold when you first sit down in the cooler months.

Cleanliness & Longevity

Fabric living room sets tend to more easily retain odors, stains, crumbs, dust, and pet fur or dander, and they must be cleaned and vacuumed out frequently. An advantage to fabric sofas is they are often able to more easily hide small imperfections or tears in the material. Leather sofas are more resistant to various allergens, and spills are easily wiped off the surface. If you have pets or children, leather may not be the best choice because it can be scratched and those imperfections will be difficult to hide. Overall, both leather and fabric sofas have shown to stand the test of time if they are well-maintained, though leather, when properly cared for, is often seen as a more durable material.


When it comes to design, choosing between a leather or fabric sofa depends solely on your personal style and preference. Generally, you will have more color and style options with fabric sofas, with more ability to customize it to your space. Leather is typically less customizable, but provides your space with a sleek and elegant centerpiece. Consider your current or desired interior décor and design theme, and match your sofa accordingly.


High quality leather furniture sets often come with a higher price tag than fabric sofas. However, if leather is the direction you’d like to go, there are a wide variety of price points and faux leather options that will fit any budget.

Shop our fabric and leather living room furniture sets online or visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to test out our wide selection of living rooms sets to find the right one for your home.

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Designing Your Room Around a Statement Piece

statementHave you found an accent piece you absolutely love, but you aren’t sure it will work with your existing furniture? Or, do you already have a statement piece, but want to replace the rest of your living room furniture? Designing a room around a statement piece can be intimidating if you aren’t a professional decorator, but don’t worry we can help.

We’ve put together some foolproof tips from our interior design experts that will help you conquer your statement piece fears.

1. One per room – Flip through any home décor magazine. What do you notice? Every spread has a statement piece that commands attention. Whether it’s an accent chair, a rug that pops, or a brightly colored bookcase, one piece in every room should be the star.

2. Choose a shade – If your statement piece features a pattern with multiple colors, consider picking one of the colors to use elsewhere in the room. One interior design idea for the living room, for example, would be to pick a color in your statement piece and mirror that color with an accent pillow for the couch or hang art that features that color.

3. Pick an era – Consider choosing pieces from the same style era. Sticking with furniture designed after a certain time period will help your room feel cohesive and intentional even though the piece may not match in color or pattern.

Using a statement piece doesn’t have to be scary. We hope these home décor ideas will help you decorate with confidence. Browse our accent pieces online or visit any of our store locations to see how our designers make it work. For complete furniture sets, accent pieces, and more, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace!