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Top Benefits of Concrete Dining Tables

concrete slab dining table

Concrete has been a hot trend for some time now—and it shows no sign of cooling off. People are turning to concrete over other natural stones for everything from kitchen counters and flooring to dining room furniture. If you’re currently shopping for a new dining room table, here are some of the pros and cons of concrete dining room tables.



There’s no question dining room tables take a beating. From hot dishes and drinks to spills and scratching, it can be difficult to keep them looking like new. However, concrete dining room tables are extremely durable. They’re sturdy, strong and heat- and scratch-resistant, which means they’ll last for years with little wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Cement dining room sets are also very easy to clean because they are water-resistant, unlike other common dining room table materials such as wood. Concrete dining room tables can be wiped down with mild soap and water and doing so regularly will help ensure your table stays in excellent shape.

Sleek & Modern

If your home has a modern aesthetic, concrete tables are ideal. They easily complement sleek, contemporary dining rooms, whether they have an industrial-chic vibe or more of a mid-century look.


Needs Sealant

Concrete is not without its flaws, though there are few. One con is the fact that the material is porous. This means that it can easily absorb liquid and needs to be sealed immediately after purchase and resealed every one to three years. Sealant can be damaged by extreme heat, sharp knives and harsh cleaners, so it’s also important to stay on top of your sealant schedule.

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