How to Care for Black Lacquer Furniture

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Black lacquer bedroom furniture adds depth to bedroom furnishings. Its urban, upscale feel lends a hotel-like atmosphere and is ideal for those seeking modern design elements in the bedroom. The care of black gloss bedroom furniture is a little different than cleaning standard wood furniture. Regular cleaning maintenance can leave streaks and dust behind. Certain substances can also scratch the delicate finish, so special care is needed to protect the furniture and keep it bright and shiny in appearance.

What Do I Need to Maintain Black Lacquer Furniture?

Maintaining your black lacquer bedroom set doesn’t have to be a hassle, and there are only a few basic supplies you will need. For regular cleaning purposes, you will need soft cotton cloths and a mild soap. If you need to repair chipped black lacquer furniture or its finish, you’ll want a wax stick, shellac and a varnish or lacquer.

How Do You Keep Black Furniture Clean?

Black bedroom furniture sets show dirt and dust easily and will also readily reveal scratches. Although the finish appears exceptionally hard, it is still prone to chipping and denting. The best way to clean black lacquer is to use a soft, damp cloth that has been wrung of all moisture. Be sure to only use soft cotton or flannel. Never coarse fabrics or paper towels as they can cause scratching. Begin dusting the furniture in long straight sweeps rather than a circular motion which can leave wipe marks.

Once dusting is complete, go back over the furniture with a dry cloth. If there are still fingerprints or smudges, then it may be necessary to use a mild soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. Never use heavy furniture polish on black lacquer furniture as it will streak and weaken the black finish with prolonged use.

How Do You Maintain Black Furniture?

The easiest way to ensure your black lacquer furniture stays looking its best is by taking proper care of it. You should be wiping your furniture down with a soft, damp cloth at least once a week. In addition to that, you need to be careful about how you treat your furniture. You should avoid getting your furniture wet, so watch out for any spills and clean them up immediately. If you have a dresser or nightstand as part of your black lacquer bedroom furniture, consider adding a decorative cloth or runner to protect its surface.

Can you refinish black lacquer furniture? Depending on the condition of your furniture, it can be pretty easy to refinish. You want to find a matching black lacquer and apply a few even coats. If your furniture is full of scratches or chips, you will need to fill them in before applying a lacquer or varnish.

With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy the appearance of your black lacquer bedroom furniture for many years to come. Make sure to visit any of our 27 stores for the best complete rooms of black lacquer furniture as well as traditional and contemporary bedrooms in a variety of styles and finishes.

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