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You’ve dutifully scoured Pinterest and found recipes for mouthwatering martinis and delectable Manhattans. Now you just need somewhere to serve them. The RoomPlace has a serious love affair with mini bars this summer. It’s the perfect place to gather and unwind — and it makes happy hour feel just a little bit more special. Here are some home mini bar ideas you can bring to your living room or patio.

How Can I Make My Home Bar Look Good?

When putting together a mini bar setup, you want to create something that looks appealing to yourself and guests. To accomplish this, you’ll need to make sure you have matching furniture, whether you do that by buying a complete set or carefully choosing pieces that complement each other. You also want to pick a stylish bar to center everything around.

The Sutton Bar helps you to turn your cocktail lineup into a decorative asset. With touch-engaged LED backlighting, alligator embossing, a silver finish, inset glass panels and a modern silhouette, it will instantly elevate your happy hour setup. We love this piece for indoor and outdoor use alike. Plus, it comes with plenty of storage for bottles, stemware, bottle openers and more. Bring even more style to your mini bar set up with wall décor. You can add a cute sign, shelves to hold decorative bottles or a chic clock like our 21” Winston Wall Clock.

What Furniture Do I Need to Set Up a Mini Bar at Home?

What you include in your home mini bar furniture is completely up to you, but there are some basics you should have covered, especially if you plan on entertaining guests. Like any good bar, you want your guests to stick around. Invest in some comfortable, modern bar stools to give your guests reason to stay awhile. We love this backless modern stool for its eye-catching chrome and dark maple legs. You’ll want to make sure that you also have a flat surface that can accommodate the height of the stool, such as the Nicki Counter Height Table.

What Do You Need for a Basic Home Mini Bar?

The whole point of a mini bar setup is to give a designated space for drinks and entertaining. Along with seating and a bar surface, every home mini bar needs some sort of storage. A space to enjoy cocktails is great, but a minibar that is source of clutter cancels out the benefits. Invest in a spacious piece of mini bar furniture, like the Nicki Sideboard, to store all of your favorite libations. With slots for wine bottles and shelving space for liquor, stemware, and more, it’s a functional asset, a decorative boost, and a fun gathering spot. You can add it as bonus space, or you can use it as your main bar surface.

Whether you’re an aspiring mixologist or prefer an ice-cold beer, the mini bar cabinet is where the party’s at this summer. Score the perfect setup with the help of the team at The RoomPlace, and drop by one of our twenty locations across the Chicago and Indianapolis areas to get your perfect cocktail complement!

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