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How to Choose a Coffee Table for Sectional with Chaise

Offering more seating than a traditional sofa and more comfort, too, sectional sofas with chaise have become a very popular living room furniture option.

These sectionals look fantastic when paired with the right table, but it can look awkward or unbalanced when done wrong. We often get asked for advice on this topic, so to help, we’ve put together a few simple tips to help you find the best coffee tables for a sectional with a chaise lounge.

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How Do I Choose a Coffee Table for my Sectional?

There are two main factors to consider when picking a coffee table for your sectional sofa with chaise: placement and size. With a standard sofa, the placement of your coffee table doesn’t matter as much as long as it’s 14” to 18” away from the edge of the seats. With a chaise sectional, you want to make sure the table doesn’t go past the chaise.

A coffee table should be proportional to the size of the sectional. When trying to determine the right coffee table size for your sectional, you’ll want to start by taking a few measurements. Measure from each end of the sofa to create a square, using the L of the sectional as two sides of the square. Jot down those two measurements and subtract 16”-18” depending on your preferred amount of legroom. The two numbers you are left with will be the length and width for the coffee table that will best fit your space. Make sure to double-check your measurement to avoid buying the wrong size table.

A standard coffee table is about 18” high, but if you have a couch that sits higher, you’ll want to look for a table that’s a bit higher as well. If it’s too short, it can be difficult to reach and look out of balance.

What Shape Coffee Table Works Best with a Sectional?

If the sides of your sectional are the same length, a square coffee table or round coffee table will look best. These shapes will make it easy for everyone to reach the table and provide equal space for setting down drinks and other items. A round table is an especially good choice if you have children or pets who can bump into corners. If your chaise sectional is L-shaped, opt for a rectangular coffee table. These tables help even out the long side of the sofa. You can also use an elongated round or oval table here. If you really want to get creative and you have a larger sectional, try using a long ottoman or combing two ottomans together to make your own table. A tray can be added to create a solid surface for holding snacks and beverages. Most importantly, remember to keep the coffee table within the boundary edges of your sofa for a neat, balanced look and clear walking paths.

Does My Coffee Table Have to Match My Sectional?

Your coffee table or ottoman doesn’t have to match your sectional exactly, but it should be a similar style. A sectional with clean lines should be paired with a contemporary coffee table that also has clean lines. An overstuffed sectional will look great paired with an overstuffed ottoman. If you have other tables like accent and side tables, you also want to take them into consideration. You don’t want your tables to match exactly, but they should still complement each other.

With hundreds of coffee tables for every style and budget, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect coffee table for your sectional with chaise at The RoomPlace. Shop our complete collection online at or visit any of our showrooms throughout Illinois and Indiana to get advice from our design specialists.

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