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5 Ingenious Storage Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Catalina Chestnut Twin Roomsaver Bed From the RoomPlace
Featured Image: Catalina Chestnut Twin Roomsaver Bed From the RoomPlace

When it comes to keeping a kid’s room organized, it sounds like no easy task. To create a stylish and practical storage system your kids will stick to, follow our tips for fool-proof organization for toys, clothes, and more in your kids’ bedrooms.

Catalina Black Full Bunk Bed From The RoomPlace
Image: Catalina Black Full Bunk Bed From The RoomPlace

#1: Switch to Bunk Beds

For the ultimate space saver in a shared kids’ bedroom, bunk beds are the answer. Bunk and loft beds take up less space than separate beds, and they offer built-in storage options to maximize floor space even further. Add-ons like stairway chests and hanging caddies provide additional space to store toys, clothes, and more. As a bonus, kids love bunk beds! For teens and tweens, a loft bed provides ample space underneath for a desk area, which is perfect for small bedrooms.

#2: Utilize the Space Under the Bed

Under-bed storage is an essential way to preserve a room’s floor space and keeps items organized. Use rolling storage bins to make easily accessible drawers that are the perfect size for holding clothes, books, toys, shoes, and bedding. Utilizing the empty space under your kids’ beds can be a practical alternative to buying another dresser or trying to fit everything in the closet. It also gives kids an easy place to put things away, ensuring they keep their room clutter-free.

Captain’s beds are another way to save space—these unique, space-conscious bed frames feature built-in drawers and shelves for added functionality.

#3: Make the Most of Wall Space

If your kids’ bedroom is on the small side or they have lots of toys to store, it’s best to utilize wall space as much as possible. Use shelves, hanging baskets, wall cubes, and crates to give your walls a purpose and move items off the floor. For the boy or girl with a large stuffed animal collection, install a hammock in the corner of the room. Add a hanging organizer over the door, too, to keep items like shoes and small toys in their place.

#4: Give Everything a Home

Clothes go in the closet. Books go on the shelves. Toys go in the storage bins under the bed. No matter how you keep your kids’ bedroom organized, making sure every item has a dedicated “home” makes it easy to keep things clean and put away at the end of the day.

#5: Keep Track of Small Toys

Whether your kid is a fan of LEGO, likes to draw, or has an extensive collection of other tiny toys, small items need their own storage system. Use clear storage bins the size of shoe boxes and label each one to keep related items together. Sort by relevant characteristics such as color or category. Cube storage or closet shelves are great places to keep those tiny items organized.

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