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Is Leather or Fabric Right for You?

Leather or fabricWhen choosing a living room furniture set, the biggest dilemma often faced by consumers is choosing between fabric and leather sofas. We’ve asked our design experts to provide a list of advantages and disadvantages for each textile to help you make the right decision for your space.

Comfort Level

Generally, fabric sofas offer a soft, warm, and comfortable feel. They provide a place to snuggle up in the cold and to lounge in the afternoon heat. Leather is often seen as a firmer material that more closely matches the temperature of the room – it can be somewhat warm and sticky in the heat and a bit cold when you first sit down in the cooler months.

Cleanliness & Longevity

Fabric living room sets tend to more easily retain odors, stains, crumbs, dust, and pet fur or dander, and they must be cleaned and vacuumed out frequently. An advantage to fabric sofas is they are often able to more easily hide small imperfections or tears in the material. Leather sofas are more resistant to various allergens, and spills are easily wiped off the surface. If you have pets or children, leather may not be the best choice because it can be scratched and those imperfections will be difficult to hide. Overall, both leather and fabric sofas have shown to stand the test of time if they are well-maintained, though leather, when properly cared for, is often seen as a more durable material.


When it comes to design, choosing between a leather or fabric sofa depends solely on your personal style and preference. Generally, you will have more color and style options with fabric sofas, with more ability to customize it to your space. Leather is typically less customizable, but provides your space with a sleek and elegant centerpiece. Consider your current or desired interior décor and design theme, and match your sofa accordingly.


High quality leather furniture sets often come with a higher price tag than fabric sofas. However, if leather is the direction you’d like to go, there are a wide variety of price points and faux leather options that will fit any budget.

Shop our fabric and leather living room furniture sets online or visit our furniture stores in Chicago and Indianapolis to test out our wide selection of living rooms sets to find the right one for your home.

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