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Designing Your Room Around a Statement Piece

statementHave you found an accent piece you absolutely love, but you aren’t sure it will work with your existing furniture? Or, do you already have a statement piece, but want to replace the rest of your living room furniture? Designing a room around a statement piece can be intimidating if you aren’t a professional decorator, but don’t worry we can help.

We’ve put together some foolproof tips from our interior design experts that will help you conquer your statement piece fears.

1. One per room – Flip through any home décor magazine. What do you notice? Every spread has a statement piece that commands attention. Whether it’s an accent chair, a rug that pops, or a brightly colored bookcase, one piece in every room should be the star.

2. Choose a shade – If your statement piece features a pattern with multiple colors, consider picking one of the colors to use elsewhere in the room. One interior design idea for the living room, for example, would be to pick a color in your statement piece and mirror that color with an accent pillow for the couch or hang art that features that color.

3. Pick an era – Consider choosing pieces from the same style era. Sticking with furniture designed after a certain time period will help your room feel cohesive and intentional even though the piece may not match in color or pattern.

Using a statement piece doesn’t have to be scary. We hope these home décor ideas will help you decorate with confidence. Browse our accent pieces online or visit any of our store locations to see how our designers make it work. For complete furniture sets, accent pieces, and more, you can Get It All at The RoomPlace!

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