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How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Any Space

Choosing an area rug can be a bit daunting. Not only do you need to select a color and style that go with your existing décor, but you also need to select the right size and placement based on the size of the room and the layout of your furniture. To help, one of our designers has put together a few foolproof tips that will help you choose the perfect area rug for any room in your home.

In the Dining Room

dining room area rug.jpgIf you are looking for an area rug for under your dining table, there are a few important factors to consider. First, your rug should be the same shape as your table. If your table is round, narrow your search to round rugs. If your table is rectangular, you should be looking at rectangular rugs.

Another important note to consider especially for the dining room is that your rug should be large enough that even when chairs are pushed back from the table, all chair legs remain on the rug. We recommend measuring the table top and then adding a minimum of 24 inches to each side to determine the rug size you need. If the room size allows, 36 inches of clearance on each side of the table is ideal for an area rug under a dining table.

In the Living Roomliving room area rugThe best size area rug for the living room will depend a number of variables. Do you have a large open concept living room with your furniture floating in the center? Getting a rug that is large enough to fit all of the furniture comfortably will help define the space.

For a small living room with furniture against the walls, consider a rug that is just large enough for the front legs of your furniture to sit on the rug. Allowing the floor to show around the edge of the room will make the room feel more spacious. Remember that consistency is key to furniture placement on an area rug. All furniture on the perimeter should have the same number of legs on the rug.

In the Bedroomblack bedroom set

An area rug in the bedroom is most commonly placed under 2/3rds of the bed. It should extend approximately 36 inches from the foot of the bed and each side. For a king bedroom set, that typically means a 9’ x 12’ area rug. For a queen bedroom set, an 8’ x 10 rug will be the right size.

Another option for the bedroom is to choose matching runners for either side of the bed.

We hope these tips have you feeling confident about buying the best area rug for your space. You can shop our complete collection of area rugs online at or visit any of our store locations in Chicago or Indianapolis to chat with our team about your space for even more design tips.



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