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Farmhouse Style in the City

Farmhouse style interior design is making a comeback. Whether you live in the country or right here in the city, you can use the classic look of American farmhouses for inspiration to bring a warm, laid-back, and welcoming feel to your house or apartment. Let’s go over some of the basics for how to decorate in the farmhouse style.

  1. Simple, sturdy furniture with a wood grain finish sets the tone of the space. The Carter Bedroom Set from The RoomPlace with its rough-sawn, aged-oak finish is a great example.carter-kg-bedroom_v1
  2. White or light paint colors for the walls will make your home feel open and bright. If you don’t have wood floors, wood accent pieces can achieve a similar feel.

    Pinterest farmhouse
    Image source: Pinterest
  3. Use natural and neutral colors for your curtains, rugs, bedding and other fabrics. Think cotton, burlap and linen.

    Image source: Pinterest
  4. Wrought iron lamps or lanterns can be beautiful statement pieces and easily add to the farmhouse style charm. 

    Image source: Pinterest
  5. Display family heirlooms or other antiques on open shelves or bookcases.

    Image source: Pinterest
  6. Incorporate nature with fresh flowers in a mason jar.

    Image source: Pinterest

Just a few farmhouse style pieces can transform your home. Visit to shop all of our farmhouse style furniture or visit any of our stores throughout Chicago and Illinois.  For more design inspiration follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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