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4 Ways to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

napa-room_v1If your dresser drawers are a mess right now, you are not alone. Even for people who are neat freaks about the rest of their home, many struggle to keep their dresser organized in a way that allows them to easily find what they’re looking for.

Tip #1 – Take everything out of your chest of drawers and decide if you want keep, donate, or throw out each item. Reducing the number of items in your dresser to what you actually use and will wear will make keeping things organized much easier.

Tip #2 – Separate your clothes into categories and then designate their space in the drawers. Don’t forget to put your clothes back in their dedicated space each time you fold laundry.

Tip #3 – For deep drawer dressers, like the 10-drawer Catalina Dresser, consider adding drawer organizers. Simple dividers to separate your shorts from your pants can help keep shared drawers tidy.

Tip #4 – Fold t-shirts into a rectangle and stack them lengthwise next to each other like placing folders in a file cabinet. This will allow you easy access to all of your t-shirts instead of just ones on top.

Bonus tip – Maintain your new system! If at any time things start to get messy, start over at tip one!

If you are still struggling to make everything fit in your dresser after you’ve pared your wardrobe down, a storage bed can be a great way to add storage space in the bedroom without taking up additional floor space. Visit our Chicago or Indianapolis furniture stores to see our bedroom dressers for sale and our other storage options.

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